Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Leeta's Betrayal (MF,F-mast,hand,drugs,voy)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Rom had been doing routine maintenance work in the maze of conduits and
access tubes that were below each floor of Deep Space Nine's habitat ring.
He had replaced a few faulty modules and removed the burned remains of a
Bajoran burrow-mouse which, unfortunately for it, had decided to build it's
nest in a power supply junction. It was just as he had finished vaporising
the last bit of melted mouse that he heard several voices he thought he
recognized coming from one of the quarters above.

His sensitive hearing led him through the tunnels till he was just below the
room's maintenance access hatch. He heard a familiar laugh as a voice said,
"Come here let's free those melons."

"What are melons?" a female voice said.

Leeta! thought Rom. That was his wife's voice. What was she doing here? Their
quarters were on the other side of the habitat ring and 3 levels higher.

"They're large, round fruits that grow on Earth. I don't think you have
anything similar on Bajor, except these right here," continued the male
voice. Leeta laughed again, the laugh that Rom liked so much, the laugh
that had attracted him to her. He had married Leeta a few months ago much
to the surprise of everyone on the station, especially his brother Quark.
How could a beautiful, sexy dabo girl marry a Ferengi, especially a
Ferengi whose brother she had worked for? Slaved for, was most like it.
Low pay, and long hours at the dabo tables being felt all over by drunk
customers. Rom shuddered at the thought of what his wife had gone through.

While Rom had been recalling the past, the voices overhead had gone on.
"Wow, they're huge," the male voice said, "and firm."

"Ohh, ensign," Rom heard Leeta sigh, "squeeze them, pinch them harder."
What was going on up there? Rom was getting worried now. His wife was
having a strange conversation with a stranger and both seemed to be going
on about some fruits. Maybe he was trying to sell her something he had
brought from Earth? Why hadn't he opened a stall on the Promenade instead
of his living quarters. It didn't make any sense.

His curiosity got the better of him and he touched the small panel at the
center of the maintenance access hatch. "Access denied," said the computer,
refusing to open the hatch. "Computer," he whispered, "emergency override
Rom three five beta seven." His technician's access code worked and the
hatch rotated back into a floor recess with a hiss of hydraulics. Rom raised
his head through the hole in the floor and peeked around. The lighting was
set at a low level but his eyes had already adjusted to the gloom of the
maintenance tunnels. The hatch opened up in the corner of what looked like
a living room. There was a couch along one wall, and several open packing
cases were scattered about the room. It must be a new arrival from one of
the Federation starship that were docked with Deep Space 9, Rom thought. His
eyes glanced around at a muffled giggle. The sounds were coming from the
adjoining bedroom. He could just make out the outline of two people, one
sitting on the edge of the bed and the other kneeling in front.

He raised himself through the hatch and crept as silently as he could across
the room. He poked his head around the bedroom door and his heart almost
stopped and his mouth fell open in shock. There was his wife, Leeta, her
breasts bare, sitting on the edge of the bed. A man in an ensign's uniform,
half a uniform actually, since the trousers were on the floor, knelt before
her. He was pulling up Leeta's skirt slowly running his hands all over the
inside of her thighs. Worst of all, Leeta seemed to be enjoying this instead
of screaming for help. Where was Odo when you needed him!? His Leeta! His
wife! With a complete stranger! How could she do this to him!

The veins on each of the four lobes of Rom's head began to pound. He was in
a daze and almost couldn't breathe. Leeta's laugh pulled his eyes back to the
scene in the bedroom. The ensign had apparently found her panties and was
tugging at their edges trying to pull them off. In the dim light Rom could
just about see that they were made out of blue silk. Those were his panties!
Actually not his, they were Leeta's, but he had given them to her as a
present for their 1 month wedding anniversary. He had paid Garak, the
Cardassian tailor, 3 slips of gold-pressed latinum for him to make them from
silk he imported from Ritala, an out of the way planet that produced the high
quality silk in very small quantities. And now, now they were being touched
by another man! What was he doing now? The ensign had lowered his face so
that it was level with Leeta's stomach. With a hand on each of Leeta's knees
he pushed her legs apart and buried his face in her crotch! Rom's eyes bulged
and his finger nails dug into the metal wall as the ensign stuck his tongue
out and began to lick Leeta's cunt through her panties.

Leeta leaned backwards holding herself on her hands to give the ensign better
access and said, "Oh yes, that feels so good, yesss, suck it please, oh yes,
yes." This went on for what seemed like an eternity to Rom, whose ears had
gone a bright orange colour which contrasted with the purple that marked the
veins on his lobes. Rom could see a dark, wet spot spreading on the blue
material as Leeta's juices flowed freely. The ensign noticed this too and
removed the panties to work on Leeta's unobstructed slit. As he licked and
sucked her, he made slurping noises that were amplified a hundred times by
Rom's sensitive ears adding to his acute embarrassment and anger. Leeta began
a high pitched half-moan, half-scream as the ensign's tongue found her clit
which had slid out from beneath a ridged sheath similar to the ridges on the
bridge of Leeta's nose. After tongueing the clit for a couple of times, Leeta
jerked upwards and let out a piercing shriek as she came. Her thighs closed
around the ensign's head and pulled his face into her and literally humped
his tongue.

This startled the ensign who pulled back gasping for breath, but it startled
Rom even more. During all the months of their marriage, Rom had had frequent
sex with Leeta but she had never come in this manner. They made love gently
and in the standard position most humanoid species employed. It wasn't that
Rom hadn't heard about the more daring sexual techniques but it had never
crossed his mind that Leeta, his gentle, delicate Leeta, would ever let him
do such things or that she would even enjoy them. Now here she was exposing
her most private parts to a complete stranger who was giving her pleasure
with his tongue!

As her shriek died down, Rom couldn't take anymore. He ran backwards to
corner of the living room, tripped on a crate and fell head first down the
open maintenance hatch. The hatch hissed shut behind him as he sat up and
rubbed his head. Tears streamed from his eyes as he crawled blindly through
what seemed like miles of conduits until he was well and truly lost. How
could his lovely Leeta do this to him? How could she forget that he loved
her so much and make love ... no, that wasn't the right word ... fuck, yes,
fuck a stranger? It took him much longer to calm down and use his padd to
bring up a map of the maintenance tubes. He finally went through an access
hatch into a well lit corridor just a few paces from a turbo-lift.
"Promenade," he whispered, still sobbing.

"Please repeat your destination," the computer replied.

He took a deep breath and said, "Promenade," in a louder voice. This time
the computer understood and with a whoosh the turbo-lift accelerated upwards
for a few levels, then sideways until it came to a stop at the Promenade.

It was around four in the afternoon, station time, and the Promenade was
crowded with people going about their business. The mix of different species,
in all colours and types of uniforms and clothing always amazed Rom, but this
time he didn't even notice when he bumped into a huge Klingon. "Get out of my
way, Ferengi, or your blood will stain my knife," placing his hand on the
hilt of his dagger for emphasize. Rom side-stepped, his head still lowered to
the floor and continued on his way through the crowd to his brother's bar. He
finally made it to the counter where Quark was serving a few customers and
keeping a watch on the dabo tables where it seemed that a Vulcan in a Star
Fleet science uniform was winning way too many times, which was impossible
since all dabo tables were rigged!

Quark barely acknowledged him when he said in a plaintive voice, "Brother,
I need to talk to you."

"Not now, Rom," said Quark pouring a goblet of Vrinian fire-wine and handing
it to a blue-skinned Andoran who swallowed it in one gulp, "Can't you see
I'm busy."

"But Brother," Rom almost squeaked, "Pleassse."

"Not now, Rom," Quark said, pouring another drink.

"Leeta was giving herself to a stranger," Rom whispered distraught.

"Yes, yes, of course, is that all Rom?" Quark replied not having listened to
what his brother had said, while accepting a slip of gold-pressed latinum
from a Bajoran.

Rom whimpered and opened his mouth wide, "LEETA WAS FUCKING A TOTAL STRANGER
IN A STAR FLEET UNIFORM," he screeched.

A silence enveloped the bar as conversations stopped abruptly and everybody
turned their heads towards Rom.

"What ... who ... where ..." Quark sputtered, then, "Sssssh, not so loud.
You want Odo to hear you and start bothering my customers again?"

Rom lowered his head which had turned several shades of red as he studied the
floor beneath his feet with great intensity, hoping that somehow a wormhole
would open up and swallow him.

Quark signalled to a Ferengi waiter to take over the counter and without
waiting for Rom to reply, pulled him into the storage room behind the bar,
forcing him down on a stool. "Tell me everything," Quark told him, and
slowly, amidst lots of tears, gasps and hiccups, Rom told Quark what had

Quark sighed. His brother may be brilliant with electronic stuff but he
certainly was an idiot when it came to females. "Rom, you know that Leeta
was a dabo girl. Do you think I pay dabo girls all that latinum just so
that they stand all day by a dabo wheel?"

"What do you mean brother?"

"Do I really have to spell it out for you?" Quark pressed a comm button set
in the wall and said, "Ela, come to the storage room immediately."

Only a few moments passed and the door slid open revealing one of the dabo
girls Quark had recently hired. She was tall and slim with long, shiny black
hair highlighted with an emerald green streak that matched the color of her
eyes. She had small but well formed breasts pressing against a
semi-translucent gown that reached down to the floor. A split on each side
of the dress revealed her long legs right up to her hips when she walked. The
dress showed off all her curves splendidly making it difficult for one to
take one's eyes off her ... which was exactly what Quark had intended. If a
customer got an eye full of ass, he wouldn't mind losing his money all that

"Ela, please show my brother what his wife, Leeta, gave you a demonstration
of last week." Quark told the sexy dabo girl.

"Yes, boss," she said grinning, and dropped to her knees, undoing the latch
of Rom's trousers and pulling them down around his ankles in one quick

"What ... What are you doing?" stammered a stunned Rom, "Quark, tell her
to sto... eeeeeeeee," he stopped in mid-sentence as she had grabbed his now
stiffening member with one hand and with the other had reached up and began
to rub his large ear. Ferengi's ears are probably more sexually sensitive
than their cocks, grab both at once as Ela had done and the result is one
very excited Ferengi. Ela continued to rub Rom's ear alternating between
running her finger around the top of it and squeezing the fleshy lobe at
the bottom. At the same time, her other hand jerked his shaft up and down
slowly ... only to be sprayed with a stream of jism as Rom came without
warning. "Aaaaagh," he sighed, "that was nice."

"Nice?" Ela said, "I hardly even touched you and look at me," her eyes
flaring even greener with anger. There were a couple of strands of cum down
the front of her robe, her hand and arm were covered in droplets as was her
chin. "Now I'll have to change and take a sonic shower, which your brother
will deduct from my pay!"

"That's in your contract," Quark told Ela, "and anyway, this time I won't
deduct anything because you may have found out what Rom's problem with his
wife is. You may go now," waving her away in the general direction of the

Ela left, with Quark watching the sway of her pert little ass until it was
out of sight. If females don't want to stay naked all the time as they
should, he thought, you have to provide them with the bare minimum of
clothing. He shook his head and turned back to Rom who was still on the
stool, naked from the waist down, a look of ecstasy on his face. "Rom,"
Quark shouted, and his brother came to his feet, the stool falling to the
floor. "You have a problem," Quark continued, "two problems actually."

"Yes, brother," Rom said, then, "ehhhh, what are they?"

"You come too quickly and your thing there is too short. It may not be all
that important to us Ferengis, we do have our ears after all, but females
from other species, like your wife, like something bigger. Something that
can keep them, shall we say, 'entertained', longer," Quark told him.

Quark looked around suspiciously trying to spot Odo disguised as a piece of
furniture or a crate. When he didn't see anything that could possibly be the
shapeshifter, or at least hoped that he wasn't anywhere in the vicinity, he
opened a small closet set into the wall panelling. He rummaged around until
he found the small vial he was looking for and handed it over to Rom.
"There," he said, "take one of those just before you talk to Leeta and you'll
never worry about her seeing all those men again."

"What men?" Rom asked surprised "I only saw her with one."

"Of course you did," Quark said, "but what you don't know is that she still
works part-time for me. She may not turn a dabo wheel anymore but she sure
knows how to 'escort' guests to their new quarters when they arrive on Deep
Space 9. She also gives lessons to the newer dabo girls like the one you saw
previously to pass on her rather extensive knowledge of the subject."

Rom's normally orange skin had turned a shade of green and was now almost
totally white. His wife Leeta was a slut. A beautiful, sweet, lovely slut.
He closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw the vial that Quark had
placed in his hand. At the bottom were several tiny, yellow pills. "What do
these do?" he asked.

"Those are normally used by Romulans to heal a common cold on their planet,
but a Ferengi chemist discovered it had a rather interesting side-effect when
used by our species. It seems that if you take one just before sex, you'll
find that you have so much sexual energy to last an hour and take on several
females at the same time," Quark told him.

"Oh," said Rom, "thanks brother, what can I do to thank you."

"Well, there's that malfunctioning replicator you promised to fix for me
three weeks ago, and the lighting in my quarters gets too bright, and a
Vulcan seems to have cracked my rigged dabo wheel and ..." Quark was
counting off items on his fingers but when he ran out of fingers he found
that Rom wasn't there. Shrugging he said to no one in particular, "Run off
to your little Leeta now Rom. When you've made her happy, all these repairs
will still be waiting for you."

Rom ran to the turbo-lift and during the time it took to arrive at his level
he was mumbling repeatedly, "Payback time, payback time, you'll see now
Leeta, payback time." He jumped out of the lift before it came to a final
stop and ran all the way to his quarters. He popped open the vial and
swallowed a little yellow pill. In a matter of seconds he began to feel
different - light headed at the same time full of energy. He could also feel
an erection straining at his trousers. He pressed the lock and the door to
his quarters slid open with a hiss. A reddish haze was obstructing his vision
but not enough for him not to see a female form sitting on a couch at the
centre of the room sipping on a cup of liquid.

Rom grabbed her wrist roughly, pulling her up off the couch and spilling
whatever she had been drinking all over the carpet. The glass fell to the
floor and rolled away as the startled woman let go of it. Rom had already
stripped off his trousers and proceeded to undress the woman before him.
She was wearing a halter top that covered her generous breasts and a form
fitting skirt that tightly hugged her skin all the way from her buttocks
to her ankles. A quick tug at the halter top uncovered her tits and a more
energetic jerk at the waist of the tight skirt ripped it open from top to
bottom. She was now standing nude before him with a stunned look on her
face but doing nothing to resist him. He threw her down on the couch and
kissed her roughly, continued kissing her on her chin and between her
breasts. He found her nipples which he suckled noisily for a while before
continuing down the expanse of her stomach. He hesitated only a moment
when he arrived at her crotch, savouring her aroma. He had never done this
before but the pill was giving him the courage and strength to continue.

Plunging his tongue deep into her slit made the woman groan in pleasure.
Her legs opened wide, offering herself to him. The musky taste of her cunt
juice was sending Rom into a frenzy. He wasn't even trying to control his
breathing now. Just licking and licking at this lovely pink bud, making it
release its nectar. The skin of his overly enlarged tool seemed as if it
was about to burst. Unable to resist any longer he stood up and told the
woman, "Now you're going to have me as you've never had me before, Leeta!"
and threw himself upon her. His dick found her hole immediately and he
began humping her like a wild targ in heat! All the woman could do was moan
as his cock plunged into her without any respite. She was totally powerless
in his grasp as he pinned her to the couch and rammed her. For an eternity
he punched his cock in and out, in and out with almost machinelike intensity.
For the first time in his life he didn't come after less than a minute, it
was only now after at least fifteen that he felt his cum welling up.

He pulled out his cock from the wet, red hot twat and moved up along the
woman's body leaving a trail of pre-cum from his oozing cock along her
stomach and breasts. Pushing his dick towards her mouth, she opened wide
and accepted it. Tilting her head backwards, he pushed it in as deep as it
would go and humped several times. Just as he exploded he pulled back so
his semen flowed into her mouth. He came and came that she couldn't swallow
it all and the excess dribbled out of the sides of her mouth. Finally
satiated, Rom stepped back to survey his handiwork. The pill's effects
seemed to be subsiding for the red haze he had been seeing until then faded
and he got the shock of his life. Rather than Leeta, the woman whom he had
been fucking was a total stranger. Even worse, Leeta was standing next to
the couch wrapped in a towel still wet from the bath she had been taking
before the commotion in the living room had brought her running.

A few moments of perfect silence elapsed before Leeta began clapping her
hands together and saying, "Bravo, bravo .. good job Rom, I never thought
you had it in you! By the prophets, that was a really good fuck," and then
to the exhausted girl lying on the couch dripping with Rom's cum, "Tiara,
this is one invitation to a tea-time snack you're never going to forget."
To Rom she added, "Rom, meet Tiara, she's just disembarked from a freighter
from Earth. She's come to work as a dabo girl at Quark's and I was supposed
to 'break her in' to the more 'exotic errands' that Quark will ask of her
but you seem to have done an excellent job."

Rom's face had an expression of shock and astonishment mixed with lust.
"Leetaaa," he whined, "you still love me? Quark told me what you do and
I ... I..." he bowed his head embarrassed, "I spied on you earlier this

"Of course I do Rom," Leeta said holding his shoulders, "I've always loved
you. When I'm with my clients, it's just like any other job." She pulled Rom
forward until his face was pressed between the two mounds on her chest and
stroked his back. "All those men make me feel lots of things, but only you
can give me that special emotion."

"Ohhh, Leeta," murmured Rom in a voice muffled by Leeta's bosoms, "I'm sorry
that I didn't trust you, how can you ever forgive me?"

"For one thing let's take care of this," she said brightly and placed a hand
around Rom's erection. He hadn't noticed that it had stiffened again and was
pressing against Leeta's thigh. Those pills of Quark were miraculous he

Leeta let the towel drop off her sexy body and made Rom sit down on the
couch ... right next to Tiara. "Leeta, Tiara's still here. Isn't she going
to leave?"

"Don't worry about her, Rom, I'm sure she'll enjoy watching."

Tiara grinned at Rom, "I've already seen you in action from up close and
personal and I won't mind seeing you with Leeta now." As she said this she
raised a leg onto the couch and moved her fingers down to her mound and
began to rub it gently. Rom's erection must have grown by another inch as
he watched Tiara masturbating. He had never imagined that a female would
do this in his presence, let alone in the presence of his wife!

Leeta smiled sweetly at Rom, and began to rub his ears as only she knew
how. Any thoughts of embarrassment faded to be replaced by pure lust. Leeta
climbed onto the couch above Rom and slowly lowered herself upon his cock.
Using one hand she guided him into her until she was sitting on his lap
facing him. She kissed him and began to sway and rotate her hips as she rode
his member. He glanced sideways at Tiara who was still masturbating and she
smiled at him, withdrew a finger from her cunt and placed it in his mouth.
He sucked at it, relishing the taste of her juices. He had never done such
things in his life and yet it was coming naturally to him now!

Leeta continued to gyrate on his lap, using her vaginal muscles to pull at
and release Rom's tool. It was only a matter of minutes when he couldn't
resist any longer and came for a third time that day. His cock belched a
large quantity of cum deep within Leeta's love tunnel. Leeta gasped as she
orgasmed along with him and hugged him to her. "I love you Rom," she cried.
They clung together like this for a long time.


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