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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Star Trek Deep Sex Nine
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officers) Part 3
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log: Major Kira Nerys

After the incident with thw Khon Mah I had expected Sisko to turn his back on
me. He didn't. He did however use the incident as an excuse to become more
domineering in our coupings. However I could never have imagined what came

Cut to interior Commanders office DS9.

Sisko sat at his desk looking through the latest reports. His attention kept
going back to a brief note sent to him by his science officer, Jadzia Dax. It
said only one word "Agreed" Sisko smiled as he thought about it. One hurdle
down and only one remaining. The door beeped as his first officer Major Kira
Nerys entered.

"Commander, you wished to see me?" She said.

"Ah Major, come in we have some personal business to discuss," Sisko said
motioning to the chair opposite him.

"Yes, master. How can I serve you?" Kira asked.

"It would appear I have a bit of a problem, Major. And you are going to help
me solve it."

"Anything I can do, Sir!" Kira said.

"I'm glad you feel that way, Major. I want you and Dax to pay a visit to
Quark in holosuite two. Once there I want the two of you to entertain him for
the evening."

"What?" Kira shrieked, "You want me to let that little troll actually..." She
broke off trembling with anger.

"Major, may I remind you that only last week the provisional government was
talking about bringing charges over the Khon Mah incident and Starfleet
wanted you replaced. And it is Master remember!"

Kira bit back her anger as Sisko stared her down. "Yes, master, I am sorry,
master," Kira said lowering her gaze to the floor. "But master, Quark
disgusts me."

"I understand Major, I really do. However Quark has something I need and his
price is unreachable. I'm hoping he'll lower it for you and Dax."

"Yes, master, when do I have to?" She asked.

"Report to Holosuite 2 at 2300 hrs this evening. Lt. Dax will meet you there.
Quark will be instructed to meet you at 2330 hrs you have that long to get
ready. Dismissed!"

"Yes, Master." Kira said standing.

"Major Kira" Sisko said.

Kira turned and Sisko threw her a small object which she caught. She examind
a vial in her hand with a thick orange liquid in it. It was the snake venom
he had used on Keiko earlier. Dr. Bashir had said it would work on most
humaniods except for Cardassians something about their genetic origins which
Sisko had ignored.

"Drink that once you get into the holosuite it will increase you arousal and
make the night more enjoyable.

"Thank you, master," Kira said before turning and departing.

Cut to outside Holosuite two 2300 hrs.

Kira stood waiting on Lt Dax already she had consumed the vial that Sisko had
given her and had found herself getting hotter and wetter as she counted the
time passing. She was looking rather flushed as Dax arrived. Dax herself was
looking rather flushed.

"Did Sisko give you a vial as well?" Dax asked noting Kira's appearance.

"Yes. Have you drunk yours?"

"Yes, a little while ago" Dax said a quiver in her voice.

Kira noticed for the first time that Dax's usual severe and meticulous
ponytail was a little disheveled as was her usually crisp uniform.

"Its warming stuff!" Kira said as she fed instructions into the holosuite

"Yes, I rather like it," Dax said as she opened the door to the holosuite.

Inside the holosuite was a large room with huge bed. The lighting was subdued
and Kira and Dax looked around before sitting on the bed.

"Nice and soft." Dax said.

By now the heightened desire of both women was causing them to see each other
in a different light.

"How long till Quark gets here?" Dax asked.

"About ten minutes"

"How about we give him a show when he arrives?" Dax asked raising an eyebrow
and running her eyes over Kira's form.

"A show?" Kira inquired.

Dax started to remove her uniform tunic. Her erect nipples were evident under
her uniform vest which she quickly drew over her head.

Kira licked her lips as she started at Dax's tit's. She undid her own uniform
tunic and vest revealing her own large tits to Dax who inhaled sharply at the
sight of them.

Both women edged next to each other on the bed and started to fondle each
other. Each giving sharp gasps at the touch as the snake venom coursed
through them hightening their arousal.

Dax was first to move pushing Kira onto her back and then slipping of the
bed. She removed Kira's trousers and panties before gently spreading her
legs and gently running her hand up Kira's inner thigh and parting her
moist cunt. She slowly slid a finger inot Kira who moaned at the presence.
Quickly another finger and then another was added.

As Kira bucked under Dax's ministrations Quark was entering the holosuite.
He was stunned by what he saw. A topless Dax on her knees fingering a naked
Major Kira. Who's programme was this and how had they run it without his say
so. It had to be the commander but how had he gotten it here. His dick was
rock hard and his lobes tingled as he watched Kira shudder to orgasm.

"Quark, join us," Dax said turning to look at him.

The Ferengi was playing with his lobes as he watched Dax go down on the
lovely Bajoran. Kira moaned and massaged her huge tits as she felt Dax go to
work with her tongue. The Trill was extremely talented Kira thought as she
lay back enjoying the sensation's rushing through her.

Quark quickly shed his clothes as he watched Kira orgasm.

"What a wonderful programme," Quark said.

"This isn't a programme. Its us," Dax said.

"We have a proposal for you. That was just the start of our sales pitch,"
Kira said recovering her breath.

"What is this proposal?" Quark asked.

"Well." Kira said, "You give the commander the space he needs for the school
and the computers and we will give you a night to remember."

"Where is the profit in that?" Quark sneered.

Both Kira and Dax however knew he was tempted. He may be after profit like
all Ferengi but he still had lusted after these two women to long to pass up
an opportunity like this.

"The profit is that it would cost a lot more to get us under normal
circumstances," Dax said.

Kira neaded one of her tits licking her lips as she rub her cunt. Dax
wandered over and started to play with one of Quark's lobes. Quark's
resistance broke down as Kira swayed towards him and dropped to her
knees before talking his hard cock into her mouth. Her years in the
Bajoran underground had taught her a few things and though not as
experienced as Dax she was good enough to swallow the Ferengi's cock
easily. Her head bobbed along his cock as she withdrew it to the tip
and back in again. As she did this Dax played with Quarks lobes
bringing him to a peak of sexual frenzy before signaling Kira to break
of as she did.

"What!" Quark said stunned.

"So do you agree to our terms?" Dax asked.

"You drive a hard bargain," Quark said.

"Well, through in our asses as well," Kira said.

"Deal," Quark said "Now can we continue?"

Dax led Kira and Quark over to the bed. Sitting Kira at the edge of it she
pushed her onto her back and then removed her trousers before placing her
cunt above Kira's mouth.

"Time to repay the favour," She told Kira as she ground her pussy onto
Kira's face giving the Bajoran no choice but to eat her out. Quark took this
opertunity to spread the Major's legs and with one smooth motion bury himself
to the hilt in her wet cunt.

Dax watched the Ferengi fuck her friend as she ground harder onto her. Quark
alternated between groping Dax and Kira's tits enjoying the motion of Kira's
flopping back and forward as he thrust into her. Dax had always secretly
thought the Major was in need of some hard cock and was really enjoying
seeing the Ferengi's cock ploughing into her friend. Quark was enjoying every
minute of this as he fucked this slut, the same one who had refused his
advances so many times before. It wasn't long before Kira orgasmed again. Dax
climbed of her and took her place between Kira's legs as Quark stood back.
As Dax started to eat Kira out again Quark kneeled behind her and rubbed his
cock against her moist slit.

"Do you want this slut?" He asked.

"Oh yes, give it to me, Quark," Dax answered before returning to the Major's
steaming cunt.

Quark thrust into her burying himself to the hilt in one go. He started to
pound into her which in turn drove dax's tongue deeper into Kira.

"So Major, did you enjoy talking my Ferengi cock into your cunt and fucking
me like the slut you are?" Quark asked.

"Oh yes. I loved you cock. Oh god I'm cumming again" Kira said as Dax brought
her to orgasm again.

As Dax orgasmed all over Quarks cock Kira started to grope her tits again. It
was time to get her own back on Dax.

"Why don't you fuck that sluts as Quark?" She asked.

"Good idea, Major!" Quark said and thrust into Dax's ass.

Dax screamed as she was roughly penetrated. Kira muffled Dax's screames
however by forcing Dax's head back into her cunt. One hand held Dax's
head against her cunt as the other groped a large tit alternating between
squeezing it and rolling her nipple between finger and thum. Quark quickly
built up a rythem and soon Dax grew accustomed to him and started to push
back on her own.

Eventually Dax collapsed after a particularly powerful orgasm ripped through
her. Quark pulled out of her and let her slink away allowing him access to
Major Kira again.

"So Major, I guess its your turn." Quark said

He lifted the Major's legs onto his shoulders and then thrust into her ass.

Kira screamed and then gritted her teeth as he pounded away at her.

"Come on Nerys you never heard me making that much noise," Dax said as Kira
grunted in pain again.

"Ah, only cause I mashed your face into my cunt bitch," Kira hissed through
gritted teeth.

"Now girls play nice," Quark said.

Kira was close to exhaustion when quark finally slid his cock out of her
tortured ass.

"On your knees sluts," he said as he wanked his cock.

Both women kneeled infront of him knowing what was cumming next (Again I beg
pardon for the pun. I just can't resist it). Cupping their tits they sat with
open mouths as Quark grunted and fired of a spurt of cum inot Kira's face.
His second shot hit Dax in her face and the his subsequent shots were shot
across both women's tits.

Quark summoned a chair and lay back as Major Kira pushed Dax against the bed
and started to lick the cum from her tits. At the sight Quark started to get
hard again. By the time they had alternated he was ready again.

"Major, why don't you try out the lovely liutenants ass," Quark suggested
grinning as he watched dax lap the cum from Kira's tits.

"A great idea, Quark. Computer create one strap-on cock for me eight inches

"Dax, get over here and suck my cock," Quark said.

Dax got on her hands and knees in front of Quark and started to lick his
cock running her tongue uround its tip before talking him into her mouth and
swirling her tongue over him. He groaned as he watched Kira shuffle up behind
Dax and slide the strap on into her cunt a few times. Dax moaned around his
cock as she felt the stimulation and then grunted as Kira pushed it into her
ass. Quark watched as Kira fucked the trill slut from behind.

"Take it you slut," Kira said loosing herself in the moment and using all
Sisko had ever taught her.

Dax raised her mouth from Quarks cock long enough to shout encouragement
before swallowing it again. Eventually Quark grunted and shot spurt after
spurt of cum into Dax's throat. She gulped it down and the raised her head
as Kira grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back.

"Fuck your my bitch now. Aren't you?" Kira said.

"Yes, Major," Dax gasped before another orgasm caused her to collapse.

Kira withdrew slowly from Dax and lay next to her planting a delicate kiss
on her forehead she cuddled up to the Trill as Quark got up and started to

"You tell the commander I'll have the computers delivered in two days. He can
have the room tommorrow." Quark said and left.

"Mmm, well he's still a repulsive little troll, but I'd do it again," Kira
said. "Especially if your with me."

"I think I'd like that," Dax said.


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