Star trek - Deep Space Nine: The Whore (MM)
by McNamara

Lepta IV was a dangerous place.

It had no real permanent inhabitants, but served rather as a stop-over point for all the depraved and libertine misfits that were crawling across the galaxy, making livings in their own specialized, criminal ways. It was more than a little frightening.

But they were there, and for a time there would be no going back. Odo had originally fled Terok Nor with Kira because she had asked him to, and because she had told him he might be implicated in the terrorist act she had helped orchestrate. They had run like fugitives, stowing away on a freighter bound for Federation space, and had finally found themselves stranded, penniless and forsaken, on the colony of Lepta IV.

When they had arrived, Odo had carried Kira from the ship. The cold and damp had gotten to her in the freighter's hold, and she was slowly starving as they tried to ration the food they had bought. Eventually, she succumbed, and now she was completely dependent upon Odo. He had taken care of her as best he could, but they were broke, and in a hostile place.

For a while, they slept in an alley in town, in a doorway. Odo brought Kira all the food he could, but a few days in town and he quickly discovered that what they needed most was money. He would need money to buy food and the bootlegged medicine that could occasionally be purchased. But there were very few ways of getting money on Lepta IV. Odo learned that criminals and outcasts tend to hold on to their money, and only spend it on things that might alleviate the misery of their dirty existences, like liquor, or sex. Odo didn't have any liquor. The only thing he had was himself.

The center of all dealings in the capital city of Lepta IV was a sort of tavern, and inn where smugglers slept and drank in bars and cut deals. It was where all transactions occurred, and it was where everybody went who wanted something.

Odo hated the thought of doing what he was going to do. It made him physically ill; he didn't know if he would even be able to go through with it, once he found a taker. As he entered the inn, a wave of nausea and fear passed through him. He had to, whether he wanted to or not.

The place was vast and smoky and strangely lit. The tables and bars were populated by bizarre, outlandish characters, alien and humanoid, all of them twisted and grotesque. As he looked at the crowd he thought about how similar the humanoid needs for sex and nourishment were: if starved for them enough, they would take virtually anything. He knew he would never be able to pull this off in a more sane environment. People there would have scruples about who or what they slept with. But, he imagined, not here. He thought he would be able to cater to the depraved sexual fantasies of this crowd, as freakish as he himself was.

He sat down at a table, alone, and looked around. He had no idea where to begin. He thought of presenting himself as female, but he doubted that would help. There were plenty of female smugglers about, and plenty of them might want to have a shapeshifter. He didn't care who took him, as long as they paid well.

Very remarkably, his customer found him. He had been sitting there an hour, making occasional eye contact with passers-by ... he imagined he looked pretty available. He looked at his face in the smooth table surface: in the strange, bluish light it had a pale, masklike quality that suggested a weird sort of erotic mystery. It's inhuman appearance somehow made it exotic and curious, rather than repulsive, and the sad blue eyes reflected a century of sorrow and neglect.

A large, raw boned human man sat down at the table across from him and stared.

"Never seen anything like you before," he said in a deep, smooth voice. "What are you?"

"I'm a shapeshifter," Odo replied.

The man raised his eye brows. He had a sick, haunted look, and his face was worn and a little cruel.

"A shapeshifter, eh? That sounds interesting."

Odo had very little patience for the small talk that surrounded business transactions. "I am perfectly willing to do business with you, sir," he said shortly.

The man smiled slightly, and looked Odo up and down. "What kind of business are you in?" he asked sly.

"I have nothing to sell," Odo said, "except, perhaps, myself."

The man continued to look at him. "A shapeshifter," he mumble to himself, "that could be something. That could be interesting. What do you do, shapeshifter?"

Odo cringed inwardly at the blunt reference. "Anything you want," he said flatly.

"Now, you understand, I don't much care for women, I'd much prefer to fuck something like you, but I want a man who's small and plenty soft and'll let me do whatever I want."

"Whatever you say," Odo said.

The man nodded, grunting. "What's it going to cost me?" he asked.

"Ten strips of gold-pressed latinum," Odo replied, dispassionately.

"All right. Fair enough. But I'd better get what I'm paying for or you'll be in for it."

Odo nodded. He didn't doubt it.

The man took him back to a small, closet-like room with no windows and no light and a mattress somewhere near the corner. He laid Odo down on the mattress and took off Odo's clothes, fumbling around in the darkness with the buttons. Odo held quite still as the man pulled off first his shirt, then his boots, and finally his pants, throwing them on the floor next to the mattress. He put his hands on Odo's body and explored him haphazardly, and a bit roughly, running his fingers over Odo's slender torso and down his loins and between his legs. Odo's skin was warm and smooth, and he let himself be pliant under the man's rough hands. The man kissed him a little, a few times on the mouth, and more or less ceremonially. He put his great knotted arms under Odo's back and arched the shapeshifter's spine grotesquely, so that his hips were on the level of the man's chest. Odo made a small startled noise as the man bit his neck, then his shoulder, and dug long fingernails into his soft loins. The man unzipped his pants and fucked him brutally, holding Odo's wrists pinned over his head in one of his massive hands, so that the shapershifter could not struggle. Odo clenched his teeth and shut his eyes, waiting for it to end, and sobbing silently to himself.

It was painful having something shoved up into one's body, and Odo let his insides soften a little to compensate. The man slid in him smoothly, and he seemed to continue to slide in without stopping, Odo's liquid insides sucking him in. The man fucked hard and rhythmically, pushing a little deeper each time, many times over until Odo's head began to spin. Odo simply tried to put up as little resistance as he could, opening up his body to his demanding client, in the hopes that he would soon be satisfied.

When the man was done he laid Odo's limp, naked body back down on the mattress and rolled away. Odo heard him laugh softly in the darkness.

"What was that you did when I was fucking you, some shapeshifter thing?"

Odo sighed, still lying on his back. "That's what you're paying for," he said sourly.

"Well, it was incredible, let me tell you, you alien cunt. What I wanna know is, where else can I find stuff like you?"

"You can't," Odo said. "I'm the only one."

"That's much too bad," said the man sadly. "What I wouldn't give to have you every night."

Odo sat up and searched around on the floor for his clothes.

"Oh, no you don't," the man said suddenly, moving over and pinning Odo to the mattress. "I'm not through with you yet."

Odo was trembling ever so slightly, but he set his jaw and said nothing, waiting for the man to finish with him.

But the man only continued to feel his body, spreading his legs and bringing his knees up so that he was entirely exposed. He put his fingers up into Odo's body and Odo acquiesced, letting parts of himself liquefy to amuse his rough client. The man did him one more time, pinning Odo on his stomach and holding his hips, then twisting back his arms to hold them behind his back. As the man came inside of him Odo felt suddenly sick and dizzy, and he shuddered involuntarily. He thought through the haze of pain and dizziness that he would most certainly lose his shape if the man kept up much longer. They had this strange, wild sex for fifteen more minutes, before the man finally decided that he had had enough. He gave Odo his clothes, and took out some latinum.

"I want you again," he said.

"Sorry. This is a one-time deal."

The man looked at him angrily, the appeared to think to himself. He made a decision, and put away the latinum.

"Sit down," the man ordered suddenly.

Odo sat down on the edge of the mattress. The man pushed him back and undid Odo's pants, taking the approximated genitalia and putting it into his mouth. Odo flinched away from him, grabbing a little at the mattress, and at this the man gave him a brutal, back-handed blow across the face. Odo shrank back like a wounded creature and tried to hold still, scrunched into a ball and shaking violently as the man sucked mercilessly on him. He licked around the smooth inner thighs and sucked on the facsimile balls, then put his tongue around the delicate head. He nibbled at it with his jagged teeth, and Odo gasped, stricken, at the sharp pain. But eventually the man finished with this too, and he threw Odo the latinum.

"If I find you around here again, you're mine. You hear?"

Odo nodded, numbly, and stumbled for the door. The man reached out and grabbed his ankle, growling: "You were good ... for a damned alien cunt!" Odo grasped convulsively at the door handle, let himself out, and slammed the door behind him.

Once he was out, Odo leaned against the wall and gasped a little. He felt dizzy and sick, and he slid down to the floor for a moment to recover himself. When he felt a little better, he looked at the latinum in his hand, and felt very relieved.

When he left the inn he went straight to a pharmacist's shop and bought Kira's medicine, in small, bootlegged hyposprays. After that, he bought a loaf of bread from a cook at the back of a restaurant, as well as a couple of strange fruits called apples. With these prizes, he returned to Kira in the alley, where he found her asleep.

He gave her the medicine, and later the food when she was conscious, and she only looked at him strangely when he refused to tell her how he had paid for it.

They spent the night at a hostel. Odo used the remaining latinum to buy them a few nights there, and he put Kira in a bed with a blanket. In the morning, she was well.

She laid in bed and ate the second apple while he sat next to her.

"Why won't you tell me how you got all this, Odo?" she asked between bites.

Odo looked uncomfortable. "You wouldn't want to know," he replied obliquely.

"But I *do* want to know."

"I don't want to tell you, Kira."

"Why not?"

"Because you would lose all respect you ever had for me."

Kira chuckled. "Was it really that bad?"

Odo nodded. "Yes, it was really that bad."

"You didn't steel it, did you?" Kira stopped chewing and looked at him.

"No, I bought it. With real money."

"Money from where?"

"The answer would disgust you."

Kira put the apple down. "Oh my god ..." she stared at Odo incredulously "... you didn't ... did you?"

"Yes, I guess I did." He sniffed. "A grifting smuggler got what he wanted, and I suppose I did as well."

Kira stared at him. "But that's ... that's *sick*!"

Odo scowled. "How else did you expect me to help you?" he asked angrily.

"It must have been horrible for you," she said contemplatively.

"It was."

Kira shook her head. "I can't believe you went through that for ... for *me*."

"One does what one has to do, sometimes."

"Well," Kira smiled "I'm grateful for it." She paused, taking a bite of the apple, then said: "What did you have to do?"

Odo looked surprised. "I'd rather not describe it, if you don't mind."

"Sorry," said Kira.

"You know," Odo began, "I don't understand the humanoid sexual appetite. How can a being actually enjoy something like that?"

Kira continued to eat. "Odo, keep in mind you didn't have a great experience."

"No, I suppose not."

"It's great if you do it like you're supposed to."

"I see."

Kira threw away the apple. She looked at Odo for a minute, as he stared at his lap, and thought some of the same curious thoughts that the man of the previous evening must have thought.

"Why don't I show you?" she said, slyly.

Odo looked up from his lap and stared at her. "You?"

"Yes, me." She sat up in the bed. "First of all, I bet he didn't kiss you very well."

Odo still looked shocked. "No, he didn't."

"Well then." Kira leaned forward and put her hand under Odo's chin. She tipped his head back slightly and kissed his mouth, first lightly, then harder until she parted his lips with her tongue. She tasted his mouth thoughtfully, and began to unbutton his shirt with her free hand.

Odo made small noises of protest when she first began, but he let her continue, bringing his hand up to hold her wrist. He closed his eyes and let her put her tongue in his mouth; it was strange, but it wasn't bad like the night before. He didn't know what to think.

Kira pulled away for a moment. "You see," she said, "sex isn't about dominating someone or hurting them. Sex isn't really even about sex, if that's possible."

He wasn't sure he understood, but he nodded anyway. She put her hands around his neck and kissed him some more, then took him in her arms and drew him into the bed with her. They lay under the blanket and she held him, slowly drawing off his clothes piece by piece, until he was naked. His body was rather miraculous, perfectly humanoid, slender and powerful. His skin was soft and he felt warm against her. She kissed his neck a little, and his shoulders, and his chest, and ran her hands in slow, lazy circles over his hips and his belly. She wasn't rough with him, she didn't try to hurt him, she simply touched him softly and kissed his throat, whispering quietly in his ear.

They didn't make love. She considered it, but it seemed unnecessary... he practically fell asleep in her arms, his head against hers. She didn't want to disturb him, lying so quietly against her. She just wanted to feel the smooth contours of his body, and to kiss his warm skin, and to feel his pleasant presence. He let her do what she wanted, which wasn't much, and he hardly minded at all.

* * *

They left later in the week. They caught a freighter into Federation space and this time Kira was well. Odo was glad to be leaving Lepta IV: he never wanted to think about what had happened there, ever. He wouldn't soon forget that morning with Kira, although he imagined she would. In fact, afterward she behaved as though it had never happened, treating him as she always had, as a companion and confidante, but little besides that. And eventually, the whole episode disappeared from memory, and neither of them thought of it again.


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