This story contains explicit descriptions of concentual sex between two female fictional characters. If this seems likely to offend you then DO NO READ IT!!!!!

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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Frontiers (FF)
by Shadoweaver

"What do you mean?" Kira asked.

Jadzia leaned in a little closer, the din of the promenade being a bit loud at the moment. "I mean" she stressed "just what I said, that as far as I know, no member of a bisexual race has EVER had a decent idea of what their opposite was thinking. Barring telepathy I think...."

Kira looked incredulous "Oh, come on.... It can't be that different."

Dax smiled her quiet little smile "Are you sure?".

The mischief was apparent in her eyes and Kira couldn't decide if this was another example of the Trills famous sense of humor. "Look," she said, her voice a bit dismissive, "I may not have ever been a man, but I've certainly had enough dealings with them to understand what they usually want."

"No" Dax said with an annoying certainty "You may know what they usually want, but that doesn't mean that you understand it.... or them." One of her hands let go of her coffee cup to rest atop Kira's. "If it is any consolation, they know less about us than we do about them, and all of their bluster is usually just an attempt to cover up that fact."

The Majors crimson head tilted slightly to the side, and her mouth curled up in smile "Well, I did know that."

Dax slipped her hand away trying not to look awkward as she waved pleasantly at Morn walking past on the promenade. "If you didn't know it you could have figured it out from Lt. Mullins last night."

At this Kira winced. "I couldn't believe that! What ever possessed him to think...."

Dax's eyebrows shot up "That's what I mean, he really thought that you were interested. Unfortunately for him he was convinced enough to try to make a play in public, and confused enough to try twice more when you didn't 'understand' him the first time." She looked a bit sad "Poor man."

As Kira began a retort, Dax quickly interjected "You've never made that mistake yourself of course...."

With an intake of breath the Bajoran started to speak, and then broke into an involuntary smile. "You know, Dax," she said "It's really annoying when you're right, sometimes I think that the only reason you've stayed alive for four centuries is so you can enjoy being smug so often." When Dax didn't respond Kira continued "Am I right?"

"No... at least that's not the only reason." Dax responded, her eyes seeming to become a bit more intense as she gazed at her breakfast companion.

"Well come on Jadzia, as one who knows, let me in on it. How do men think?"

Again the Trill smiled "I'd love to, but I don't know if you'd really want to find out."

The redhead looked dubious "I am beginning to think that you're just pulling my leg again, you've just been teasing me."

A smile played on Dax's face. "Well I certainly can't tell you much over breakfast, this is not a brief subject. Are you busy tonight?"

Kira finished the last of her coffee "I don't know, I could always get together with Lt. Mullins..." she said, a twinkle in her eye now.

"I guess you'll be free then, meet me at Quarks a 1900, I'll reserve a holosuite."

Kira's mouth dropped open in disbelief. "What?! You'd get into one of Quark's holosuites? And you think that I would?" Kira's voice took on an edge. "You know that little troll is just dying to holoscan both of us! I wouldn't go anywhere near those things... and besides, why would you want to meet in the holosuite?"

Jadzia finished her cup and calmly replied, "In the first place, I want to meet there because there is someplace I want to talk and since it's over 600 light years from here, it would be a little difficult to get back in time for work tomorrow."

As Kira started to launch off on an invective laced rant, Dax raised her hand. "And in the second place, Quark won't scan us."

Kira looked incredulous "Why in the name of the Prophets wouldn't he?!"

"What," Dax said "is a Ferengi's central motivation in life?"

"Greed." Kira responded instantly.

"Exactly, and I have known since I met him that Quark was dying to holoscan ME, and since I wanted to use the holosuites I did something about it." Dax leaned back in her chair. "After a few months here, I managed to get Quark where I wanted him in a game of Dabo, he owed me 4 bars of gold pressed latinum." Dax smiled. "He was wriggling like a Calen Eel, so I offered to forgive his debt."

"And...." Kira said.

"And," Dax continued "It was on the condition that if he ever holoscanned me or anyone with me while I was in his place he would have to repay his debt.... With interest." Jadzia spots set off her evil grin quite nicely.

"And you trust him not to do it anyway?" Kira asked.

"Yes, because I made sure that he knew how good I am with computers. He knows that I could get into the holosuites central processor, and I have. If he tries anything, he'll have to pay." Leaning in towards her friend, Dax locked eyes with her. "Trust me, Quark would sooner give up his lobes than pay back that much money."

Kira was smiling again, she squeezed her friends arm affectionately "Jadzia, you're incredible!"

Dax felt her friend's touch through her uniform and smiled "Thank you. 1900 then?"

Kira hesitated for a moment and then said "Sure. Listen I have to get to ops, I'd better run."

"I'll be along in a minute, I am going to reserve the holosuite." the taller woman replied.

Kira got up, always one to hurry. As she left the tall Trill let her eyes drop to the Major's tight buttocks, so excellently displayed in her orange uniform. A thrill swept through her body, concentrating itself and sinking to fill the space between her legs with a delicious warmth. With Kira gone she let herself imagine for a moment what tonight would be like. "What it will be like," she corrected herself "if I am lucky..."

* * *

Jadzia stood before her mirror, trying to decide if she needed to change again, she had already vetoed one outfit before she was finished putting it on. She was wearing a simple gown, low cut in front and backless, the better to show off her spots. She knew that most non-trill had and almost irresistible urge to try to mentally follow them down, and she was hoping that would be the case with Kira. The silken materiel her dress was made from was just barely opaque, and it fitted her form well enough that the outline of her nipples was clearly visible. "Too much?" she wondered to herself. "Oh well, I might as well go in full impulse, I don't think that there is any way I can stop."

For a moment she was taken aback by the sudden image in her mind of what Nerys might look like naked. The pale skin stretched over her tight muscular body, her rounded ass giving way to her unspotted back.... With an shiver she brought herself back to the real world. "I have to get going" she thought.

Grabbing her wrap "better not to advertise too much, too quick" she thought, she headed out into the corridor. Walking down to the turbolift, she had to struggle to control her urge to run. "Calm down," she thought "or you'll go off like a nova. If it happens it happens, if not, well I can always use the holosuite for a while....." She felt wonderful to be this excited. "There are somethings that are always a pleasure, even after 400 years" she mused, smiling to herself.

Getting off at the promenade, she managed to control herself and saunter along apparently unhurried down to Quarks. She could hear the rapid beeps of a dabo game in progress and smiled to herself as the familiarity of it helped her calm down a bit. She sauntered in and a Technicolor garbed individual hurried past, barely missing her. Turning she followed him to the bar.

Seating herself near the end of the bar, she spoke up "Hello Quark."

The little Ferengi gave a start and turned to face her having set down his tray in the replicator. "Hello my dear, care for a drink?" he asked, always quick on the uptake where profit was concerned.

"No." she said "did you save me that bottle of Alda claret I asked for?"

With a toothy smile Quark replied "Of course, my dear, here at Quark's service is always impeccable."

"As long," she replied "as their is a profit in it."

"Well, yes, I have already made out your bill if that is what you mean."

"You know Quark I am thinking about sending data on you to the Vulcan Science Academy, they're always looking for new constants to the universe and your devotion to latinum seems to qualify as unchanging to me." Jadzia teased him.

"Thank you" the little bar keep said to her setting the claret down before her. "Now if you will excuse me..." Quark hurried from behind the bar with a freshly replicated round of drinks.

Jadzia's eyes turned to follow him and stopped as he passed the door. Kira was entering, and Dax felt the heat jump within her at the sight of her desire. She was wearing one of her casual outfits, brown slacks and vest and a green tunic that set off her eyes delightfully. Suppressing the urge to wave, the Trill waited for Kira to see her. Then, with a smile Kira spotted her and moved across the bar to meet her.

With a smile Kira said "Hello Dax, sorry I'm a little late."

Jadzia demurred "Actually, I only just got here myself. Shall we go on to the holosuite?" She grimaced internally at her clumsiness, she didn't want to sound so eager. The object of all her machinations gave her a look she couldn't interpret.

"Look, maybe this isn't such a good idea....." Kira glanced across the room at Quark, "I mean I still don't trust that little worm."

Jadzia's smile belied her nervousness "Don't you trust me? Believe me it will be all right."

A reluctant grin broke upon the Major's face "Well... O.K."

Dax was in the lead as they approached the entry, she wasn't sure that she could keep the nervousness out of her face and she didn't want to tip her hand early. "Or maybe I just don't want to be rejected too quickly." She mused to herself. Out loud she said "Computer run program Dax:Nefron."

After a moment the computer responded "Program running." and the door opened itself.

As they stepped in Dax heard the soft outrush of breath from Kira. Still not turning around she said "So your impressed?"

From behind her Kira softly spoke "Where is this place? Did you mean it when you said it really existed somewhere?"

Unable to suppress her delight at her friends pleasure, Dax responded quietly "Oh certainly does...."

They were standing on a smooth outcropping of stone, the terminus of a natural series of steps, that ended on a small beach. Before them stretched a seemingly endless ocean of absolutely crystalline water that the small cove they were standing in opened on, but as pretty as that was, it was not what had caused Kira's disbelief. That was the product of the sky. Above them filling literally a fourth of the sky was a huge globular cluster, a dazzling display of soft blue white, like a cloud of water globules in zero-G. This however was not all, the cluster itself was partially eclipsed by a huge bluish-white Jovian planet, it's alternating bands looking like blue ice. The sky was well lit by this incredible display and although it was night and all the stars were clearly visible the heavens sent down a soft blue light over everything and all of it was duplicated perfectly in the softly roaring perfect ocean. Even though she had taken the holoscan of this place herself, and had seen it many times over the years, Jadzia felt a lump forming in her throat. It was always like this, it was just so damn beautiful!

For a long moment silence persisted between the women, and Jadzia turned to look at Kira, and to wait for her to speak. The Bajoran womans eyes expressed disbelief and after a moment she whispered "I can't believe it's real.... what is it called?"

Jadzia hesitated, then spoke. "Anlo's world." she said. Gently, with a nervousness she hoped wasn't visible she took Kira by the hand. "Come over here, and I'll show you a place you can look without straining your neck."

She led her a few paces to a slight depression in the stone. The bowl was three or four meters across and the bottom of it was surfaced with a soft moss-like substance. Dax gestured for Nerys to sit, her grip on the womans hand lingering for a short, stolen moment.

Kira spoke still keeping her eyes on the all encompassing sky "Jadzia, thank you, this's...well, it's incredible..."

Jadzia's face bore a soft and distant smile "Yes, it certainly is."

Reaching to the edge of the bowl, the Trill grabbed a pair of glasses that were resting there, and taking the bottle of claret she had brought with her she poured them drinks. As she handed one to Kira, the Bajoran said "How did you find this place?"

Jadzia was wriggling out of her wrap, revealing the flawless, perfect spotted skin of her shoulders and chest. "It was over 140 years ago..." She began "I was in starfleet then too, working in the scout service, charting new worlds." Dax's voice took on a certain distance, as if she was actually speaking across the decades and the light years from that distant place. "We were in a two-man ship, just a little Forajnil class scout, a glorified shuttle really." She smiled, "We had had a string of lousy systems and I was pretty discouraged, and then we came out of warp to survey the Beta Cochrane system". She gestured sweepingly at the sky "and we found this."

Kira spoke after a moment "Now which host was this?" she asked tearing her gaze from the sky and looking at Jadzia. Even by the pervasive blue light, Kira could see her friend blush.

"Anlo." she said quietly.

"Oh!" the Bajoran smiled "We were a little immodest back then?" she teased.

Looking a bit reluctant, Dax replied "I didn't name it... Sarah did. My partner." She sipped her claret.

"Oh, I think that I see..." Kira glanced around again taking in the sky once more, "It must have been romantic beyond words."

"It was. It was indeed."

"So, this is the setting for you to tell me the secrets of men, is it?"

Dax shook her head. "Not just yet, there are a few rituals I associate with this place." She raised her glass "First a toast. To romance." Kira raised her glass as well. "To romance!" she replied.

Nerys looked over at Jadzia "Any more rituals then?" she said.

"Yes, there are." the taller woman replied standing up and kicking off her shoes.

"What?" Nerys responded quizzically wondering what was up.

"Now we go for a swim."

"But Dax, I didn't know about this, I didn't bring a suit."

Reaching up and undoing the straps to her gown Jadzia said "Neither did I."

With that Jadzia's silky gown fell along her body to the sand.

Kira's mouth hung open as she stared shocked at her friends naked body. Her eyes traversing it's length involuntarily. Starting at Jadzia's softly smiling face, down along her aristocratic neck, past her shoulders. Her eyes took in the beautiful firm breasts, their dark nipples firmly erect, the flat abdomen broken by it's horizontal slit, the flare of the hips and in their center the dark brown ruff of pubic hair thin enough to reveal the outline of the Trills sex....

With a start Nerys realized where she was staring. "Uhhh...Dax..." Nerys began.

"Oh come on Major! Are you telling me that all of those years as a resistance fighter in the hills and you never went skinny-dipping?" The object of her observations said. Hoping to herself that her friend would take the bait she continued "And in those stories you always sounded so brave!" Dax was certain that her friend would leave now in a huff and tried not to let her desire for Nerys show in her face.

"Dax...." Kira began "You're crazy!" She stood there for a moment and then an involuntary smile broke on her face. She began to reach reluctantly for her vest. "Alright," she said "but the water had better be warmer than the springs we had in the mountains..."

Jadzia fought back an urge to shout out loud as she said "Don't worry, the water here is always warm." She managed to keep a tremor out of her voice, but as Nerys began to disrobe the trill felt an electric thrill inside her body and a growing heat in her sex. She turned to head towards the water, and rushed down with a shout. Hopeing this would cover her true desires she turned rapidly in the water to face the redhead, dying for her first glimpse of that petite naked form.

Nerys had already removed her blouse and Jadzia stared at the delicate pale flesh underneath, a seemingly delicate counter point to the womans lithe, muscular frame. Her breasts were small but pert and as pale as the rest of her. They seemed to glow a soft blue in the pervasive light from the broad sky and the tiny nipples had their delicate pink changed to a maroon color. Seeing those precious rosebuds, Jadzia's tongue snaked involuntarily out to lick her lips, tasting them in her mind, a fleeting flavor of strawberry drifting into her consciousness. With a shimmying motion Nerys slipped out of her slacks and a moment later she was pulling down her panties slipping them over her wide hips. As she straightened up for a moment the thick mat of her red curls were visible, but they, and the dim light, concealed any more direct view of the bajorans cunny. Unable to help herself Jadzia whispered "Turn around." Eager to see the ass she had been trying not to be observed ogling behind the major for months. With a shout Nerys sprinted for the water, her slight breasts displaying some interesting gyrations as she leapt into a long dive.

Her dive having taken her several meters further from shore than Jadzia, the taller woman made haste to swim out, trembling at the thought of being so close to the smaller womans naked form. With a few powerful strokes of her long arms she had gained the area where she thought Nerys was but she didn't see her head break the surface. The water was clear but the skies reflection made it hard to see through it's surface. Suddenly she felt someone's hands on her hips from behind, and she was pulled under the warm water!

Sputtering, Jadzia surfaced and began looking around. "So you want to play rough, Hmmm?" she said.

However, before she could locate the other woman she felt a pair of hands lock on her ankles and begin to pull her down. This time she let herself slide under without resistance and opening her eyes in the water she could see a tantalizing view of Nerys' body. Arching her longer body in a semicircle she made a grab for the redheads arm, but missed and was rewarded with a glancing touch of the other womans breast. She felt her ankles being released and moved away to break the surface.

Flicking her dark bangs from her eyes, she turned and located the short tressed head of her companion. "Gotcha!" Nerys said with a smile.

Dax returned the expression and began "Now, Nerys...." but before she finished she dived for the smaller woman and got a hold of her shoulders pushing them both under. As they sank beneath the surface Jadzia managed to wrestle with her a bit. She hoped it wasn't to obvious as she brushed up against her, the friction of that pale skin as she rubbed her nipples against it was a quiet shock of pleasure running through her body.

Beneath the clear water her view of Kira was unobstructed for the first time. She watched with fascination the strong sure movements of that supple form. The rippling light from above cast shadows over the small, taut breasts and arched hips, but her gaze was drawn to one spot. She could see her counterparts ruby fringed sex clearly for the first time. The gentle rise of her mons venerii and that sweet, tempting gash. Dax shook with the desire to dive forward and press her mouth upon it. She looked up and her eyes locked with the other womans. "Oh no!" the Trill thought "She saw me!" but for the moment they both simply floated there, freed from gravity, in the pervasive silence, looking like two angels free from the bonds of earth.

Nerys was the first to break the moment, and she turned to the shore with a few powerful strokes. Quickly, Jadzia moved to follow and the both broke surface together. "Nerys..." she began, unsure of where to start.

"Dax, I.... I don't know what this is all about any more." the other interjected.

The Trill took a breath to steady herself "I told you I would try to explain what it feels like to be a man. I really want to show you." Their was a look in Nerys' eyes that she couldn't interpret. "Oh well," she thought "full impulse..." Stepping forward in the shallow water she wrapped her trembling arms around that alabaster body and lowered her lips to kiss her.

She could feel the tension in Nerys' body as their lips met, but after a brief moment it began to fade, and inflamed by this and her own desire her ruby lips split softly and her tongue sought a berth in the others mouth. Here too, there was a tension, a hesitation, but it faded quickly as well. Their bodies pressed closer together as their tongues began to parry and joust in each others moment, and after a bit Jadzia's heart began to swell as she felt the quickening of the others lust.

Their embrace deepened and she felt Nerys' nipples grow hard as they pressed against hers. Their bodies began to intertwine and when she felt a petite leg rubbing against hers, she knew she would not be denied. She could feel that sweet hive beginning to rub against her leg and thought "My god, I didn't realize how much I wanted her to want me..."

After a moment the smaller woman broke the kiss, "I..I don't..." Nerys began "I don't know what..."

"Don't worry,"Jadzia interjected "You'll figure it out." and with that she turned and left the water leading her new lover by the hand.

They strode quietly, their movements seemingly paced by the gently breaking waves, up to the mossy depression that Nerys now realized made a perfect bed. Their bodies moved with the ease of a jungle cat, beads of water dropping gently from them. Their forms an unlikely match, one tall and lithe, the other short and supple, their hands intertwined in mutual desire. Reaching the green softness, Kira was surprised as Jadzia dropped to her knees before her.

"You want to know what it is like to be a man? Then learn what it is like to desire a woman..." and with that the kneeling woman brought her mouth to Nerys' breast and began to gently suckle there.

Her arms rose and traveled behind the other woman and caressed gently the glorious hemispheres of her ass, her fingers trailing lightly over them in the lightest of touches. As she heard the bajorans ragged intake of breath, she smiled, her teeth still maintaining her grip on the nipple and glanced up. The others face was a portrait of arousal, her eyes lidded and her mouth half open in a dawning lust. Closing her mouth again upon that crinkled nub, Jadzia flicked her tongue wetly over it. Her hands she lowered from the others buttocks to begin to gently caress, in slowly deepening strokes the others inner thighs.

A low moan of delight escaped Nerys' lips and she spread her legs wider and arched her back. Her hands rose to catch in Jadzia's hair and to hold the womans mouth firmly on her throbbing nipple. As a shudderingly whispered "Ohhhhhh...." escaped from her lips the others hands had finally worked their way teasingly to the outskirts of her sex and her red head rocked back with a jolt as those fingers traced for the first time across her clit. Her legs began to tremble and Jadzia said "Lie down." and moved to help her.

Sinking to her knees the smaller woman opened her eyes and looked out from under them with naked lust. She reached out and grabbing Jadzia by the back of the neck pulled her close and kissed her roughly, with a frenzied passion. As their bodies press their naked flesh together and their tongues riposte back and forth in that kiss, Jadzia gently lowered Nerys' body, trembling with desire, down on her back. Her hand moved between the others legs and the tips of her fingers began to rub gently over the woman's dampening clit. Kira answered this by moaning loudly into their kiss, her eyes opening wide with pleasure.

Jadzia broke their kiss and began to trail her mouth wetly down Nerys' body, her tongue licking down along her neck, her fingers still teasing the now erect clit of her companion. She planted a string of kisses along the others frame, through the valley between her breasts, down along her stomach and approaching Nerys' now bucking hips. She reached the top of that wet mound and drew her tongue down along it's side, barely missing her slit but tasting for the first time the wetness of it. Wanting to fuel the others desire, she licked down one side and up the other, never quite touching it and after a few moments she felt once more a pair of strong delicate hands gripping her hair, urging her forward. Before she preceded, however, she let a whisper escape her lips. "Do you want me?" she asked coyly.

"Prophets YES!!" Kira replied her voice ragged "Please....oh please...." and with that Jadzia dived upon the others clit.

Immediately she sucked it into her mouth, her tongue lashing back and forth over it. She felt the smaller womans body twitch spasmodically in what she knew to be a small orgasm brought on by her incredibly excited state. "F,F,Fuck..." Nerys stammered overcome with passion.

Not for a moment, though, did Jadzia suspend her tongue's ministrations. Even as they continued, she raised her hand up and extended a long middle finger to gently press against the opening of Nerys' pussy. Almost instantly the finger slid into the others tight sex, so wet was it from her tantalizing tongue. As she began to slide it back and forth seeking the point that provided the greatest stimulation, Nerys began to cry out "Dax...Dax...oh Prophets yes....oh yes.....oh!!!"

Jadzia increased the oscillation of her tongue over her new lovers erect clit even as Nerys' hips began bucking frenetically, determined to maximize the others pleasure. She was instantly rewarded.

"Oh yes, yes, Jadzia...I'm...I'm coming!!! Fuucckkkkk!!! Oh Fuck meee!!" Kira's hands clenched in Dax's hair rubbing her exploding clit hard into the other womans mouth. "Uhhhh yessss!!!!!!" she cried her orgasm bursting within her like an exploding sun.

For a long moment Kira stood transfixed, her hips high in the air clutching the trill's mouth to her sex. Then her limbs twitching she began to lower herself to the ground. Dax slid up along the others body, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. Jadzia's face still slick with the dampness from Nerys' sopping wet pussy. As the pleasure seeped into the bajoran's limbs their kiss became languid and slow, every swirl of their tongues drawing out the pleasure of the moment. Quickly however Nerys became aware of a trembling in the long limbed body in her arms, like that of a racehorse at the gate. Her eyes opened to stare into Jadzia's and she could see the passion which dwelt there.

" want me to...." Nerys began haltingly.

Dax's brown eyes seemed to swell with need. "Please...." was the only thing to escape the Trill's lips.

A crooked smile came to Nerys' face and her dimples appeared. "Climb on top of my face." she said "and let me taste you."

A quiet outrush of breath was Jadzia's only reply as she moved to straddle the pale body lying beside her.

As Jadzia placed her knees on either side of her Kira leaned up to place her mouth on the other womans nipple. A murmur of pleasure escaped the trill's lips as she cradled Kira's head in one arm, the flickering tongue of the other woman sending an electric jolt of pleasure form her sensitive nipple to somewhere deep inside her. "Nerys..." she whispered "Nerys..." The redheads hand snaked down between Jadzia's legs and came to rest on the other woman's sex. With a shock Nerys realized that Dax was so excited the evidence of her passion was literally dripping down her thighs. With a gentle pressure she motioned the other woman higher, leaving a trail of kisses along her stomach. As the woman's brown-fringed cunny hove into view Nerys licked her lips wetly in anticipation.

Jadzia slid forward as Kira slipped her arms beneath her and brought them up to cradle the trill's spotted ass in her hands. Planting one last kiss on Jadzia's belly just below her symbiont's entry Nerys' eyes stared at the beautiful near-naked cunt before her. The light fringe of downy chestnut hair concealed none of it from view. It's length was a line of smooth perfection, without defect from it's base all the way up to the engorged clit at it's apex. In the soft blue light the sheen from its moisture shimmering all the way down the inside of the woman's thighs. "Your beautiful." Nerys whispered and raised her head to place her mouth upon it.

Softly she placed her entire mouth over the top of Jadzia's cunt, marveling at how much the taste alone thrilled her. Snaking out her tongue she slid it slowly into the wetly yielding sex. An incoherent groan of pleasure escaped Jadzia's lips and the trill raised a hand to tease her own nipple between her fingers. Emboldened by her success Nerys pushed her tongue deeper into the other woman and began to thrust it in and out. For an instant an image flashed impulsively through her mind of her and Jadzia as they were now naked and writhing only in her mind she imagined them in the middle of Ops with everyone watching them. To her surprise this only escalated her passion and she increased the pace of her tongue even as she snaked one hand down along her body to her sex sheened crimson curls.

Jadzia was writhing her hips now and moaning in synch with her gyrations. She had imagined this moment often, alone in her quarters masturbating, but she was realizing it now with an order of sensation she never thought possible. The soft grinding of Nerys' teeth on her clit and the probing of her tongue were beginning to send wave after wave of escalating pleasure through her. Her passion overcoming her she began to speak, "Nerys...oh Nerys...I wanted you so much....".

Beneath her grinding hips the subject of her cries was begining to writhe herself as she plunged two sex-slickened fingers in and out of her own pussy. She moaned into Jadzia's wetness never losing her rhythm as the two women neared their climax.

"Nerys, Nerys!!!...Yes oh yes...of Fuck Yesss!!!" Jadzia shouted even as the moans of the bajoran peaked within he quivering pussy. With frenzied gyrations both women climaxed at once Dax trembling uncontrollably as she ground her sex into her lovers mouth, Kira's moans of ecstasy vibrating through her sensitized clit. Exhausted and shaking Jadzia managed to roll off of her pale lovers face and weakly they fell into each others arms, sinking into a loving embrace.

For a long time they remained that way, locked in a loving embrace. After several languid minutes of slow kisses and caresses their passion subsided slowly into a warm close joy.

"So..." Nerys said at last breaking their smiling silence. "This is how you wanted to teach me about men....?" Together they laughed.

"Well..." Jadzia began "not exactly. What I wanted to show you is something I learned here." She gestured at their beautiful surroundings. "When Sarah brought me here, and we made love, she was teaching me something, something that I had forgotten." Her face looked serious for a moment. "When we came to this place, I had been alive for over 200 years, the Dax part of me had I mean, and I had gotten very, very bored. I was sure I had seen and done it all. Then Sarah brought Anlo here and she taught me that there are allways new things, allways new places." She turned to look deep into Nerys' eyes. "Life is a series of frontiers, my love. I just wanted to show you one."

"Thank you" Nerys said her eyes wet with tears "Thank you for showing me a new frontier." She was quiet for a moment, then she laughed "You really are amazing Dax, I can't really understand what you are. It is amazing to me that I am laying here in your arms in a facsimile of a place where you, as a man, made love to a woman named Sarah over a century ago...." At this Dax smiled.

"What," she asked "made you think that Anlo Dax was MALE?"

The End


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