In Part 1, Kaela and Jake meet for the first time on Deep Space 9. During a
Jem'Hadar attack on the station, they have a heavy petting session and come
very close to having sex. Though they get each other off, Kaela wants to
remain a virgin. A year later, Jake takes a vacation on Bajor and finds Kaela
there to greet him.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Coming Of Age Part 2 (mf,inter)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

For a week Jake and Kaela had been all over Bratisha province. She had shown
him quaint little villages, picturesque lakes, beautiful forests. Best of all
for Jake was Kaela's company. In the year that had passed since they had met
on Deep Space 9, Kaela had become a woman. Her hair was longer, her figure
fuller and her breasts ... he couldn't keep his eyes of her breasts.

Kaela had noticed and with a hint of a smile on her face had whispered in
Jake's ear if he wanted to touch them. Jake had blushed, his black skin
turning a shade of violet, since they were standing in a crowd of people
listening intently to Kai Winn, Kaela's aunt and Bajor's spiritual leader.
Jake was sure that someone had overheard Kaela's indecent proposal and he
promised himself not to let his eyes wander again over the ripe fullness
of her chest. He kept his promise for a total of five minutes much to
Kaela's amusement.

That same day they took a sub-orbital transport to a brand new ski resort
on the slopes of a mountain range where snow fell all year round. Ever
since Bajor had been freed from 60 years of Cardassian rule, such resorts
and amusement parks had sprung up all over the planet. It was a result of
having lived so long in terror and misery, Federation xeno-psychologists
said, the Bajorans were now trying to cram in as much enjoyment as they
could into their lives.

For Jake and Kaela, none of this mattered. They spent the rest of the day
skiing down a beginner's slope and taking the anti-grav ski-lift back up for
at least ten times until they were well and truly exhausted. Each time Jake
glanced at Kaela, her words and the unspoken promise behind them appeared
before his eyes. He could remember her beautiful naked body and their moments
together a year ago on Deep Space 9 and by the end of the day he had a
constant raging hard-on.

It was late afternoon and the sun was about to disappear behind the tallest
peaks. Kaela slid to a halt and turned to watch. Jake stopped some distance
away from her and clumsily walked over to her side on his skis. Together they
looked at the golden rays highlight the mountains, the sky slowly changing
color as the sun disappeared completely. Kaela's hand found Jake's and they
held each other as they watched.

"It's beautiful" Kaela sighed.

Jake nodded. "Your planet is beautiful. It is so like the stories dad used
to tell me about how Earth used to be in the old days before technology."

After a short pause, Jake continued "And you are beautiful too."

Kaela didn't turn to look at him but he felt her hand tighten on his. They
continued to watch the sunset, hand in hand for several more minutes, then
Jake broke the spell. "We'd better get going. It's going to be too dark to
see our way down soon and I'm still not very good on these skis."

They skiied down to the resort in silence, the only sound coming from
the contact between ski and snow. In ten minutes they arrived at their
destination. The resort was made up of a large building which housed
the reception, restaurants sauna and gym while all the guest rooms were
individual log cabins which fanned out on the snow covered plateau. Jake
unzipped a pocket and pulled out a tiny padd which served as a key and
direction finder to the cabin. When activated it displayed a tiny arrow
pointing to the location of their cabin which was quite useful during
snowstorms or in this case, when night had fallen.

As they neared their cabin, Jake grinned, recalling how the resort's Bajoran
manager had reacted when he had learnt that Jake was the son of the Emissary,
as most Bajorans knew Benjamin Sisko. He had immediately offered them the
cabin, food and anything else they needed free of charge. When Jake told him
that Kaela just happened to be Kai Winn's niece, the Bajoran had almost
fainted. Regaining his composure, he had insisted that they take the best
cabin available notwithstanding the fact that it was occupied by the Romulan
ambassador to Bajor. To the manager, Jake and Kaela, were more important
dignitaries than the Romulan. Jake had been about to accept when Kaela
pinched his arm and neatly avoided an intergalactic incident by telling the
manager that they wanted a cabin some distance away from all the others, to
ensure their privacy, she had said winking at the manager. This time the
manager did faint and the two teenagers left the lodge trying not to fall
down laughing as two bell-boys rushed to the manager's assistance.

Arriving at the cabin they found that the computer had lit the fire and the
cabin was nice and warm. Jake pulled of his padded ski suit and tossed it in
a corner. Kaela smiled at him and ran a finger along his bare chest, tracing
the outline of his muscles. She asked him to help her take off her thick
clothing and he obliged. Slowly, he removed her ski suit and vest till she
was standing naked except for bra and panties.

He looked at her lovingly taking in her shapely figure, remembering her
smooth skin from that encounter on Deep Space 9 a year ago. He remembered
how soft her breasts had felt that day, and he reached out cupping one of
them in his hand. How they had grown! He reached behind her back and undid
her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her georgous tits were bare now and
though the cabin was warm, the nipples had risen and become hard as if they
were cold. He traced a finger around one of them and she shivered at his

"Undress me completely" Kaela told him.

Jake pulled off a blanket from the large bed and spread it on the wooden
floor. He knelt down before her and pulled down her panties. She stepped out
of them and sat next to him. Kaela helped him remove his underpants and
giggled when she saw his cock already stiff and ready.

"How long have you been like that?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Ever since you met me at the spaceport" he replied grinning.

"Ooooohh" she said "then we'd better do something about it."

They lay in front of the fire, snuggled together warm and safe on a blanket.
He couldn't keep his eyes off of her, taking in her hair, shining like gold
in the firelight, breathing in her sweet scent, feeling the beating of her
heart, and the whisper of her soft breath on his neck as she lay her head on
his shoulder. She traced slow lazy circles on his arm with her fingers,
feeling his warm skin, feeling his strong arms around her finally where she
belonged. She raised her face up to his and they looked deep into each others
eyes. Seeing the depth of their love shining from within their very souls.

He kissed her softly on her parted lips as she closed her eyes, one hand on
the back of his head to bring him in closer to her. They kissed slowly and
gently, they knew they had time...all the time in the world. Soon the kisses
grew deeper, mouths open, tongues doing the ancient dance of love as they
explored each others mouths, hungry for each other. He caressed her firm
breasts as he felt her nipples grow even bigger under his fingers. She
responded by kissing him harder, her breathing coming faster as she felt him
touching her. He lay her down, kissing his way down her neck, his tongue
tracing a wet line as he lowered his head to take a nipple into his mouth.
She arched her back and gasped as she felt his warm mouth on her, sucking
her sensitive nipple into his mouth. He slowly brought her to the point where
she thought she was going to cum, his mouth going back and forth from one to
the other, loving her, making her want him more than she thought possible.

They lay together, feeling each others bodies, exploring the places that they
liked touched, and the places they didn't. He kissed his way down her body,
down from her beautiful breasts, down her flat stomach, going lower he
breathed in her scent, the wonderful musky sweet scent that only a woman in
lust can make. She parted her legs as she felt his lips along the inside of
her thigh, kissing gently the smooth skin. He placed his hands on the inside
of her thighs and spread her legs wide, looking at her beautiful pussy as it
opened before him. He could see the milky white love juice coming from deep
within her as the swollen outer lips parted, her clit standing hard, waiting
for his touch.

He caught his breath, his desire almost overwhelmed him. He looked up at her
and saw her gorgeous amber eyes looking back at him. Teasing her he kissed
the top of her mound before sliding his tongue inside of her. She moaned and
raised her hips a little, her hand going to the back of his head as she tried
to pull him deeper into her. He slowly licked along the inside of her wet
slit, making love to her with his tongue, stabbing it into her over and over
as she writhed underneath him. Using his fingers he spread her open more,
pulling the hood of her clit back he exposed the sensitive little nub
completely. She cried out as he washed his tongue over it, around and around,
up and down, sucking it into his mouth. Stroking two fingers into her as he
sucked her clit deep into his mouth she came hard, thrusting her hips against
his mouth, crying out his name as she shook over and over.

When she recovered she pulled him up close to her, taking his hard shaft into
her hand she slowly stroked him, kissing her way down his body as he had done
with her. She kissed her way around his stomach, down to his balls, taking
them into her mouth, she suckled them gently, watching as his cock throbbed.
Kissing her way up until she lowered her mouth onto him. Taking him deep into
her mouth. She began to stroke her mouth up and down, her tongue swirling the
underside of his shaft as she sucked hard. He pulled her up so that she was
on top of him, her soaking pussy over his mouth. As he brought her down onto
his mouth, taking her clit into his teeth, she moaned around his cock,
sucking harder and faster. She moved her hips faster as she felt his orgasm
build from deep within him. She felt him tense and knew he was about to cum.
She took him deeper into her mouth, feeling her own orgasm starting as she
felt the first hot squirts of cum began to flow from him. Moaning again she
swallowed, drinking it down, sucking it from deep within his body. Knowing he
was cumming sent her over, she came with him, his tongue buried deep inside

They lay together catching their breath, but there hands never left each
others bodies. Soon he was hard again and she ached to have him inside her.
"Jake, make love to me" she said softly, looking into his eyes.

"Kaela, are you sure?" he whispered "last time..."

"Yes, Jake. Last time I wasn't sure ... but now ... now I want you to
take ... take my virginity" she paused between each word, not used to
talking like this in front of a boy, having lived all of her short life
in a monastery.

He moved over her, kissing her, as she parted her legs for him. She reached
down and held his hard cock, slowly running it up and down her slit, getting
it wet with her juices. Finally he ever so slowly pushed himself into her.
They stared deep into each others eyes. Each of them realizing the
specialness of this moment, there would only be one-first time. She groaned
softly as she felt him go into her, her wet pussy closing in around him. He
felt her velvety warmness tight around his cock, she was so tight, he gently
moved deeper until he was in her to the hilt. She started moving her hips,
rubbing her clit against him, already on the verge of a huge orgasm.

"Wait" he whispered to her "just feel me inside you." She tried to hold
still, she could feel him throb within her. She could feel everything, his
heat, his love. They kissed, their tongues moving together though their
bodies were still. He rolled her hard nipples with his fingers as she gasped
and moaned. Again she tried to move, again he told her to wait. She could
feel the tension building inside her, becoming almost unbearable. She could
feel herself losing control. She heard herself begging him to fuck her, and
fuck her hard. He resisted the urge to do that very thing as he again told
her to wait.

Suddenly she felt herself start to cum, "oh prophets..." she cried out. As
he felt her muscles start to spasm around his cock as she started cumming he
began to move inside her. This intesified it for her as she screamed out his
name, wrapping her legs tight around his waist as she exploded. He slowly
made love to her. They found a rythm moving together, her legs wrapped tight
around him, her hands in his hair, they whispered to each other their love
for one another. She came over and over as he slowly stroked in and out of
her, he was able to hold off himself only because he had just cum a few
minutes before. She'd never felt anything like it, so loving, so completely
satisfying as him finally being inside her, making love to her for the first

After awhile he pulled out, surprising her. She looked him wondering what he
was doing...she understood when he rolled her over and brought her up on her
knees. She groaned as he entered her from behind, going in deeper than
before. She moved back against him, forcing him still deeper into her hot
pussy. This time he thrust hard into her, reaching around to pinch her
nipples and finger her hard clit. This new more forceful style sent her into
a frenzy, as she thrust back against him.

Jake wasn't very experienced at this but he wasn't a novice either ...
there were a few female ensigns on Deep Space 9 who would do anything for a
promotion or even just better quarters and as the commander's son he could
put in a good word for them ... and in exchange they taught him some
interesting things, usually with an interactive demostration!

So while he was in this position, he ran a finger along her back hole, seeing
how it made her jump and moan made him more bold, he wet his finger with her
juices and slid it into her tight hole. She cried out and came again, she'd
never cum this many times, it was almost making her dizzy, but she wanted
more of him. He didn't think he could hold back his orgasm any longer, he
could feel it building within him. Just when he was about to let it go he she
moaned "I want you to fuck my ass."

"Kaela, are you sure?" he asked surprised at her request wondering how a girl
living on backward Bajor and in a monastery could even think of such things.

She heard the astonishment in his voice and she nodded vigorously. "Yes"
she gasped "stick it in my cute little butt." Jake gasped as his little
Kaela spoke so nastily and she added, "I asked your friend Nog to send me
some instruction manuals on sex. The holo-dramas he sent were quite ...
interesting." She didn't add that her first reaction to the films had been
one of disgust which had gone away slowly after watching them repeatedly
and realising that the women in the holos actually seemed to be enjoying
themselves as a variety of men of all species and races stuck penises,
fingers and tentacles into them."

"Holy shit" he exclaimed "Nog must have sent you some holo-porn flicks!
I'll have a word with him when I'm back on DS9."

"I'd like to thank him myself" Kaela said "I didn't know what I was missing
until I watched them. Now, Jake, forget your Ferengi friend and stuff your
big, black cock up my ass."

Jake didn't need anymore encouragement. He pulled out, slick with her cum,
and put the tip of his cock at her back hole. She pushed back firmly against
him, he could feel the resistance when suddenly he felt the head of his cock
slip inside of her. He couldn't believe how tight she was, how hot. She
gasped and groaned deeply, getting used to his size. She pushed back harder
as he gently moved foward, watching as more of him slipped inside her. He
reached down and massaged her clit, which made it easier for her to relax as
he buried his cock deep into her sweet ass.

He started moving slowly, picking up speed as he she moaned her encouragment,
he could feel the cum welling up inside him, he didn't fight it as he heard
her say "you're so big inside me, I want to feel you cum deep inside me" he
shot his load into her, groaning as he felt her cum with him, her pussy
clenching on his fingers as her tight muscles clamped down on his cock.

Finally they collapsed together, laying in each others arms as they caught
their breath. Exhausted, whispering words of love to each other as they fell
asleep in front of the dying fire.

In the night sky above them, unnoticed by the two young lovers, sparkling
shooting stars shot overhead flaming in brilliant colors as the debris from
a Jem'Hadar ship destroyed just over a year ago finally fell into Bajor's

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