The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Enemies, Allies, Lovers (MF,MMF,oral,voy)
by CTsotsora ([email protected])

The Cardassians were back. They were allies with the Dominion and the
government of Bajor had an agreement with them. Dukat walked to the
observation deck of Terok Nor and looked at the Bajorans who were working
there. As he saw Kira Nerys his face lightens up. He had a secret, her
mother was his mistress back then when they occupied Bajor. He walked to
his office and enjoyed the feeling of being the boss was giving him.

Few hours later Kira's shift was over and she left the Ops. He followed her
into the turbo lift smiling at her. She felt very uncomfortable. She knew how
bad Dukat treated Bajorans who fight for freedom and having to call him an
ally was a little too much for her. She hoped to get away at the end of her
shift and now he was on the same turbo lift.

Dukat: Well Nerys? What do you think of our first day together?

She looked at him stunned.

Kira: You know what I am thinking of you! Don't you ever turn your back on

Dukat: Why? We could have a lot of fun together! We have more in common than
you imagine!

The turbo lift stopped at her level and she was happy to get out. He grabbed
her arm and tried to kiss her! She pushed him away. She was ready to fight!
He laughed. He pulled a data crystal from his pocket and handed over to her.

Dukat: Here's something to change your mood!

Kira: What is it? One of you sick programs?

Dukat: No! Just a report I want you to see!

She took it and walked away. She entered her apartment and left the crystal
to the table. Then she walked to the bathroom scattering her uniform on her
way. She was naked when she entered the bathroom; she peed and then got under
the shower letting the hot water wash the same she felt from working with her

After a half hour she stepped out. She started to dry her body with a big
towel. She was feeling much better. She was happy that the Cardasians had
already replaced the sonic shower of the federation with water showers. She
stopped and thought again. She was happy for something that the Cardasians
did? She laughed with her.

'Do I really look so easy to manipulate? I am getting weak!' She thought and
dropped the towel away.

She walked to the living room completely naked (!) and sat at the couch. She
remembered the crystal and took it in her hand.

Kira: What could that be?

She went to the computer terminal. She inserted the crystal and pressed play.
Suddenly her mother comes to view! It was a message from her mother!

'But how? She died years ago!' She thought.

Then she heard what she was saying. Love words. Love words to Dukat! Nerys
felt sick. Her mother with a Cardassian? With Dukat? Could that be possible?
She knew she died in a camp! And now this? She stopped the message and ran to
the bathroom. She puked and cried the whole night and next day.

Sometime the next afternoon someone hit the door bell. She opened up. It was
Dukat. She let him in without noticing the look at his face. Eyes wide open,
jaws dropped down. Naturally, she was still naked! She turned around looking
to the wormhole through her window.

Kira: I dont know why my mother choose that life but you never going to have
me! She said angry.<<

Dukat: Nerys...

Kira: Don't call me that! We are not friends! We are never going to be

Suddenly she noticed her reflection on the window glass. She looked panicked
looking around trying to find something to cover her body and she also looked
at him. 'Would he attack me now?' She thought scared. She had heard rumors
about women who have been brutally raped by Cardis.

Dukat: I was trying to tell you that you are naked but you are so angry with
what your mother did that you didn't heard me!

He laughed and gave her a towel.

Dukat: I promise I will not touch you but you will hear me.

Kira: Okay, what do you have to say, not that I am going to believe anything
YOU say!

They sat to the opposite sides of the room facing each other and with the
table between them as a barrier who could stop him if he wanted to try
something. He started to talk about Nerys' mother with details that scared
her. How was it possible that her mother opened her heart to that beast? She
felt sorry for her father who was loyal all the years.

Dukat: Everything your mother did, she did it for her children! It was the
only way to insure their survival! She also had luck that she found someone
who really cared for her. ME!

Dukat finished his speech and walked to her. She didnt move. He pulled the
towel away and fondled her left breast. Nerys closed her eyes and opened her
lips. As he pinched her nipple she moaned. He smiled.

Dukat: Nerys, are you sure about it?

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

Kira: No.

He pulled his hands away and walked away. Before the door close behind him
he turned around.

Dukat: Nerys? Never forget that your mother loved you!

Nerys walked to the computer terminal and watched her mother's message again
and again.

The next day she walked to the Ops like nothing had happened. Dukat took a
short view of her and returned to his office. After her shift Nerys paid one
Cardasian to give her access to the main computer. She make some research
around Dukat's past. She found out that he didn't have many women in his
life. Her mother was one of his longest relationships.

She was thinking about it the whole afternoon. Suddenly she caught herself
thinking of Dukat and rubbing her pussy! She was shocked! She ran to the
shower and let cold water run over her body soaking her clothes. She regained
some control and took them off and entered the shower again. This time she
turned on the hot water since she was shivering. The thoughts came back and
Nerys started to fondle her breasts with her left hand while her right slid
between her legs. She started to finger her pussy getting higher and higher.

Suddenly she heard a cough. She opened her eyes and jump up scared looking at
the invader. Dukat! He had access to all areas! Nerys opened the glass door
of the shower and invited him in. He was already naked.

Dukat: I beamed directly from my room. Nobody saw me.

She didn't answered she just raised at her toes tips and kissed him! He
placed his hands on her waist pulling her even higher and they kissed again.
Their tongues explore each others mouth. He felt her hard nipples scratching
his chest and she felt his hard raw cock on her inner thigh. She wrapped her
legs around his waist. She wanted him right there! He let her slowly down
impaling her on his member. She let her head fall back and let a loud groan
escape from her lips. He had filled her up like no one before!

He pressed her back on the shower wall and started to pump his cock in and
out in a frenzy race. Nerys who was already very excited from her own
fingering came violently and she was screaming his name! He smiled and kept
pumping her until she came again. And again. And again!

He pulled his cock out and Nerys slid to the floor. Her knees were too weak
to keep her standing. He slapped her across the face with his cock. She
opened her eyes and smiled at him before taking his cock in her mouth. She
started to suck and it was Dukat's turn to groan. Nerys tasted her own juices
on his shaft and she liked it. She started to suck and lick faster and

Suddenly he started to scream their names. Nerys and hers mothers! She felt
his cock spurting sperm down her throat and tried to swallow but it was too
much. It filled her mouth and started to run down her chin to her neck and
her breasts. He pulled his cock out and load after load he covered her face
with his sperm. It was thicker them human thats way the water couldn't wash
it away immediately. When he stopped cumming Nerys wrapped her lips around
his cock head and sucked the last remaining out. Then she cleaned his shaft
with her skilled tongue.

He helped her up and washed her face and used a towel to dry her. Then he
carried her to the bed. She fell asleep curled in his strong arms. The towel
started to change. It was a small insect now who flew away through the
ventilation system.

Few levels away the insect transformed in to Odo. A terrible scream shuddered
the station as he let his anger out. His so beloved Nerys had give up to the

Nerys woke up the next morning feeling lips sucking on her nipples.

Kira: Mmmm Dukat!

His hand slid between her legs and he started to rub and fingering her pussy.
She reached out and grabs his hard rock shaft. They looked each other in the

Dukat: Oh, Nerys! I want you so much!

She pushed him on his back and sat on his belly. She kissed him in the lips
and slid slowly down kissing his neck and his chest. She felt his cock
poking her ass cheeks and reached behind her. She grabs the cock and guided
it to her wet entrance. Once more it slid downwards and he was inside her
again! They both groaned and started to move in unison driving his cock
deeper and deeper inside her. Faster and faster.

He took hold of her left breast and bites the nipple; his other hand grabbed
her round ass cheek while his middle finger probed her anal passage! Nerys
groaned and an orgasm shuddered her body. Dukat came too splashing his sperm
in the walls of her pussy!

They took deep breathes looking each other in the eyes. She felt his finger
was still in her ass and clenched her muscles. Dukat shoved a second one in.
She closed her eyes.

Dukat: Do you want it Nerys?

She just nodded yes and rolled over away from him going on all fours. Dukat
rises and knees behind her. He spread her ass chicks and started to lick her
anus. Nerys groaned and pressed her ass on his face. His tongue soft and raw
gives her unknowing pleasure and she came again, wildly!

He sweeps her juices over her ass and his cock and put it in her ass crack.
He slid it up and down making her shiver and move her ass closer to him. He
took his cock in the hand and placed the head on her back entry.

Dukat: I dont want to hurt you, I'll do it slowly!

His hands held tight to her hips. She let a deep breath out and nodded. She
was happy that he will be careful. Suddenly pain tore through her body. He
had shoved his cock in! All in one thrust! Her mouth gapped wide open but no
sound came out! Tears run down her eyes. He pulled out and thrust forwards
again! He lean forwards and whisper in her ear.

Dukat: I am sorry for the pain, its inventible but that way is faster over!

And thrust again! After a few thrusts Nerys was able to let sounds from her.
Pleasure sounds! She moaned and groaned in every thrust of his massive cock
in her ass. She had tried to rub her clit, lost balance and fall face first
on the pillows. Dukat leaned forward and fondled her breasts; she shoved
three fingers in her pussy and moaned louder and louder. They both came at
the same time letting loud groans and calling each others name.

He shoots his load deep into her bowels and her juices run down her tights
and soaked the sheets. Dukat pulled out of her ass with a loud popping sound
and watched as his sperm runs out of her gapping hole to be mixed with her
juices. He fall breathless next to her and she let her body fall laying belly
down on the soaked sheets. They kissed and laughed to each other.

Dukat: One week ago we were enemies.

Kira: One week? Two days ago I was making plans to kill you Dukat!

Dukat: Really? What plan did you choose?

Kira: Fuck you until you asked for mercy!

Ducat turns serious and placed his hand on her head. He pressed her downward
and few moments later Nerys was licking his cock clean.

Dukat: You know I love you Nerys. But you also know that I am the Gul and I
have to keep my face upon my soldiers.

Kira: I know, I love you too. Who can I help you keeping your face?

Dukat: Its very difficult, if you don't want to that will be our first and
last night!

Kira: What do I have to do?

Dukat: Nobody should ever find out that we are lovers, they must think you
are a whore!

Kira: Would you still love me? Whatever I do?

Dukat: Always! You know I keep my word!

Kira: Okay then! I do it!

Dukat: Thank you!

He kissed her.

Ten minutes later he was dressed up and leaved her room. Nerys took a shower
and started to dress when someone knocked at her door. She opened up and saw
two Cardassian officers with latinum in their hands. She let them in. Five
minutes later she was on her knees alternatively sucking their cocks! Kira
Nerys, ex-resistance fighter, Bajoran officer and enemy of Cardassia had
become a Cardassian whore!

In a dark office a former friend and security chief cried out his


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