Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Virus Part 1
by Eridan ([email protected])

Timeline: This story happens somewhere after "The Way of the Warrior" and the
episode in which Worf and Dax marry.

Code: MMM(or more)/F, anal, oral, rape

Jadzia would have screamed, if just that thick cock would be out of her
mouth. But it was there and regardless how much she struggled to get away,
all her efforts were just a waste of energy. The handcuffs held her hands
in place at the bedposts and her long legs were bound to the bedposts on the
other end of the bed. Her whole body felt numb by now, numb from the endless
abuse she had been through. The man who had put his cock into her mouth had
begun humping her face, forcing her to gag and choke on his enormous dick.
Jadzia did not have to look up to know that he had been infected, too.

Otherwise he would not do this to her. No one would. Tears were running down
her cheeks as her body was rocked back and forth by the thrusts of the two
other men who were fucking her simultaneously. One of them was laying beneath
her, his veined spear thrusting up her ass while the other one knelt between
her spread legs and thrust his cock deep into her aching pussy. And on the
side of the bed, more than 20 men with hardons were waiting to take turns on
her as well. And in their eyes there were those golden spots that indicated
that they had been infected with the virus.

The virus....The virus...

While these words were flashing up in Jadzia's mind over and over, she
remembered how it had begun.....

* * *

It had all begun when this old, battered ship had docked on DS9. All of them
had been wondering why it was still functioning at all for there were almost
no lifesigns visible on the sensors. Later, they had managed to find out that
it docked via auto-pilot. However, after the ship had not been responding to
any calls for 5 hours, Dr. Bashir had decided to pay a visit to the ship.

And what he had found had shocked well as the others....

"What did you say? Do you mean she was..." Captain Sisko began to speak after
having listened to Dr. Bashir's explanation. They were all standing in the
surgery, around a small table on top of which a naked woman was laying. She
was dead, Bashir had already said that. But it had been the other things he
had said that had made Sisko nervous.

"...fucked to death," Bashir continued Sisko's sentence.

"But...who...would do such a thing?" Major Kira had asked, totally shocked.

The Doctor explained, "All the men on board of the ship are dead. But in the
body of this woman I have been able to find huge amounts of semen belonging
to all of them. She definitely had sexual intercourse till she died...even
after this ship docked here. She died 4 hours ago, I would say. From the
wounds and bruises on her body I would say she was raped."

Jadzia frowned, "But why didn't she call for help?"

Bashir quickly answered, pointing at the woman's mouth "In her mouth I also
found a huge amount of semen. Her jaw is dislodged a bit. I presume that she
had been forced to satisfy one of the men orally the whole time. Any more

No one said anything. Normally, they would have had the security officer
around, the changeling Odo. But at the moment, he was on a trip to Bajor.
Bashir had waited for a short moment, then he had said, "Now I am going to
explain why it happened. In the brain tissue I have been able to extract a
strange form of virus. This virus stimulated the sexual centers inside the
brain, resulting in a sudden urge for engaging in sexual activity. Due to
the fact that some special hormones are deadly for the virus, women are
immune against it. This is why she struggled. As soon as the virus infected
the men on board of the ship, the only woman became the target of their
sexual desires. They did not care whether she wanted to do it or not. Stamina
and potency weren't problems for them....the virus took care of that somehow.
It also enhanced the strength of the persons it infected. I haven't figured
out why the virus manipulates the host this way. The only thing I know for
certain is that a person infected shows golden spots in his eyes. But don't
worry, I have put the ship under quarantine and enclosed the corpse in a

After his explanation, they had gone their ways and had filed this away under
"Just another strange day on a space station."

And Bashir....he had been a little bit too incautious. He had activated the
forcefield, yes, but a second too late. The virus had already been in his
brain, working its "magic".....

to be continued...


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