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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officiers) Part 8
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log Jake Sisko

Things have been going badly on the station. Mrs O'Briens's school was bombed
and some Bajoran religious fanatic is causing a lot of trouble. For myself
however things are looking up. Recently Nog and I broke into my dad's logs.
We found out about his using a drug on many officers and having sex with
them. Nog wanted to sell the logs to his father for blackmail. I managed to
talk him out of it. Using our profits from buying the land on Bajor we have
got some of the drug ourselves. If all goes according to plan we will be the
only people in school tomorrow in cargo bay five, then we shall see.

Fade into Cargo bay five Deep Space Nine.

Keiko sipped the strong fruit drink Commander Sisko had introduced her to
when she had, well whored herself she thought, for her husbands job. Despite
everything she had enjoyed it. The drink brought back the warm feeling that
Sisko had giver her that day.

She looked up at Jake and Nog her only two students. A little sigh escaped
her causing Jake to look up. He smiled reassuringly at her before returning
to work. Nog was staring at her again. Frowning she coughed and smiled as he
blushed and looked back to his work. Keiko returned to work. A short while
later she was aware of Nog moving out of his seat and heading toward her
with a padd in hand.

"Mrs O'Brien can you help me with this?" he asked.

Suddenly he tripped and hit her desk spilling her drink over the edge. As
Keiko cleaned her desk and sorted out Nog. Jake made his move. He returned
to Keiko's desk with a glass of haspia juice.

Keiko looked up from Nogs padd. "How did you know that's what I was

"My dad has it. The smells quite distinctive." Jake answered.

"Thanks Jake" Keiko said taking a drink returning to explain the formula on
the padd to Nog.

Jake sat watching her, a smile on his face as she flushed slightly taking
another drink. Nog returned to his seat shooting a questioning glance at
Jake who nodded. The drug was in the drink.

Keiko sat fidgeting, for some reason the warm feeling the drink usually gave
her gad turned into an extremely hot feeling. Her nipples were rock hard and
extremely visible and to top it all Nog kept staring at her chest.

"Ferengi aren't that bad. Certainly I've seen worse looking aliens" Keiko
found herself thing "It's your student and he's only sixteen. And Jake's even
younger" she reminded herself.

Despite the war being fought in her head Kieko was getting hotter and wetter.
Se noticed Nog was fidgeting under his desk. "What are you doing Nog?" she

Nog looked guilty and stopped what he was doing and looked at Jake saying "I
couldn't help it."

"Stand up" Kieko ordered.

Nog stood his face showed his embarrassment as his hard cock came into view.
His hand still wrapped around it. Keiko unconsciously licked her lips. "Give
me one good reason" she thought.

"Sorry" Nog said "Its just you are one of the most attractive hewmons I have
ever seen"

"Jake can you excuse us please" Keiko asked.

"Damn" Jake thought as he slowly stood up.

"Wait a minute Jake" Kieko said looking at the bulge in his trousers. "Do you
have something to say?"

Jake gulped and nodded slowly. "Yes Mrs O'Brien, you're absolutely stunning"

Kieko looked back to Nog and saw he was slowly stroking his hard cock again.
"Not bad, about average size for a human. Bigger than I expected from his
build" she thought.

"Nog seems more certain" Kieko said.

Jake needed no more encouragement. He pulled his cock out and let her get a
look at it before he started to wank himself. "His cock was bigger than Nog's
and could still get bigger, maybe as big as his father in a few years" Kieko

"You bogs seem eager to p0leas" Kieko said. She realised how aroused she was.
There was no way she was going to pass this up. She removed her top and
trousers and reached to unclasp her bra.

"Do you want to see me naked?" she asked.

Both boys nodded speechless their jaws open as she unclasped the bra and
dropped it to the floor. Her pert breasts were like a glimpse of Jake and

"Ever been with a woman?" Kieko asked looking at Jake.

"Yeah the leader of that Bajoran faction dad arbitrated for. She played with
my cock and let me feel her tits."

"That's a girl Jake. I'm a women and it'll be a lot better with me" she
turned to look at Nog.

"Um yeah the holodecks. Uncle Quark has lots."

Kieko cut him off "That's not real. I guess this will be a good first for you

Clad only in black panties Kieko slowly moved up to the tow and kneeled in
front of them. She took each boys cock in her hands and started to stroke.
Almost instantly Nog came. The first shot splattered Kieko's face taking her
by surprise. Turning she stuffed the spurting cock into her mouth draining
the rest of it.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum" Jake said.

Kieko quickly turned and engulfed his cock gulping down shot after shot of
cum. She lifted her mouth off his cock leaving a trail of spit attaching her
mouth to his still hard cock.

Slowly she stroked both keeping them hard. "Is it like you imagined?" she

"Better" Jake gasped.

Kieko took turns sucking and wanking the pair who looked close to passing out
from sheer pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped, stood up and with one sweep scattered everything off
her desk. "Okay boys, time to teach you."

She removed her panties and sat on oh her desk her legs open. "Nog I want you
to lick my cunt" She said "Jake watch carefully your next.

Nog moved in and kneeled in front of the desk. Taking a deep breath he smelt
her arousal. His tongue touched her slowly and then with greater confidence
as he found the taste agreeable. Soon he was happily licking Kieko's cunt as
she gasped for more. He felt her shudder as she orgasmed.

"Jake fuck me now" Kieko shouted.

Jake moved in as Nog scampered out of the way. Sensing his hesitation Kieko
guided him into her dripping cunt. As his cock slid into her both let out a
moan of pleasure.

Kieko wrapped her legs around him trapping him in as he started to fuck her.

"Oh god fuck me Jake, fill my hot cunt" she screamed at him as he pounded her

Nog stood his cock in his hand as he watched his friend fuck the hot teacher.
He was glad he hadn't sold the logs. They'd never have gotten away with this
if he had. Kieko's long raven hair was flying everywhere as she flung her
head form side to side screaming for more of Jakes cock.

Moving in close to her head Nog aimed his cock at her as he felt his load
rising again. His first shot struck her hair as it flailed about. Several
more shots followed striking her hair and face. Kieko ran her tongue around
the outside of her mouth gathering up all the cum she could.

"Oh god you boys are fantastic" Kieko moaned.

She gasped even louder as Jake groped hr tits and pinched at her nipples. She
gasped again as he grunted ands started shooting his cum into her hot cunt.
Her orgasm shook her as Jake slowed.

She lay back on her desk and looked at Nog. "So it's your turn now. But it's
not really fair to ask you to fuck my cunt." Turning over she moved to lean
over the edge of the desk her ass wiggling at Nog. "Why don't you try another

Nog moved forward quickly but before he could penetrate she said "I need it
lubricated first. Use that talented tongue of yours."

Nog looked a little hesitant. "Do it man then her ass is yours" Jake

Slowly Nog got into position and extended his tongue slowly again. As soon as
it touched her hole Kieko moaned. She loved having this done but couldn't get
Miles to do it without extreme pushing.

"Oh god. Nog lick my ass. Fuck yes do my ass with it." Kieko moaned as Nog
got more and more into it.

Kieko screamed louder than ever as she came hard. Nog barely hesitated. He
stood and trust into her ass pushing past her resistance and sinking in
causing a scream of pain this time.

He paused as he adjusted till slowly she started to move her ass on his cock.

"Oh fuck Nog, Harder. Fuck my tight little ass. Jake fuck my mouth now."
Kieko exclaimed Jake stuffed his cock into her mouth and held her head as he
started to use her mouth like a cunt. Kieko was shaking as orgasm's ripped
through her. She was loving being treated like a slut by these two.

Jake and Nog drove into her, groaning at the sensation her orgasming body was
giving them.

Jake yanked his cock free and gave it a few tugs causing his cum to shoot
over her face making it even more of a mess catching more of her hair.

Jake gathered her hair into a bunch and passed it to Nog. "Here tug on this,
force her a little."

Nog took the hair and tugged bring Kieko's head up. His confidence had taken
over "Fuck me you slut. Take my Ferengi cock in your ass."

"Oh yes treat me roughly. Fuck me, use me like a slut" Kieko screamed as she
came again. Who'd have known these kids could have got her so hot.

Nog moaned and shuddered as he started to shoot his cum into her ass. He
pulled his cock out and Kieko slid of the table.

"Now to finish off" Kieko said catching her breath "First wipe your cocks in
my hair."

Finding a clean patch the boys wiped off the cum on their cocks.

"And now you say?" Kieko asked.

"Thanks slut" Nog said.

"Yeah now we know the whore to see when we want to fuck" Jake said getting
the hang of it.

Kieko smiled as they looked at her cum streaked hair and face "Damn I`m a
good teacher" she thought.


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