Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

HypnoTV: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (F/F,mc)
by MAW

Jadzia Dax threw her cards down on the table and sighed. Solitaire was
getting her nowhere. She finally had a day off, after weeks of hard work and
Worf had to be sent on a mission with the *Defiant*. Pacing her quarters, the
science officer impatiently thought of other ways to amuse herself.

Jadzia Dax was a Trill, a unique species. Her body was that of a gorgeous
woman in her late twenties. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a
ponytail. A design of blue tattoos ran from her neck and across her forehead.
Her gray and black uniform with a blue undershirt did little to hide her
body. That was Jadzia. Dax was a wormlike symbiote creature nestled in her
stomach and the mind. While Jadzia was still in her twenties, Dax had lived
for centuries, being placed in one host body after another, the way the
Trill lived. The symbiote carried all the memories of its various owners and
lifetimes which made it a very good tactical officer.

Dax's pacing slowed as she realized exactly what she needed: companionship,
someone to kill some time with while Worf was away. True, she was married,
but in its many lifetimes, Dax had broken more than one vow. She loved Worf,
true, but there were still needs that needed to be satisfied. After pouring
through her choices, Dax settled on a person she had had an eye on for some
time. With a little "persuasion," she thought they could provide the company
she needed.
_ _ _

Deep Space Nine was a huge space station with mydraid facilities. The
Promenade was a sort of local market, with various stores open for trading
and selling goods. It was also home to Quark's, a rambunctious bar that was
home to many of the seedy deals made in the quaderent. Many of the deals
were supervised by the bar's owner, Quark. Quark was a Ferengi, which meant
he lived for profit and wealth, the more the better. How he got it didn't
really interest him.

As she walked through the crowd, Dax saw a large crowd surrounding the Dabo
table, where Leeta stood. Letta was Bajoran, humanoid with a set of wrinkles
running down the bridge of her nose. She had short dark hair and was wearing
an elegant dress as she handled the Dabo game. Leeta was rather attractive,
which made it all the more amazing to Dax that she had married Quark's
brother, Rom.

Coming up to the bar, Dax got Quark's attention. "I need a favor."

"For you, Lieutenant, anything." Ferengis are one of the uglier species in
the galaxy. Weasel-like features, huge bony ears, unkempt teeth and an
overwhelming aura of greed tends to turn people off to them. But, when you
need something, they're the first people to see.

"I need a holosuite tonight. After you're closed. That new private program
of mine?"

"Sorry, Lieutenant, the Captain hates it when I do after hours power drains."

"I'll clear it with Benjamin. Now will you do it?"

"It'll cost extra."

"Program XXX-94."

A look of shock covered Quark's face. "You knew about that?"

Dax nodded. "I won't tell, provided you delete it and give me the suite

"Lieutenant, you really play dirty," Quark said. He smiled. "I might actually
begin to respect you."

"Just give me the suite. Maybe Rom can help you delete that program."

"Rom went off on the Defiant, remember? He's become respectable since earning
an Engineering spot. He's going to give me a bad reputation."

An odd smile came on Dax's face. "Thanks, Quark," she said as she turned and
looked at the Dabo table. The game had just finished and Leeta was heading
towards the back room to take a quick break. Dax followed her. Leeta ducked
into the small room, Dax following. "Hey, Leeta," Dax said. "I heard Rom
wasn't going to be here tonight."

"Fraid not," Leeta shrugged. "I mean, I'm happy he loves his work and they
value him so highly, but it still hurts being away from him."

"I think I can help with that," Dax said. She brought up her hand. It held
a red diamond-shaped crystal. The instant Leeta looked at it, the crystal
glowed and a red beam shot out of it and into Leeta's eyes. She was
transfixed as the light poured into her, a huge wave of relaxation overtaking
her. The light beam faded and she stood there, eyes blankly looking at Dax.
Dax had found the crystal on a distant moon about a century before. She
hadn't used it for decades, almost forgetting about it until now.

Dax looked into Leeta's eyes and spoke softly. "Leeta, listen to me. When I
leave and the door closes behind me, you'll return to your normal state of
mind. You won't remember what happened here. However, you will feel an
overwhelming urge to stay around after the bar closes and to be at Quark's
holosuites. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Leeta said in a dull voice. Nodding, Dax left, smiling. Tonight could
be more fun than she expected.

Dax's next move was to the crew's quarters near her own section of the
station. She came to the door she'd been looking for and hit the button next
to it. "Come in," the person inside said. Dax entered, smiling at the room's
occupant. "I wanted to talk to you before you went to your prayer service."

"What about?" Major Kira Neyres was also Bajoran. A lifelong member of the
Bajoran underground, she'd fought against the Carrdassian occupation of
Bajor before they'd finally forced them off. Her reddish-brown hair was in
a military-style crewcut, her red outfit of a different style than the
Starfleet uniforms the rest of the command crew wore. Despite her hard
nature, she was quite attractive and Dax had harbored a long-time crush on

"Oh, I just wanted to invite you to a little party I'm having at Quark's
later," Dax said.

"Can't do it," Kira shook her head. "I've got to go over those tactical

"Oh, I think you can push some time ahead," Dax said as she raised the
crystal to Kira's face. The beam struck out, entrancing her in seconds. Dax
looked at her face, serene in its state. She leaned over and kissed her
gently. Kira slowly responded, wrapping her tongue around Dax's. Dax pushed
a hand against Kira's uniform, feeling her breasts. Dax finally broke the
kiss off and spoke. "Kira, when I leave, you will not remember my being
here. Tonight, you will have an overwhelming urge to go to Quark's. Leeta
will let you in. When you see this crystal, you will once again fall into
this wonderful state of relaxation. Remember that, but nothing else."
_ _ _

Dax waited inside the holosuite. Her private program was up and running.
It showed a forest at night, a moon and small insects providing the only
illumination. In a small space amid the shadows of the trees was a bed made
of leaves, soft yet durable for what Dax had in mind. Dax stood by the
entrance, waiting. She was wearing a long flowing robe loosely tied around
her. The door opened and Kira and Leeta walked in. Both of them had the same
blank look in their eyes and minds as before. Dax had mesmerized Leeta when
she entered the bar and given her the crystal to ensnare Kira. Taking the
crystal from Leeta's limp hand, Dax gazed at the two women.

Dax undid her robe and let it slip off her. She was nude underneath, her
gorgeous body revealed to see. She had large breasts, a nice dark patch
between her long legs and had Kira and Leeta been awake, they would have
received the answer to a question they had always wondered. The series of
tattoos ran from Dax's neck down her shoulders and formed an outline of
sorts all along her body. "When you awaken, this will all be just a dream,"
Dax said to her captives. "A nice, sensuous dream. Just relax and let me
guide you along this wonderful, sexy dream. Take off your clothes. You feel
you have to. You feel like going natural."

Leeta responded slightly faster to Dax's command than Kira. She undid a
zipper on the back of her dress and let it fall around her. She was topless,
something Quark demanded of his Dabo girls, with nice breasts. She slipped
off the fabric covering her ass and let the cool wind blow on her lithe form.
Kira stripped off her uniform shirt, showing off a white shirt underneath.
Her pants went next, small red panties underneath them. She pulled her shirt
over her head to show off her pert breasts. In seconds, she and Leeta stood
there, nude save for the silver earnings dangling off one ear on each of

Dax grinned as she strode forward. She took Kira first and kissed her, this
time feeling more passion as she let her tongue drag around her friend's
mouth. Breaking off, Dax took Leeta and kissed her, surprised by the ferocity
Leeta responded with. Dax took each of the Bajorans by the arm and slowly
pulled them to the bed. "This is a dream. Follow your desires. Let your
imagination take care of everything." Dax lay down on the bed, her hair
spreading out behind her. Kira lay on top of her, a thrill going through both
of them as their clits touched. The two embraced, their breasts shoved
against one another as they kissed. Kira moved down Dax's body, kissing the
tightened nipples as she moved down towards her pussy. Meanwhile, Leeta
straddled Dax, placing her dark clit inches above her face. Dax jabbed her
tongue into the clit and began to lick at it. She moved her hands up Leeta's
body, slowly massaging the breasts. Moaning, Leeta shifted herself on Dax's
face, letting her tongue dig in further. Meanwhile, Kira was also digging
in, her mouth slowly kissing Dax's pussy. Her slow, steady kisses soon had
Dax producing, her intensity turned on by eating out Leeta. As she squeezed
Leeta's breasts, Dax felt her come and tasted the sweet juices. It pushed
her to come herself, spilling her cum onto Kira's face.

Leeta pushed herself off Dax, who sat up and took Kira by the hands. Dax
slowly pushed Kira onto the bed and kissed her breasts. She let her mouth
suckle one nipple, then pulled herself onto the major's body. In an ancient
69 position, Dax slowly began to lick Kira's pussy, an eager Kira returning
the favor in kind. Not wanting to be left out, Leeta moved down to Kira's
clit and placed a finger inside. She began to push it in and out, as if
trying to pump the juices onto Dax's waiting tongue. She then placed her
own face next to the pussy and began licking. Dax paused long enough to
give Leeta a kiss, then joined her in licking at Kira's pussy. Kira grabbed
a handful of leaves as her body arched in ecstasy. She soon came, her juices
quickly being licked up by the combo of Dax and Leeta.

Dax knelt on the bed and watched as Kira and Leeta gently kissed each other
and embraced, their breasts pushed together. Smiling, Dax let her hand move
down to her lap as she watched the two Bajorans make love. Even though they
would have no recollections of this evening, the feelings of the night were
going to keep Leeta and Kira happy for days. God, Dax loved being a woman.


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