Star Trek - Dseep Space 9: The Ambassador Part 1 (MMMF,MF,MMF,inter,anal,mc,exhib)
by ALurker

Capt. Benjamin Sisko stood waiting at the airlock. Dax and Major Kira were standing beside him. "Tell me again why we're doing this?" Sisko always hated diplomatic functions and he was pulling at the collar of his dress uniform.

"You know Ben." Dax was a bit more at ease in these situations and tried to make her friend feel more comfortable. "The Tuck could be helpful to us in the war with the dominion."

"Yes I know. What are they again?" Sisko asked wanting to go over the information again.

"They are a confederation of six worlds. They have ships only about twenty years behind the Federations own and have about sixty ships that could be rated as good as the old Constitution class. With the ability to manufacture at least another twenty within the year."

"Those outdated ships won't last long against the Dominion." Major Kira voiced her displeasure at yet another Federation diplomatic function.

"Yes but we can upgrade them quickly. They will be an asset on defense and it will release our ships for an offensive." Sisko broke in warming to the reasons this was happening . He saw the inner airlock open, he turned to his officers. "Lets make sure this goes well people. Its our first contact with these people." Sisko looked up at the alien ambassador. He was over seven feet in height and had to duck to step inside the station. He generally looked human, two arms, two
legs, the only variation was the ambassador had a larger then normal head with ears that were more internal then external. There were numerous unidentifiable bumps on the ambassadors head which was completely hairless.. "Welcome to DS9 ambassador." He moved in and shook hands with the ambassador, who seemed surprised at the gesture but after a second returned it. "May I present my officers." He turned to Dax, "this is Jadzia Dax our science officer, and this is Major Kira the executive officer of the station."

The alien reached out and shook both of their hands imitating what Sisko had done. "A pleasure to great you." He offered unsure of himself around humans. His people knew little about them.

"We have prepared a tour of the station for you." Sisko spoke up breaking a momentary and awkward silence. "If you will go with Major Kira, you can tour the station and I'll see you in my office. Where we can discuss business, once you know a little bit more about us, Major Kira."

Major Kira took the ambassadors arm and pulled him down the corridor. After a minute of this the alien seemed to get the idea and walked along with her.

Jadzia turned to her old friend Sisko. "What do you think?"

"I don't know yet," he sniffed the air. "Do you smell something?"

"Kind of a sweet smell?" Jadzia sensed it too. She rubbed her hands sensing something wrong. "Anything odd where he touched you?" She asked.

He felt his hands a bit of sweat, "No, why?"

"Nothing, the meeting all set?" She asked.

"Yes Worf, and O'Brien are waiting for us in the briefing room." Sisko offered. "Shall we go."

"Yes lets." She was getting an uncomfortable feeling, she couldn't place it yet but it was growing. By the time she and Sisko had arrived at the briefing room she had placed the feeling she was horny. As the feeling grew she became worse, she needed sex and she needed it now. She took her customary place at the table and the men started discussing the strategic implications of an alliance with this new race. As they talked she got steadily worse. She tried everything to
distract herself, playing with her long black hair opening the zipper at the front of her uniform but it wasn't helping. She looked up and saw all the men were staring at her. "What?" She asked.

"What do you think, Dax?" Sisko repeated the question. Although distracted by the looks of his comely science officer he couldn't believe the size of his hard on as he was watching her every move. He was glad the table was covering him. He had never had feelings like this for Dax but he couldn't believe the strength of his feelings. He looked over at Worf and O'Brien and saw the lust in their faces. He had to stop thinking like this so he repeated the question to Dax. "What do you think Dax?" Although he couldn't remember the question.

"I think." Dax ran her tongue over her lips and stood up. She pulled down the zipper on her uniform exposing her breasts to the men in the room. "I think, I want you all right now." She saw the shocked looks on the faces of the men so she continued undressing. She stood naked before them. "Who's man enough for me?" She smiled as all three men stood up and started to remove their uniforms.

Sisko was the first to have his uniform off. He moved over to Dax and pushed her down to her knees. She quickly engulfed his large prick. He saw the other two come over and stand next to Dax, O'Brien dick was smaller then his at only four inches to his seven, while Worf's had an oddly ridged prick but it was only average size, somewhere between he and O'Brien.

Dax quickly swallowed Sisko's sword. She took him all the way in until she felt him slip into her throat, a very easy trick for a Trill to accomplish. She sucked him for a moment then switched to O'Brien, then took Worf into her mouth.

Sisko pulled Dax up and pushed her onto the table. "Lets get down to business here." He pushed between her legs as she sat on the table. He forced his prick into her tight slit he fondled her breasts as he drove into her.

Dax lay back on the table as Sisko fucked her. Her long black hair fell off the edge of the table. O'Brien quickly positioned himself at her mouth, she sucked him in as Sisko continued to work on her pussy. She couldn't believe it as O'Brien started to fuck her mouth, she tickled the underside of his prick with her tongue. She felt him jam his prick into her face and spewed his load down her throat. He withdrew and she felt Sisko leave her pussy. She looked up and saw Worf position himself at the entrance to her cunt. His prick entered her in
one swift stroke, the ridges on his prick stimulated her clit each time he pounded into her. "Yes don't stop." She moaned as Sisko came around to her face and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"Take it all, Dax." Sisko growled as he pushed his prick into her face. He was close to cumming and a few strokes down her throat and he shot his load into her mouth. He pulled out and some cum dribbled out and landed on her chin.

Worf was the only one left and he had something more in mind, with one quick motion he flipped Dax over on the table. He pulled his prick out of her cunt and with one swift motion shoved it into her ass right up to the hilt.

Dax screamed as she felt Worf penetrate her anus, she had never done that before. She felt an orgasm building as he started to brutally fuck her ass. "Don't stop," she moaned as an orgasm washed over her. As she felt herself cumming she felt Worf lose his seed into her ass. "That was incredible."

"We better clean up." Sisko's mind seemed to be clearing a bit as he walked out of the conference room. He hit his communicator, "Sisko to Major Kira?" He waited as Kira responded, when she did he continued. "The meeting with the ambassador has been delayed keep him busy for say a half hour." Kira confirmed his order. "Gentlemen," the others had followed him out, "we'll meet back here in an hour. I for one could use a shower."

"Sir, I'm supposed to meet Dr. Bashir in a half hour." Miles O'Brien commented. "I'll have to tell him."

"Never mind that Mr. O'Brien, we don't really need you at this meeting. Enjoy you're down time." Sisko responded.

"Thank you sir." he responded.

* * *

The first place Major Kira led the alien to was the sickbay. Dr. Bashir talked for a while about his specialty. He could talk forever she thought but he does look good in his uniform, she added to herself, unsure where that thought had come from. Then O'Brien's wife Keiko entered sickbay and introductions were made. The alien discussed a bit of botany with Keiko. They spent almost twenty minutes with the doctor and Keiko before Major Kira led the alien away.

As Kira and the alien left Julian Bashir turned to Keiko and asked her what she wanted. As they discussed the problem with her daughter, Julian could feel himself getting hornier and hornier.

Keiko couldn't believe how horny she was. Julian was looking so good in his uniform she could barely control herself but he was her husband Miles friend. She couldn't but her rational mind seemed to be leaving her. She sat up on one of the biobeds. She laughed at one of Julian's stupid jokes, as he moved in to say something she grabbed him by the collar and kissed him deeply.

"Keiko, what are you doing?" Julian Bashir jumped back but Keiko reached out her hand and cupped his balls through his uniform pulling at his hard on.

"Come on Julian, you know you want to." She used her free hand to start to remove her dress.

As her tits came into view all of Julian's qualms went right out the window. He opened up his uniform allowing Keiko easier access to his cock. He moaned as her hands slid down his shaft.

"MMM Yes," Keiko moaned. "much better." Julian was a bit larger then her husband and quite a bit thicker. The last of her outfit hit the floor and she sat back on the biobed.

Julian moved in closer to her. She spread her legs before him, he put his prick at the entrance to her cunt. She kissed him hard as his cock penetrated her pussy. He forced it inside the tight opening.

"Fuck me Julian." Keiko moaned not believing what she was doing. She was cumming around his hard cock. "Fill me with you're juices." She moaned as Bashir pumped away.

"God you feel so good." Julian grunted as he pushed his cock into her pussy and shot his load deep inside of her. "That was incredible." He mumbled as he pulled away.

Keiko felt her head start to clear. "What did we just do?"

"Gave into animal magnetism I should think, bound to happen." Julian tried to joke but was feeling a bit confused himself.

"This can't be happening." Keiko was nervous now. "Miles can never know right Julian."

"My lips are sealed." Julian assured her.

"This can never happen again, sorry Julian."

"You're right of course," he assured her. She had collected her clothes and was running out of sickbay. He thought this was going to be a good day. He was meeting Miles in only a few minutes for a holodeck session, he hoped he could keep the grin off his face. He headed for the holodeck, as he neared Quarks he saw that major Kira was leading the alien ambassador away.

* * *

Miles raced into the holodeck, he had to greet the alien ambassador and explain the delay he made something up quickly. Once Kira and the ambassador had left he met Julian, they tried to decide on a holodeck program. As they were walking up the stairs arguing Leeta the red headed daabo girl walked up behind them.

Leeta felt odd, she had felt odd ever since meeting that alien ambassador so she decided to take a quick break. She started to walk upstairs to get some piece and quite. She found herself behind Julian and Miles they looked so cute as they argued she thought. "I have a program you might like. If you'd like to see it?"

They both turned and found themselves looking right down Leeta's blouse at her huge tits. "Sure we'd be glad to see anything you've got." Julian responded horny again. He couldn't believe it, but Leeta was incredibly attractive.

"Alright then gentlemen, follow me." She walked up the stairs, she had decided the guys needed something more then just another lame holoprogram. As she got to the controls she fed in what she want. "Welcome to my parlor gentlemen."

Miles looked in on the room, it was somewhat static for a holodeck program. There was a bed in the middle of the room, a couch in the corner and a table in another corner and an oddly shaped chair sitting off to the side. As he looked around he noticed certain sexual devices hanging on the walls. He saw many dildos, some whips, handcuffs and other paraphernalia. "Very interesting," he offered.

"You like?" Leeta responded as she pulled off the top of her outfit.

"Very much." Julian responded as he opened up his uniform jump suit.

Leeta continued to strip. She saw Miles wasn't moving. "Come on Miles, join in it'll be fun." She pulled off the last of her clothes. "Don't you like me?" She walked over to him.

"Its not that, I'm married." He responded although that hadn't stopped him earlier and his resolve was fading quickly.

"Are you sure Miles?" She fondled his cock and balls through his uniform. She lowered the zipper on his uniform and reached inside and grabbed Miles shaft. "Please Miles."

"I wouldn't want to disappoint." Miles started pulling off his uniform.

Leeta walked away from Miles over to the bed. Julian was already laying down his hard on sticking straight up. "You're into this, aren't you the horny one." She bent over and took his prick into her mouth. She felt Miles come up behind her and grabbed onto her ass. He used his hands to open up her pussy and then drove his hard cock inside of her. She came off Julian's cock for a moment. "Yes fuck me Miles. Yes right there." Miles pounded away at her pussy.

"Miles you gotta try this." Julian exclaimed.

"Its not so bad back here." Miles retorted.

Leeta wanted even more pleasure. "I want to do a little something different." She pulled off of Mile's cock. Miles seemed to complain a minute. "Don't worry. you'll enjoy it, I promise." She climbed up onto the bed. She positioned her cock over Julian's prick and then pushed back taking it all in. "Yes," she moaned. Now for part two she thought.."Miles get up her and fuck my ass."

Miles O'Brien quickly climbed onto the bed wanting to experience something his wife Keiko would never let him do. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. "Here goes." In one thrust he pushed all the way in. He was surprised it wasn't tighter, he started to fuck her ass.

Leeta squealed in joy as Mile's penetrated her. She always loved anal sex and double penetration was her favorite activity. "Fuck me harder." She moaned as both men started pounding into her. She pushed her heavy tits down into Julian's face and he started to work on them. She orgasmed in pleasure as the guys continued to fuck her. She felt Mile's stab into her and release a load up her ass. She concentrated on Julian and within another minute he was shooting his load into her. She climbed off the bed and grabbed up her clothes. "Thanks guys, I needed that, maybe we'll do it again sometime." She commented. She left the room. wondering why she had done what she'd done, it was enjoyable but not really like her.

* * *

Major Kira had finished with the ambassador and per Sisko's new instructions had delivered him to his quarters. She now had an hour free before the diplomatic meeting, she had always hated the diplomatic aspects of her job and was a bit pensive now. She was heading for her quarters when she saw Worf heading to his from the other direction. As they passed she looked back and then for some unknown reason she started to follow him. She watched his body move and was very
impressed, she was horny and she had always wondered what the Klingons were like during sex. Kira had heard they were rough but she knew she could take it. Worf opened the door to his quarters, this was her last chance. "Can I speak to you for a minute Lt.?" She jumped inside his room before he had a chance to object.

"Major what are you doing?" Worf was flustered as Kira jumped on him. He grabbed her around the waist as her legs wrapped around his waist. She kissed him and after a confused moment Worf returned her kiss. He sniffed her body and was instantly aflame with passion.

"Take me Klingon warrior!" Kira shouted as she tore at his uniform, she had never been this hot.. Worf was busily pulling off her one piece uniform she moaned as her tits were exposed and he started to bite at them. "Take it easy big fella." She pulled away from him and pulled off the rest of her uniform. Worf was now naked, she was surprised at the size of his prick it was shorter then she would have thought only four or five inches long but it was thick at least an inch or two around. She went over to him and gave him another kiss then started to work her way down his body and took his hard prick into her mouth. She couldn't believe how hard it felt almost like it was armored.

Worf ran his fingers through Kira's hair as she blew him but he was ready for more. He grabbed her by the ears and pulled her up and threw her onto a table. He quickly mounted her and rammed his cock into her pussy.

"YES" Kira screamed as Worf savagely thrust into her pussy. She slammed back into him as he pounded away. Worf pulled out of her and in one swift stroke rammed his cock into her ass. She moaned as Worf pounded at her ass, it was painful at first but after a couple of strokes she started to enjoy it.

Worf pushed at her anus he felt a bit of blood around his cock and with that he went crazy and really rammed his prick up Kira's ass. After a few minutes he reinserted it back into her pussy and shot his load up her pussy. "ARRGH," he moaned.

Kira pulled out from beneath Worf's grunting presence. "I've got to go." She grabbed up her uniform and raced out of Worf's quarters, unsure why she had just done what she had done.

As Kira left his quarters, Worf's head started to clear. He realized something was wrong, he didn't know much about Bajoran or Trill mating practices but he had worked with Kira and Dax for over a year now and neither of them had shown any signs of what just happened. Now he had to decide what to do about it, there had to be something wrong with the women and for that matter he thought he was probably affected as well. He considered his options, he could go to Capt. Sisko but he had no evidence just a gut feeling and he was involved as well. So that was out. He decided that he could go to Jadzia Dax as science officer it was in her bailiwick but he didn't know how to bring it up with her without mentioning the orgy in the briefing room. That left only Dr. Bashir he didn't know him that well but he headed for sickbay anyway.

Going to sickbay Worf tried to convince Bashir of the problem but couldn't make him see it. Bashier seemedintentionally obtuse, so after awhile Worf decided he would have to get some outside help so he made a call to some old shipmates.

Dr. Bashir had followed Worf's ideas but he just couldn't believe what he was telling him. He tried to think of anything unusual that had happened to him over the past day and couldn't come up with anything.


Major Kira and Odo had been called to Sisko's office to discuss security arrangements for a reception for the alien ambassador to be held in a couple of days. They spent a couple of hours going over various arrangement, cultural problems security arrangements etc. After they had finished the two friends went back to Odo's office to implement what they had discussed.

"As if we didn't have enough problems." Major Kira paced behind Odo as he sat at his desk. "I'm no diplomat!"

"I agree." Odo commented.

"With which?" She looked down at him and noticed how good he looked. She wondered what making love to a shape shifter would feel like.

"Whichever." He noticed how close major Kira was standing to him and as always it flustered him.

"I see, you think I'm to hard bitten to make a good diplomat."


"I'll show you just how soft I can be." With that she sat down in Odo's lap she threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

"Major, what are you doing?" Odo broke the kiss. Not that he was complaining, he was just a bit confused.

"Just go with you're feelings Odo." She started to nibble at his ear.

Odo reached behind him and on his panel found the switch to lock the doors without looking. "Alright" he started to run his hands over her body expecting her to object at any moment. As he rubbed her tits she suddenly stood up and he thought she was about to stop, but to his surprise her hands went to the zipper at the front of her uniform.

Kira lowered the zipper exposing her breasts to Odo. She then let the uniform drop to the floor exposing her body to him, she enjoyed his hungry look. "There that's better, now you're turn." She watched as Odo started to concentrate as the uniform started to vanish and in its place a very muscular body was being formed with a somewhat small prick "Not bad, but we can do better in this area." She fondled the small prick and it started to grow and continued until it was almost seven or eight inches long. "Much better." She moved against one of the
consoles and laid back "Now use that thing!"

Odo stood and used his newly made prick to enter Kira's cunt. He changed the shape of his prick as it penetrated her trying to give her maximum pleasure, he sucked at her small tits.

"OH YES!" She moaned as Odo's prick seemed to stretch and grow and fill every empty crevice in her pussy. It was grabbing at her sensitive clit it was like being eaten out and fucked at the same time, an incredible sensation. She felt herself cum and then tried to use her pussy muscles to force Odo to shoot off but as a second and third orgasm overcame her she wondered if Odo would ever cum. Then she realized he wasn't human. "You can't cum can you?" She asked.

"No," he admitted guiltily.

"That's okay, but I can't take anymore." With that statement she felt Odo's cock withdraw from her.

"I'm sorry," Odo said dejectedly.

"Don't be, that was the most incredible sexual experience I've ever had. I'm just sorry I couldn't give you as much pleasure." She started to dress.

"But you did." He responded he had been more then a bit pleased at his first sexual experience.

"That's good," she finished dressing. "Shall we get back to work." She watched as Odo's body morphed back into his uniform. "That's a handy trick." She bent over a panel to start working. She wondered why she had just seduced Odo, but she had enjoyed it so she let the thought slip away.

* * *

Jadzia Dax spent another hard day at work, with Benjamin Sisko spending all of his time with the new ambassador and most of the rest of the command staff leaving on the Defiant, her workload was practically doubled. Now she looked forward to a little relaxation. She was preparing to go to Quarks for an after hours Tonga session, when Sisko called her into his office and he and the ambassador grilled her for almost an hour on various topics. As she finished she hurried down to Quarks, she knocked at the door and Quark let her in. "Sorry
I'm late, duty called." She rushed in.

Quark sensed something strange about Dax as she passed. "We almost started without you, well its all set up."

Dax went over to the Tonga table she noticed that Quark had set it for five players. Aside from quark and Dax, Morn and two other Ferengi took position around the table. She said hello to the others as they played.

It took little time before Dax had lost most of her money and was down to very little latinum left. When the next hand came up she knew she could win. "Five strips of latinum." She bet.

"That's a lot of latinum for someone who's already lost fifty strips."

"You in or out Quark?" She commented.

"Alright fifty strips of latinum." Quark wondered if anyone at the table could match him. He enjoyed Jadzia's discomfiture at her lack of funds. "Fifty strips Jadzia, you in or out?" He parodied her earlier mocking of him.

Jadzia thought a moment, she couldn't match the bet with the money she had at the table but she got another idea. "I'm out of strips of latinum, but how about a strip of another kind?"

"What kind, dylithium?"

"No, if I lose I strip." Dax offered knowing how all men were affected by her body.

"What are you talking about?" Quark shot back.

"Instead of betting strips of latinum. I'll bet that I'll strip off my clothes if I lose." She saw Quark was thinking it over. "I'll strip naked. What do you say Quark that's worth fifty strips of latinum."

Quark thought about it and didn't consider it worth it. He had set up cameras in certain quarters and had seen Jadzia naked. "I don't think so. Maybe you could sweeten the pot?"

"Sweeten how?" Jadzia wasn't quite herself and was very horny right
now and had been for quite some time.

"Well if you lose you let us take you."

"Take me where Quark?"

"No , you know take you sexually."

Jadzia thought about it. She had never been with a Ferengi before and she did have a bit of a crush on Morn, although he didn't seem interested. What the hell she thought, she couldn't lose her hand was too good. "Alright you're on."

"Okay, what have you got?"

Dax laid her cards on the table. "What do you have to say about that?" Jadzia smiled as she watched the others stare at her cards but then she looked at Quark and he was smiling.

"I say this!" Quark laid his hand down on the table.

Jadzia was shocked. "I didn't think a hand that good was theoretical possible?"

"OH its rare, but it does happen." Quark sat back. "I believe you have a little show to do."

Jadzia Dax thought for a minute of backing out but she was so horny the idea of fucking all these men got her hot. "Alright Quark!" She tried to seem reluctant but she was into this. Her hand went to the zipper of her uniform, she pulled it down in one swift jerk. She pulled apart the sides of her uniform revealing her breasts to the assembled men. She heard some ohhs and ahhs and enjoyed the lustful stares of the men. She pulled the uniform off of her shoulders.

"That's more like it!" Quark had never appreciated the human practice of clothing their females but seeing Jadzia like this made him appreciate the human form. As the last of Dax's uniform hit the floor, he pulled open his own outfit and displayed his Ferengi prick.

Jadzia looked down at her first Ferengi prick then she saw the other Ferengi pull theirs out. They weren't very long only four inches if that but the head was oddly big compared to a humans. The head of their pricks was almost twice the size of a normal humans. Meanwhile Morn had pulled his out and he was quite big at least eight inches but it was oddly squared with the end just stopping.

Quark and Morn pushed Jadzia up onto the table. After she had displayed herself a bit they got her to lay back on the table. Quark jumped up on a chair and pulled her head off the edge of the table. As her hair hung down almost to the floor he pushed his cock into her waiting mouth, she took him easily engulfing his whole length. "Yeah baby suck it." He moaned as he pushed his prick into her face.

Jadzia had just gotten Quark into her mouth. When she felt her legs being spread and her cunt was speared by someone as she felt the length drive into her she guessed it was Morn. She tried to moan around Quark's cock. She felt a hot fluid penetrate her cunt and then Morn's cock withdrew. She felt Quark withdraw from her mouth and he spun the table till he was between her legs. Dax screamed as Quark forced the huge head of his prick into her cunt, it felt like a small
fist was penetrating her cunt. Then her head was forced down again as another Ferengi prick entered her mouth.

The second Ferengi shot his load down her throat, she couldn't believe the sweet taste. She found that a Ferengi in her cunt wasn't so bad once she got the large head inside of her, but then Quark shot his load into her and another Ferengi replaced him and the pain of entrance was almost as great the second time. Then Morn and Quark spent some time fondling her tits and ass. She felt the last of the Ferengi cum into her cunt, she thought the night was over. Then she noticed Quark and Morn were hard again and the two Ferengi were getting there fast.

Morn pulled her up off the table and motioned her onto one of the Ferengi who was laying on the floor. As another Ferengi cock was stuffed up her cunt the pain was less severe this time. She was pushed forward so that her tits were in the Ferengi's face as he mauled them with his sharp teeth, she felt Morn's cock pressing at her asshole.

"God yes fuck my ass." She moaned in pleasure as Morn's fuckstick penetrated her tight ass. At one stroke he forced his entire length into her, as he pumped away she felt herself orgasm over the Ferengi's cock. She felt another load of hot liquid enter her this time up her ass. As Morn withdrew Quark moved in, Jadzia forgot the pain of her cunt as the Ferengi's huge prickhead penetrated her tight ass. She screamed not believing she could take it but suddenly it popped inside
her and the pain subsided. Another Ferengi prick was offered to her mouth and she swallowed it all. She felt herself cumming again as she was penetrated by all three cocks. This was followed by Quark filling her ass with his cum and the others shot their loads into Jadzia.

Jadzia stood up on wobbly legs, she saw that all the males had taken seats and looked exhausted. "I guess, I paid my debt." She stumbled around and collected her uniform as she left she turned back to the guys. "See you tomorrow."

Quark watched her go thinking that he'd have to create a holo program based on this experience. More then one Star Fleeter would pay to have Dax and his surveillance cameras had captured the whole thing.


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