Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Virus Part 2
by Eridan ([email protected])

A few hours later...

Major Kira Nerys entered the turbolift the same time Dr. Bashir did. While
they were standing next to each other, Kira did not realize the golden spots
in his eyes...until he ordered the turbolift to stop and grabbed Kira by the
shoulders, slamming her into a wall.

"Now," he said as he ripped her clothes off, " You will see what can happen
to a little slut like you on this big big space station."

Kira tried to kick him, but he ignored the pain. Then, he threw her to the
ground and placed her on her hands and knees. His sudden strength was
incredible and Kira had no chance to resist. Quickly, he ripped away a part
of his uniform and stuffed it into her mouth to keep her from ordering the
turbolift around.

Then, he grabbed her and shoved his cock all the way into her pussy, no
preparation. Kira's eyes flew open and she tried to scream but it was
pointless with the cloth in her mouth. Her pussy was very dry and tight and
it hurt like hell. He did not care. He simply continued thrusting into her
with all his strength, driving his cock all the way in.

Soon, he came and shot his load into her pussy. Kira cried as the thought of
having a baby crossed her mind. Then, he pulled out and Kira relaxed a bit,
hoping it would be over now. But when she felt him grabbing her buttocks and
prying them apart, she knew it was far from over. As he rammed his cock past
her sphincter and deep into her tight ass, she managed to spit out the cloth
and let out a loud, hoarse, scream......

Bashir slapped her hard across the back of her head, then said "Stop
screaming, slut, or you will regret it!"

Kira tried to kick him, but he grabbed her leg and forced it back into its
old position, all the time not stopping to ram his cock into her ass. From
time to time he pulled out his cock, just to put her though the pain of the
penetration again. Kira continued screaming for help, though she knew no
one would hear her here.

"Computer..." she said, before Bashir interrupted her, "Computer, ignore all
commands made by Major Kira Nerys. Due to her obvious mental instability I
take away any responsibility and any command function from her. Confirmation
code: Bashir-3-7-Omega-Delta-tango."

Kira closed her eyes in silent despair. She had no choice. He wasn't even
distracted from his words by what he was doing. Without any interruption his
penis had been sliding in and out of her asshole while he had been speaking
to the computer.

Suddenly the doctor's penis seemed to expand inside her asshole and the
something hot shot out of it. He had come again. He sighed and after a few
more powerful thrusts he pulled out and grabbed her, turning her around and
forcing her down on her knees in front of him. Kira looked fearfully at his
fully erect cock. It was coated in cum and a brown substance she did not
want to think about.

"Lick it clean, bitch" Bashir demanded and brought his cock to her lips.
Kira threw her head from side to side. She wasn't going to lick her own...
shit..from his cock!

He, however, had other opinions. He grabbed her head and held it in place
while he forced his cock between her soft lips. After enjoying the sensation
of her hot lips wrapped around his throbbing cock, he began to force her head
up and down on his cock, thus pushing his member into her throat which made
her gag. It did not take too long for him to come and he shot his load down
her throat.

Then he pulled out and said, "You think I am through?"

Kira was unable to say anything. Her mouth was still full of semen.

Bashir grabbed her and lift her up before forcing her legs apart. And at
this moment Kira knew that she would probably never get out of this lift

The virus Bashir mentioned had already infected him....

What he did not know by that time was that the virus spread through the
air. Bashir got infected...and then he infected almost every man on this
station... Though the process of the transformation of each individual took
a different amount of time.

to be continued...


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