This is a NEW DS9-based story, based (to an extent) on "Fascination" (it refers to events in that episode). Remember, Paramount/Viacom owns the characters used herein; however, this story is wholly my own owrk and is otherwise original. Archival and reposting IS permitted; however, no changes may be made without my express consent. Also, this story contains SEX between a Bajoran and a human. If you are under the Age Of Adulthood in your state/country, READ NO FURTHER.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Loving Nerys (MF)
by Christopher L. Estep

Station Log: Stardate 45272.2:

The Cardassian civilian government is sending representatives to DS9 to sign a historic mutual-defense pact with the Federation. The recent incursion of the Klingons into Cardassian space prompted this action. Representatives from most Federation worlds and the Romulan Empire will be in attendance.

Captain Benjamin Sisko, commander of Deep Space Nine, struggled (again) with the collar of his full-dress uniform. He finally managed to get it the way he wanted it to look, but he still felt like he was being choked with a rope.. His only thought other than the way his collar felt was that none of the Starfleet personnel was having it any easier.

Meanwhile, in Quark's quarters, young Academy Cadet Rom was in HIS dress uniform. Unlike Captain Sisko, he wasn't grimacing at all; on the contrary, he was grinning like the proverbial Earth housecat left alone with a roasted 22-pound turkey. Being the first Ferengi to enroll in Starfleet Academy was a surprise in itself back on the homeworld; the fact that he was 2nd in his class (without taking the "easy way") cost a lot of people some serious money in bets. (Quark, naturally, cleaned up, betting on Rom.). Quark was at the bar, preparing for the coming influx of people from all over the Alpha Quadrant. Rom put a final polish on his Starfleet-issue dress boots, then strode out into the corridor.

Lt. Cmdr. Worf, Strategic Operations Officer, was going over (with Odo) security arrangements for the treaty-signing ceremony and the events preceding and following it. Worf was in his Starfleet full-dress uniform, his Imperial Dress sash polished to a bright shine, and his b'at'l'eth freshly sharpened. Worf looked at the guest list and groaned. Odo looked at the list himself, then understood Worf's expression; on the list was Betazed Ambassador to the Federation Lwaxana Troi - Worf's mother-in-law. Odo knew that most species had a common dread for mothers-in-law, and in that, even Klingons were not an exception. However, THIS woman had continually erxpressed an interest in a romantic (or even sexual) liasion with Odo himself. With his refusal to tell Major Kira how he felt about her (lest she be used as a hostage against him by the rest of the Dominion's Founders), he was still, in Earth (and Betazoid) terms, single.....and available.

Major Kira Nerys, Deep Space Nine's Bajoran representative and Executive Officer, was sitting in her quarters, thinking. She had been feeling out of sorts lately. Her thoughts kept turning toward someone she had refused to think about since Lwaxana Troi's last visit to the station...Dr. Julian Bashir. She knew about the effects of Xanthi fever: a rather dry lecture by Dr. Bashir after the episode with Ambassador Troi made it quite plain that the potentiality that it stimulated in non-Betazeds toward romance was only stimulated if the feelings were already there. Therefore, she already knew that somewhere, deeply buried, she WAS interested in the handsome medical officer, and that he was interested in HER the same way. Suddenly, with a Bajoran curse, she shook herself out of her funk. "Either face it, or run," she told herself. With that, she made up her mind, and walked toward the Station infirmary.

In the infirmary, the subject of Major Kira's musing was checking his medical stores, making sure that he was well-stocked with the medical supplies he would need to treat every possible ailment that any of the delegates and representatives could suffer. He was making a final check when the infirmary door buzzed. "Come in," he said. Suddenly, the door opened, and Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax, DS9's Science Officer and his good friend, came into the infirmary.

"Julian, can I talk to you....alone?" Jadzia asked.

Bashir looked startled. "Is something wrong, Jadzia?" he asked. He used to have a crush on the beautiful Trill, but this had since changed to a warm, close friendship. With a look of concern still etched on his face, he escorted Dax to his office and closed the door. When the door closed, Dax said, "No...nothing's wrong with ME. I need to ask you something."

"Go ahead," the medico replied.

Dax took a deep breath, then plunged on. "Julian, how do you feel about Nerys?"

This took Julian completely by surprise. "Nerys? should I feel about her?"

"Do you love her?"

Julian thought for a moment, then admitted sheepishly, "Yes, Jadzia...I DO love her. I don't know whether I have the RIGHT to...but, yes, dammit, I DO love her. Very much."

Dax did not look surprised at his admission of his feelings for their Bajoran colleague, but plunged on. "Why do you feel that you don't have the right to love her?"

Julian snapped out, "Bareil. I refused to save him. Even though it was medically possible to save him, I let him die!"

Dax reached out and took his hand in both of hers. "Julian, you acted on the wishes of your patient. He didn't want to suffer any longer. Either she understands it, or she doesn't. Either she feels the same way about you that you do about her, or she doesn't. Either she loves you, or she doesn't," she said.

Julian looked at Jadzia in a different light. This was a long speech for the normally close-mouthed Jadzia. "Then, I should..." Julian began.

"Tell her how you feel, Julian. Let HER decide what to do about it. Then, regardless of how she reacts, accept it; then, go to the next step," Dax finished. "Although, I have the feeling that neither of you WILL regret it." She gave Julian a warm hug, then left the office. Julian sat there, at his desk, thinking about what Dax had just said. He was startled out of his reverie by ther sound of the infirmary door buzzing. "Come in," he said.

The door continued to buzz. "Damn Cardassian door is sticking again," he thought. He opened the door...and there stood Major a long, flowing gown.

The young doctor stood there, mouth agape. This was a side of the Bajoran that he had never seen before. She looked soft, feminine, short, like a delicate flower; not the tough Bajoran resistance fighter she actually was.

"Well, Julian; aren't you going to let me in?" Major Kira said.

This shook Julian out of his shocked stupor; he moved aside so Kira could enter the infirmary. Kira walked into the infirmary and took a seat on one of the infirmary examination tables.

Julian stood in front of her, a look of concern tinged with a sense of being in the presence on immortal beauty showing on his face.

"Julian," Kira began," I need to telll you something I've kept bottled up inside for many months. And I must ask you to let me finish what I have to say before saying anything."

Julian braced himself as best he could. "Go ahead, Major."

Kira took a deep breath, then plunged on. "Julian, I have loved soemone for a long time. I haven't been able to tell him how I feel about him. We have worked in close proximity here on the station, yet, for some reason, I've never been able to let him know that I love him. I have finally deicded to face my feelings for him, and tell him how I feel."

"Odo," he thought. "She's going to tell me that she's in love with Odo."

"Julian, I love you. I've loved you since before I even started seeing Bareil, but I always thought that by loving you, I was somehow betraying Bajor. Now, I realize that betraying my heart would be the greater crime than any possible betraying of Bajor," Kira finished.

Julian looked stunned and completely nonplussed. He felt that he was somehow mishearing something; that his ears could not have heard what they actually told his brain. " ME?" Julian stammered.

Kira said nothing. She simply reached out, took the still-stunned doctor's face in her hands, and kissed him gently on the lips.

The kiss finally convinced Julian that he WASN'T hearing things...that she DID love HIM. With that, he put his arms around her, and returned her first tenderly, then with the long bottled-up passion he had kept inside. Julian felt Nerys' hands reaching and finding the seam on the back of his dress uniform and slowly unseaming it. He then reached behind the Bajoran's back and found the seemingly out-of-place twenty-fourth century seam on her gown and unseaming THAT. While continuing their kiss, they slowly unclothed each other, brushing their hands over the other's body. When they had fully unclothed each other, they broke apart and looked into each other's eyes.

Julian finally spoke and said, " you really want to..."

Nerys cut him off with a kiss. "With all my heart and soul, dear Julian. We have lived and fought together. Now, let us we have wanted to. For the first time...but not the last, Julian...never the last..."

With that, she pulled him down on top of her on the examination table. As Julian's hands touched each scar on her body, he kissed it with his lips, as if he could take the pain away that each scar represented. He slowly worked his way down until he reached her center; then, spreading her legs with a gentle tenderness, he kissed there gently, like he was kissing her mouth. Nerys moaned, enjoying the feelings brought by her lover's lips and tongue in her center.

Then, when she could take it no longer, she pulled his head back up to her own. He found himself poised at the entrance to her moist and welcoming entrance. Without saying a word, and with the same gentleness, he slowly entered her; pushing himself unitl he was fully inside the wetness of her center.

Slowly, and with tenderness, they again began to kiss each other; their tongues engaging in a silent duel in each other's mouths as they loved each other. Nerys and Julian unhurriedly enjoyed the fellings they were giving each other; exulting in their now-open enjoyment of their love.

Nerys was being given orgasm after orgasm; being taken to ecstasy after ecstast by the movements, actions, and feelings she was being given by her lover.

When Julian finally had his own orgasm, it was unlike anything he had ever dreamed or imagined...even in his own dreams about Dax, so long ago, he never thought he would ever feel as happy as his reality with the tough-yet-gentle Bajoran he was loving.

Meanwhile, the rest of DS9's officers were in the Promenade, awaiting the arrival of the first representatives for the treaty-signing. Sisko asked Dax, "Where's Major Kira? For that matter, where's Doctor Bashir?"

Dax smiled. "Somehow, Benjamin, I get the feeling that they're going to be late..." and with that, she smiled enigmatically.

However, DS9's commander recognized that smile. "And what has you been up to...Old Man?"

Dax looked at her long-time friend, ever since her days as Curzon Dax. "Merely helping two friends face themselves, Benjamin."

Back in the infirmary, the two lovers lay on the examination table that had become their impromptu lovenest. Nerys said, in her best Scarlett O'Hara imitation, "But darling; the ceremony...."

Julian shushed her with a finger to her lips. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."


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