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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Past Encounters Part 1 (FF,exhib)
by Okudas

Dax crested the next dune and slid down the leeward side as she had been taught, using the flat, wide soles of her shoes to glide effortlessly down the long slope. She ran a few further feet and threw herself forward into the sand. It cascaded down and over her body and hid her deep in the dune. As the wind cleared her tracks she could hear a bone chilling baying from several directions. It was getting nearer. With a huge mental effort she relaxed her breathing and forced herself to stay still. Any movement would result in capture, torture and probably death. The baying gave way to the sound of padding feet moving at great speed. The footsteps came closer and closer... and passed. She was about to breath a huge sigh of relief when she heard more padding steps. These however were different. They were moving in a strange broken rhythm. It was obvious that the hound was injured.

Again she relaxed her breathing and waited for the huge beast to pass by. The steps came closer and closer. Just as they should have passed her a large furry paw slammed down onto her breast and she nearly blacked out. She shook off the dizziness and burst from the dune firing her phaser at the same instant. The beast gave a small yelp and was vaporized. The yelp had been enough to bring the rest of the pack speeding towards her. Twenty sets of paws sprinting across the sand toward her position. They brought her to the ground and began to rip her clothing. Her trill spots pulsed in fury as she realized that the symbiont would die out here, alone, with no possible chance of a new host. Just as the leader of the pack went for her throat the attack abruptly stopped. She lay bleeding and almost naked in the sand with the beasts circling her. She looked up as she began to loose consciousness. A man had entered the small arena. Large, muscular and vaguely familiar. Her mind raced to remember his name but was fogged by blackness. She slipped into a deep sleep, images from her past racing through her mind. She slept for many hours.

* * *

She awoke with a start and looked around. She was in a spotless white room in a comfortable bed. No windows and seemingly no door.

'It's a cell, remember that, it might not look that way but you are a prisoner and have to leave quickly' she thought to herself. She began to move. She stood and the sheet fell away from her. She quickly snatched it up as she realized she was naked.

'The dogs, they tore my uniform. Still you would think they might have dressed me.' she walked around the room with the sheet wrapped around her. She couldn't tell how long she had slept but it must have been a while as a dermal generator had been used and the scars from the dogs had gone. The sound of a door opening behind her made her look around. Still a blank wall. Then a man walked through the holo-image created to cover the door. She now recognized him as a former CO. She almost stood to attention before she realized that the sheet would drop.

"Have you been treated well Dax" said the newcomer

"How do you know me. I looked somewhat different last time you saw me."

Dax was puzzled. At the time she had served under this man she was till female but much older. 'Wait a minute, that was nearly 200 years ago.' she then remembered that he was an Aldosian. A species with extraordinary longevity.

"I asked if you had been treated well" the man snapped

"Well let me see" said Dax angrily" I came to this God forsaken world to find a missing crewmember. Since then I have been chased across a desert, attacked by a pack of Dogs, stripped and probably raped while I was sleeping and now I'm in a prison cell with a man I knew over two centuries ago. "Things have been better"

"I apologize for the dogs and assure you that no-one has been in here other than a nurse. You have not been raped."

"So what am I doing in this fucking cell." thundered Dax. She was no longer intimidated by the man and was blazing. In her temper the sheet slipped from her grasp and her speckled breast was exposed to full view. The light nipple was erect and hard with anger and the man openly stared.

"You were never this beautiful when you were aboard my ship."

"Yeah well you can just get your eyes off mister 'cause that's one thing I am never gonna repeat."

"I wouldn't expect you to. Now tell me who is the crewmember that you seek."

"She's Bajoran. Major Kira Ner-...."

She stopped talking as the man before her sagged when she mentioned the woman's species.

"What is it" she demanded, suddenly scared

"There has only been one Bajoran this way in two years. She was... perfect in every way. She... they... they sacrificed her last week. She is almost certainly dead."

"You said almost certainly. Sacrifice usually means stabbing through the heart or the like. That's usually pretty final. Now talk"

"She was left as a sacrifice to the Gods. She was taken atop the mountain of the Gods and left. She was naked and without food. She could not survive." the man was clearly sickened by the whole process and looked at Dax solemnly. She stared deep into his eyes as if trying to get something from him that he had missed out. She could not.

"It is my mission to recover Kira. I will take those orders to mean alive or dead. I demand to be shown exactly where she was left. Starfleet know where I am so I'll be out of here within a day anyway. Show me where she was left to die. I have to know. Please..."

* * *

Some two days later Dax was pushing her way through the undergrowth on top of the mountain. Starfleet had been notified and she had been instructed to continue. She was wearing a large sheet of clot which was wound round her and fastened. It was warm if not over comfortable. She came across the sacrificial site and stepped into the clearing. She saw bones all around her but no sign of a body. This had to be good news. Kira had obviously survived longer than the people scattered around. This gave Dax fresh hope. She set her tricorder to search for life signs. She was about to put it away when she noticed a weak signal emanating from the bushes ahead. The signal was Bajoran. She stepped forward and was hit full in the face by a force field. She was thrown backwards and her head hit a rock. She was dizzy but conscious. She staggered forward as Kira walked from the bushes. She stood tall and fully clothed. She looked at Dax and laughed. Then a voice boomed from above.

"ENOUGH!!! She is ready. Let the games begin"

* * *

Dax was naked again. She was standing on a stage with nearly a thousand pairs of eyes staring up at her. Her arms were shackled to the wall as were her feet. Her legs were pulled wide apart but this was not the thing that embarrassed her most. What embarrassed her was that the woman below her had her fist deep within Dax's slender body. What was even worse was that this woman was none other than Major Kira Nerys.

The events leading up to her current predicament were fuzzy at best. As she had looked up at Kira and the voice had finished speaking the entire clearing and everything in it had vanished. Including Kira. The same man from her cell stepped forward from the door leading to the holodeck. She had never left her cell. The whole thing had been a trick. As the familiar lines of her cell took shape she started to become frightened again.

"Your friend is safely in another cell. I had to see if you could serve us as she had. She is now a valuable asset to our increasingly popular entertainment squad."

"Entertainment??? What's so entertaining about seeing someone crashing through a forest and then having their best friend laugh at them."

"I told you that was just a test. You were willing to go through hell to find your friend. That is what we are counting on. You will serve us or the Major will be tortured right in front of you. Then you will be forced to kill her."

"So what must I do" said Dax in a small voice. Her usual serenity gone.

"You will be forced to indulge in a sexual encounter with whomever we choose. You will do this in front of a selected audience and if you refuse. Kira will die."

So there she was. On stage with her best friend. She was chained and Kira had now one hand in her vagina and one hand in her ass. The one major problem... She was loving it.

Despite the many eyes on her she had almost forgotten she was on show. The feel of Kira's breath on her feet as she bent to plunge her fist into Dax once more. The sight of her large breasts swaying slightly as she rocked back and forth. It was just too much. She screamed at herself to control the rapidly building orgasm that was itching deep within her loins. She was producing precum at a rate she had never thought possible. It was positively dripping down Kira's hand as the audience bayed for her to lick it up. She did so and this got Dax even more turned on. Soon the audience was baying for something different. It answer to their call the clamps holding Dax were released and she fell on Kira.

The two women lay on the floor covered in Dax's precum. Kira pulled her hand from both orifices at once and a delicious slurp could be heard. This was immediately amplified and sent throughout the hall. This proved to be to much for Dax and she climaxed. Lying on the stage with a thousand men looking on she screamed out Trill curses. She was bucking on the stage as convulsions ripped through her body. Her pussy felt as if it was alight and still she was climaxing. Eventually she stopped and flopped down exhausted. The audience screamed for more. Dax actually smiled. They were gonna get more.

* * *

Now it was Kira's turn to be fucked senseless. She lay back her red pussy hairs already plastered to her pubic mound. Dax was relentlessly flicking her clit with her long tongue. She then pushed her tongue deep into the folds that led to Kira's vaginal tunnel. This sent the crowd into a frenzy. They were unused to having such a willing vounlenteer on the stage. They called out positions that they wanted and one by one the two women on the stage complied with every request.

They ended up with Kira sitting on Dax's chest using her long nipples to rub her now incredibly engorged clit. This sent waves of pleasure through both women and Kira was nearing climax.

No when Bajoran woman orgasm it is very different to a human female. If anything it is more like a human male. The clitoris swells to about three inches long. This then spurts the girlcum high into the air. If in the right position this will splash into the face of their partner.

This is exactly what happened. As Kira screamed her clitoris expanded and the cum splattered into Dax's face she licked her lips and kissed Kira hard on the mouth. The taste of Dax's saliva mixed with her own cum was more than Kira could handle. She climaxed loudly again this time the cum spraying over the audience. They loved it and screamed for more. Neither woman could manage anything more however. They were both dragged off the stage. Reality ripping back into their minds. They were still prisoners and they may have to go through the whole thing again tomorrow. Whether they liked it or not.


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