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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Past Encounters Part 2 (MF,FFFF,exhib)
by Okudas

Dax lay in her holosuite cell staring at the ceiling. She could order anything she wanted from the real replicator and anything she desired from the holosuite. She kept reminding herself that this *was* a cell however well it was covered up. She had no way of getting to the door and no way to get through it even if she could. 'Things have been better' she thought to herself.

The exertions of the day before had been taken care of by a massage from a burly nurse. She realized that she could be called on at any time to *perform* for the waiting crowd. This was frightening as she would probably not be with Kira this time. As with most entertainment the crowd would want variety.

She was not called on however and this gave her time to think. What was Hayes doing here. He had been her Commanding Officer nearly two centuries ago. They had had a passionate affair aboard ship. They had nearly got married when the host fell ill and died. The symbiont was transplanted into a 24 year old male and Hayes surprisingly lost interest. Dax forced herself out of the past to try to piece together the present. Hayes had a brilliant career ahead of him. Why would he be here on a dusty moon running a glorified peep show.

The wall directly in front of Dax shimmered and in image of the stage she was on the night before took it's place. The stage was empty but the auditorium was full to capacity. Without the glare of the light Dax could now see that the audience were all human. No uniforms or insignias were evident and she gave up trying to see any detail when the house lights went down. 'Showtime I guess, look like I'm off the hook at least.'

No sooner were these words out of her mouth when a familiar glow surrounded her and she felt herself dissolve.

* * *

She re-materialized on the stage. She didn't even have to glance down to realize she was already naked and shackled. This was beginning to really grate on he nerves.

She did however look down when she heard the transporter hum once again and her new partner for the night arrived. She got a shock when a male Valusian appeared. First came the surprise, then came the fear.

The Valusian race is infamous around the Galaxy for one feature. The incredible size of their penises. To be considered 'small' in the Valusian race the penis would still be longer than a foot. This was why Dax was scared. While the Valusians were huge, the Trill race were quite the opposite. Trill males had manhood not longer than three or four inches. Because of this the Trill vagina was incredibly tight. This was why the fist fuck from Kira had been so intense the night before. For this reason Dax was frightened. The Valusian penis could literally tear her internally. 'Either that or I'm gonna get the fuck of my life.' she thought to herself.

The crowd was already shouting and the noise was verging on the deafening. The Valusian was edging closer to Dax, his huge member swaying madly in front of him. He did not however try to insert it into her yet. First he pushed to her lips. She was forced to take the engorged meat into her throat. This was however a relief as it meant he was not doing her any harm.

She licked the head of the penis as is went past her teeth. She slid her tongue under the man's foreskin and moved it around until he was groaning. Then she began to nibble gently down the shaft until nearly nine inches had gone down her throat. She literally sucked the man's cock until he was on the verge of cuming. Then she spat the penis from her mouth and left him pleading for release. Meanwhile Dax was getting more and more turned on. Once again the crowd seemed to melt away and she was alone on stage with a man she didn't know. With an overwhelming urge to fuck him senseless.

Gently he walked forward and pushed the end of his massive penis between this lips of Dax's dripping vagina. He eased forward and it slowly began to disappear into Dax's slender body. Further and further, pulling the last sheds of Dax's hymen away for ever. Further and further it went with Dax's pussy lips red and taught. Dax felt as if he was into her stomach. He had gone past her cervix and was entering her womb.

Once again the shackles were released and Dax could finally look down properly. Nearly an entire foot of penis was inside her now and she could see a bulge below her ribcage. This was the Valusian penis well inside her uterus and pushing against the inner wall. Dax was totally full. Physically the man could not push any more into the woman. He began to pull the throbbing member in and out of her womb, each time causing waves of pleasure and pain to bombard the young Trill's brain. She wouldn't take much more of this.

Gradually both aliens built up to their climax. The itch was building up deep inside Dax and she was about ready to burst. With a shuddering groan they climaxed simultaneously. The Valusians had dry orgasms unless with their chosen female but Dax more than made up for that. The amount of cum she produced actually began to push the cock from inside her. She held in with the muscles in her vagina and the sweet juices began to build inside her. Eventually she could no longer hold it and his penis shot forward accompanied by a veritable torrent of girlcum. He was lying on the floor being covered in the sweet smelling liquid and began to lick himself clean. This coupled with the sheer force of the exit of his penis made Dax climax again. She once again collapsed and cum was almost spurting from between her legs.

After what seemed an age Dax finally calmed herself. No sooner had she opened her eyes than the transporter took effect and she was lying on her bed again. She ordered a mirror from the holosuite and assessed the damage. She got quite a shock. Although there was no bleeding or obvious abrasions her vaginal opening was incredibly wide. She had been stretched almost to splitting point and it showed. That was gonna smart in the morning.

* * *

Hayes came and went. After a medical analysis she was told she was fine but would not be performing tonight. This time she would be watching.

Once again the wall in front of her shimmered and settled into the now familiar image of the stage. The lights went down and the audience hushed. The transporter took effect and a female appeared on the stage. Unfamiliar to Dax she waited for the partner to arrive. Apparently it was threesome night as two more female aliens appeared. Dax's shoulders slumped as she realized that Kira was among them.

All three women were unchained and they began to walk towards one another. They were all under the same threat as Dax and they showed no signs of resistance. The first woman to appear was of a race Dax had not seen before. Her light green skin glistened with a natural oil and the lights reflected off her bare ass. Dax used the controls on the screen to zoom in and take a closer look. 'Purely scientific research' she assured herself.

The woman had sat on the floor of the stage and now finally Dax could get a good view. She was shocked to see that the woman had four breasts and two vaginal openings. Other than this and the skin color she was basically humanoid. Kira and the other woman had now moved into close proximity of the woman and had begun to massage her breasts. They were incredibly soft and Kira's fingers left small indentations in the skin as she took her hands away.

The second woman was Betazoid. The stark contrast of the green skin of the first woman and the almost white skin of the Betazoid was striking. Like all Betazoids she was hairless on her body and she had already begun to become wet. The girljuice was sliding slowly down her legs and was abruptly stopped by the probing tongue of Kira. She licked her way up the older woman's leg and began to lick the outer lips of the woman's vaginal opening.

Meanwhile the green skinned alien was not idle. She was massaging Kira's creamy buttocks and then bent to push her tongue deep into the tight rosebud of her ass. Dax was getting mightily turned on my the scene being played out before her and her hand fell to her own pubic mound. She began to moan with the woman on the screen as her fingers became wet.

Kira began to massage the outer lips of the green colored woman. She pushed fingers into both of her openings and both fists were sucked in by the alien woman. The vaginal passages were incredibly long and eventually met up in the middle. Kira was buried well past her elbow and licked her hands together. The Betazoid however had begun to lick Kira's hanging breasts. The sensitivity of her nipples was incredible and the jutted from her body rock hard and now wet with the Betazoids saliva.

Together they lay Kira with her arms entering and thrusting the twin passages of the strange woman before her while she in turn now had her fingers in the Betazoid's own channel. All three were thrusting in harmony and they were all close to the edge. Dax too was beginning to loose control. She had her own fingers deep inside herself and her own climax was building steadily.

The crowd was screaming for the green alien to let go and climax. They had seen it before and obviously loved it. She dramatically complied. Her eyes became dark as night and she pulled her hand from inside the Betazoid woman. She lay on the floor silent as the grave and Dax abruptly stopped her own service and looked on.

Suddenly a primal scream shook the auditorium. Speakers blew and still the woman could be heard. The audience was silent and expectant. The scream subsided and her body began to convulse wildly. Her vulva began to pulse and she lay back again as the incredible orgasm began to take on speed. Her legs were thrown apart and her twin openings lain for all to see. The muscles inside could clearly be seen rippling as the woman began to scream again. It was not however the same primal scream that had emanated before. It was one of release. The woman smiled slightly as her climax continued and she came.

Her nipples had grown to nearly two inches and had begun to secrete a sticky white substance. Dax frowned as the woman appeared to relax and calm down. All that fuss for not very much. She was very wrong.

The woman's vaginas exploded and a huge torrent of come shot forth. Kira was standing near her and was drenched. As were the first three rows of the audience. Her nipples were spurting the same white substance and she was soon covered herself. On and on the stream went. The stage was awash with the juices and Kira was using it to lube up the Betazoids ass. As she pushed her hand deep into the woman's virgin bottom the other alien finished her climax with a flourish. Her skin went from light to dark green and the torrent subsided. She floated from the cum soaked floor and spun wildly in the air. The final drips of cum were flung from her body as she finally relaxed and slumped to the floor. The entire episode had taken nearly six minutes to complete. Kira and the Betazoid had brought each other off in the mean time and had also fallen to the floor. The Transporter was used and the three women disappeared.

Dax had been so intent on the show in front of her that she had not noticed the door open behind her. As Hayes walked toward her she eventually turned and yelped in surprise. She was still naked and had her fingers clamped between her milky thighs. Hayes simply stripped and fell at her knees. She was so exited by the other aliens incredible climax that she allowed his tongue to replace her fingers and she began to buck wildly as he used his devastating tongue to bring her to orgasm quickly.

She lay back after he had left and reviewed current events. Hayes had not said a single word throughout the mind blowing tongue fuck or afterwards. She settled back to bed and realized she could not sleep. She began to count her spots. By the time she had reached the coffee colored nipple of her left breast she was fast asleep.


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