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No Bajorans were harmed in the writing of this story.

Pairing Sisko/Kira (MF, Oral, Inter.)

Setting: Season One early on.

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response. And now a story I wrote years ago and never and the bottle to
reveal till now.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Deep Sex Nine
(The Personal Logs Of The Federation Station DS9's Senior Officers) Part 1
by Ithaqua ([email protected])

Personal Log:

Major Kira Nerys Bajoran Liaison Officer to the Federation. I dont know
when it happened but it suddenly became clear to me that our C.O. Commander
Benjamin Sisko was a rather interesting and attractive man. Maybe the time I
spent around Dax was beginning to get to me. They had been here for a few
months before I began to notice him. At that time I could ignore it. But as
I worked closer with him and the others I began to get more distracted. It
could go on no longer.

After Praying for guidance and receiving none I decided that I had to do
something direct to gain the attention of the Commander. Entering his office
that night to do some late work with me (Which didn't exist of course) he
looked surprised (to say the least) at the sight of me in my tight Nightgown
reclining on his desk. I had discarded my uniform in the corner.

"Major?" He questioned before placing the pad he was holding on a nearby

"Commander, I have a request for you," I answered my voice shaking.

"I hope it explains your current attire," He responded.

I was petrified that he would reject me but I could see the lust spark in
his eyes as he looked me over. I arched my back thrusting my chest out and
started. "You may have noticed that I seem to be distracted recently," I
said. "Well the reason is that I want you, Ben," I blurted it out in one go.

"Major, I don't think--" He started to say as he approached me.

"Please don't reject me, Ben. I can see that you want me," I said cutting him
off and then arching again. This time I saw a bulge appear, tugging at his
trousers. "It would appear that at least a part of you is interested!" I

"Major! That is the only part that I can give you I still need time before I
can love another woman," He responded.

"That is all I want," I told him.

"Well," he said sitting down in his chair, "why don't you come and get it."
He unzipped his uniform and pulled out his large penis. "Have you ever sucked
a cock before Nerys?" he asked.

"Sucked a what?" Humans use vulgar terminology to respond to their sexual

"Cock is another name for penis so is dick and knob."

"You mean that your women suck on your cocks?" I asked trying out the new

"Yes, some do and it is enjoyable by both parties."

I looked down at his large dick and decided that it might be fun even if he
was just winding me up. "Okay, I'll give it a go," I said and then I slowly
took the tip of his cock into my mouth.

God it was wonderful. His flesh tasted salty, but was smooth and it filled my
mouth up. I started to slowly work it learning as I went. I started to run my
tongue around it. Slowly I began to take it deeper into my mouth and then I
started to take it even deeper, slipping it into my throat. It was difficult
and I almost gagged on it before I realised how to do it properly.

"Yes, Nerys deepthroat that cock," I heard Sisko say.

Suddenly, I felt his cock pulsing and I was about to stop when I felt a warm
liquid hit the back of my throat. I started to swallow it as it filled up my
mouth and dribbled down my cheek. It was extremely salty and I wondered how
a Bajoran's ejaculation would taste as I had realised that was what it was.

Once I had swallowed all the delicious liquid I raised my head and looked
into Sisko's eyes and saw him looking back at me with undisguised lust in his
eyes. "For someone whose never sucked a cock your damn good at it, Nerys," he
said. "You made me cum before I knew it," he added.

"Your cum tastes great, Ben."

Ben lifted me onto the table and gently pushed me into a lying position and
slowly spread my legs. 'He's going to fuck me,' I thought but then he lowered
his head to what he later called my pussy and started to lick at it sending
waves of pleasure through my body. This continued as I gasped for air
pleasure surging through my being before I orgasmed, grinding my wet cunt
into his face as he licked at my cum.

I was then rolled over so that I bent over the table my arse cocked in the
air my legs wide apart as Ben stood up and then I gasped as his huge cock
thrust into my wet pussy. I almost screamed as he started to pump away at my
pussy his huge hard cock going deeper than any man before. God he was great
he gave me his hard cock for ages and I thought I was going to pass out
before he finally yanked it out and started to masturbate. I slid off the
table desperate to taste his salty cum again. I was on my knees in front of
him my mouth wide open as he shot his cum all over my face. I swallowed every
drop that landed in my mouth and licked my lips as I scooped some of my
cheeks with my hand before licking it clean.

"You were great," Ben I said as we dressed.

"Will there be a next time?"

"You can bet on it, Nerys," Sisko responded.


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