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Note: A little change of pace for year two. Some of this year (beggining with
this chapter) will focus on Neela and her adventures after D.S.9. But the
main characters shall appear and Year three will be back with them in full

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine Year Two
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Offiers) Part 1
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Neela grimaced in pain as she was dragged through the dark corridors of her
rescue ship wondering if she wouldn’t have been better staying on D.S.9.

Two burly Klingons were on either side of her. One was causing her discomfort
with his vice like grip on her arm as he practically dragged her along.

"The Trill must be insane" Neela thought eyeing her captors/rescuers as they
lead her toward the bridge of what she believed must be a Bird of Prey.

Upon reaching the bridge however she realised it was some sort of freighter.
A look of intense panic flashed on her face.

"Don't worry" A female voice said, "We have a cloak, they can't detect us."

"Good" Neela said trying to sound more confident than she was. "I would hate
to be recaptured so quickly."

The blonde women who had spoken stepped forward. "Your freedom came at a high
price. I hope you can pay for it."

"I know the deal. Miss?" She queried.

"Mareel. I am Verad's friend and organiser for the planned action."

"Where is Verad?" Neela asked defiantly.

"Do you have the information?" Mareel asked calmly.

"I will give it to Verad when I am safe."

Neela was on the floor before she realised the blonde had moved.

"I can repeat the lesson if need be. Or maybe I can allow the Klingon's to
have a little fun" Mareel said as she towered over the fallen Bajoran.

Neela glanced up at Mareel and bit back a retort as she saw her two Klingon
guards close in.

"Now the information. We need everything you know about Deep Space Nine and
it's senior staff. We also want to know about the criminal element" Mareel
said the calmness in her voice unchanged.

"Okay I'll tell you it all. Here are the files on the senior staff." Neela
said removing an isolinear rod from her uniform.

"Thank you, I will have more to ask of you later." Mareel said.

"Take her to quarters and secure her. She is not to be harmed" She ordered
the Klingons.

Grumbling they led Neela away.

The doors clanged shut behind Neela as she surveyed her new quarters.

"I should have stayed on D.S.9." She thought. "At least there accommodations
were clean."

She settled in and tried to meditate but kept returning to thoughts of

"I really need a shower." She thought reminding herself of their encounter.

There was a sonic shower. Nervously she looked around wondering if there was
a surveillance device in this room. Could someone be watching her right now?
Shaking of her well founded fears she started to strip her uniform off.

In her quarters Mareel watched the young Bajoran with interest. The stolen
files lay forgotten as she watched the Bajoran removed her soiled uniform.

Neela entered the shower and felt the refreshing sonic waves strip the sweat
from her body relaxing her. She closed her eyes and sighed for the moment her
problems were forgotten. Memories of O'Brien flitted through her head. At
least she had him before she left. She saddened momentarily at the thought of
never seeing him again. But she quickly brightened. She was free. The future
could contain anything.

She rubbed a hand over her ass causing a slight twinge of pain. She smiled as
the pain faded. O'Brien had been the first to that particular hole and it had
hurt like hell but in a good way. She was sure he wouldn't be the last.

Her hand fell to her cunt and she ran her fingers through the hair before
teasing at the lips. She realised she was wet already, the memory of O'Brien
arousing her. Slowly she slipped a finger into her pussy as she ran through
his seduction in her mind. Soon she was groping her tits and moaning as an
orgasm neared. Her hand slipped away from her breasts and moved to her ass.
Bracing herself she slid another finger into her cunt and then slowly she
slid a finger into her ass.

"Prophets!" She exclaimed as her finger penetrated her ass.

All she could do was hold it there as the sensations overwhelmed her and a
massive orgasm ripped through her. She fell against the wall and slid to the
floor as she removed her fingers.

Mareel sat in her quarters the heat between her legs was intense as she
watched Neela bring herself off.

"She deserves a reward." Mareel thought.

Activating the replicator she created a new outfit for the Bajoran and
transported it to her quarters. As the Bajoran switched of the shower and
exited Mareel opened a com channel.

"This is Mareel I have been reviewing the data you have given us. As a reward
I have sent clothes to your quarters. You may use the sonic shower to clean
up. I apologise for my earlier behaviour. I shall speak to you later. Mareel

Mareel smiled; hopefully the silly little bitch would assume there were no
surveillance devices and give her a few more free shows. Her hand slipped to
her trousers but she stopped herself as she watched Neela dress.

"Play later. Work now" She thought as she cut the link to Neela's room and
resumed looking over the files.

Neela meanwhile had dressed in the outfit supplied and was thankful she
was in good shape. Her flat stomach was revealed and the halter style top
revealed a lot of cleavage. Coupled with an extremely short skirt Neela
knew she was going to get a lot of attention form anyone who saw her.

"Could Mareel like women?" She thought.

It had been along time since Neela had been with a woman. During the
occupation her and another girl at the labour camp had put on a show together
for a group of Cardassians. It had been a last ditch effort to prevent the
bored overseers raping them. It had been successful to an extent. Both Girls
had sucked off a few Cardassians and a load of cum had been dumped on them.
Still considering the alternative they felt lucky.

Neela was shocked to find her cunt getting wet again. Here she was a prisoner
and all she could think of was sex.

"Maybe I can fuck my way out of this." She thought as she started to examine
her quarters for something to help her.

Mareel had finished viewing the files on D.S.9 and was now watching Neela's
masturbation session again. She had opened her top and was feverently groping
her tits as she watched Neela on the screen. It had been a long time since
she had seen Verad and the woman on the screen was affecting her in a serious

Her hand slipped down and lifted her skirt before teasing aside her panties.
Still groping her tit she marvelled at how wet she was.

"I need to have that one." She thought staring at Neela's image as she
slipped a finger into her steaming cunt.

"Oh god yes. Oh that's it. Oh Neela, Neela, Neela more" She moaned as her
finger plunged in and out.

She started pinching her nipples heightening her arousal.

"Of fuck. Its so good" She said as Neela on screen was about to slip a finger
into her own ass.

"Ohh NEELA FUCK ME!!!" Mareel screamed as she came hard.

She lay panting as she watched Neela slump in the shower.

"You will be mine." She vowed to the image on screen.

* * *

Neela lay back on the bed. Boredom was getting to her. She had been in this
room for two days with nothing to do. She smiled, that was not quite true.
Apart from sleep she had spent a lot of time reliving the encounter with
Chief O'Brien. She felt the heat rise in her again as she once more recalled
the sensation of him penetrating her ass. Her hand edged toward her skirt.

The door chime snapped her back to the present.

"Damn." She exclaimed before sliding of the bed.

"Enter." she said.

She cocked an eyebrow when Mareel entered the room.

"Good morning Neela are you comfortable?"

"I was expecting the interrogation to be done by a Klingon" Neela retorted.

"Now Neela I know we got of to a bad start but I am not your enemy. The
information you have provided has checked out as far as we can confirm it.
It will be very useful."

Neela examined Mareel's face looking for some sign of betrayal on her part.

"Thank you" Neela said breaking the silence.

"In fact we may add something extra to your reward. Now you mention a Ferengi
called Quark in your notes. Tell me about him."

As she sat down on a large sofa Neela launched into her story including how
Quark had smuggled the messages that arranged her escape and then gave a run
down of all she knew about what he was involved with.

"If you made it appear as if you were boarding to trade an item he was after
you can be certain of his help." Neela said finishing off.

She was feeling a little flustered. During her story Mareel had been eyeing
her with an almost predatory air. Neela felt herself flush as she imagined
Mareel leaning forward to kiss her. She closed her eyes and tried to calm
herself. For a moment she imagined the sensation of soft lips touching hers.
Her eyes flew open as she realised it wasn't her imagination. Pushing Mareel
back Neela leapt to her feet.

"In the name of the Prophets what are you doing?"

"I thought it was obvious." Mareel said. "Don't tell me you didn't want it.
I know better."

Neela tried to suppress the need in her crotch and maintain her contempt for
this woman. It was difficult however. Mareel was so confident and sure of
herself, arrogantly sure of herself. That had always attracted Neela, which
explained her attraction to Vedek Winn and her desire to do whatever it took
to gain the Vedek's praise.

"Is this my increased reward?" Neela said injecting venom she didn't feel
into the question. "Or will I get more for fucking you?"

"I just thought I'd make your stay more memorable" Mareel said the smug grin
never wavering.

"What makes you think I'd want it?" Neela asked.

"Women's intuition" Mareel said with a little laugh.

Neela's brain was in overdrive. Every fragment of her being was screaming at
her to do this. It could only be to her advantage she told herself.

Mareel sat smiling as Neela leaned in over her and gently placed a kiss on
her lips. Mareel passively kissed back until she felt Neela's tongue invade
her mouth. Then the kiss got more aggressive as both wrestled with their
tongues. Eventually they broke of and Neela pulled Mareel to her feet.

Mareel still had that superior arrogant smile but her eyes smouldered with
barely controlled passion. A zipper ran down the front of Mareel's dress.
Neela slowly tugged the zipper all the way down admiring the flesh it showed.
When it was finally undone the dress opened and Neela admired the sight of
Mareel's exposed flesh.

"No underwear!" Neela exclaimed, "Bit presumptuous?"

"Not at all" Mareel said slipping the dress of her shoulders.

She stood hands on her hips as Neela took in her form. Neela was barely in
control as she devoured Mareel with her eyes. The blonde was stunning. Her
skin looked soft and delicate. Her breasts sagged only fractionally and her
legs were well toned. A small patch of trimmed hair framed her cunt topping
of her beauty. Mareel just stood as Neela stared at her till the Bajoran met
her eyes. Then with another of these self assured smiles Mareel placed her
hands on Neela's shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Neela felt the pressure and allowed herself to be lowered to her knees. A
sense of satisfaction ran through her as she knelt before Mareel.

"Eat me." Mareel said confidence oozing from her.

Neela shivered this was her place, serving a strong mistress. Without a pause
she moved her face forward and started to lick at Mareel's cunt Mareel moaned
as Neela's tongue brushed her cunt. She had watched Neela masturbate several
times and have found her desire for the Bajoran increasing. Now as Neela's
tongue buried itself in her cunt she relished in every sensation.

"Oh yeah that's it. Use that tongue. Oh god I'm so hot for you" Mareel

Neela felt a flush of satisfaction from Mareel's comments and redoubled her
efforts on Mareel's cunt. Her tongue swirled around alternating between
lapping at the hot cunt and flicking the exposed clit. She felt Mareel tense
as her orgasm approached she changed tact pushing her tongue into Mareel's
hot cunt and using the ridges on her nose to rub the blonde's clit.

"Holy shit. That's it fuck me. FUCK ME." Mareel screamed as her orgasm began
to peak.

"EAT ME YOU SLUT. YES YES YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as she came her
juices coating Neela's face.

Mareel pulled Neela's face away from her cunt and saw the Bajorans mouth
glistening with her juices. Looking at Neela's glazed eyes she laughed

"Well it looks like my Bajoran slut likes pussy."

Neela blushed at the comment but a little part of her was thrilled at being
claimed by this woman.

"Stand up!" Mareel ordered.

Neela got to her feet and looked Mareel in the eye a large smile on her face
as she saw the satisfied look on her face. She jumped as a hand touched her
thigh and started to run up it lifting the short skirt as it went.

"No panties. Bit presumptuous." Mareel said echoing Neela's earlier words.

"You never gave me new underwear" Neela responded.

"Did you deserve it?"

"Not unless you see fit." Neela answered meekly.

"Good. I like your attitude" Mareel said as her hand slid round to run
through the red hair above Neela's cunt.

The entire area of her crotch was almost burning as Mareel slid a finger down
the folds of Neela's cunt and slipped inside.

"Mmm wet. Did you like eating my hot pussy? Did it turn you on?"

"Oh yes" Neela said half gasping as the orgasm she had felt building when she
was on her knee's approached.

Mareel's other hand undid the front of Neela's top, which sprung open
releasing her tits. She started fondling Neela's soft tit and then pinched
the nipple eliciting a squeal of pleasure from Neela. The squeal became a
moan of pleasure as Mareel fed the tit into her own mouth and started to
suck on it. Neela threw her head back in pleasure moaning incoherent
phrases. Mareel felt Neela tense as her orgasm approached. She bit down on
Neela's nipple causing Neela to gasp out in pain and pleasure and opening
the floodgates.

Neela shuddered as she came all over Mareel's hand. The finger still sliding
in and out felt so good around her spasming cunt. Mareel stood back letting
Neela regain her breath. She held her finger up to the Bajoran who took a
second for her eyes to focus on it. She then smiled at Mareel before
extending her tongue to the slimy digit. After a few licks she took Mareel's
hand and held it whilst she slipped her mouth over the finger.

"Ah yes what a find this one was" Mareel thought.

Not only had she given them a way into Deep Space Nine, the recordings Mareel
had made would be valuable as well.

Neela moaned a sigh of disappointment as Mareel removed her finger.

"Well done my little slut. I shall make sure you are rewarded for this. Get
some rest I will return later."

With that Mareel departed leaving a still horny Bajoran who sat down and
started to edge her skirt up.

* * *

Mareel sat watching the recorded images of Neela. The Bajoran was insatiable.
Within minutes of leaving her alone Neela had buried her hand in her cunt and
interestingly Mareel noted a, finger in her ass. It would appear the Bajoran
had a thing about ass fucking. Mareel had noted that now when masturbating
Neela sometimes moaned her name instead of this Chief she kept going on

One good thing about it was the recordings they had of her. Mareel had edited
out of her own image and in an ironic twist replaced it with a duplicate of
Neela. The twin thing was popular this year and should earn even more money.

The plan for getting on D.S.9 was now finalized; it was just a matter of time
till they implemented it. Still it was another day to the rendezvous point
where Verad waited. Another visit to the lovely Bajoran beckoned. Checking
her monitor to see what Neela was up to Mareel smiled widely.

"I have to get down there." She thought.

Two minutes later she approached the door and without hesitating or sounding
the chime she entered to a wonderful scene. Neela was on the sofa her ass in
the air as her face buried itself in a cushion. Two fingers were buried in
her ass and her other hand had three buried in her cunt. She was sweating
heavily and screaming into the cushion. And though most of her words were
indistinguishable Mareel heard her name a few times. As she watched the
Bajoran Mareel stripped of her clothes and then moved for a better view.

If the Bajoran had looked behind her she would have seen Mareel standing
stroking a hard piece of plastic attached to her crotch. If Neela wanted an
ass fucking Mareel intended to give her one.

Neela felt her orgasm approach as the fingers in her ass and cunt overloaded
her senses. She raised her head from the pillow screaming at the top of her
lungs. As she came hard she let the fingers slip out of her with an audible
sucking noise.

"Oh Prophets that was great" Neela gasped.

"It was indeed." Mareel said.

Neela jumped slightly as she heard the voice and her head whipped round as
she twisted to look behind her. Mareel licked her lips at the wiggle of
Neela's ass as she turned. Neela took in the hard strap on Mareel was wearing
and feigned a look of horror as she wiggled her ass and asked, "What do you
plan to do with that?"

"Whatever I want slut. And you'll let me." Mareel said.

Neela smiled briefly before regaining her composure.

"Of course mistress I live to serve" She said lowering her eyes from

"Face forward!" Mareel snapped.

Neela turned and resumed the position she had been in before Mareel entered.
Mareel moved forward till she was resting the strap on atop Neela's ass.

A resounding slap sounded out as Mareel swatted Neela's ass causing her to
jump. More blows reigned down on the Bajorans upturned ass.

"Bad little slut playing without me. You better have enough left for my
friend here." Mareel said this time slapping Neela's ass with the hard
plastic cock.

Neela remained silent except for the occasional whimper of pain mixed with
excitement. Her ass was bright red and Mareel could feel the heat rising of
it. Mareel was feeling the heaviness in her arms as she stopped the spanking
and grabbed a hold of Neela's ass before driving the hard cock into Neela's
dripping cunt. Neela moaned as Mareel started pounding against her. The pain
of her ass adding to the pleasure of the pounding her cunt was now getting.
The slapping of flesh sounded in Neela's ears as she gasped for more. Her
orgasm fired off as one last resounding slap was laid on her ass.

As the orgasm ripped through Neela Mareel withdrew and rammed the strap on
into Neela's ass. Through her lust filled haze Neela screamed at the brutal
violation. Mareel waited with the fake cock buried deep in the Bajoran's ass
gently caressing her back and softly whispering. She felt Neela begin to
relax as she grew used to the intrusion. Gently she started to move as she
felt the Bajoran start to grind her ass back.

Slowly the two moved in time with each other, sliding together. Mareel began
to feel Neela increase the force of her back thrusts and so started to match
them with her own thrusts. Neela began to moan in satisfaction as they moved

Mareel decided to up the ante "Do you like that slut? Shall I pound your
sweet little ass?"

"Oh yes, fuck my tight ass. Fuck me hard."

Mareel pulled the hard cock almost all the way out and then thrust in hard,
eliciting a gasp of pain from Neela. Her next thrust resulted in the same
effect although this time she felt Neela thrust back onto the strap on. The
thrusts got faster as both pounded away at each other. Soon the little gasps
of pain form Neela gave way to moans of pleasure and then screams. Neela was
feeling like never before as she had her face mashed into the pillow which
barely muffled her cries of passion.

"Oh Prophets that's it" Neela gasped.

"Fuck me. FUCK ME OHH FUCK MMMEEEEE!!!!!" she screamed as she came hard
before collapsing on the sofa.

As Neela collapsed she slid of the fake cock and lay panting. Mareel smiled
as she moved around the couch, she was really going to miss this willing
little slut. Neela regained her breath and raised her head to find the strap
on pointed at her face.

"It would appear you have made my friend a little dirty. Why don't you clean
like a good little slut?" Mareel asked her making it obvious it was not a

Neela wrinkled her nose in disgust thinking about the plastic cock that had
been in her ass violating her mouth. However she knew she was powerless to
refuse this woman and so tentatively she extended her tongue and ran it up
the fake cock. She found the act strangely arousing and was soon bathing the
cock with her tongue.

Mareel smiled this recording was going to be dynamite. However she was even
more thrilled when Neela's mouth closed over the strap on and she started to
suck it. Neela went to work on the fake cock and her efforts were rewarded
by the smell of arousal from Mareel's crotch. Soon Neela was deepthroating
the cock, moaning around its girth whilst she groped one of her hanging tits
and pinched her nipples.

Mareel watched disbelieving as Neela proceeded to bring herself to orgasm
sucking on the fake cock. She withdrew the strap on and removed it before
placing her exposed cunt at Neela's face.

"Time for you to thank me" She said simply.

Neela latched hungrily onto the pussy in front of her. Her tongue lashed over
the hot cunt lapping at the juices already there before delving deep into
Mareel to gather more. Mareel rested her hand on the back of the Bajoran's
head to prevent the Bajoran removing her mouth before finishing.

"Oh yes eat my cunt. That's it. Oh god what a good little slut" Mareel

Soon she was shaking as an orgasm approached. Her eyes snapped open as she
felt something at the entrance to her ass.

"What are you...?" She started to ask when Neela's finger slid into her
cutting her off.

"Oooohhhh FUCK!" she moaned as her orgasm was triggered by the slight pain
and discomfort in her ass coupled with the pleasure pulsating from her cunt.

As Neela removed the finger Mareel collapsed to the floor.

"Oh you are a naughty little slut." Mareel said laughing.

"I am mistress" Neela said smiling at her.

Mareel shuffled over and kissed her.

"It's a shame were going to have to separate. But I doubt Verad would let me
keep you. Besides I doubt you'll want to enter the Bajoran sector anytime
soon" She said.

"I'll miss you" Neela said surprised at how much she was going to hate
parting from this women who only days ago she had hated.

"I have to get ready for the rendezvous" Mareel said dressing.

Looking back she saw the sad look on the Bajorans face.

"Keep the toy" Mareel said her voice catching as she stepped out of the room
feeling slightly guilty about what they had planned for the wonderful little

Mareel arrived on the bridge of the freighter. She looked over to the two
Klingons at the helm station.

"Maybe they should get a little fun." She though.

"When was the last time we were in port?" She asked.

The bulkier Klingon turned to her "Three months and we weren't told we'd be
in space that long when we were hired."

Mareel nodded "I had no idea when I hired you. However I have a bonus for

The two Klingons looked her over with avarice.

"Not me" Mareel said, "Though depending on our success at Deep Space Nine we
might discuss it. I meant our Bajoran guest."

The two Klingons looked at each other and shrugged.

"Why not" The lead one said.

"I just hope she doesn't break" the other said laughing.

"Don't scar her or do any permanent damage. Our client is paying us well to
deliver her intact" Mareel said.

The two Klingons just grunted as they departed the bridge.

"Mareel to Neela. I'm sending a surprise. Enjoy that's an order!"

Neela raised her head at the com signal.

"What the hell did that mean?" she thought.

Suddenly the door opened and the Klingons from her earlier arrival onboard

"Oh Prophets not them" She thought as she stood naked in front of them.

In her shock she didn't even cover herself. The Klingons made appreciative
noises as they looked her over. Without a word they stripped of their armour.

Neela gasped in shock "Were all Klingons that big?" she thought.

Their cocks were huge and quite thick, but it was hard to say how thick as
pronounced ridges lined them adding to the girth.

"I think she approves" The first Klingon said laughing.

"Well whore get over here and show us why your so valuable."

Neela didn't understand the reference to being valuable but she did
understand that she didn't want to do this.

"I'm not sure I should." She said.

The Klingons advanced upon Neela who found herself frozen to the spot.

"Please no" she said as they grabbed her and dragged her to the bed and threw
her down.

"Bajoran slut we know what you did with Mareel." The first said.

"Its our turn" The second added.

Neela shook her head in disbelief. This couldn't be her surprise. Mareel
wouldn't do this to her. She was still trying to comprehend it when the first
Klingon thrust into her.

Her eyes bugged out as the huge cock was rammed deep into her. Despite her
protests she had been curious about the ridged cocks. Fortunately she had
been extremely aroused so the entry wasn't as painful as could have been.

Still she had never had anything this big in her even during the occupation.
She felt as if she was going to burst. However all other sensations were
driven from her as he withdrew and started slamming into her.

She decided to relax and enjoy it. Her mind spun as the ridged cock ploughed
into her. Each ridge sent jolts of pain and pleasure mingling through her.

"I think she like's Klingon cock" The second said as he watched.

"Do you like it whore?" the first asked.

Neela just moaned. Her body felt like it was on fire as she bounced over
the bed under the violent thrusts. She felt something nudging her face and
looking through blurred eyes she saw the second Klingon's hard cock at her
face. Trying to hold her head as still as possible she tried to take the
huge cock in her mouth.

Finding it to large to handle she started to lick up and down it whilst
slowly wanking him off. She was still flopping about as the first pounded
her. The second was grabbing and squeezing her tits roughly.

"Harder slut, work my cock" The second barked at her.

She started to whip her hand up and down in quick hard jerks, which caused
him to groan "Better slut."

Neela was on the edge of her pain/pleasure threshold. One thing was certain
she was going to be a little delicate for the next few days.

A Klaxon sounded and the ships lights changed to red.

Both Klingons started cursing as they withdrew and left the stunned Neela
lying on the edge of orgasm. She was still lying disbelief mixed with
hornyness when she heard the com line.

"Bridge to Neela. Our contact is about to beam aboard to discuss the next
phase of your trip. Bridge out."

The whine of a transporter sounded from the main section of her quarters.
Neela crept to the door and peered through someone was standing in the

The figure stepped forward into the light causing Neela to gasp.

To Be Continued...


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