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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Ezri Dax & Kyra Nerys.

Category: First time/established relationship (at the same time).

Summary: Ezri tries to help a distraugh Colonel Kira both as a counselor and
a friend.

1)Takes place several months after the events in the series finale of "Star
Trek: Deep Space 9.

2)This is an entry in the Round 1 for the femme_fuhq_fest. (Others can be
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Star Trek - Deep Space 9: Lonely Hearts (FF)
by John O'Connor ([email protected])

Ezri Dax, Federation Deep Space Station 9's counsellor, strolled along the
Promenade after her duty shift debating dining choices. Unfortunately,
nothing there interested her at that moment. Quark's? No, typical bar food.
Klingon? No, too spicy. Bajoran? No, not spicy enough. Nothing seemed to fit
the bill.

As she debated returning to her quarters and trying her replicator, she saw
Kira Nerys, interim station commander, standing by one of the upper level
windows staring out into space. Ezri thought she looked lonely. 'She has
every right to feel that way,' the young counsellor thought. She climbed one
of the stairways leading to the upper deck.

Ezri was also aware that since the death of Jadzia and Odo's return to the
Changelings' homeworld, Colonel Kira had no one to confide in or to lean on.
She was creating an emotional cocoon. Soon, she would not be able to deal
with anyone outside of a professional situation. Eventually, if her emotional
state remained unchanged, she wouldn't even be able to work.

"Colonel, am I disturbing?" Ezri asked.

"Huh? Oh no, Ezri. Just looking out at the stars. You know, I've been
stationed here for almost seven years and so often been on station before
that, and I still love to look at the stars. They seem so much brighter and
closer than they do from Bajor," Nerys said.

"We-ell, there is the atmosphere to take into account," Ezri offered with a
gentle smile.

Nerys smiled and said, "Yes, but it's more than that. I don't really know how
to describe it."

Now Ezri smiled, "Actually, I do know. None of the previous Dax's ever got
over it either. It gets in your blood and when you are planetside, you can't
wait to get back out there." She paused for a moment, then continued, "No
one from Star Fleet really ever retires, you know. They just accept the
consequences of natural gravity."

"Yes, I've heard that old cliche. What can I do for you, Ezri?" Nerys asked.

"Well, Colonel, I'm officially off duty, but you looked like you could use a
friend right now. So, here I am?" the young woman offered.

Nerys looked at Ezri for a moment thinking of all the people they had served
with in the last year, and felt the returning pain of too many losses begin
to well up inside her. Forcing the feelings down, she said, "Thanks, but I
think I'd rather be alone."

Nodding, Ezri said, "I understand. You were a good friend to Jadzia for a
long time," Ezri almost stopped when she saw a brief look of pain flicker
across Nerys' face but continued, "and I don't pretend to be her. However,
I do, through Dax, know when you're in denial. C'mon, let's get some dinner,
maybe a drink or two at Vic's. What do you say?"

Nerys stood for a moment, then slowly nodded her head, "Alright, I guess I
really don't want to be alone right now. But I really don't feel like being
surrounded by people either, even holo-people. Okay?"

"Fine, let's go back to my quarters. I'll whip up some food from the
replicator and we can talk about anything you want to," Ezri began to lead
the way.

She stopped when Nerys turned back to the port as the wormhole, the reason
for DS9's continued existence, opened.

Nerys turned back and said, "Sorry."

"It's okay, I understand Colonel," Ezri replied.

"It's just that I keep hoping Odo will be coming back through from the
Founders world. I suppose I should stop kidding myself." Nerys frowned and
began to walk down the promenade.

Ezri kept pace with Nerys and waited for her to say something. She had
learned that often the best way to get someone to open up was to let them
do the talking in their own time.

As they entered a turbolift, Nerys asked, "Any word from Julian?"

Ezri brightened up and said, "Yes, he's having a ball at Starfleet
Headquarters. I don't think this conference is as bad as he was making it
out to be. He even took some time to see Captain Sisko's father in New

"How long will he be gone?"

"Oh, he said he'd be back in a week, but that was three weeks ago," Ezri
replied. "Hey, now I know just what to fix for dinner!" she added, snapping
her fingers like a Terran.

They got off the lift and proceeded down a corridor in the habitat ring
towards Ezri's quarters. They passed some new station personnel on the way.

"There sure have been a lot of changes since the war," Ezri commented.

"Yes, there have," Nerys said quietly.

'Oops! Good move, Ez. Remind her of her loss. Great counselling job,' Ezri
thought as they arrived at her door.

"Lights." The overhead illumination came on instantly as Ezri and Nerys
walked in, the door swishing closed behind them.

"Make yourself comfortable Colonel. If you don't mind, I'm going to get out
of this uniform," Ezri said as she entered her sleeping quarters.

"Good idea," Nerys agreed. "And I've told you before, you can call me Nerys."
She removed her tunic and laid it on the back of the couch, revealing the
white, sleeveless shirt beneath. She took time to look at the nick-nacks Ezri
had scattered around the quarters. So different from Jadzia and yet there was
still a touch of her old friend here and there.

"Doing a security scan?" Ezri joked as she reentered the room. She had
changed into a pair of Academy gym shorts and a loose blouse that appeared
to be from Betazed. The dark skin patterns were evident running down the
outsides of her legs.

"No, just curious," Nerys replied, glancing over her shoulder. Picking up a
small trinket, she added, "I remember when Jadzia got this. We were on Earth
at a conference about the wormhole and it's possible applications a couple
of standard years ago, before the war." She paused for a moment. "We were in
Lisbon and she saw this in a stall near the hotel and just had to have it."

"I remember, uh, that is, the Dax part of me remembers," Ezri corrected
herself. "You know..."

Nerys nodded. "I guess you also 'remember' how close we were. There were no
secrets between us, at least as far as I was concerned."

Ezri placed her hand on Nerys' shoulder, "She never held anything back from
you, either."

Nerys turned and looked at the younger woman, her eyes glistening. "Thank
you," she said in a small voice.

"Please Nerys, sit down. Would you like something to drink? I have some
Bajoran wine?" Ezri offered.

"Thank you, that would be nice." Nerys relaxed on the couch as Ezri poured
hem each a glass of the rosy liquor.

"As I recall, this has a nice little kick," Ezri said as she raised her
glass. "To old friends."

"And to new ones," Nerys lightly clinked her glass to Ezri's. "Mmm. This is
very good. What province did this come from?"

"I'm not sure, I really don't know that much about Bajor yet." Ezri smiled

"Well, if you have any questions, just ask," Nerys offered. "What was it you
said about dinner? I only had a small salad at midday."

"Well," Ezri began as she crossed to the replicator, "Julian gave me the idea
indirectly when he mentioned seeing Benjamin's father." To the replicator,
she said, "Two shrimp gumbos and a platter of steamed crawfish. Oh, and a
pepper mill." The food materialized in the recessed port, steam rising off
the dishes. "I wanted something spicy but not Klingon spicy, you know?"

"Ooo! These trays are hot. Careful," Ezri advised.

"Thank you," Nerys accepted a bowl of gumbo. Ezri used the replicated pepper
mill to add some ground pepper to the dish.

"This is delicious! The captain's father makes this type of food?"

"Oh yeah, he's one of the most famous restauranteurs in New Orleans. Benjamin
first took me there, well he took Curzon there, almost twenty-five years
ago," Ezri replied.

They sat and ate, Ezri showing Nerys the proper way to eat crawfish. They
managed to maintain a semblance of conversation as they ate.

"Miles and Keiko sent me some new pictures of Molly and Kirayoshi," Nerys
said. "Molly is going to be a heart-buster. And Yoshi is growing so fast. I
really miss them."

"Yes, I'd be surprised if you didn't. When you were carrying Yoshi for Keiko,
you really bonded with the whole family." Ezri smiled, "And the Terran term
is heart-breaker. Miles will go nuts when Molly's a teenager and starts

They shared a laugh at the image of the hapless Irishman trying to control
his headstrong daughter.

"If children came with warp cores and diagnostic support, I think Miles would
be a lot happier," Ezri offered.

Nerys smiled, remembering a similar comment from Keiko when she lived with
the O'Briens while she carried Yoshi for Keiko.

"Still no word from Starfleet about who will be put in charge?" Ezri asked.

Nerys shook her head, "Not yet, I think they're hoping Captain Sisko will
return. I don't mind the work though, it helps take my mind off... Well, you

Trying to steer the conversation away from their losses, Ezri said, "It's too
bad they can't leave you in charge."

"Starfleet Command wants a Starfleet officer in charge since this is a
Federation station," Nerys needlessly pointed out. "However with the changing
status between Bajor and the Federation, I would have the outside track for
the position if they decided on a Bajoran."

"Yes, and you would think in the interests of interplanetary relations, they
could arrange for you to get command," Ezri argued. "By the way, the human
term is inside track."

Nerys smiled and shrugged as if to say "Oops."

"Oh, Julian did see Miles and Keiko," Ezri interjected. "They're both doing
great and the kids too. He said they send their love."

Nerys smiled, "That's great he got to see them. How many times have they
fought the Battle of London?"

"The Battle of Britain," Ezri corrected again. "And lately they have been
playing the Battle of the Somme from Earth's first World War. I guess Miles
has cleared all the bugs from the program and Julian will be bringing a copy

"I hear you two have been using Quark's holosuites quite a bit yourselves,"
Nerys smiled slyly.

Ezri flushed slightly, "Yeah, uh, the secret agent program. I'm the femme
fatale he, uh, he seduces to get me to change sides."

"Oh, I'm sure he has a rough time of it," Nerys laughed.

"Sometimes yes and sometimes no." They both laughed at that.

Nerys started to look pensive then shook her head as she gathered her
thoughts, "Sorry, I was just thinking, well never mind."

"Nerys, talk to me. I am a counselor, even when I'm off duty." Ezri added,
"And I'm also your friend. I want to help if I can."

Nerys sat quietly for a moment then asked, "Do you ever get over the feeling
of loss? It's like someone reached in and ripped out a big part of me. I miss
all of them terribly but Odo and Jadzia the most. You know? I've lost people
before during the Occupation but it never bothered me like this."

Fearing any words on her part would cause Nerys to silence herself, Ezri
again placed her hand on Nerys' forearm with a gentle squeeze. Nerys began
to gently cry.

Ezri took Nerys into her arms and held her. She stroked the auburn hair and
whispered soothing words to her as the older woman trembled. Tears soaked
into Ezri's shirt but she didn't even notice. All of her concern was for her
friend and her emotional well-being.

Slowly, Nerys' sobs subsided and she pulled back to look at Ezri. She gave
her a small, quivering smile and said, "I'm sorry. I don't know what came
over me."

Ezri shook her head. "You have nothing to be sorry about. You needed to do

"In your professional opinion?" Nerys asked lightly.

"Yes, but as your friend, too. I want to help you and I'll do anything I can
to help. Let me, okay?" Ezri said and smiled.

Shifting somewhat on the couch, Ezri said, "Here, sit back and relax. This
always worked for me when I was upset."

Nerys looked at Ezri a little uneasily but lay back against her shoulder.
Ezri wrapped her arm around Nerys, her hand draping lightly over her

Feeling the tenseness in Nerys, Ezri said, "Just take it easy and relax."

Eventually, Nerys let herself relax against Ezri. She had to admit to herself
that she hadn't felt this at ease since Odo left. She felt herself falling
into a doze.

Startled by her feeling of contentment, Nerys started to rise. Ezri pulled
her back and said, "No, just stay here and rest."

"No, this is too much like being with Jadzia," Nerys said, rising and
crossing the room. "You're not her and I can't expect you to take her place
anymore than Odo's."

Ezri walked up and put her hands on the woman's shoulders. "Nerys, I don't
expect to replace Jadzia but I can help fill the void her death has left in
you. I have her memories through Dax and I think I know what you need right

She pulled Nerys against her and hugged the obviously distraught woman.
Nerys buried her face in her hands and sobbed quietly as Ezri again held her

Ezri had been attracted to the beautiful Bajoran woman almost since the day
she had set foot on DS9. She also knew that of all her female lovers, Nerys
was Jadzia's favorite. The young Trill had never acted on her urges out of
fear. She had been afraid that she only wanted Nerys because of the memories
she shared with Jadzia through Dax.

Holding the crying woman, Ezri knew that her attraction was hers and not a
memory's. Now she had to hope the woman in her arms felt the same way.

As her crying subsided, Ezri tilted the older woman's head up and gave Nerys
the tenderest of kisses, barely brushing their lips together.

Pulling back, Ezri looked up into Nerys' eyes and pressed her lips more
forcefully to the Bajoran's.

After the lengthy close-mouthed kiss, Ezri held Nerys close and ran her hands
across the soft material of her shirt. "I'm not Jadzia. I would never try to
replace her. I'm Ezri. But I want to make love to you, Nerys. Maybe even more
than Jadzia ever did."

Ezri looked deep into Nerys' eyes and said, "I've never been with a woman
before. I want you to be the first. I know you'll be gentle and loving. I
only hope I won't disappoint you."

Nerys' eyes filled with tears again and Ezri misinterpreted her reaction.
"I'm sorry, Nerys. I didn't mean to..."

Her words were halted when Nerys pulled Ezri's head towards her and kissed
the Trill with all the pent-up passion in her.

Nerys then stroked Ezri's cheek with the back of her hand and said, "I
won't be disappointed." She then pulled the young woman to her for another
passionate kiss.

As Nerys' tongue swept into her mouth to caress her own, Ezri's thoughts were
jumbled. 'Julian can't kiss like this...She's so wonderful...Dax's memories
can't compare to...' spiralled through her mind with a thousand others before
she stopped thinking and enjoyed the kiss.

One hand slid down to cup the older officer's tightly curved butt and the
other ran through Nerys' short, auburn hair. Nerys just held Ezri with her
arms tightly wrapped around the girl's waist.

Some things many humanoid races across the galaxy shared physiologically. One
of these things was the effect sexual arousal had on the members of those

As Ezri began to thrust her tongue past Nerys' and into the Bajoran's mouth,
she felt herself getting moist as she became aroused and hoped the other
woman felt the same way.

Nerys certainly did. She hadn't felt this excited since she and Odo first
made love. She knew the little Trill couldn't change shapes or alter her
body like Odo. But the girl's tongue promised other extremely pleasurable

As they pulled back, still in each other's arms, each gazed into the other's
eyes. Love, and caring, mixed with lust shown back from both women.

Nerys said, "Perhaps we'd be more comfortable in the other room."

Ezri kissed her again and nodded before leading Nerys by the hand into her
bedroom. Stepping into the room, Ezri ordered the computer to dim the lights.
Then she ordered some soft Earth jazz to play in the background.

She pulled Nerys to her and her the other woman lightly while she led the
Bajoran in a little, swaying dance. Ezri ran her fingers again through the
soft, russet hair and gently pulled Nerys' face down for a soft, wet kiss.

Ezri broke the kiss, "I want to see you, all of you."

Nerys smiled and sat on the bed to remove her boots. Before she could get to
them, Ezri knelt at her feet and slipped her boots off. The young brunette
reached up and opened the clasp on the waistband of the brown, uniform
slacks. Standing, she helped Nerys to stand and then ran her slender hands
down to the older woman's hips and tugged the pants down.

The regulation underwear Nerys had on was pulled down with her slacks. After
stepping out of the clothes pooled at her feet, the only article of clothing
she still wore was the white, cottony blouse.

Ezri pulled that over Nerys' head and whispered, "You're more beautiful than
Dax remembered." She cocked her head and took one of Nerys' hard nipples in
her mouth. She cupped the other breast and slid her other hand down the silky
smooth skin of the Bajoran's stomach to the small patch of downy soft fur
between her legs.

As Ezri slid a finger lightly across the outer lips, she felt how wet the
woman was. She gently bit down on the nipple as she dragged the raspy part
of her tongue across the top while slipping a finger into Nerys.

Nerys gasped and stood on her toes as Ezri's fingers slipped into her. "By
the Prophets! Ezri, that feels...Oooh!"

The combination of Ezri's ministrations and the pent-up longing in Nerys
brought her to a hard, fast climax. As she yelled in Bajoran, she pulled
Ezri's head tightly to her.

"Oh Ezri! That was..." Nerys panted as she loosened her hold on Ezri. "I
guess I needed that," she joked.

Ezri smiled into Nerys' eyes and gently kissed her commanding officer. Nerys
slipped her tongue into Ezri's willing mouth as she pushed the younger
woman's shorts to the floor.

Stepping back, she pulled Ezri's shirt off and tossed it to the side, saying,
"Now, it's your turn. Lay down." With her old quirky smile, Nerys added,
"That's an order, Lieutenant."

Coming to attention, the nude Trill barked a sharp, "Yes Ma'am!" Then she
crawled onto the bed as Nerys admired her sleek form.

'Was I ever that young?' she asked herself.

Ezri sat back against the headboard and patted the space next to her. "Want
to join me?"

Nerys crawled up next to the young woman and wrapped her arms around her,
kissing the Trill with increasing passion. As their tongues danced, both
women were using their hands to explore the other's body.

Ezri found familiar delights (to Dax) as she touched and caressed and stroked
the velvety soft skin in her arms.

Nerys was finding brand new pleasures in the lithe form next to her. As her
fingers traced the skin patterns along Ezri's flank, the Trill purred.

'Just like Jadzia,' Nerys thought. 'A Trill erogenous zone.'

Nerys recalled a time she almost had Jadzia climaxing just from tracing the
dark patterns. It was exquisite torture to her lover, one Nerys enjoyed time
and again.

Nerys kissed over to the spot where the pattern first emerged from Ezri's
hairline and followed the markings down her body with wet, licking kisses all
the way to her foot before moving up her body along the other side.

"Oooo! Nerys, that feels wonderful!" Ezri murmured.

When the auburn-haired Bajoran kissed her way back to Ezri's head, she
captured the young woman's mouth in a fiery kiss. Her leg pressed between
Ezri's thighs and rubbed against the Trill's wet mound. Nerys felt the
firm flesh of Ezri's thigh pushing against her own sex.

They began a rhythmic movement against each other. It was an erotic
horizontal dance that soon had them gasping into each other's mouths as
they both climaxed.

Holding each other, they both were sweaty with passion. After several
minutes, Nerys pushed up and looked down into the lust-glazed eyes of her
younger/older lover. Smiling, she kissed Ezri lightly and began to move
down the Trill's body, stopping to lick and nip at her pert little breasts.

As she reached the juncture of Ezri's legs, she pulled the wet lips apart
and gently blew into the opening. This never failed to send shivers of
erotic pleasure through Jadzia, and Nerys was happy to see it worked as
well on Ezri.

She leaned in and began to lick the girl, revelling in the taste their
earlier, shared orgasm created. The juices were practically dripping onto
Nerys' tongue and she lapped up all she could. She also ran her fingers
along the girl's hips across the patterned flesh, sending additional
shivers through Ezri's frame.

A slender finger slipped into the young woman, causing a excited moan to
slip from her mouth. Ezri had her eyes clenched and she was biting her
lower lip as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her from her new

Nerys decided to try another technique she'd used quite effectively on
Jadzia. She first used her tongue to deposit a mix of her saliva and Ezri's
natural dew on the girl's clitoris. As she licked the enflamed lips, she
thrust the ridges above her nose against the Trill's clit. As she licked
up, she ran the ridged area up against the little nub. As she licked down,
the ridges scraped down across the girl's clit.

It didn't take long for Ezri to cry out wordlessly as she came, her juices
coating Nerys' mouth and chin. The Bajoran woman lapped up all the
salty-sweet nectar, relishing the musky flavor.

Nerys crawled up beside Ezri and lay next to her. Turning her head, she
regarded the cute young woman beside her and took her hand. Ezri's breathing
slowed and she shared the long look with Nerys.

"I've wanted to do this for so long, but I was afraid it was just because of
my feelings for Jadzia," Nerys said. "But now I'm so glad. I know that I made
love to you, Ezri. Not Jadzia. And it was wonderful. Thank you."

Ezri moved over and rested her head on Nerys' breast, without releasing her
hand. Moving her fingers lazily over the older woman's flat stomach and down
to twist in the short hair between her legs, Ezri felt a sense of contentment
and satisfaction unlike any she'd experienced in her adult life.

"I'm so glad," Ezri said, her voice vibrating lightly through Nerys' body.
"I don't want this to be just a single time either."

"Nor do I," Nerys said as she pulled Ezri close for a long, loving kiss full
of passion and promise.

The End


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