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And now the final chapter of Deep Sex Nine Year 1

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officiers) Part 9
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log Miles O'Brien

I've wasted hours trying to get some sleep. But the vision of Neela being
dragged away by security after her failed assassination attempt prevents
rest. I trusted her, taught her all I know. I guess I need to understand why.

Fade to corridor Habitat ring Deep Space Nine

O'Brien walked toward the two security officers stationed outside. "I'd like
to see her," he said simply

"Sure Chief," The Starfleet officer said.

The Bajoran next to him scowled slightly at him. O'Brien wondered if he had
a problem with Starfleet or whether it was just the ananounced visit. O'Brien
walked through the doorand took in the spartan quarters. The most prominent
feature was a small shrine used for prayer. Once again O'Brien felt a pang of
doubt as to whether Starfleet and the deeply religous Bajoran people would
ever truly reconcile their differences. Neela stood at the door to her room.
Her hair as always was pulled back into a severe bun. He noted she still wore
her Bajoran Malitia uniform.

"I expected you to be in a holding cell" he said.

"Major Kira arranged for me to be put under house arrest. She's trying to get
me to implicate Vedek Winn. She believes the Vedek put me up to it."

The two stared at each other the question and answer known to both but
neither willing to give voice to them.

"Can I get you a drink Chief?" Neela asked finally breaking the silence.

"Yes. Coffee, Jamaican blend double strong, double sweet."

"That beverage is not programmed into this terminal. Computer lockout in
place. Please enter level one access code to link with main replicator banks"
The computer intoned.

"O'Brien two-oh-nine alpha" OBrian responded

The replicator hummed as his coffee appeared.

"Computer Neela 162" Neela said and a tall glass of some sort of fruit juice

"Sit down Chief" Neela said as she went over and collected the drinks. When
she returned she gave O'Brien his mug and sat down next to him "I really am
sorry about this Chief."

"Tell that to the poor sod you killed or his family see what they say" He
took a drink of his coffee to cut of his rant.

"I didn't want to do it. He surprised me. I didn't want to do any of it. I
was blinded by my faith. I didn't see the threat she represented" Neela
blurted out.

O'Brien took another drink and said "Winn" It was more a statement than a

Neela looked at him obviously cursing herself for her slip. Anyone else and
she would have never said anything, but she respected and admired the Chief,
possible she even loved him. "I'll just say this. Tell Kira and Sisko to
watch her, and I won't repeat this to anyone including them."

O'Brien just nodded as he drunk his coffee.

Neela glanced at the chronometer. The drug should have kicked in by now. She
slowly undid her uniform tunic noticing his eyes follow her hands. He stirred
in his seat as she removed the tunic and reclined back. The white undershirt
clung to her nicely sized breasts. Her dark aerola were visible through the
flimsy white top. Her erect nipples stuck out as well. O'Brien felt his mouth
go dry and his cock twitch as he watched this.

"I'm going to miss working with you Chief" Neela said before finishing her
drink. She then got up and walked over to the replicator again. "Iced water
five degrees Celcius" She ordered returning with a large glass.

"Your one of the best damn engineers I ever worked with" O'Brien said
shifting about to try and make his hard cock less obvious.

"Thanks Chief, you don't know how much it means to hear you say that."

As she sat down some of the water sloshed over the rim of the glass striking
her top. Instantly it became see through and clung to her body. She gasped at
the coldness and shuddered spilling even more. Soon most of her tunic was
soaked and sticking to her very prominent tits and the rock hard nipples that
capped them.

"By the prophets that was cold" She gasped running her hands down her front
to shed the excess water.

This of course made her tits even more prominently displayed. O'Brien felt as
if his cock was going to rip a hole in his trousers. All his attention was
rivited to the curves on display before him.

"Everything okay Chief?" Neela asked.

O'Brien's response was a barely audible and completely unintelligible mumble.
Almost nothing was permeating his lust filled brain. He watched unblinking as
she stood and peeled the top off. He was barely aware of her pulling him to
his feet and leading him to the bedroom. She leaned him against a wall and
smiled as he stood there his mouth moving without making a sound. She slowly
removed her trousers revealing a complete lack of underwear.

As O'Brien continued to stare she moved over and lowered to her knees infront
of him pulling down his trousers and underwear with one tug. His rock hard
cock sprung up almost striking her face. She immeadiately took it in her hand
and slowly stroked it. O'Brien let out a whimper of contentment as she did

"Bloody hell!" exploded from O'Brien as he felt the warm wetness of her mouth
engulf the tip of his cock.

Neela felt elated by this reaction and continued to engulf more of his cock,
slowly easing it inot her mouth and throat. O'Brien felt his knees weaken and
he realised that he was leaning against the wall for support. His brain was
kicking back in now. Despite this he was not going to stop Neela. Infact all
he was thinking about was experiencing all this beautiful Bajoran had to

He moaned again as she engulfed his whole cock and then withdrew it almost
completely before taking it back in. Again and again her mouth slid along his
cock driving him wild. With a hint of sadness he wondered if she had gotten
good at this due to performing on Cardassian's in return for food as a lot of
Bajoran's had during the occupation. The thought was driven from his mind
however by her withdrawing his cock and running her tongue over the head.

After bathing his cock with her tongue she rose to stand in front of him.
Together they removed his uniform and the two stood naked.

"She is gorgeous" O'Brien thought admiring hery curve body and her especially
dark aerola which offset her milky skin.

She looked him up and down admiring his hard cock. Despite his slightly over
developed gut she realised she wanted him more than any man ever.

"Fuck Me Chief" She said simply.

He grabbed her and threw her down on the bed pausing to admire her as she lay
there. She opened her legs and ran her nad across her stomach. Her left hand
cupped her breast and tweaked the nipple before both hands were placed above
her head. O'Brien looked her up and down, drinking in the vision before him.
He stepped to the edge of the bed. Drawing her toward him, he lifted her ass
of the bed and slid his cock into her extremely wet cunt. As he penetrated
her Neela wrapped her legs around him trapping him in her steaming cunt. She
sighed in contentment as he sank his whole cock into her.

"Fuck me now!" She ordered.

He slowly pulled his cock out almost all the way and then slowly slid it back
in. He repeated this a few times.


O'Brien smiled and gave one last slow withdrawel ending in a brief pause. A
whimper of longing was truned into a gasp of pleasure as she felt him slam
his cock into her. Soon she was gasping as the thrusts pounded into her hard
and fast. A huge scream errupted from Neela as an orgasm rippled through her.
O'Brien grunted as he kept thrusting through her orgasm, slowing and
eventually stopping as she lay exhausted.

Through the afterglow Neela was aware of O'Briens absence from the room. As
she lay basking in the sensation her eyes closed, she felt herself bieng
turned over and puleld till she was on her knees bent over the bed.

"Prophets" She exclaimed as she felt something extremely cold on her ass.

"Shh" O'Brien said softly as he spread the lubricant over her puckered hole.

He started to work a finger into her ass eliciting a groan of discomfort.

"Chief..." She started.

"Its okay. I'll go slow" he said "You'll love it. Trust me"

She felt the pain slowly dissipate and it was replaced by a pleasant
sensation. As O'Brien worked his finger in and out he added more lubricant.
Soon he found Neela wiggling her ass as he pushed in and out. He withdrew his
finger toan audible moan of disappointment from her. He quickly added some of
the lubricant to his hard cock and began to run the slick member up and down
the crack of her ass. Neela tensed as she felt this. O'Brien sensed this and
said "Relax you can handle it"

Slowly he forced the head of his cock past her tight entrance. She gritted
her teeth at the violation of her ass and tried to relax as O'Brien halted
and allowed her to get used to the sensation. After a short while he fed more
of his dick into her pausing every few inches and allowing her to get used to
the feeling. Soon he was buried in her. It was taking all his willpower not
to start pounding her ass. Still it would make the moment sweeter when he
did. For now he let the sensation of bieng buried balls deep in her ass wash
over him. He was broken out of his reverie by Neela muttering something.

"What?" he asked.

"Fuck me now before I change my mind" She said loudly.

Even as the words faded into nothing O'Brien was moving. He started a slow
and steady movement in and out.

"I SAID FUCK ME!" Neela screamed. "I want it hard and fast."

O'Brien slapped her ass before speeding up his thrusts. Filling the room with
the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

"Oh fuck yes!" Neela exclaimed as she struggled for breath under the savage

"Fuck me Chief. Fill my ass with your cock!"

"Oh Shit I'm cumming!"

"Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Neela screames as an orgasm tore
through her.

O'Brien grunted as the spasming sensations caused by Neela's orgasm set of
his own and with one final thrust he buried himself in her as shot after shot
of cum was blasted into her bowels. The two collapsed onto the bed holding
each other.

Neela awoke a short time later and found O'Brien getting dressed.

"Leaving Chief?"

"Yeah I better go I'm on duty soon. Listen Neela..." he stared the guilt of
his betraying his wife evident on his face.

"It's okay Chief I know" She said stopping his words

"Good Luck Neela" O'Brien said.

"Thanks but luck isn't a factor. Goodbye Miles" She said smiling at him.

O'Brien gave her a sad smile as he left her quarters. As soon as he left
Neela sprung into action picking up a padd she started entering commands
whilst she moved to the com panel.

"Computer open a Channel and direct the signal to these coordinates."

"Unable to comply. Level one access required for requested function." The
computer responded.

Tapping the padd caused O'Brien's voice to fill the room "O'Brien two-oh-nine

"Working. Channel open" The computer responded quickly.

"This is Neela are you ready?"

"Yes we have your coordinates. Transport will commence upon your signal," A
womens voice responded.

"One moment" Neela answered muting the link.

"Computer Erase all programmes in memory belonging to Neela two minutes from
my mark. Mark."

She again repsonded to the computers request for authorisation with O'Brien's

"All programmes will be deleted in one minute and fifty five seconds," the
compuetr said.

The computer counted down to fifteen seconds as Neela dressed and grabbed the
bags she had prepared. She then deleted the padd she was holding and laid it

Opening the channel again she heard the computer count 10, 9,...

"Energise" She said.

And as the shimmering beam took her she heard the count hit five and smiled.
It would be difficult to figure out how she did it but she had escaped. As
she rematerialised on a starship she idly wondered if she would ever see the
Chief again. Looking at her new ship mates she realised she had enough to
worry about here and now.


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