Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Virus Part 3
by Eridan ([email protected])

Quark was on his way to the holosuites to check if they were all free.
Sometimes it just happened that people did not go when their time was over.
Then he usually had to have them thrown out. This day, no one was inside the
holosuites. But as he went down again, he heard a loud scream. It came out
of the small room behind the bar which was used by the Dabo-girls to change.

After the scream, a series of slapping sounds could be heard. Quark frowned,
then hurried to the room, as fast as it was possible with his short Ferengi
legs. When he reached the door, however, his eyes widened in shock. 5 people
were inside the small cabin: the bajoran dabo-girl Leeta and 4 men. And these
men were putting her through a horrible gang-rape.

One man was laying beneath her, his cock thrusting up her ass while another
man was squatting over her backside, forcing his thick cock up her ass, too.
Another man was standing in front of the crying dabo-girl, forcing her to
lick his cock. Leeta's face was already covered in cum. The last two men (one
of them was a Vulcan!) were standing at her sides, forcing her to masturbate
them with her hands.

For a moment, Quark thought about interfering...but they looked strong. And
if he would die that would mean no more profit. No, a startegic withdrawal
would be the best to do at the moment...perhaps they would even pay later...
or better, perhaps there was a way to make them pay a huge amount of latinum.

Just as he turned around and was about to leave, the final stage of the
transformation was complete and the virus took over. Soon, he was among the
others who spilled their load on her big firm tits...

* * *

When Jadzia Dax walked in the direction of her quarters, she briefly wondered
why there were no people around. Of course she did not know that most of them
men were already transformed and most of the women were forced to serve them.
Of course she did not know that so far she had been lucky that she hadn't
encountered one of the transformed men yet.

After a long shift, the Trill was quite exhausted and all she really wanted
was a long, hot shower. When she finally arrived in her quarters she quickly
undressed and went into the shower. The feeling of the water running down her
perfectly shaped body was gentle and relaxing. And somehow it turned her on.

She closed her eyes and imagined a strong man's hand roaming her body. But as
the vision before her eyes cleared she noticed that it wasn't a mans hand she
really imagined. It was the hand of Major Kira. Due to the fact that the Dax
symbiont had had various hosts before her, male and female, it was quite
plausible that Jadzia showed bisexual tendencies. She had imagined having sex
with the smaller Bajoran quite a few times and so she did now.

While her fantasy became raunchier, Jadzia's fingers traveled down her own
body until they found her pussy. In her fantasy, Kira just begun to lick
Jadzia's breasts and in reality, the Trill jammed three fingers at once into
her pussy and began moving them there faster and faster. In her fantasy, Kira
was now kneeling in front of Jadzia, the face of the Bajoran buried in the
Trill's crotch. Jadzia quickened her pace.

" me, do me!" she moaned as she felt herself being
ready to explode.

Finally she came in a mind-shattering orgasm, coating her fingers with her
own juices. While still standing in the shower, she began to slowly and
sensually lick her fingers clean. She loved tasting her own juices after
having brought herself off.

Due to the fact that she always was totally oblivious to what happened around
her when she masturbated, she did not hear the door slide open. Thus, her
surprise when she suddenly saw Captain Sisko standing in the doorway, was
quite big. Clearly the bulge in his trousers was visible. And his eyes...
they had strange golden spots inside of them. The face of the captain wore an
expression of extreme lust and desire. Since Jadzia had been there when the
doctor had told them about the virus, she knew what had happened to the
Captain...and she knew she was in trouble now. Sisko did not waste his time
and immediately grabbed her nude form.

Jadzia tried to fight him, but it was exactly as the doctor had told them...
his strength was now incredible.

Without any effort, he dragged her out of the shower, towards the bed. Next
to the bed, he threw her to the ground and began removing his trousers.
Jadzia tried to crawl away but Sisko simply put a foot on her chest and
pressed her down with it, rendering her completely unable to move.

When he removed his trousers and his pants he alternated feet so she won't
have the slightest chance. Then, he grabbed Jadzia's head and froced her to
look on his enormous erection.

"You better look at it because you will get to know it very well."

Jadzia felt so helpless...

She was about to be raped and she could not even defend herself. The Trill
began to cry, hot tears were flowing down her cheeks.

"Don't waste your tears, slut. You should save them for when I am going to
really hurt you."

This only led to Jadzia crying even harder. The captain decided to ignore it
after a while and took a rope from the replicator. He had replicated it while
Jadzia had been showering.

Quickly, he lifted her up to her knees and forced her to grab one of the
bedposts above her head. Of course, this was an wakward position since she
was still facing Sisko and not the bedpost but Sisko did not care. All he
wanted was to fuck that cocktease's brains out.

After she was in the proper position, he began to tie her hands to the
bedposts. When he was finished, he tested the ropes a few times, then nodded
in approval. She won't be able to get away as long as he would not let her

to be continued...


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