Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Turbolift Entrapment (MF,exhib)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

His communicator chimed interrupting his thoughts. "Bashir here," he said.

"Ops to sickbay. We have a medical emergency up here. Please hurry Doctor."

"On my way," he replied. Good. He needed this distraction. Maybe it would
clear his brain from the dead end it had run into. On his way out of sickbay
he picked up a medical tricorder and medikit. The Promenade wasn't very busy
this afternoon so he didn't shove too many people as he made his way to the
turbolift. The turbolift door opened and he stepped onto to the lift
platform. The door had already began to close when a young woman in Star
Fleet uniform dashed in barely avoiding being squeezed. As she caught her
breath - she had raced across half the Promenade to catch that turbolift -
Bashir looked at her. He had never seen her around before. Probably from one
of the starships docked with Deep Space 9. She had an ensign's pips on her
collar and her uniform had the blue stripe that showed she was in the science
branch of StarFleet - like him.

The ensign noticed him looking at her and she flashed him a smile, her
perfect white teeth reflecting the turbolift's light. Julian's breath caught
in his throat. Her face was beautiful. Large, bright blue eyes, a small nose,
perfectly shaped lips and corn yellow hair tied up in a short, regulation
ponytail. She was relatively short - the top of her head came to his
shoulders - but from what he could see she had a sexy, lithe body and the
front of her uniform bulged out quite generously at her chest.

"Doctor, your destination ...?" she said.

"Eh, what?"

"Where do you want to go?" she asked again, an even wider smile on her cute

"Oh ... ahh ... yes ..." he mumbled, blushing slightly, "Computer, Ops," he
finally blurted and the turbolift began to accelerate first horizontally
around the Promenade then vertically as it reached the station's central
column. Julian wondered what had gotten over him. Here he was rushing to a
medical emergency and he had just frozen because a pretty girl smiled at
him. Silly of him.

"Doctor ... you're Doctor Bashir, right?"

Even her voice was soft and sultry .... "Er ... yes, that's me" he finally
said, shaking his head as if to clear it. It must be her perfume, he finally
realized. Yes, that was it. In the close confines of the turbolift, the
perfume was somehow confusing his mind ... maybe it was one of those
pheromone perfumes from the pleasure planet Risa like the one he had bought
as a gift for Jadzia ...

"Dr Bashir ... may I call you Julian ... it's such a pleasure meeting you.
I'm from the USS Scorpion as a trainee assistant medic and I've heard so much
about your medical exploits. Did you know that most of your discoveries are
required study material?" she said rather breathlessly.

"Oh, I didn't realize," replied a startled Dr Bashir. It was strange
knowing that what he did was actually studied by students all over the Alpha

"By the way," she continued, "I'm Adreana," and she smiled at him again.

She was facing him in the turbolift when suddenly the lights dimmed and the
turbolift decelerated rapidly. Julian felt his feet leave the floor and saw
the ensign, Adreana, float before him for a couple of seconds before the
gravity returned to normal and they tumbled to the deck. Julian hit the floor
heavily and Adreana followed though her fall was cushioned by his body. The
lights flickered then came back on but at a dimmer level than before. Julian
tried to stand up, pulling his legs out from under Adreana's back.

"Are you ok?" Dr Bashir asked.

"Yeah. I think so," she said, "what happened?"

"I don't know but I'll find out," and he tapped his communicator, "Bashir to

"O'Brien here," came the reply.

"Miles, a turbolift I'm in just went crazy and it's now stopped in a tube
somewhere between the Promenade and Ops."

"I'm working on it, Julian." In the background came the sound of something
heavy banging on metal. "Damn Cardassian junk. No matter how much you fix it,
it just breaks down again," grumbled Miles O'Brien, "Don't worry Julian,
I'll get you out of there in no time at all."

"Thanks, Miles." he replied and ended the communication. He looked at the
ensign, "Don't worry. Miles is working on it. There's nothing he can't fix,"
Julian told her brightly to allay her fears. Just as he said it the
turbolift's magnetic grips lost emergency power and dropped several feet
before the fail safes engaged and brought them to a screeching halt. When
the turbolift fell Adreana let out a high pitched scream of terror that
didn't stop until she hugged Julian, whimpering in panic. He placed his
arms around her back as he attempted to calm her.

"Don't be afraid. These lifts have lots of safety features and it's almost
impossible for them to fail. And if anything happens we'll be beamed out of
here immediately," he said reassuringly.

"Are you sure?" turning her face upwards to look at him, her large eyes
sparkling as tears fell down her cheeks.

"Of course," Julian told her and he wiped a tear off her cheek with a finger.
She really was beautiful he thought as he looked down on her. They remained
embraced like that for an eternity, looking at each other without talking. It
may have been the fear caused by the malfunctioning turbolift, their physical
proximity or the perfume she was wearing, but slowly, imperceptibly, their
faces moved together until their lips touched. They kissed gently.

After several seconds, Julian broke contact, "I'm sorry," he said, "I
shouldn't have, I just don't know what got over me."

With her arms still around Julian, Adreana smiled at him. "There's nothing to
be sorry about," and rose up on her toes and kissed him again. This time the
kiss was a passionate one, Adreana surprising Dr Bashir when she slid her
tongue between his lips. His surprise didn't last long though and he
responded in kind, their mouths held tightly together as lips sucked at each
other hungrily. Their passion peaked and wordlessly - they were breathless
anyway even if they had wanted to talk - both Julian and Adreana decided to
take this further than they would have thought possible only moments ago.
After all they were perfect strangers meeting in a turbolift. It didn't
matter now. Both of them were drawn to each other by an irresistible sense of
urgency and lust. They knew they didn't have much time before the turbolift
was fixed or they were beamed to safety by the emergency transporters.

Julian's hands caressed Adreana's back until he found the curve of her
buttocks. He squeezed each cheek gently through her uniform, cupping them
in both hands and pressing her bodily against him while they kissed. Adreana
too was busy with her hands. She had slid them between their bodies and wa
fondling Julian's hard-on through his trousers. It was only a matter of
seconds before she found and undid the seal which dropped his pants around
his ankles. His briefs followed a second later and Adreana encircled his
naked, stiffening erection with her fist. She began a slow, jerking motion
which pulled the foreskin off the head and then pressed Bashir's penis
against her stomach as she gyrated her hips sensually.

"Ohhhhhh," moaned Julian as the sexy ensign undressed him then rubbed her
body against his naked stiffness. She has such a hot body, Julian thought,
as he tried to regain control of the situation by reaching down and finding
the hem of her top and pulling it up and over her head. Her pants were more
difficult to pull down but she helped him and kicked them off. Adreana was
naked except for white bra and panties. Julian Bashir's eyes were drawn to
her well proportioned breasts and he grasped them with both hands, feeling
their firm yet soft fleshiness. He tried to undo the clasp of her bra but
failed, so he contented himself by pulling the material down slightly until
the aureoles and brown nipples popped into view. He bent down and sucked
gently at one of them eliciting a gasp of surprise from Adreana who had
returned her attention to his cock.

"Yes, Doctor ... suck my nipples," Adreana murmered and pushed her chest
forward into Julian's face.

"Mmmmph," he said, his reply muffled by the fleshy globes.

"I guess that's an affirmative," she giggled as she felt him playfully nip
at the tips of her breasts with his teeth.

Adreana's hand which was rubbing Julian's cock was all wet as a slow but
constant stream of pre-cum emerged from the slit on the head. She realised
that Julian was ready to take her anytime and he didn't need as much
foreplay to make him nice and hard as had some of her previous lovers. She
too was ready for him as Bashir confirmed a moment later when he slid a
hand between her legs. Her panties were soaking wet as he pulled them aside
and dipped his forefinger into her hot cunt. The swollen pussy lips spread
apart as Julian rubbed her groin and her clit rose out of it's protective
sheath. When he felt the hard, fleshy bit with his palm he rubbed it gently
with a wet finger. This made Adreana go wild and begin to hump his hand like
a targ in heat.

"Doctor... ahhh ... take me now," she cried as she ground her hips rapidly
against his hand trying to satisfy her intense arousal.

"You're so hot, my dear," Julian told her, "spread your legs ... yes like
that," he continued as she obeyed his instructions and stood with her legs
apart. He bent slightly at the knees because she was on the short side for
him, but his penis still found her vagina and slid in easily since both
were well lubricated. She took him right up to his balls on the first stroke
and he just stood there for a few moments savoring the wonderful sensation
of having his cock enveloped by a tight, wet cunt.

She didn't wait for him to procede. Instead she began to hump him as wildly
as she had humped his hand. Julian just stood their stunned as the young
blonde threw herself onto his cock in a rapid rythm. Not even Jadzia had
ever been so sexually energetic with him, as his thoughts turned to his
other lover, the sexy Trill. Thinking of her made him feel a bit guilty,
but Adreana saw to it the feeling didn't last long by giving him something
else to think about. She placed her arms around his neck and with an
athletic leap circled her legs around his waist. Julian was quick enough to
catch her bottom with both hands otherwise she would have fallen to the deck
if he hadn't supported her. He leaned back against one of the turbolift's
walls to steady himself and balance their combined weight. In this position
she was literally sitting on his pole even though he was standing upright.

Getting over his surprise at this sexual position he had never experienced,
he began to ram his dick into her in long, slow strokes. Adreana tossed her
head backwards, flinging her ponytail about as she groaned with pleasure at
the doctor's deep thrusts. Soon, he'd be coming soon, she could feel it deep
inside her. Julian too realized he wasn't going to last very long. She was
so wild and he had become so aroused that any moment now he was going to cum.

Suddenly his communicator chirped and spoke, "O'Brien to Bashir".

"Bashir here," he grunted in between thrusts.

"Julian ... you alright?" Miles asked, "Is the air ok down there, you sound
like you're gasping."

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied trying to speak normally, though sweat beaded
on his forehead with his exertion.

"Grab hold of something, I'm going to release the emergency mechanism and
see if the tube holds the turbolift. Everything should be fixed now, but you
never know so prepare for an emergency beam-out."

"Ok," Julian gasped as Adreana humped at him as he was thrusting, his cock
going so deep that the head came into contact with her cervix.

Up in Ops, Miles O'Brien shook his head. Bashir was up to something down in
that turbolift but Miles couldn't put his finger on it. Oh well, he thought,
Bashir will tell me about it soon enough. He made the last few adjustments
in the turbolift control panel circuitry then returned power to Deep Space
9's turbolift system.

Down in the turbolift, Bashir was grabbing hold of something - Adreana's
shapely bottom. When the power returned, the turbolift fell for several
seconds before it was grabbed by the magnetic accelerators and propelled
back up the tube. Bashir and Adreana still joined together drifted through
the air for those seconds in freefall. The sudden sensation of weightlessness
made Adreana orgasm violently and the spasms of her vagina and the bucking
of her hips brought Julian off too at the same time. His cum flowed into her
cunt just as the gravity returned to normal and they fell to the floor for
the second time that day. This caused Julian's cock to disengage from
Adreana's pussy and spray a sticky mess over her stomach and thighs. Both
were stunned and exhausted and just sat there as the turbolift accelerated
smoothly towards Ops.

In Ops a worried Captain Sisko, Jadzia Dax and Miles O'Brien waited anxiously
for the turbolift to emerge from the floor. They were prepared for everything
except what they saw ... a naked girl and a half naked Dr Bashir both on the
floor and the smell of sex that flooded out of the enclosed lift as it rose
into Deep Space 9's command center.

Adreana was the first to realise that they were exposed to view and with a
small scream she tried to cover herself while gathering up her uniform, her
already flushed face blushing even further.

"Dr Bashir, I see you've been enjoying yourself," Benjamin Sisko said

Julian leapt to his feet forgetting he was naked from the waist down and came
to attention.

"Sorry Captain," he said, "we were trapped in the lift and, errr, Adreana
here, well she ... I ..." Bashir's explanation came to a dead end. He
couldn't find the words to explain it.

Fortunately Jadzia came to his rescue. "Ben," she said, "I'm sure that
Adreana must have been terrified by her experience of being trapped in the
turbolift and that Dr Bashir provided her with the appropriate ... therapy."
The Trill smiled her widest smile first at Benjamin Sisko then at Julian

Captain Sisko considered Jadzia's words then nodded. "Yes, old man, you're
right. I would have probably done the same thing in his position," he said
looking at Bashir with a straight face though the corners of his lips were
twitching as he forced himself not to laugh.

"Thank you, Captain," Bashir said grinning and Adreana just stared at them
all in amazement not knowing whether she was going to be punished, court
martialed or congratulated.


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