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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officiers) Part 6
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Chief Medical Officers Log.

I have completed the autopsy on Rao Vantika there is no doubt as to his
identity. Yet Ty Kajada insists that his death was a fake. I doubt any
evidence of mine will convince her otherwise.

Fade to Deep Space Nine Infirmary.

Dr Julian Bashir yawned and stretched. "Nurse I'm off to bed, if anything
comes up call me," he said getting up and leaving the stations infirmary.

The nurse continued to work at the inventory she was compiling. About fifteen
minutes later Bashir walked back in.

"Doctor, I thought you were retiring?" the nurse asked.

Bashir looked her over for a moment as if seeing her for the first time.
"I forgot a few items" he said after the pause.

The nurse seemed to accept this and returned to her padd as Julian went over
to the hypospray's and picked one up checking to see if it was loaded. The
first sign the nurse had of trouble was the faint pressure on her neck and
the hiss of the hypospray before she blacked out.

Rao Vantika looked down upon the nurse on the bio-bed in the antechamber of
the infirmary where he had placed her. "Very pretty" he thought taking in her
curly red hair and small pert breasts rising in time with her breathing. She
was short, around five feet and as he had noticed earlier had piercing blue

"Thank god that annoying Doctor decided to get some sleep so I could take
control of his body again," Vantika thought.

Over all he was pleased. The body or more correctly brain of Bashir had
turned out to be the perfect hiding place. All those fools thought he was
hiding in Kajada. And thanks to his recent access of the computer he had
come across a drug the Station Commander had been using. The same drug that
he was now loading into the hypospray. He touched the hypospray to the
nurse's neck and then counted to ten before loading another drug and
administering it to wake her up.

"Nurse are you okay?" he asked.

"What happened?"

"You passed out. I heard you hit the floor. Are you okay?"

"I'm a little hot," The nurse said undoing her uniform tunic a little.

Vantika ran the tricorder over her noting the rise in blood pressure and
heart rate that indicated the drug was working. Once again he marvelled
at the usefulness of the doctors brain and all the information that it

"Nurse Batanides," he started but stopped as she removed her top and started
on her trousers.

"I think I need examined doctor," She said.

"What seems to be the problem?"

As she dropped her trousers she ran her hand around the wet spot on her
panties. "I seem to have a hot itch around this area."

"Maybe I should have a look at it," Vantika said stripping of his own clothes
as nurse Batanides sat back on the biobed and removed the wet panties.

She then removed her bra revealing two small but well formed and extremely
pert breasts capped with large pointed nipples. "I have an idea," Vantika
said reaching for a hypospray and loading it.


"Trust me," Vantika said injecting her. "Its just a little muscle relaxant".

It had been a long time since Vantika had a willing partner and he was going
to enjoy it. "Come to think of it," he thought, "It's been a long time since
I had any partner."

Putting on his (or Bashir's) best patient voice he said, "Why don't you relax
and let me examine the problem."

The nurse lay back her legs spread as Vantika rubbed her clit before opening
her cunt and sliding a finger in. She moaned, "Oh Julian, that's it," as the
finger slid back and forth before another joined it and quickly a third found
its way in.

Vantika smiled wolfishly as he looked down at the nurse watching his three
fingers sliding in and out. "I have an idea. Why don't you get on your knees
so I can have a closer look?" he said.

Obediently she flipped over on the biobed and raised herself onto her hands
and knees her ass waving back and forward. "Damn, I'm going to enjoy this,"
he thought.

He quickly smeared medical lubricant on his hand and started to run it over
her ass while he started to work three fingers of his other hand back into
her cunt. She moaned as his fingers slid in and out of her well lubricated
cunt, shivering slightly at the cold feel of the medical lubricant at her

Suddenly a gasp escaped her as a finger slid into her ass. The feeling of
penetration in both holes had her getting wetter and before she knew it a
fourth finger was added to her cunt and a second to her ass causing a slight
grimace from her.

Vantika smiled, the muscle relaxant was working enabling him to penetrate her
but still giving him the tight grasp of her holes around his hands. With a
slight push he added his whole hand to her cunt. Balling it into a fist he
waited for her to adjust to the intrusion.

He didn't have to wait long. Soon she was wiggling her ass and pushing back
on him. He started to finger her ass with more, force barely moving his fist
in her cunt. Soon she was begging for more.

She moaned in disappointment as his fingers slipped from her ass. Then she
gasped as more of the cold lubricant was squirted over her ass. This time she
grimaced as Vantika started to push his whole fist into her ass.

"Julian I can't," she said,

"Trust me," he replied mentally adding, "You stupid little slut."

His fist finally penetrated her ass and he felt the tightness around both
fists as he started to move them within her. She screamed as he penetrated
her, the feeling of the two fists filling her more than she had ever known.
Even the drugs didn't prevent all the pain. The sensations slowly gave way
to pleasure due to the drug and soon she was moaning and racing toward
climax as Bashir pounded her.

"Fuck, do me Julian!" she cried as the fist hammered away at her.

Orgasms ripped through her in quick succession till with a shudder she passed
out, collapsing on the bed. Vantika extracted his fists from her tight holes.
Cleaning them he quickly found the dermal regenerator and started repairing
the damage to the flesh and muscle. Once he was done another injection caused
her to surface again.

She smiled up at him. "Thank you Doctor. I feel a lot better."

"I think I'd better take you temperature," he said, "Put this in your mouth."
He pushed his cock toward her mouth and she readily opened up and took him

"Ahh," he sighed in contentment, it had been far to long since the last time.
He slid his dick in and out of her willing mouth savouring the sensations.
With a little reluctance he withdrew.

"Nurse I think you need a little injection. Where would you like it?"

Batanides slid of the biobed and bent over the edge of it. Reaching back she
spread her ass cheeks and wiggled her ass at him.

"What a slut," Vantika thought, "Just my kind of woman."

Without any warning he rammed his cock into her ass causing her to scream.
Obviously the relaxant was wearing off. Ignoring her protests he continued to
pound her ass till the screams became moans of pleasure. His cock slid in and
out faster and harder till he felt her shake as she orgasmed. The spasms
caused him to lose control and send spurt after spurt into her bowels.

Spent he withdrew his softening cock from her ass. As she lay recovering he
grabbed a hypospray and injected her. Instantly she lost consciousness.
Dressing he took his communicator of and laid it on the desk in the main
room. Looking into the antechamber he concluded the nurse would only be
spotted if someone entered that room.

"Love to stay," he said in that general direction, "But I have a ship to
catch." He the walked out of sickbay.

A short time later Dax entered looking for him. Finding his combadge she
communicated her fears to Commander Sisko before rushing out missing the moan
that came form the antichamber in her hurry. In the antichamber the nurse
smiled as some of the memory came back to her and then winced as she tried to
sit up and felt the pain in her rear. "Another day on DS9," she thought as
she gingerly stood up.


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