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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Holo-Fun At School (m+Fff,reluc)
by ErosTrek

It was nine in the morning station time and Keiko was on her way to the rooms
that had been converted into classrooms for the children who lived with their
parents on Deep Space Nine. In between field trips to Bajor, she used her
free time to teach basic education in a variety of subjects as well as her
speciality, botany. The kids could have coped just as well without her using
the extensive tutorial programs supplied by the main computer but she was
used to the old fashioned way of having a flesh and blood teacher in the
classroom and anyway, it kept her doing something useful in her free time.

Much to Keiko's surprise most of her students were already sitting at their
workstations when she arrived which was something of a miracle. It wasn't the
first time that she'd had to comm Odo and ask for his help in rounding them
up. She settled into her chair and called up the day's program on her padd.
When she saw the subject that the computer had selected she smiled. Sex
Education. That solved the mystery of the early students, no doubt. Keiko
looked around the room. She had eight students in all today, five Bajorans,
a couple of humans and a Vulcan. One Bajoran and one human were girls, the
rest were boys - their ages ranging between 13 to 16 years. Of course they
would be early, she thought. At this age most of them had probably already
begun to experiment with sex and were very curious to learn more. Keiko shook
her head in amusement ... if they thought sex-ed class was going to be
anything like they hoped it would be, they were dead wrong. It was going to
be "the birds and the bees" stuff, literally.

The door chimed, interrupting her thoughts and she called, "Enter".

The door slid open and Nog, the Ferengi bartender's nephew pushed a large
piece of apparatus hovering on a grav sled into the room. It was the portable
holo-projector she had requested. If she were onboard a starship, she'd have
taken the children to a holo-suite and showed them the "birds and bees" holo
there. However, she wasn't on a starship and the only holo-suites on this
station were in that den of vice that was Quark's Bar and she wasn't going to
take them anywhere near that place!

As she fiddled with the holo projector, she heard one of the girls giggle and
she looked up to see what was going on. Whatever it was, she couldn't tell
from their innocent looking faces and went back to the task at hand trying to
activate the machine.

If she had looked up a moment earlier she'd have seen one of the human boys
wink at Nog who winked back with a toothy grin on his face. Nog patted his
pocket where he had put the 5 slips of gold-pressed latinum that the
teenagers had given him for a slight "modification" to the holo-projector.

"Nog" Keiko called out "can you help me turn this thing on?"

"Sure, Mrs O'Brien" and he pressed a control on the side of the machine. It
came to life with a flash of color as it calibrated itself, then projected a
holographic view that took up half the classroom. The projector was an
advanced model able to use forcefields and replicator technology to
manipulate or create actual objects just like the full-sized holo-suites. It
could also create holograms of actual people that were indistinguishable
from a real person. "If you don't need me, I'd better get back to my duties"
Nog said. He ran out of the door unable to stop from laughing at the trick
the teenagers were about to play on Mrs O'Brien with his technical help. Nog
hoped that his part in the prank would never be discovered because Keiko's
husband, Miles O'Brien, would have him scrubbing the maintenance tunnel
floors till he was an old Ferengi.

Keiko slid in the memory crystal in the appropriate slot on the machine and
the holo began. She watched for awhile. The children seemed to be engrossed
with the explanations of how flowers were pollinated by bees and she told
herself that she could leave them alone for a while to get a cup of

"I'll be back soon" she told them "make sure you follow everything carefully
and take notes on your padds because I'll be asking questions later"

"Yes, Mrs O'Brien" the class responded at once and she left for the Promenade
with a small nagging doubt in her mind about how well behaved the kids were
today. She shrugged. Whatever they were up to she wouldn't be gone long and
she'd find out soon enough.

As soon as she had left, the young Vulcan walked to the door and announced
"I will stand guard here and await Mrs O'Brien's return."

"You're going to miss the show" one of the Bajorans told him.

"It does not matter. The emotions that you seek in the holo that you are
about to activate do not have any effect on me" the Vulcan responded in his
usual cold manner.

"Please yourself" the Bajoran replied shrugging, then turned to the rest of
the teenagers. "Everyone move closer" he said pointing to a semi-circular
area in front of the projector, well inside its area of influence. When
everybody had sat on the floor within the lit area he said, "Ok, I'm going
to change the program now." He punched in a code Nog had given him into the
small display panel on the side of the holo projector and sat next to the
human girl who blushed when he winked at her and said "Enjoy the show!"

The scene from the standard sex-ed holo "The Birds and the Bees" remained
the same - a generic field with grass, flowers and trees that could have
been recorded on most Earth-like planets - but from far off in the distance
something changed. A figure could be seen walking towards where the teenagers
appeared to be sitting on the grass. As the figure neared, the youngsters
could make out that it was a human and female, decidely female. The
holo-character was dressed in a skin-tight jumpsuit from neck to toes. Her
face was beautiful, brilliant green eyes sparkling in the sun-light, full red
lips turned up in a smile, cheeks dimpled, all this framed by long, platinum
blonde hair. She stopped before the teenagers, most of them with mouths wide
open in awe at the stunning vision.

"Hi" she said in a sultry voice, "I'm your new teacher. My name is Sylvia and
I'm here to teach you all about ... sexxxx" she literally purred the last
word, winking at one of the Bajoran boys.

"Can she see us?" he stammered, surprised that a hologram had winked at him
so seductively.

"Yeah" the Bajoran who had turned the program on replied "Nog told me this is
a fully interactive simulation. The projector's computer can see us and since
it is an advanced model A.I. it can make her react just as if she were a real

In a lower voice he whispered to the girl next to him "It's the same
technology they use in the holo-suites at Quark's Bar ... you know, the ones
were people go to ... play or whatever."

The girl blushed a brighter shade of red because she knew exactly what "play"
meant in this case. Her older brother, a Star Fleet ensign, had told her all
about it when he and his shipmates had spent an evening in one of Quark's
holo-suites. It was because of this knowledge that she was having doubts
about this whole thing now. When Ratek, the Bajoran teenager sitting next to
her and who was also her boyfriend, had organised this prank everyone had
been willing to follow along. Everyone that is, except herself, the Bajoran
girl Nara and the Vulcan Sapak. The boys, human and Bajoran had argued and
argued (including calling them spoilsports) till the two girls had given up
and accepted to go along. Sapak had just stood there repeating that all the
arguments were illogical until the others had given up in frustration. In the
end Sapak had decided not to spoil the fun after having come to the logical
conclusion that telling Mrs O'Brien would harm his standing with his fellow

"Ratek" she whispered "are you sure we should go ahead with this? What if Mrs
O'Brien finds out?"

"Melandra" he told her, his nose ridges crinkling even more as he smiled at
her "it's just a little bit of innocent fun. This is going to be much nicer
and more informative than the standard sex-ed films. Mrs O'Brien wants us to
learn about sex, doesn't she? That's what we're going to do."

"Yeah, right!" the other human boy called out "we're going to have a normal
lesson, just as Mrs O'Brien wants us to" he said with a wide grin on his face
as he studied intensely the sexy holographic woman that stood before them,
taking in all her breath-taking curves beneath the jumpsuit that seemed to
have been painted on.

"Boys!" exclaimed Nara, the only girl in the room besides Melandra "I bet
you're going to learn more with your little head than with your big one."

The teenagers all burst out laughing at this and when they settled down they
turned their attention back to the holo-projection.

The woman had been talking about birds and bees it seemed. Nog had designed
it this way purposely, just in case someone had walked in on them at just
that moment. Now that everyone's attention was focused on the holo-display,
the blonde woman shood away a little bird that had settled on her shoulder
and smiled at the youngsters sitting before her as if she was looking
directly at each of them.

"I know you've come here to talk about birds and bees" she said "but don't
you think it would be more fun to talk about something else?" As she said
this she leaned forward, crossing her arms below her chest so that her
already large breasts appeared even larger as she pushed them up.

A chorus of yeahs mingled with whistled catcalls came from the teenagers.
Melandra glanced to her left and right and saw that all five of the boys
were sitting rather awkwardly trying to cover a certain part of their body
with their folded arms. She pointed this out to Nara who grinned back at
her and nodded , having already noticed herself. "While they're watching
the show, they don't realise they're putting on a show for us" the Bajoran
girl told Melandra.

Melandra looked back toward the blonde woman and involuntarily gasped. While
she had been talking to Nara, the hologram had pulled a zipper down the
front of her skin tight jumpsuit right down to her navel which was exposed
to the artificial sunlight. This wasn't the only thing to be exposed though.
Further up, Melandra could see the woman's breasts only partially covered by
the now open jumpsuit and as she walked around in front of them, swaying her
hips, even more of the perfectly shaped hemi-spheres came into view.

A couple of the boys were clapping wildly, while the others whistled and
called out "Shake them, baby!" or "Show us what you've got!" Even Nara had
gotten into the spirit of things and seemed to be enjoying herself as much
as the boys. Melandra wasn't sure that she liked this. Even if the woman was
a hologram, not a living person, she didn't think it was right for her to be
treated like this. What had she said her name was? Sylvia? Yes, that was it.
Melandra suddenly became worried. If the hologram said she had a name she
probably was programmed or designed to resemble a real person. Had that
person been holo-recorded with her permission or had it been done without
her knowledge. She wouldn't put it past the wily, money-grubbing Ferengis to
do such a thing! While she was thinking this, she felt a hand on her hip. It
was Ratek. He had moved even closer to her and put an arm around her waist,
though his eyes were locked on the woman whose left breast had popped
completely free from the tight jumpsuit.

Melandra's eyes flitted down to Ratek's trousers and her heart skipped a
beat. So that's what Nara had meant when she said the boys would be putting
on a show! There was a very visible bulge between Ratek's legs that twitched
occassionally. Wow! Melandra thought. I've never been so close to a boy with
a hard-on! A moment later she realised that she wasn't the cause of Ratek's
excitement, but a hologram. She felt a tinge of resentment at this and she
pulled her gaze away from Ratek and looked back towards Sylvia, just in time
to see her pull the other half of her jumpsuit down to her waist. Naked from
the waist up, the blonde stood proudly before them, large tits sticking
straight out from her chest without any support. Her bright pink nipples
seemed to glow in the sun, surrounded by slightly darker aureoles.

Sylvia stepped closer to the sitting teenagers and knelt down on the grass.
She was so close that Melandra could smell the woman's perfume above the
background smell of flowers. With a start she wondered why she should be
smelling anything at all, then she realised that holo-projector was creating
the smells itself, just a few of the subtle clues that made them believe
that this hologram was reality. The woman leaned toward Ratek first and by
the way his nose flared he had gotten more than a whiff of her perfume.

"You may touch them" she said huskily "they're so nice, aren't they. Don't
you want to touch your sexy teacher's tits?"

Ratek gulped. He had organised this himself and now he seemed to be frozen
in time and space. By the Prophets, he thought, there's a woman asking you
to touch her breasts right in front of you. Come on, do it he urged himself
on and time seemed to stretch as he watched his right hand rise in slow
motion towards the beckoning hologram. His other arm was around Melandra's
waist, his girlfriend, and he felt her stiffen. He risked a quick glance
towards her and saw that she was frowning at him. There's going to be hell
to pay after this is over, he thought, she probably won't want to talk to
me again. At that moment he smelled something else besides the woman's
perfume .. a musky, erotic smell .. a mingling of skin, sweat and something
else .. a woman's scent - generated by the holo-projector's vast library of
scents - but to Ratek coming from the sexy woman before him. He forgot all
about Melandra and his hand came into contact with the woman's breast. He
cupped it, feeling it firm yet soft, a perfect simulation of flesh. His thumb
and index finger encircled the engorged nipple automatically and he squeezed
it making Sylvia gasp as she pushed her breasts towards him.

The other teenagers had fallen into silence from their raucous cries of just
a moment ago. They were staring in awe as one of them actually touched
something they had only dreamed they were going to see and that they would
soon be next!

"Let's give the others a chance, dear" the virtual teacher said breaking
the stillness and Ratek let go of her breast reluctantly. Next in line was
Melandra who appeared stunned that the woman was actually asking her to
touch her breasts. "Come on, girl, we don't have all day" she said in an
authoritative voice and Melandra obeyed. Much to her own amazement she
actually didn't mind sliding her fingers over the large mounds, thinking
hopefully that one day she too, when she grew up, would have breasts like
these. She knew how fond boys were of large mammaries, since Ratek never
stopped talking about them while he tried to cop a feel down her vest. Her
turn was over soon and the woman moved down the line of eager teenagers who
touched and fondled her tits, pinched and pulled playfully at her fleshy
nipples, while slowly rubbing the bulges in their trousers trying to get
some relief for their raging hard-ons.

While this was going on, Melandra turned to Ratek and immediately turned her
head away in shock. In that split second she had seen Ratek staring lustfully
at Sylvia and he was ... yes, he was fondling himself ... rubbing the
enormous bulge in his pants with his right hand. Oh god, she thought. What
have I gotten myself into? Ratek still had one arm around her waist and she
could feel him grip her tightly, rubbing his left hand up and down her side
in a movement that was synchronised with his other hand ... the one were he
was touching himself. Melandra tried to get up but Ratek just tightened his
grip around her. "Ratek" she pleaded, "I want to leave."

Ratek looked at her strangely as if he was seeing her for the first time.
His hand continued to rub at his crotch as he told her "Why? The fun's just
starting." As he said that, Melandra felt his hand move around her waist to
her flat stomach and then ever so slowly, as she gasped in surprise, up to
her chest where he cupped her left breast. A look of disappointment flickered
over his face as he noticed the difference in size between her young breast
and the hologram's large tits, but it passed quickly when he felt her nipple
harden beneath her thin jumper.

"What are you doing, Ratek?" she cried as he continued to fondle her breasts.
The Bajoran didn't answer. She knew what he was doing ... it wasn't the first
time that he had tried to cop a feel, but she had always stopped him,
slapping his hand away. This time he had a hungry look in his eyes and he
wasn't going to take no for an answer. A mixture of fear and excitement raced
through her body as he got up on his knees next her, staring straight into
her eyes and moving his face closer until their lips touched. She resisted at
first, keeping her mouth tightly shut as he kissed her hungrily. When he
squeezed her nipple between his index finger and thumb a first time her lips
quivered. A second, gentle squeeze made her open her mouth, and that was all
he needed for his tongue to find the opening. For a second she couldn't
breath as their tongues dueled frenetically, then she relaxed and enjoyed the
deep kiss. Both Ratek's hands slipped beneath her jumper and pulled it up
and over her head. This time she didn't put up any resistance.

Out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed her friend Nara, the Bajoran girl,
sitting next to a human boy. Both were completely naked having undressed each
other while Ratek had been sucking her face. Melandra's eyes widened when she
saw that Nara was fondling his genitals and his fingers were probing the
small patch of brown pubic fur the Bajoran had between her legs. Seeing her
friend stroking her hand up and down that shaft made her feel hot all over
and any remaining inhibitions left her. Ratek had stopped kissing her and had
moved his mouth down to her bare chest. He kissed her all over her breasts
then began sucking at each of her nipples in turn, his tongue tickling the
little buds. Melandra cried out in a low voice as the sensitive nipples
responded and grew visibly larger. The teenage girl was turned on now and she
took the initiative and leaned over, placing her hand directly on the bulge
at Ratek's crotch, rubbing his erection through the material. He was quite
surprised since he had never expected his shy girlfriend to touch him there
voluntarily without lots of his convincing arguments. As she rubbed him, his
cock grew until it was straining at his pants so much that it hurt. Melandra
seemed to notice his discomfort because she stopped, smiled at him and
gestured for him to stand up. He did so and she pulled down his pants. As the
hem of his trousers passed his groin, his erect penis popped free right in
front of her face. She had never seen a real, live penis before and she
studied it in amazement, its purple head only inches from her face.

She felt a hand slide down her back and a prescence beside her. She turned
and stared. It was the hologram Sylvia, still naked from the waist up, large
tits bouncing gently each time she moved.

"You're such a lucky girl" she told Melandra while rubbing her back gently
"look what a nice cock your boyfriend has" and she licked her full lips. Then
when Melandra didn't do anything except continue to stare at her the hologram
said "May I?" and leaned over to Ratek's penis and planted a sloppy, wet kiss
directly on the head. Ratek gasped in shock at the contact and his penis
began to quiver and he did all he could not to come there and then. Melandra
too was shocked as the sexy blond expertly began to suck Ratek's cock into
her mouth, rolling it from side to side and licking it with her tongue. She'd
pull away slightly until it popped out from her mouth, then she'd run her
tongue down its full length to the balls. Sylvia sucked at the youngster's
ball sac, gently swallowing each ball for a few seconds each, then up went
her tongue along the vein that ran along the bottom of Ratek's cock to where
the head began. Her tongue continued right up to the piss-hole at the center
which she playfully twitched at with the very tip of her tongue - this
particular move made Ratek moan like crazy - then she swallowed it deeply
again, and started all over.

Melandra was in a daze. She could barely believe that this - what had Ratek
told her this was? A "blowjob"? - was going on only inches from her face. She
felt a wet sensation between her legs and realised much to her surprise that
her juices were flowing, wetting her panties. The wave of dizziness passed as
quickly as it had come and she looked around to see what was going on with
the rest of her classmates, while waiting for Ratek to turn his attention
back to her.

Nara, her nose wrinkles accentuated by concentration and her ear-ring chain
glittering as it flew this way and that with her head movement, was
straddling a boy's hips as he lay down on the holographic grass. The human
youngster had a look of intense pleasure on his face as she rode him. Another
boy stood beside Nara jerking his cock up and down while she licked at it
intermittently, without giving it much attention. The Bajoran's frustration
was evident as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face towards
his penis. Nara continued to bounce up and down on the cock that was impaling
her young pussy and couldn't avoid having the other penis stuffed into her
mouth. She gagged slightly as the organ was thrust deep down her throat, her
brown eyes wide open.

"Relax, dammit" the boy cried "you're going to bite off my dick!"

"Slo ...glll ugh" gurgled Nara, but the boy seemed to understand her
and he pulled his penis out, gave her a chance to breathe, then re-inserted
it into her mouth pushing in and out with a less urgent rhythm.

Another Bajoran had been watching Nara getting fucked by the two teenagers
but was unable to join in the fun. He saw Melandra was free for the taking
and with a grin he pulled off his trousers and walked towards her eagerly.

Melandra's gaze fell across the fifth teenager who lay on the ground
motionless. She could make out a wet patch on his trousers and she realised
that he must have come prematurely just by watching the other teenagers and
the holo-character Sylvia making out. She almost giggled but then the thought
crossed her mind that it must be a terribly embarrassing situation for him,
in front of his friends, and especially when a sexy holographic character was
in reach.

A glance to the other side of the room told her that Sapak, the teenage
Vulcan, was still standing motionless in the doorway, his face expressionless
as usual, though Melandra thought she could see a flicker of... something...
deep within those dark eyes. She was going to call out to him when Tehron,
the Bajoran she had seen walking towards her a moment ago, joined them.

Their eyes locked and he said "This is incredible" then with a strange look
in his eyes and a voice raspy with excitement "I want to touch you."

Melandra thought he must surely be talking to the blond woman who knelt next
to her giving Ratek a blowjob, but Tehron wasn't even looking in that
direction. Finally, Melandra understood that he wanted her and she nodded to
him, a little frightened, yet too aroused to say no.

"Tehron ... please be gentle. I've never been touched that way before."

Her voice was so soft that she thought she hadn't even spoken, but Tehron's
eyes glinted at her acceptance and he sat next to her, placing a hand on her
thigh. Melandra was wearing a mini-skirt and his hand quickly slid under it
as he groped for her hidden warmth, her most central place. She moved her
long, thin legs apart to help him reach her most private area. Though she
thought she was prepared, she still gasped when she felt his fingers roam
over her wet panties and slide along her mound. He spent roughly half a
minute letting his fingers feel every detail, every outline of her pussy lips
beneath her panties enjoying the feel of the wet material and building up his
courage for the next step - Tehron too was a beginner at this!

Melandra amazed even herself when she bucked her hips into Tehron's hand and
said "Touch me, Tehron, I want to feel your fingers inside me."

The wrinkles on the bridge of his nose seemed to jump together as his
expression changed rapidly from excitement to surprise to intense lust.
His fingers cound the edge of her panties and slipped beneath the elastic
material. The lips of her pussy were made of soft, puffy flesh that seemed
to melt and part beneath Tehron's touch as he slid his fingers directly
into her sopping wetness.

"Oooooh" gasped Melandra, loud enough to bring Ratek back from seventh heaven
and look at her.

"Hey" he told Tehron "she's my girl, leave her alone!"

Tehron glared up at Ratek. Who did Ratek think he was? Did he think he could
fuck around with the holo-character and yet no-one could touch his sexy
girlfirend? Tehron grinned - let's see what he does now, he thought - without
saying anything he reached out and fondled one of the hologram's firm
breasts. When she didn't seem to notice and continued sucking on Ratek's
prick, he slapped the blond's tight ass. Smack! And another! Smack! Though
she was still dressed in the lower half of the skin-tight jumpsuit, she
flinched, just as if she was made of real flesh - she was probably realistic
enough, Melandra thought, that her bare ass would have Tehron's hand print
across it. Sylvia looked around and down at the grinning Tehron, obviously
stopping the blowjob she had been giving Ratek.

"You want to play too, big boy?" she asked winking at Tehron and was about
to pull away from Ratek and lie down next to the newcomer.

"Point taken" Ratek said and grabbed the blond's long hair roughly, pulling
the hologram's luscious mouth back towards his swollen cock. Just before a
look of bliss covered his face he looked down at Melandra and told her
"forgive me, Melandra ... enjoy Tehron ... for today" then the woman's lips
closed around his cock and he sighed with pleasure.

Melandra didn't know whether to feel angry at Ratek for "giving her" to
Tehron or for pleasuring himself with a hologram. I'll pay him back, she
thought, you just wait and see. She undid her miniskirt letting it fall to
the ground and before Tehron could do anything, she had dropped her panties
around her ankles. Kicking them away, she sat down on the grass beckoning
to the Bajoran with a finger. She ran her other hand down over her flat
stomach and between her legs. She opened her legs for a moment then closed
them again pretending to be embarassed. In fact she was very embarassed ...
she wished she wasn't here ... but she had promised herself that she'd make
her boyfriend Ratek pay and if that meant having sex with another boy, so
be it. She opened her legs again for a longer time, flashing her cunt at the

Tehron just stared at her amazed at how the reluctant girl until a moment
ago was baring her slit before him, and actually being such a playful tease!
He continued to gape at her like a fish out of water for several more seconds
while Melandra put her index finger in her mouth wetting it thoroughly. She
then ran that same finger down her tiny furry bush and through her slit, and
finally into her hole. This was too much for Tehron. He stumbled forward
towards her and as he lay over her Melandra grabbed hold of his cock and
guided him into her slit. Thanks to her help the inexperienced youngster
found her hole immediately and penetrated her in an eager frenzy.

She needed him. She wanted him to fuck her virgin hole now! Right before
her boyfriend and that blond slut made of nothing more than solid light
particles. When Tehron felt the tip of his penis touch her warm, wet folds
of skin he pushed into her gently at first, then harder and harder until he
felt her internal barrier. He backed off but she dug her nails into his
back, crying out his name. Tehron rammed his young, hard cock as deep as it
would go and she screamed in pain as he removed her virginity, then her
whimpers of pain turned to moans of pleasure as she felt his penis press
against her deeply hidden G-spot repeatedly. Both teenagers were in complete
ecstasy for the first time in their lives as their bodies melted together.

Only a few feet away in the simulated field, Nara arched her back as she
came together with the human boy she was humping. Her rapidly contracting
and expanding vaginal muscles milked his spurting cock dry. She tried to
cry out in ecstasy but her mouth was full of Bajoran cock as the other
sixteen year old rammed her mouth. Nara, still in the throes of an orgasm,
could hardly take a breath so she grabbed his balls and squeezed. This
brought him over the edge immediately and he squirted his cum directly down
her throat almost making her choke over the cream fluid before she managed
to swallow. Exhausted both boys, their cocks going limp, disengaged from
the girl and flopped onto the grass. Nara lay down over them, fresh cum
streaming from her pussy and mouth, while one of the boys caressed her dark
hair and the other cupped a hand around a breast. They stayed like this for
a while relaxing and enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss.

Meanwhile, Ratek had reached his limit. His cock was red hot from the blond's
earnest blowjob and he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. He
didn't want his first time to go to waste so he pushed her head away and
motioned her to get up off her knees. Sylvia obeyed, as she was programmed
to do, and Ratek stared lustily at her splendid figure for a long moment
before he bent down and grabbed her jumpsuit at the waist and pulled it down
to the ground, enjoying the sight of her long shapely legs. Stepping out of
the discarded jumpsuit she smiled at him and slipped a hand between her legs.
It came away glistening with her juices. She teased him by placing her
fingers below his nose, her womanly aroma arousing him intensely then pulling
them back just as he stuck his tongue out to lick them. When she did this a
couple of times he stepped towards her too quickly for her to pull away and
circled her waist with his arms.

"You bitch" Ratek cried "I'll show you how to be a tease."

Each hand grabbed a cheek of her buttocks ... oh, how soft and yet at the
same time how taut they were. He moaned with excitement as he molded her
flesh. His fingers probed down the crack of her ass and between her legs
where he made contact with her pubic mound. It was only a matter of working
a finger between her pussy lips ... ahhhh, yes ... there he was ... wiggling
his finger inside her warm softness. What an incredible feeling! Another
finger soon followed, then a third. Sylvia was moaning loudly, her hips
jerking as she humped at his fingers. Ratek held onto the bucking woman,
burying his face in the valley between her breasts. She squeezed her boobs
together, squashing Ratek's cheeks but he wasn't going to complain about
such treatment. Ratek had completely forgotten the buxom blond was a hologram
and he certainly wasn't going to remember now so realistic her body was down
to the very last detail, inside and out.

"Fuck me, little boy" she told the Bajoran teen "fuck your teacher!"

Ratek didn't need the encouragement. He pulled his fingers from her pussy,
grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against a tree that had appeared
suddenly in the middle of the field where none had been seconds before. He
lifted her leg off the ground with an arm under her thigh and pushed himself
onto her. His dick slid across her mound until he put a fist around it and
guided it into her beckoning hole. It sucked him deep into her, and he began
ramming repeatedly into the warmth. Sweat flowed freely down his face and
body, mingling with her juices as they gushed out of her love canal.

"Oh Prophets ... Oh Prophets of Bajor ... you're so soft ... yet so tight"
he mumbled in between gasps. It was his first time - what a way to lose his
virginity! The stupid grin on his face changed to a wild look of ecstasy as
he penetrated her again and finally lost control while he was still deep
inside her, spraying his seed into her vagina. His back arched and the hot
holo-character moaned as she rotated her hips, milking his spurting member.
Coming down from his sexual high, he withdrew his cock. It was coated with
a thick, glistening mixture of his cum and female fluids. Some drops dripped
towards the ground catching the sunlight, glittering like pearls until they
touched ...

... touched the smooth, white skin of Melandra's bare buttocks who was lying
over Tehron, making love slowly together. After the intense passion of just
moments ago when Tehron had torn her hymen and brought her to a climax for
the first time in her life, their sex had slowed to a comfortable rhythm with
Melandra taking control and Tehron just lying back looking into her beautiful
eyes and kissing her on her mouth as she rode him. Melandra felt something
wet and cool fall on her behind and she reached around to wipe it away. She
was surprised - actually shocked - to see sticky strands of cum hanging from
her fingertips - she had never seen a boy's sperm let alone had it over her
back and fingers. Looking above her, she saw the holo-character, Sylvia,
smiling back at her as she slowly jacked off her boyfriend Ratek's now-limp
cock ... what a slut, Melandra thought realising that he must be the source
of the cum that had fallen on her. Ratek in turn was fondling the blond's
pubic area with one hand and twiddling a large, pink nipple with the other,
while he relaxed and watched Melandra and Tehron have sex.

Melandra's previous embarrassment returned suddenly and she felt incredibly
ashamed at being watched so openly. A quick look around told her she was the
center of attention of all the other teenagers since they had all finished
having sex and gotten over their first climaxes. They had moved towards the
last remaining joined couple and were watching the show while masturbating
themselves and each other. She rolled off the Bajoran beneath her, his stiff
penis popping out of her pussy with a wet sound, and attempted to cover her
nudity, a hand across her chest and another between her legs, her cheeks
burning furiously.

Tehron grunted in dismay as the girl left his sexual urge unsatisfied "Hey,
Mel, what're you doing?"

"Everyone's watching us" she replied in a small voice, wishing she could just

Tehron looked around taking in the scene but he didn't seem to mind "So what,
babe?" he told her "it's not as if we didn't see what the others were doing."

But Melandra couldn't bring herself to get back in position no matter how
much he tried to convince her. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at
the buxom blond hologram who took control of the situation again as a
sub-routine of her programming kicked in. Sylvia organised the teenagers,
five boys and two girls, into a circle around her then she lay down on her
back on the grass. "Everyone who still has the energy to do it" she looked
at each of them in turn, batting her eyelids sexily, her bright green eyes
sparkling, "take me. Fill all my holes. Fuck me hard!..."

The first boy who took advantage of the situation was the Bajoran who had
cum prematurely without having touched a girl. This time, he promised
himself, he wouldn't embarrass himself as he done before. He knelt between
the blond's legs. Sylvia opened her pussy lips with her fingers and he
inserted his dick. He thrust slowly trying to pace himself, shutting his
eyes to savor the wonderful feeling of having his cock grasped by a hot,
wet tube of flesh for the first time in his life.

Nara was next. The Bajoran girl had lost any inhibitions she may have had.
She chose the easiest way to be pleasured by another woman - she straddled
Sylvia's face, pressing her cum-dripping pussy against the woman's luscious
red lips. A real woman might have thought it gross, but the holo-character
stuck her tongue out and began to lick and suck the fifteen year old's cunt
with relish.

Tehron grabbed the Sylvia's wrist and guided her hand to his cock. She
understood what he wanted, actually needed rather badly, her to do. Her fist
began to jerk his cock back and forth and she occassionally ran her thumb
over the purple head, lubricating it with his own pre-cum. He knew he was on
the verge of cumming having been brought to the edge and then abandoned by
Melandra. The human boy, saw what was happening to his Bajoran friend and
decided that he wanted to get the same treatment. In seconds he had pressed
his shriveled dick against Sylvia's free palm and the hologram began to jack
him off as well. In no time at all his cock grew to twice its size in her

Nara looked around and saw Melandra was the only one who was just kneeling
there, stunned, watching the incredible orgy centered around the hologram
woman unfold around her. "Melandra" she called between shudders as the
woman's tongue slid into her pussy, then flicked against the tip of her
exposed clit, "come here. You don't know what you're missing!" It took quite
some encouragement from her friend but finally Melandra joined the group
around Sylvia. She didn't know what she was going to do here but soon her
senses were overwhelmed by the aroma from six other sweaty bodies and the
male semen and female juices spread everywhere. Nara leaned back as far as
she could go without pulling her cunt away from the mouth that was giving
her such pleasure. She circled an arm around Melandra's neck and pulled her
down to Sylvia's pussy. Nara pushed Mel's face close to the bright pink
flesh which was being impaled by a Bajoran cock.

"Lick it" Nara ordered her friend.

Melandra resisted at first. "I can't Nara, please no..." she cried, "I can't
do that to another woman"

"She isn't a woman .. she's just a hologram" Nara said though at that very
same moment the hologram nibbled on Nara's swollen clit making her moan and
trash about wildly. When she had calmed down a bit she continued "a very
realistic hologram, mind you, but she just isn't real .. she's just a
computer program!"

Melandra still wasn't convinced but the sight of the wide-open cunt
(holographic cunt, she added mentally) and thrusting cock (that was real,
all six inches of Bajoran meat) actually turned her on much to her surprise.
She stuck her tongue out and licked the topmost part of that enticing slit.

"Way to go, girl" Nara said winking at Melandra, then she turned her full
attention back to Sylvia's cunnilingus.

Melandra placed her tongue against Sylvia's pussy a second time, this time
taking a bit longer, savoring the exotic taste of the wet flesh. Something
moved beneath a fleshy fold and she licked it again. More movement! Melandra
was slightly puzzled. What was going on? Another tentative lick and the
fleshy fold suddenly moved back as a large, hard bit of flesh rose from
beneath it. Melandra gasped in awe. She knew that this was a clitoris ...
it wasn't the first time she had touched herself and felt it harden and
emerge ... but this woman's clit was enormous, almost half the size of her
little finger. Almost like a tiny penis! She looked at Nara who had been
watching her friend's progress.

"Go on, Mel" she told her "it looks like a small cock. I bet it will taste
and feel so good in your mouth."

From beneath Nara's pussy she heard a muffled voice "Yeah, babe, suck my
clit, suck it real good. Make me cum!"

The Bajoran teenager plunging his dick in Sylvia's cunt put a hand on
Melandra's head and brushed her hair out of the way. "Whatever you're doing
to Sylvia" he told Melandra "don't stop. It's having an incredible effect on
the way her pussy is clutching at my cock ...and she's becoming so wet!
Mmmmmh" he said with relish.

She didn't need any further encouragement as she closed her lips around the
engorged flesh. The holo-character reacted very realistically, hips bucking
wildly, as her most sensitive spot disappeared into Melandra's mouth who
proceeded to suck it intensely like she was sucking a straw. A whole minute
passed and Melandra was so focussed on that hard nub of flesh that she didn't
notice that her Bajoran boyfriend Ratek had moved around to behind her. She
was leaning over the holo-character and her cute little ass was up in the
air, her legs slightly apart.

Ratek had noticed this and his eyes had clouded over with lust. Though he
had been satisfied repeatedly by the incredibly sexy hologram, his flesh and
blood girlfriend was even more alluring because he had known her for months
and never been able to do anything more than kiss her. He stroked his cock a
couple of times and it hardened immediately. Kneeling between her legs he
took her from behind, thrusting his cock into her young cunt, holding onto
her hips with both hands. Melandra almost bit down on the hologram's clit
so great was the shock and surprise of the sudden penetration. The surprise
turned to a feeling of intense pleasure in a matter of moments. All the
morning's sights and sensations and tastes came back and flooded her
emotionally. She came with a massive orgasm that clenched Ratek's cock in a
vise like grip. He in turn released his pent up pressure spurting another
load of cum that his young balls had produced. The chain reaction began by
Melandra continued as Sylvia, the buxom blond hologram, decided that the time
was right according to her programming to bring everyone off simultaneously.
The Bajoran fucking her pussy came, pulling out and spraying his sticky sperm
across her slit and obviously onto Melandra's face which was in the way.
Another two cocks added to the cum flying around, this time over each of
Sylvia's enormous breasts, and finally Nara came too, gushing pussy juice and
cum into the blond's mouth.

From his position near the door where he was on the lookout for Keiko's
return, the usually emotionless Vulcan teenager's mouth was agape, his eyes
darting back and forth between the entrance and the tangled mass of nude
bodies. His pointy ears had taken on a dark green hue as his green blood had
rushed to them and he felt a sudden ache between legs. He raised an eyebrow
in surprise. Was he actually having an erection? He didn't have any time to
take these thoughts any further because when he glanced down the corridor he
saw Keiko O'Brien exiting the turbolift in the distance. At a normal pace it
would take her a couple of minutes to walk to the classroom and see what was
going on.

"Mrs O'Brien is coming!" Sapak shouted a warning. The Bajoran and human
teenagers didn't respond. They were still in the throes of ecstasy, dazed and
exhausted after having expended all their pent-up sexual energy.

Sapak shook his head in dismay. He didn't really care about the others, but
if Mrs O'Brien saw what had happened here he'd get a portion of the blame and
though his father wouldn't show any sign of rage or anger he'd probably see
his dream of joining Star Fleet Academy vanish forever. He strode towards the
holo-projector, stepping over the cum covered bodies of Nara and Melandra on
the way. As he pressed the "terminate program" button on the small display
panel, the artificial sun, sky, trees, fields, grass and sexy blonde
"teacher" vanished in a flash of light. The reality that was a classroom
re-appeared and it was one big mess. Study consoles had been tossed out of
the way by the holo-projector's forcefields. The metal floor had become
particulary slippery from the puddles of various bodily fluids that had
spilled onto it and the air was permeated with the cloying scent of sex. The
teenagers strewn across the cold floor began to stir but there was no way
that they would be able to clean up the mess before Keiko arrived. Sapak made
a decision he knew he would probably regret but it was the only way out. He
stood next to the door, his back to the wall. A few seconds passed and Mrs
O'Brien walked in stopping in mid-stride as she took in the scene. Sapak's
outstretched right hand grabbed her shoulder in a certain way ... and she
dropped back into his waiting arms, totally unconscious, as the Vulcan nerve
pinch took immediate effect.

He placed the unconscious woman on the ground with her back propped up
against a wall. His fingers brushed accidentally against Keiko's chest and
without thinking, they lingered there for several moments. Beneath his long
fingers and through the delicate silken blouse bearing an oriental print of
some mythical creature, he could feel the pert little mounds of her breasts
topped by hard nipples. Keiko had been wearing a skirt that reached below
her knees but when he had laid her on the floor it had ridden up exposing
her thighs until Sapak caught a glimpse of her thong panties. Sapak knew that
he was close to losing his legendary Vulcan control and when that happened
it would be a very bad thing. His fingers rubbed the delicate skin of her
bare thigh closer and closer to her thong ... no ... until they made
contact with the material .. his fingers trembled ... no ... no ... I can't
do this ... they were hovering over the central strip of the thong were they
could feel a damp spot ... stop, find your center, breathe deeply ... he
could feel a warmth beneath his fingers which if he just could touch ...

"Hey Sapak" a voice said behind him. He literally jumped, startled out of
his wits and he withdrew his hand as if it had been touching an active phaser
beam. Turning his head he saw a grinning Tehron who said "I always knew you
had a crush on Mrs O'Brien, but touching her down there when you've just
nerve-pinched her ... that's too far-out" then he looked down at Sapak's
trousers spotting a very noticeable bulge "I guess even Vulcans get turned
on at times."

Sapak didn't say anything. There wasn't much he could say in this situation.
He clamped down on his emotions, his face returning to its normal impassive
mask. It took some effort but finally he managed to get back in full control
of himself. He pulled down Mrs O'Brien's skirt and stood up. He busied
himself by putting the consoles and chairs back into place, the slowly
deflating bulge in his trousers the only evidence that he had come very close
to succumbing to lust which was an emotion that Vulcans did not have ... or
at least which they tried to keep hidden!

The other teenagers had slowly come back to their senses, pulled on their
clothes and helped Sapak clean the room. When Keiko awoke she found herself
sitting at her desk with her students waiting expectantly for her to say
something. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes trying to clear her
thoughts ... there had been something strange going on ... but she just
couldn't remember ... oh well, she probably was just tired since she seemed
to have dozed off in the middle of a class. "Ok children" she said "I hoped
you enjoyed watching that educational holo ..." she didn't notice the silly
grins on all of their faces and the winks they exchanged "... and I'll upload
a set of questions to your padds to be completed by tomorrow."
_ _ _

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