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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine Year 2 Part 6
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

The reunion had been short and sweet.

Clara and Neela both worn down by their experiences during their captivity
and escape had been welcomed by their Vulcan companion and had quickly
succumbed to sleep.

But that misadventure was a long time past. Now over three months later there
was a new plan. Two Maquis strikes at once. One by Cal Hudson and another by
ten Maquis ships on an isolated station just inside the Cardassian border.
Officially it was a research station in reality it was thought to be a
forward observation point to be used for an incursion into the demilitarized
zone. The Maquis were going to destroy this outpost.

Neela sat in the captured Starfleet shuttle she and Clara had used to escape
the Starship Warden when captured. The small vessel was a lot more cramped
as space was taken up by extra weapon control equipment to manage the extra
phaser banks and the photon launchers.

She felt Clara fidgit in her seat at this new console and smiled in sympathy.
Turning she saw her Vulcan lover's face impassive as usual.

"No not quite impassive" she thought. There was a definate hint of tension on
the Vulcans face.

The ships were about to drop out of warp at the station and all was according
to pland. Neela smiled these attacks would put the Maquis firmly in their

All ten ships dropped out of warp and formed up for the first attack.

"Wave one prepare to got" Neela said "Wave two stand by."

"Lets go" she said after a pause.

Flanked by four fighter's the shuttle dow towards the station.

"Weapons locked" Clara said.

"Sensors detect their shields are up. There seems to be some interference"
the Vulcan said frowning.

"Cause?" Neela asked

"All ships its a trap" A voice screamed.

"Break off attack" Neela said "Whats going on?"

"Got it. Ten Galor class warships are closing."

"They must have used some sort of dampening field" Clara shouted.

The ship jolted and all three were thrown forward in their seats as the
inertial dampners failed to fully compensate.

"Tractor beam" T'Nal announced.

"Target the source and destory it. All ships get out of here."

The second wave of ships kept in formation as they drove towards two Galors
penning them in. The fire fight was brutal and short. Fire rippled accross a
Cardassian ship as it took the full brunto of the five vessels simultaneous
attacks. The secnde Galor unscathed destroyed one Maquis ship and captured
another in a tractor beam before turning its weapons on it. The remaining
three ships went to warp. The Galor turned to follow.

"Our shields are out" T'Nal said.


"We've damaged their shields and tow tractor emitters but they still have

"Our other ships?"

"Three escaped but were pursued. Two destroyed. The others scattered."

"One Galor seems disabled and three have left to pursue escaped ships." T'Nal

"That only leaves six for us then" Clara said.

"Better take it easy on them then" Neela said laughing.

"Ship decloaking." T'Nal said.

"It's a Romulan Warbird" Neela said in shock.

"There's more. The Cardassian's are turning to engage." T'Nal reported.

An explosion flare in the distance.

"A Maquis ship has rammed a Cardassian vessel destroying both" T'Nal

"That'll be Miller, he always was a little unhinged" Clara said.

Another jolt struck the shuttle.

"Were free" Neela shouted as she slammed the engines to full.

Before she could pull away the whine of a tranporter beam sounded in the

"Not again" Neela screamed as all three vanished.

As she rematerialised neela moved into a standing position. Finding herself
facing a wall she spun rount to see a Romulan facing her.

"I am Commander Sela. You are Neela. Former engineer's assistant of Deep
Space Nine. Involved in a plot ot kill Vedek Beriel for which you are wanted
by Federation and Bajoran authorities. Member of the Maquis and lets not
forget Cardassian agent."

Neela stood shocked for a moment.

"What the....Cardassian agent? How in the name of the prophets did you work
that one out!"

"The Tal Shiar is quite effective."

"Not that effective if they came up with that one." Neela said scorn evident.

"We shall see. Why else would you lead a substantial Maquis force into an

"Sub Commander Rakal join us at your convienence" Sela said to the com panel
in the wall."

"Your interrogation will be most interesting" she said with and evil smile.

After a short wait while Sela stood with a smug expression on her face the
door to the room opened and a familiar face walked in.

Neela stared dumbfounded at her lover clad in a Romulan uniform.

"Hello lover" she said before crossing to Sela and kissing her passionately.

"Why you...arg" Neela shout turned to a scream of pain as she boundced of the
forcefield of her cell.

"Neela darling you'll get to play later" Rakal said.

"You see the Cardassians aren't the only one's with agents in the Maquis. We
wanted to know both sides plans so we planted Rakal here."

"I'm not a Cardassian agent." Neela screamed.

"We shall see when Rakal debriefs you" Sela said "Now if you will excuse us
I have been without my lover's touch for a long time."

Neela bounced off the forcefield again as the two romulan's left the room arm
in arm.

The two entered Sela's quarters.

"I've missed you" Sela said tenderly as she stripped off her uniform.

"Now on your knee's and eat me" she siad sharply.

"Of course Commander" Rakal said without hesitation.

She stripped herself quickly and took her place infront of the blonde
Romulan. Looking up into Sela's eyes she felt a shiver of pleasure at the
desire she saw burn in them.

Extending her tongue she tasted her lover's hot cunt and found to her delight
it was already wet. She had half feared Sela would have replaced her and was
relieved to find that her lover seemed to really care. With a tingle running
through her own cunt Rakal went to work on Sela's hot pussy.

Sela threw her head back and let out a moan of satisfaction. She had missed
Rakal's tongue at her slit whilst she was undercover.

Sela started groping her tits as she felt her orgasm rapidly approaching.
Rakal's enthusiastic devouring of her cunt was overwhelming Sela's senses.
Sela screamed as she came covering Rakals face with her juices. As Rakal
moved back slightly Sela collapsed to her kneeds and locked ther into a
passionate kiss tasting the results of Rakal's efforts on her lips.

"I've missed you Rakal," whispered as they broke their kiss. Sela smiled
warmaly at Rakal, a far cry from the ice bitch leader who only ever showed
anger as an emotion.

The two kissed again as their hands ran over each other cupiing tits and
tracing curves as they rediscovered each others bodies. Rakal leaned back as
Sela trailed a line of kisses down her throat to her chest where she latched
onto Rakal's nipple nibbling at it before gently sucking at the tit. Her hand
came up to grope the other as Raka moaned in pleasure.

"So good" Rakal gasped as Sela bit down once more before resuming her

A contented sight escaped Rakal as Sela slid two fingers into her cunt. The
added stimulation was all Rakal needed after her reuniting with Sela. The
Romulan spy shuddered as she climaxed.

The two lovers slumped into each others arms stroking each others faces as
they gazed at on another.

"That bitch I'll kill her" Neela screamed.

That would be a good trick" Clara said calmly.

An inarticulate shout of rage signaled neelas release of frustration as she
slammed her fist into the wall.

"Shit." she said grimacing as the pain flared through her arm.

"That was clever" Clara said "I hope your not planning on punching your way
out of here."

Neela wheeled round to face Clara. Her expression of pure rage softened and
then turned to a blush as she saw the mischevious grin on Clara's face.

"Yeah thats not gonna work" she said still nursing her damaged fist.

"Any good ideas?" Clara asked.

"Not a one. You?

"I'm working on something" Clara said smiling.

"Want to tell me?"

"Not yet."

"Well I hope you get there before they start the interogations" Neela said.

"I get the feeling that things will happen soon."

Neela looked at her companion who still sat with a gentle smile on her
face. There was no sign of nervousness. Another puzzle Neela thought. Still
cradleing her hand she turned and started pacing back and forth.

Switch to bridge

"Sir I have detected a signal. It appears to have originated from the brig."
A Romulan officer reported to the Sub Commander.

"Damn" the Sub Commander thought before gathering himself. Checking the time
he issued his orders.

"Send two guards to escort the prisoners to the bridge."

"Shall I alert the Commander?" the sensor operator asked.

"No I will inform her myself. Infact have two guards meet me in the brig I'll
deal with this myself."

Interior of Brig

Both women looked up as the doors opened and the Romulan Sub Commander
entered flanked by two guards one holding a disruptor and the other a Romulan

"That one" the one with the tricorder said pointing to Clara.

"You are carrying some form of signaling device. Hand it over" The Sub
Commander siad deactivating the force field to the cell.

"Damn" Clara said reaching into her clothing and pulling out a device.

The Sub Commander took the device and examined it his eyebrows raising in

"This is a Starfleet communicator. How did it go undetected?"

"Its power source is modified to lower its detectability. Unfortately this
makes it last for a shorter time. As for why I still have it, I was never

The Sub Commander turned to the Romulan with the disruptor. "Why not?"

"Commander Sela ordered they were to be left alone and no one was to enter
but her." he said ashen faced.

The Sub Commander turned and smiled at Clara.

"Thank you. You have been most helpful."

With the forcefields back in place the three Romulans left the brig.

Sela's quarters interior

Sela and Raka reclined on the bed as the door to the room opened and the Sub
Commander strode in.

Both Romulan women gasped in shock.

"Explain this intrusion" Sela shouted.

"Commander Sela I am placing you under arrest for commiting unnatural acts
with a member of the same sex. I am also relieving you dure to incompetence
likely to cause risk to this ship or its crew."

Rakal leaped at the Sub Commander who motioned to his companions. Two beams
lanced out and Rakal vanished.

"Did I forget to tell you to set for stun?" the Sub Commander said.

"Oh well. Your turn Commander."

He drew his own disruptor and fired.

Sela screamed and slumped over.

"Damn. Set on stun. Oh well take her to the brig."

The Bridge

Two hours later...

The Sub Commander sat on the bridge watching his command.

"Well for a few more minutes" he thought.

"Sir we are detecting three ships ahead." the scanner operator said.

"On screen. Bring us out of warp."

On the view screen the starscape changed to three starships in loose

"Starfleet!" The tactical officer exclaimed.

"Stay calm. Keep us at impulse till we pass them." The Sub Commander ordered.

Moving over to a terminal he started to enter commands.

"Sir detecting a tranport. The prisoners are gone" someone shouted.

"I know" he muttered hitting a last key and then vanishing himself.

Interior Bridge Starfleet Vessel

"Raise shields." The Captain shouted.

"We are getting a signal from the transponder." the tactical officer

"Lock weapons prepart to fire." the Captain ordered.

"Sucessful mission Commander?" the Captain asked the Romulan Sub Commander.

"Aye sire we found the Romulan agent int the Maquis. She was gathering info
from ex officers and passing it on to her contact."

"Unfortunately she was killed by security on the Warbird." he added.

"She's dead! Good." Neela said causing them to turn to her and Clara.

"Two Maquis sir, members of the spies cell."

"I guess your not going to be happy about being under arrest." The Captain
said as two officers approached.

"Better Starfleet than Romulans" Clara said.

"Sir the Warbird is moving off. Heading for the Neutral zone."

"Let them go, our job is complete. Commander would you like to go to sickbay
and get your appearance restored. Lt Cmdr escort our prisoners to the brig."

Neela sighed as she was lead away. "Some sense of humour the prophets had"
she thought.

"We've got out of Starfleets grip before" Clara wishpered as the two were
hustled into the turbolift.


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