Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Sex, Lies And Holo-Recordings Part 1
by ErosTrek (MFF,fist,voy)

Quark sat on a stool in the dimly lit bar as he counted the day's takings.
The slips of gold-pressed latinum slid through his fingers and he experienced
a sensual pleasure as he felt their cool texture, their perfect weight and
balance hinting at the liquid core of latinum wrapped in the cheap yet shiny
gold. Quark sighed. Nothing could be better than this, not even sex, though
that came a close second. And talking about sex, the dabo girl standing
behind him had stopped his ear massage so he jabbed her with an elbow to the
ribs to get her attention. She returned to her job in earnest and Quark
sighed again, this time with sexual pleasure as she found the erogenous spots
on his large ear lobes.

Suddenly, he heard a scratching noise. The bar was closed and no-one else
besides the two of them were in it, so it was probably a rat or similar
vermin. He relaxed again and continued counting. When he had cleared up the
last few slips of latinum and shut down his accounts padd he heard the noise
again. This time it was louder and couldn't be mistaken for a rat. The noise
was coming from somewhere behind the wall of the bar ... he turned his head
using his ears to triangulate the sound ... right there ... he gasped ...
someone was in his secret vault!

He got up slowly and motioned for the dabo girl to stand in front of him and
he pushed her roughly behind the counter. Ferengis are not known for their
bravery so it was natural for him to hide behind a girl. Quark opened a
hidden wall panel with his thumbprint revealing a numeric keypad in Ferengi
script. He input a fifteen digit number, a secret code-word and another
thumbprint. Unbeatable security, he thought, that somehow had been beaten.
A section of shelving still holding numerous bottles slid outwards and
sideways revealing a small doorway. The room behind that door held most of
Quark's riches - crates stacked to the ceiling held bars upon bars of
gold-press latinum, jewellry from hundreds of worlds and other expensive
items which had been lost at Quark's dabo tables by rich and unlucky
gamblers, amongst other things. Quark didn't trust any bank with his money.

Quark wasn't about to do anything stupid as go into that room when there was
a possible intruder so he whispered to the dabo girl "Ela, go in and turn on
the lights."

"Do I have to?" she replied looking scared.

"Yes, or else I'll take ten per cent off your wage" said Quark angrily, who
was even more scared than her.

"You did that last week."

"Will you stop argueing and just go in" and with that he shoved her towards
the vault.

In she went, bending her tall, slim body under the door's low frame designed
for short Ferengis. Her hand found the light sensor and a quick wave over it
made the lights turn on. She screamed! A hideous looking alien stood in one
corner using a vibro-blade to pry open a security drawer on one of the
shelves. When Ela screamed he had just about succeeded since the drawer
popped open and that was what saved her life. He had a disruptor in his belt
but instead of palming it and disintegrating Ela and possibly Quark, he took
the contents of the drawer, pressed a button on a piece of equipment tied
across his chest and disappeared in a whitish-silver spray of light as he
was transported to some craft close to Deep Space 9. Quark had been peeking
in, ready to flee if the alien, a Nausican, had come any closer. Now that he
was gone, Quark went straight for the drawer that had been forced open, held
his hands against the side of his head and began screaming in a high pitched
voice. Ela grabbed his shoulders and shook him out of it.

"What's wrong Quark. What did he take?" she asked as she looked around at the
untouched gold-pressed latinum stacked from floor to ceiling. What could be
so precious in that small drawer?

"I'm dead" Quark was moaning "I'm ruined ... and dead."

After several minutes of this he calmed down enough to explain to Ela that
the Nausican was probably an Orion syndicate operative. That was the only way
to explain how the transporter beam he had used to go in and out of the vault
was undetected by Station security. The Orion syndicate were the largest and
most dangerous group of criminals in the whole galaxy and they had just
stolen several thousand hours of holo-recordings stored in memory crystals.

"Holo-recordings of what?" Ela wanted to know.

"Star Fleet Admirals, Captains, Commanders, Ambassadors ... and any other
grade in between as well as Romulans, Klingons, Vulcans, Andorians ... all
Federation and non-Federation races .... I've recorded every single one of
their sexual encounters with you and the other dabo girls, with fantasy
characters in the holo-suites or even amongst themselves. Now it's all gone
and the Orion syndicate will be using it as blackmail. And when all those
people find out it was recorded here they'll be coming for me." With that
he began wailing again and started to bang his head on the hard steel wall.

Ela was stunned. She hadn't realised that her encounters with paying
customers were recorded but she wouldn't put it past Quark to do such a
thing. Now the only thing that mattered was to calm him down so she sat
down on the floor next to him, pulled his head to her soft bosom and
began to rub his ears gently. This seemed to have some effect on him,
because after a while he stopped the screeching noise and just clung to
the dabo girl.

After long minutes had passed and Ela was beginning to feel cold and cramped
in the cold vault a shadow appeared in the small doorway. Ela gasped thinking
that the Nausican had returned and would kill them both, but the figure
stepped into the light and it was Jadzia Dax, one of the Station's crew that
was a frequent visitor to Quark's Bar. Ela recognised her from the spots that
run down the side of her face.

Jadzia stepped over to them and looked down at Quark. When he didn't speak
she asked Ela "What's wrong with him today?" and Ela explained.

"I thought so. I was up in Ops when an unregistered freighter arrived in Deep
Space 9's orbit. They didn't want to dock, they said they were waiting to
rendezvous with another craft. It seemed suspicious so I ran I check on the
ship and it turned out that it was owned by a company affiliated with the
Orion Syndicate. Captain Sisko ordered two runabouts to intercept it but it
just turned around and warped out. Since Quark has had previous dealings with
the Orion Syndicate I guessed he may have been involved somehow and I seem to
have been right" Jadzia explained.

Quark seemed to have come to as Jadzia talked and he got up shakily to his

"You've got to help me Jadzia" he moaned "we have to get those memory
crystals back before they use them."

The station was going through a quiet period, nothing exciting happening so
Jadzia could do with an adventure, and Curzon, her previous host had many
Ferengi friends and she herself could play tongo with the best of them and
win. And besides, she couldn't allow the recordings to fall into the wrong

"If you promise to hand them over to me after we find them I'll help you."

Quark was ready to promise anything right now if it meant saving his hide and
after all, promises were made to be broken, weren't they?

Jadzia said she'd meet Quark in an hour at docking bay 24 where Quark had a
small Ferengi ship which he'd won several years ago during a game of Tongo.
Quark told Ela to pack her bags and Ela had said why, she didn't want to be
going off on any dangerous adventure, and he had said that she had heard too
much and it was either go with them or have an "accident" so she accepted
in a huff and not without muttering something about "stupid little money
grabbing bastards" which Quark duly heard and noted for when pay day came

The hour passed quickly and Quark, Ela and Dax met at the docking port. Quark
and Ela hadn't bothered to change their clothes so Quark was in his usual
colorful bartender's outfit and Ela was in her slinky dabo girl sheath like
dress, slit from the waist down and which did little to hid her voluptuous
curves. Jadzia had gone for more practical clothing with grey Klingon combat
trousers and boots modified to fit her, a tight fitting tan halter top made
of spandex type material which clung tightly to her breasts and left her
midriff bare except for a lightweight, yet ultra-strong beryllium belt which
held a large disruptor-type gun which certainly was not standard Star Fleet
issue. Across her back she carried a wicked looking bladed weapon. It was a
Jem'Hadar shock blade which she had picked up as a souvenir during one of
their raids into Dominion territory. She usually used it to impress Worf
during one of their holosuite combat and sex sessions. The usually serene
looking Jadzia in Star Fleet uniform now looked like some cool, sexy yet
bloodthirsty mercenary which was just the right disguise for where they were

Leaving Deep Space 9 without filing a flight plan was simplicity itself since
Jadzia used her override codes and the tiny Ferengi ship accelerated roughly
to it's maximum speed of slightly more than Warp 1. It was going to be a
long, boring voyage. This rust bucket would take ages to go anywhere and she
missed the much faster and comfortable runabouts, but you could hardly use
one of those on this mission. Satisfied that the computer would alert her if
sensors detected any obstacle or craft on their present course, she went to
the small cabin in the rear section. Quark and Ela had wasted no time in
making themselves comfortable on one of the bunk beds and Jadzia grimaced in
feigned disgust when Quark let out a sigh of pleasure as Ela rubbed his ears.

"This is going to be a very long trip" Jadzia muttered and Quark opened his
eyes and sat up startled.

Quark's eyes narrowed and he grinned wickedly, realising that the beautiful
Trill would have to share the cabin with him and Ela if she ever wanted to
get some sleep.

"Make yourself comfortable Jadzia" he told her "don't mind us."

Jadzia scowled at the insufferable Ferengi, but she didn't reply. She took
off and stowed her weapons and belt beneath the bunk, then removed her bulky
combat trousers and tossed them aside. Dressed only in a halter top and small
white panties, she could feel Quark's eyes all over her body, though when she
glanced over her shoulder he casually turned his gaze towards the low
ceiling. She shrugged mentally. It wasn't the first time someone had looked
at her while she was partially naked. Jadzia lay down on the bunk and shut
her eyes. Tomorrow was going to be a very busy day that could put all their
lives in danger and she had to be fully rested.

Jadzia woke suddenly and she almost knocked her head on the bunk above her
before she remembered she was not in her apartment on Deep Space 9 but on a
tiny Ferengi craft. Puzzled, she looked around in the gloom trying to figure
out what had woken her. Then she realised that it was a grunting sound and
occasional low pitched squeals that had disturbed her slumber. On the bunk
opposite Quark was sitting with his legs wide open and trousers dropped
around his ankles. Ela, the dabo girl, was kneeling in a crouched position
on the bunk next to him, her head bobbing up and down near his waist. She
was totally naked, her shiny, sheath like dress having been thrown hastily
on the floor. Her large tits swayed back and forth in the artificial gravity
with every movement she made.

Jadzia shook her head. So that was the source of the sounds that had woken
her. Ela must have been giving Quark a blow-job for quite a while ... she
was an expert, after all, keeping him on the edge of an orgasm, slowing down
whenever he was about to come then building speed up again. No wonder Quark
seemed to be incapable of doing anything more than grunting as Ela's busy
tongue ran up and down the full length of his orange-skinned sexual organ.
Jadzia watched for five more minutes having nothing better to do and knowing
that she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep now until the people opposite
her quieted down. From the look of it, it was going to take quite a while.
Another five minutes passed and now Jadzia was beyond being bothered with
the situation ... she was actually getting hot and could feel a damp spot
on her panties beginning to form. She cleared her throat. Damn Quark and his
little bitch. Unable to resist any longer she got up and crossed the cabin.
She sat on the edge of the bunk which with three people now on it was rather
cramped. Her face was now level with Ela's curvaceous bottom, swaying before
her ... almost as if it was beckoning to her.

From this position, Jadzia could clearly see the dabo girl's aroused
genitals, lips already stretched apart, pink center glistening and dripping
wet. A delicious aroma wafted up from Ela's quim directly into the Trill's
nostrils which flared widely savoring the woman's scent. Heavily aroused,
Jadzia reached out with a finger and dipped it into the dabo girl's exposed
pussy. The sudden and unexpected contact made Ela leap in surprise and clamp
her mouth shut over Quark's cock. Extreme pleasure became extreme pain for
the Ferengi and he let out an ear-piercing screech.

"Sorry!" Ela gasped as Quark raised a hand to strike her across her face. His
hand was already half way down when ...

"Quark. Leave her alone" Jadzia snapped "it wasn't her fault."

Surprised that Jadzia wasn't sleeping in the bunk opposite but rather was
sitting almost next to him, Quark let his hand go limp and Ela breathed a
sigh of relief. This time, she had avoided her punishment. Quark rubbed at
his sore cock squinting at it, trying to see if any blood had been drawn
when Ela had bitten down on it.

"What do you think you're doing?" he grunted at Jadzia, "Can't you see what
is going on here?"

"Since I can't sleep with you two making all this noise, I thought I'd join
you" Jadzia said, though she was more interested in the small sucking sounds
her finger was making as she pushed it in and out of Ela's cunt.

"Join us ....!" Quark gasped and his eyes grew wide as he finally noticed
what Jadzia was doing to his dabo girl. He instantly forgot the pain in his
cock as it sprang straight up in the air with excitement. He was sitting on
the same bed as a semi-naked Jadzia while she fingered another girl's twat!
He would have given quite a few bars of gold-pressed latinum away to be in
this position, and here he was for free! Ela was literally purring as Jadzia
increased the number of fingers inside her to three and pushed them as deeply
as they would go. Her long, silky, black hair swept across Quark's bare
thighs but Ela wasn't swallowing his cock even though he was pressing it
insistently against her cheek and directly against her moist lips. Stubbornly
she kept her mouth closed while she enjoyed Jadzia's efforts at pleasing her.
This was driving Quark crazy and he began to whimper as his swollen cock
couldn't find any much needed relief.

"Ela" he called out "Ela ... if you don't suck me now I'm going to reduce
your pay by half." When Ela continued to ignore him he added "I won't pay
you for a whole month and I'll degrade you to dish washer!" When this still
didn't elicit any response he shrieked in frustration and looked down at her.
Of course she wasn't answering him! While he had been waiting for her to deep
throat his cock, Jadzia had laid flat on her back and slid below the dabo
girl. Her finger's still buried to the knuckles in Ela's pussy, Jadzia's face
was below and between Ela's legs, while Jadzia's own cunt was below Ela's
face - the classic 69 position. Ela had wasted no time in tearing off her
panties, pausing long enough to breathe in Jadzia's scent from them, then
burying her face in Jadzia's groin, lapping at her warm wetness. Her tongue
slipped rapidly along the Trill's slit, which widened and peeled back in
front of Quark's astonished eyes.

A strangled cry caught in his throat and his eyes roved over Jadzia's
nakedness, following the spots up her thighs and down her sides all
converging between her legs. If Ela hadn't grabbed his cock with her
hand at that very moment he would have come all over the two girls.
Ela however had other ideas ... she after all still wanted to please
her master as she was trained. Dragged forward by the hand around his
dick, he did his best not to come when he realised what Ela was doing.
He vowed to double her pay .. triple it even ....... though he didn't
say that aloud. Promises never made are easier to break! When the four
lobed head of his cock finally came to rest against Jadzia's smooth,
hairless skin his thoughts became incoherent. Ela guided his pulsing
shaft into the wetness, sliding it up and down the slit to coat it in
Jadzia's own natural lubricant. She lingered around the top of the
slit for a while, using Quark's cock to tease the clit until the little
bit of sensitive flesh peeked out from beneath its hood. Satisfied that
Jadzia was well and truly excited, Ela expertly pushed Quark's manhood
into Jadzia's hole. Quark wasted no time and began to fuck Jadzia at a
fast pace. He knew he was going to come soon anyway, so he was making
the most of it.

"What the fuck.......!" Jadzia cried startled "Quark what do you think you're
doing?" Dax hadn't expected the Ferengi to fuck her. She didn't know that Ela
had helped him into her. Jadzia had only been expecting the sexy dabo girl to
give her a good muff-dive. Of course she should have realised that Quark
would not be able to resist the temptation of having her cunt exposed so
close to him. He was to busy to answer her as he continued to ram himself
into her.

"It's ok" Ela told her "I thought you'd like this more if Quark participated"
and she stuck out her tongue and flicked it against Jadzia's exposed clit.

"Gaaaaaaaa .... aggghh" moaned Jadzia as Ela's tongue met the most sensitive
bit of flesh on her body. "Oh ... Oh wow! Do that again, that felt real

Ela smiled and obeyed. She'd guessed Jadzia's reaction correctly. Her boss
was going to be pleased with her ... at the least he wouldn't punish her and
if she was lucky she'd get a pay rise. Ela's tongue again made contact with
Jadzia's little nubbin of pleasure and her hips bucked wildly, giving Quark
the ride of his life. Ela looked up at him and saw that he was sweating
heavily, his head glistening in the dim light and his huge orange ears were
almost glowing! She knew this meant he was going to come very soon so she
continued to alternately lick and suck at the now swollen clitoris, her nose
coming into contact with Quark's cock as he stuffed it into the Trill's
dripping pussy. Jadzia was in total ecstasy as she was fucked by the Ferengi
and tongued by the dabo girl, but she continued to pump her fingers in and
out of the dabo girl's tight pussy.

"Oh yeah, baby, stick your fingers in my cunt!" Ela moaned grinding her ass
against Jadzia's hand. "Give me more, I can take it" she begged.

Jadzia stuck a fourth finger into Ela's hole and was surprised at how easily
it slid in. A constant stream of clear pussy juice dribbled from the slit and
coated Jadzia's hand. Ela whimpered as her pussy stretched further but then
she called out again in between licking Jadzia's clit, "More, baby, more ...
ohhhh Jadzia fuck me harder!"

Without thinking, Jadzia slid her last finger, her thumb, in as well. Ela
paused momentarily from her clit licking and arched her back, crying out
loudly as Jadzia's entire fist up to her wrist penetrated her vagina. She
relaxed her muscles as she had been taught by Quark's dabo girl sex
trainers and the pain slowly went away to be replaced by pleasure as her
pussy stretched to its limit.

"Ohhhh yes, ohhhh yes" she moaned loudly "oh god, you've got your entire fist
inside me. I can feel it deep inside ... ooooh it feel's so good."

Quark couldn't believe his ears. "What's she doing!?"

"Aaaah ... she's fisting me .... yessss ... her entire hand is in my .....
oooooh ... cunt!"

Ela was finding it difficult to speak as Jadzia used her hand like a cock or
dildo, ramming it in and out while spreading her fingers against the inner
walls of Ela's love tunnel.

Quark was amazed. Jadzia, serious, scientific Jadzia was behaving like Jadzia
the slut and he was actually fucking her while she did so! This was too much
for the little Ferengi. His balls prepared to explode as he rammed his cock
deep into her pussy one final time, then pulled it out and came in a
tremendous orgasm, spraying streamers of thick, creamy cum over Jadzia's flat
stomach and onto Ela's face.

The taste of Ferengi semen made Ela come too. When Ela's vaginal muscles
began to contract, Jadzia pulled out her hand and rubbed her clit rapidly.
Ela let out a high pitched scream that lasted for five seconds and came,
spraying female cum juice over Jadzia's face. Jadzia's eyes shone with lust
as she swallowed the droplets that streamed down her face into her mouth.

"Ela" she called out when the dabo girl had stopped quivering "I haven't come
yet, Quark's little cock didn't bring me off." That final jab at the Ferengi
didn't have much effect because he was in a post-orgasmic state, eyes rolled
up into their sockets and tongue sticking out between ugly teeth as he sat
back on the bunk bed totally exhausted. It didn't take much for that to
happen to Ferengis especially when they had sex with alien women.

"My pleasure" Ela replied knowing just how to make the Trill cum. She spread
Quark's sticky cum over Jadzia's stomach, the fluid making the Trill spots
glisten wetly. Then she began to lick the cum off those spot, starting from
Jadzia's waist, onto her stomach and down into her crotch. When Ela's tongue
made contact with the spots on Jadzia's pubic mound, she moaned loudly since
the spots in that area were extremely sensitive sexually. Ela continued
licking till she felt Jadzia was about to cum then she moved her mouth to
Jadzia's excited clit, sticking straight out from its hood and flicked at it
several times with her tongue.

"Aaaaaaghhh fucccckkkk" Jadzia cried as she erupted like a volcano, the dabo
girl having found the right combination of erogenous spots to touch. Streams
of female juice flowed from her womb and Ela lapped them up hungrily just as
Jadzia had done to her.

Minutes passed as they lay over each other in a lust induced daze, having
expended their pent up sexual energy. Then Ela flipped over, leaving Jadzia
free to get up. She did and kissed Ela on her mouth in a silent "Thank you".
Both of them looked at Quark, who was still in dreamland, his cock having
gone limp and shrivelled to one third its size. Jadzia pointed it out to Ela
and they both giggled like young school girls. When their laughter subsided
Quark had come to and he looked first at Ela then at Jadzia.

"What is it?" he said startled "What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing boss" Ela told him.

"That's right, nothing at all" Jadzia added and they both broke down laughing

Quark was about to say something when the alarm klaxon shrieked and the
computer announced "Warning, proximity alert, warning, proximity alert."

Jadzia quickly slipped on her panties and trousers and rushed to the cockpit.

To be continued ....

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