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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine Year 2 Part 4
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Jake Sisko was bored. He had been watching the racket ball game between Chief
O'Brien and Dr. Bashir till they cut off the signal. Now he was in one of
Quark's holosuites trying to find something to do. His usual baseball program
just wasn't cutting it. Since his encounter with Mrs O'Brien and Nog he had
hoped for a repeat. However his access to the drug had been cut off. This had
left him with only his memories to go over again and again.

"Time to try again" he thought.

Recently Nog had been borrowing his uncle's security access rods and the
pair had tried to access Kieko's station file. With it they could create a
holoprogramme of her to entertain themselves.

Nog had managed to acquire another access rod during the build up to the
racket ball game. Unfortunately said game had forced Nog to work.

Unknown to Jake the uncanny luck that had afflicted the game was about to
bless him.

"Computer recognize access code" Jake said.

"Code recognized. Enter command."

"Display station files subject Kieko O'Brien."

"Unable to comply. Due to computer maintenance file library is off line.
Please enter memory location to access files."

"Damn" Jake exclaimed slamming his fist down on the controls.

A beeping caused him to nervously glance down but no damage was apparent.

However he did seem to have entered a few digits.

"Why not?" he thought "Lets see what file comes up."

With that he entered a memory number and crossed his fingers before
submitting it.

"Working" The computer intoned.

Jake looked at the screen worry creeping in to his mind as the seconds
dragged on.

"File located."

Jake exhaled loudly "On screen."

For almost a full minute Jake stood staring at the screen mouth hanging open.

The title at the top of the file was Personnel file and the next line was:

Name: Kira Nerys
Rank: Major

"Computer can you create an accurate representation of Major Kira form the
information in this file?"


"Then proceed. Incorporate psychological information."

"Jake how are you?"

Jake turned to see Major Kira in the centre of the room. An apology was
almost on his lips before he realised he had succeeded.

"This is as good as Mrs O'Brien if not better" he thought.

"Fine Major" he said.

"Why are we in a holosuite? I hate these things." she asked.

"Computer freeze programme" Jake ordered.

"Now to the tough part" he thought as he entered commands into the console.

Luck was yet again with the station commanders son. Ten minutes passed during
which he managed to access the files he needed and programme the variables.

"Okay lets try it out. Computer save current settings as programme Sisko, J
School work backup" he said hoping his father wouldn't look at the file.

"Start programme Sisko, J School work backup."

Suddenly he appeared in the cockpit of a runabout sitting at the controls he
checked them over. Fortunately he had programmed the ship to do the work all
he had to do right now was issue orders.

"Computer status report" Jake said.

"We are on an intercept course with enemy vessel. Thirty seconds to weapon

"Scan enemy Vessel and report. Lock weapons on shields and weapons only."

"This is fun" he thought.

"Four life signs on board. Their weapons and shields are powered up."

"Identify life signs. Prepare to fire on my order."

"Three Cardassian and one Bajoran on board enemy vessel."

The seconds ticked away until the computer broke the silence. "Weapons now in

"Fire" Jake shouted eagerly.

The phasers lanced out striking the enemy vessel. It's shields lit up as the
beam bored into them till they shimmered and a puff of smoke indicated the
generators demise.

"They are coming about" The computer reported

Suddenly beams lashed out striking the Runabout.

"Evasive Manouvers pattern delta" Jake said as he was almost thrown from his

The Runabout veered off and both ships started to turn.

"Target weapons and fire" Jake said as the two ships turned to face each

Scarlet beams lanced out from both ships

The console next to Jake exploded as the shields fell. However without it's
shields to protect it the enemies beams were cut off as its weapons array was

"Status of enemy vessel?" Jake asked.

"Shields out. Weapons out. Minor damage to secondary systems and hull."

"Target engines and fire."

Once again the scarlet beams struck their target and this time a larger
explosion rocked the enemy ship.

"Scan for life signs."

"Three life signs detected."

"Identify" Jake said praying he hadn't made a mistake.

"Two Cardassian and one Bajoran."

"Lock onto the Bajoran and beam it aboard."

"Unable to comply due to radiation interference."

"Damn. Theorise is there anyway to achieve a lock on and beam the Bajoran
over here?"

"If a combadge was used the signal could be locked onto."

"Lets try something else. Open a channel Audio only."

"Channel open."

"I hope this works" Jake thought.

"This is Captain Jake Sisko Starfleet. You have a Bajoran captive onboard I
demand you hand her over."

"Negative. We will not hand over our prisoner."

"I have my weapons locked on you" Jake said.

"Then fire. You will kill her as well. We know you can't beam her off and you
won't board as we out number you."

"I can wait for assistance." Jake said.

"So can we. Your closest help is three hours away ours is only one."

"You haven't sent any signal and you won't be" Jake said cutting of the link.

"Computer jam subspace communications."

He then got up and went to the weapons store and drew a phaser before
pocketing a com badge.

"I need a distraction" he thought.

The Cardassians turned to the corner of the bridge as they heard the whine
from a transporter beam.

Another whine sounded and they hesitated before realising the trap.

Jake fired striking one Cardassian backward into the boxes he had beamed
over. Before he could target the other one he was back handed and his phaser
flew away.

"A human child" the Cardassian scoffed.

"Yeah well I got the two of you." Jake said mockingly.

"Why you...I'll teach you a lesson about us you'll never forget."

The Cardassian grabbed Jake and slammed him into the wall.

"You can't win" The Cardassian said "You'll suffer."

"Bet?" Jake said.

The Cardassian felt something touch his side.

"Now" Jake shouted causing the Cardassian to drop him.

The whine of the transporter sounded again as the Cardassian vanished.

"Great programme" Jake said grabbing the Cardassians disruptor from the

He made his way quickly to the hold but found the door locked.

"Major" he shouted.

"Jake?" he heard her ask.

"Stand clear of the door" he said as he set the disruptor to maximum and
fired till the door dissolved.

Kira stumbled out and Jake threw away the disruptor as she hugged him

"Come on to the bridge" Jake said breaking away as he felt his cock harden.

Once there he contacted the Runabout.

"Computer can you lock on to the Major now?"


"Beam us back."

They materialised.

"Plot course to the station and engage at maximum warp" Jake said.

"Course laid in and engaged" The computer responded.

"I'll be in the back" Jake said.

"Why not stay here?" Kira asked as she took her uniform top off.

Underneath instead of the standard uniform vest she had a tiny bikini top
that barely covered any of her large tits. It was amazing that they didn't
burst free.

Jake collapsed into a seat and watched as Kira shed her trousers revealing
an almost see through white thong that was already looking wet.

"Great programme" Jake thought again.

His own trousers were getting uncomfortable as his cock hardened at the sight
of Kira.

He raised his eyes taking in her large breasts again before looking into her
smiling face.

She nodded at his crotch "I see you like the view."

He could only nod amazed at the realism the computer had installed. He could
almost believe she was really Kira.

"Thanks for rescuing me Jake. I hate to think what could have happened."

"You know I think you deserve a reward."

"I think I do Major" Jake said overcoming his awe. And I think I'll take it."

He stood and grabbed the bikini top and pulled sharply causing it to rip
spilling her large tits. The air on her nipples caused them to harden and
Kira let out a gentle moan.

"Nice tits. Now lets see the rest" Jake said his eyes roaming over Kira's

"Of course" Kira said meekly.

"Of course what?" Jake said.

"I don't understand" Kira said confusion creasing her face.

"You will call me sir. Understand slut?"

She lowered her head as she answered "Yes sir."

"Now get that thong off."

"Yes sir" she said removing and discarding the flimsy garment.

Her shaven cunt took him by surprise. His father's logs had never mentioned
that little detail. However he did say she was fantastic cock sucker.

He sat back down "Now Major. Get over here and pull my dick out. Then you can
suck it."

The holo Kira's eyes lit up as she stepped forward and kneeled in front of

Jake moaned as she slowly undid his trousers and pulled his hardening cock
out. He struggled not to blow his load as she slowly stroked his cock before
lowering her mouth and running her tongue over the tip.

"Oh Fuck!" Jake exclaimed as she closed her mouth over the head of his cock.
Placing her hands on him holding him down as she slowly slid her mouth
further down his cock.

It was exquisite torture as she slowly engulfed his hard cock as he sat
unable to move.

After what seemed an eternity to Jake she finally reached the base of his
cock and slowly withdrew her mouth.

"Shit." Jake exclaimed as he came, shooting a spurt of cum into her face
before she quickly engulfed him and started to gulp down his cum.

As the last bit of cum slid down her throat Kira looked up at Jake as she
scooped the cum off her face and then replace his cock with her cum covered
fingers sucking eagerly.

As she did this Jake's cock returned to full hardness. He sat awe struck his
dominant persona forgotten.

Kira just grinned as she straddled him and sank down upon his hard cock. She
paused adjusting to the feel of his hard cock before slowly starting to fuck

She slid up and down on his cock moving faster and faster.

Jake could only sit back and marvel at the sight of Kira bouncing up and down
on his cock her large tits flailing wildly. He was about to reach for them
when she beat him to it. She leaned back slightly giving him a better view as
she groped her tits pinching her nipples.

Jake groaned again and again as Kira's wet cunt slid up and down his rock
hard cock. The sight of her mauling her own tits driving him wild.

"Oh man so good" Jake said gasping.

Kira grinned at him before leaning forward a smothering him with her tits
whilst grabbing his head and holding him to her.

"That's it Sir. Fuck me" she moaned.

She let Jake's head go and moaned again as he started to suck at her tits.

"Finish me off sir" Kira said as she slid off his cock and leaned over the
runabout console. She pressed a few buttons disabling the controls before
pressing against them her legs apart as she waited.

Jake stood up admiring the view of Kira's ass as she lay bent over.

"I'm gonna have some of that ass" he thought.

Moving overs he grasped her hips and drove his cock into her wet cunt
thrusting deep into her.

"Take it slut" he said regaining his confidence in this dominant position.

"Yes sir fuck me hard" she moaned at him as he started to pound her hot cunt.

She was rapidly approaching orgasm as she felt his cock drilling deep into
her. Filling her hot cunt.

"So feeling good" Jake said before slapping her ass.

"Oh prophets" Kira exclaimed as she was overcome with pleasure. The pain
setting off her orgasm and causing her to scream in ecstasy.

Jake felt her cunt clamping around his cock as he held his position with his
cock buried all the way in her. He felt her slump as she relaxed after her
orgasm subsided. Knowing he was closed to cumming Jake withdrew his cock
which was glistening with Kira's cum.

Kira lay oblivious as he eyed up her ass again before he made his move.

Kira's eyes opened sharply as she felt Jakes cock penetrate her ass. His hard
cock kept going deeper and deeper into her ass.

"So tight" Jake groaned almost cumming form the sensation of her ass wrapped
around his cock.

Slowly he withdrew his cock and started to pump away at her ass.

Apart from low moans Kira put up no resistance as Jake pounded her ass. Her
relationship with Commander Sisko had loosened her ass up a bit and made her
more immune to the initial pain.

None of this mattered to Jake as he kept thrusting deeply into her. He felt
himself getting ready to cum and increased his pace.

He yanked his cock loose and aimed at her ass. As his first spurt lanced out
to strike her she disappeared along with everything else leaving only the
holosuite walls and the floor with his strands of fresh cum.

"Computer status of programme Sisko, J School work backup?"

"There is no such programme."

Jake sighed and returned to the console.


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