Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Botany And Biology (Mf,FF)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The runabout dove into Bajor's atmosphere and Keiko O'Brien held on to her
seat's armrests as sudden turbulence shook the craft. Kira Nerys, who was
piloting the runabout, glanced sideways at her, and smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Keiko. In a few minutes we'll be on the ground and in one

Keiko didn't say anything. It was not that she was scared, but having lived
most of her life in space on large starships, she wasn't used to traveling
through an atmosphere in a small vehicle. It had been her idea after all, to
take a week's break from the dull routine aboard Deep Space 9 and visit the
Tarala Canyons in Dashur province on Bajor. The Tarala Canyons were the home
of a variety of plants that didn't grow anywhere else on the planet and she
suspected they had several interesting medicinal properties. She had taken
it upon herself to catalogue them and take samples back to Deep Space 9 for
further examination. She had asked Captain Sisko for permission and he had
accepted, asking Colonel Kira to be her guide and pilot for the trip.

She had arranged for a young girl, Duana, who she was teaching botany
lessons, to babysit her children while her husband Miles O'Brien was working.
She felt she could trust the fifteen year old alone with her children and
Miles would be in the vicinity if Duana needed anything.

"Where would you like to land?" Kira asked her as they hovered several miles
above the Tarala Canyons.

Keiko looked out of the view screen at the landscape below them. "If you can
land on that wedge of land there," she pointed, "between those two streams.
That's probably where the largest concentration of plants would be."

"If you say so," Kira replied. She angled the runabout towards the spot
Keiko had indicated and increased the speed to three times the speed of
sound. Kira couldn't understand Keiko's fascination with plants. A tree
was a tree and a flower was a flower to Kira. The latter were pretty
things, the former made a good cover for phaser fire if anyone decided
to start shooting at you. She brought the runabout in for a perfect
landing, avoiding the stump of a tree that she spotted at the last minute.
When they had touched down she went through the shutdown checklist, then
opened the doors. Keiko gathered her bags full of tricorders, laser
cutters, sample stasis containers and holo-imagers and rushed out. Kira
followed her, taking a deep breath of her native air which was much better
than the recycled air aboard Deep Space 9.

Several hours passed and Keiko had rushed from spot to spot crooning in
delight as she found plant after plant that had never been catalogued
before. Kira had watched her in silence, sitting on the grass in the shade
cast by the runabout. The sun was high in the sky and the air was warm.
Keiko soon began to tire and she turned back to the runabout to get a drink
of water to replace what she had lost through sweat. She had discarded her
top and was wearing a vest held up with straps on her shoulders. Her sweat
made it cling to her skin and the outline of her breasts were clearly
visible. Kira had noticed this and had been looking intently at Keiko for
a while feeling something stir deep inside her.

Keiko sat down on the grass next to Kira and took a sip from a water bottle.

"Hot day isn't it?" Keiko said.

"Yes. Back on the station everyone gets used to the conditioned air and
forgets how variable weather on a planet can get," Kira replied.

The talked for several more minutes before lapsing into silence, listening
to the birds sing and the insects chitter and buzz. Kira kept glancing
sideways at Keiko without saying anything, until Keiko finally asked her
what she was looking at.

"Nothing." Kira said.

"It can't be nothing," Keiko told her, "I've noticed you looking at me all
morning. What's wrong?"

"It's just that I can't help thinking how beautiful you are," Kira finally

"What!?" Keiko said not sure she had heard right.

"You heard me, Keiko," then she added, "I want you."

Keiko was startled. She had never expected another woman of all things to
make a pass at her. "You ... want ... me...?" she repeated stunned, then
sudden realization dawning upon her, "So the rumors are true? You're a ....."
she asked not quite knowing how to put it.

Kira grinned at her, "Well, not exactly. I like men, but I especially like
women too. So if that makes me a lesbian, so be it. The matter is what are
you going to do about it? If you want we can leave now, and forget I've ever
said anything."

Keiko was silent for a moment. "Oh what the hell," she said, "Miles hasn't
been intimate with me for ages, all because of Dr Bashir and his stupid
holo-suite programs. It's not as if I'm going to cheat on him with another
man. And this fresh air filled with pollen has made me quite horny."

Kira took that as a yes. She moved closer to Keiko and caressed her cheek,
then moved her hand down her neck and onto her shoulders where she pulled
off the strap of her vest. She did the same to the other side and Keiko's
vest fell around her waist, leaving her chest naked. Her medium sized
breasts were covered in sweat from her previous exertion as Kira cupped
them with her hands and rubbed them gently. Keiko's nipples began to harden
much to her surprise as Kira touched her.

"You may do the same to me if you want," Kira told her, removing her
uniform's top, uncovering her tits.

Keiko reached out, uncertain of what to do. She cupped a breast and squeezed
gently, then used her index finger to twitch at a nipple. Kira seemed to
enjoy this so Keiko continued. After a while, Kira stopped and motioned her
to get up. They both did and helped each other pull down their trousers until
they were both completely naked. When they were sitting on the grass again,
Kira moved her face close to Keiko's and kissed her on her lips. When Keiko
didn't pull back she kissed her again, this time opening her mouth slightly,
just enough so that her tongue made contact with Keiko's lips. The last time
Keiko had been kissed this way had been when she was seventeen years old and
the boy who had done it to her had received a slap that had left a print of
her hand on his face for days. However, this time Keiko responded in a
different way. She parted her lips giving Kira's tongue free access to her
mouth. Their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths, touching,
licking and tasting each other. They parted taking deep breaths.

"Wow, that was fun" Keiko said wiping Kira's saliva off her chin.

"I knew you'd like it. I bet Miles doesn't kiss you that way."

"It's not that Miles doesn't want to. I guess I've never let him so he
doesn't even try anymore."

While Keiko had been talking, Kira had reached down and slid her hand between
Keiko's legs until her palm had found her cunt lips. She slid her middle
finger down the slit then up again until she found a small, hard bump of
flesh. Keiko must have leaped several inches into the air when Kira pulled
back the fleshy hood of her clitoris and touched the very sensitive organ
directly with her finger. Kira removed her hand but only for a few seconds to
wet her fingers in her mouth then back to Keiko's cunt. Keiko had shut her
eyes and leaned back against the cool metal of the runabout. She widened her
legs and allowed Kira to touch her now open and wet cunt without the
slightest resistance. Kira was pleasuring Keiko, but Keiko having no
experience as a lesbian wasn't reciprocating.

"Keiko, let me show you something," Kira told her sitting on the grass
opposite her. She moved forward until her legs were parallel with Keiko's,
then she lifted one leg and slid it under Keiko's, doing the same with
Keiko's other leg until they were intertwined together, with their pubic
areas nestled snugly against each other. Keiko was looking at Kira with a
surprised look on her face as she felt Kira's heat and wetness against

"I would never have imagined this position," Keiko said.

Kira smiled, "This is going to be much better if we move our hips like so,"
and she began rotating her pelvis, rubbing her cunt against Keiko's.

"Ohhhhh, yes, ohhhhh this is great," Keiko gasped as Kira's wet pussy slid
against her slit and rubbed her clitoris. Keiko began to thrust her hips
forward in unison with Kira as if she were expecting penetration by a cock,
which obviously never came. They humped at each other wildly, sweating until
both their bodies glistened under the warm sun. Drops of sweat dripped down
their stomachs mingling with their freely flowing love juices.

"Quicker, Keiko. Fuck me faster," Kira urged her.

They both increased the speed at which they were rotating and thrusting their
hips as their orgasmic energy built up steadily.

Suddenly Keiko cried out loudly, "Oh fuuuuckk .... I'm commming!" and she
stuck two fingers deep into her vagina as she orgasmed.

Kira kept on humping at Keiko's cunt for another minute before screaming,
"Ahhhhh, yesss, O by the Prophets ... ooooooh." Her moans went on for several
seconds as she had multiple orgasms, her pussy streaming with a clear, thick
liquid that dripped onto the grass and gave off a highly erotic aroma.

Exhausted they fell into each others arms and hugged, their legs still
interlocked. Kira Nerys nibbled on Keiko's earlobe and Keiko giggled.

"That's ticklish," she said, and they both laughed like two schoolgirls.

It was mid-afternoon now in the Tarala Canyons and Keiko and Kira got up and
took a dip in the fresh, cold water of the streams running near where they
had landed. They didn't bother dressing after because they knew the area was
uninhabited, and Keiko was secretly enjoying running around in the nude. This
week's trip to Bajor was going to be fun she thought as Kira ran past her
laughing and slapped her on the ass. Imagine what would O'Brien think if he
were to see them like this! Her husband was probably asleep now, since it
must be around ten in the evening, Station time.

Of course, Miles O'Brien had other things on his mind ... and on other parts
of his body ...

* * *

Meanwhile, back on Deep Space 9

Duana had finally convinced Molly to go to sleep. It was past ten in the
evening and Mrs O'Brien had told her that Molly was to be in bed by nine.
However, with her mother away, Molly had wanted to stay up longer and it
taken Duana lots of time and energy to get the little girl to obey. Duana
was fifteen years old and she had lived on Deep Space 9 for the past three
years when her father had been transferred here by StarFleet. She was
studying botany at the classes organized by Mrs O'Brien. When she had
asked her if she could be a babysitter for a few days, Duana had accepted
immediately though she was already beginning to regret it. Mrs O'Brien's
husband, Chief Engineer Miles O'Brien, should have been here at least an
hour ago to relieve her from her tiring stint at babysitting, but he hadn't
shown up yet. Probably some emergency repair or something she thought.
Exhausted, Duana kicked off her shoes, shook her shoulder length black
hair, stretched and then sat on a couch. She'd rest while she waited for
Mr O'Brien, just sit down here for a short while. As the minutes passed her
head began to nod and her eyelids became heavy and she fell asleep on the

Miles O'Brien hadn't been repairing much tonight, he'd been to Quark's with
Dr Bashir. Instead of a roctageno, he'd allowed Julian to convince him to
take a highly intoxicating Romulan ale, and one had led to another, and now
he could hardly find his way to his apartment. He finally stumbled up to the
correct door and it opened automatically when he pressed his thumb against
the lock. He saw a figure lying on the couch and his mind still clouded in
an alcoholic haze he forgot that Keiko had gone on a week's trip to Bajor.

"Keiko, I'm home," he told her, "Are you asleep?" he asked when she didn't
reply. He walked to the couch and sat on the edge near the sleeping figure.
He blinked. His wife was sleeping face down and there was something strange
about her. He couldn't figure out what it was though. He shrugged and
grinned. She looked so sexy with that short, tight skirt and halter top she
was wearing. He couldn't recall ever seeing his wife wearing such a hot
outfit before, certainly not in the past five years. Besides being highly
alcoholic, Romulan ale was a potent aphrodisiac and it certainly was having
that effect on Miles. He felt his cock stiffening between his legs as he
looked down at Keiko's bare thighs. As she slept the mini-skirt had ridden
up further and the lower parts of the cheeks of her ass were exposed. Miles
reached out with his hands and began to rub her back, working his way down.
Still asleep, Keiko sighed and moved slightly as her stiff muscles began to
relax. Miles spent several minutes performing this back massage, undoing the
clasp that held her halter top together, and rubbing until he reached the
hem of the mini-skirt. He moved down further until both hands were on what
he thought was his wife's cute little butt. He fondled her bottom through
the skirt's material which rode up even higher. As more of her ass was
exposed, O'Brien got even stiffer until his erection was becoming painful.
He pulled off his trousers and breathed a sigh of relief as his erection
sprang free.

His hands moved back to Keiko's ass which was now in full view, the
mini-skirt bunched up at her waist. "Oh wow," Miles breathed. She was wearing
a panty made of some silky transparent material, a small triangle at the top
of her ass and a string like thong that disappeared between her ass cheeks
covering nothing. This was amazing, he thought, his wife was wearing such
sexy underwear. She'd never done that before, not even when they were
newlyweds. What had gotten into her now? Whatever it was he wasn't going to
argue about it. He hooked a finger around the string and pulled at it. Keiko
widened her legs slightly as O'Brien's touch caused the thin panty material
to press against her slit. She moaned, still asleep, and this excited Miles
even more. He caressed the back of her thighs and where they curved to form
her ass. He moved one hand until he could feel the warmth emanating from
between her legs and then he placed a single finger on the warmest spot. He
could feel a wetness there and he knew he had found her slit. He slid his
finger around, pushing the intruding panty string out of the way, feeling her
cunt. She must have shaved herself he thought. Keiko seemed to be doing her
best to amaze him tonight. As far as he could tell there was no sign of any
hair on her pussy lips and though she was lying on her stomach and his hand
couldn't reach that far under her, he could tell that she had shaved her
bush. Miles was overcome with lust. His wife had done everything to get him
aroused and now he'd show her what he could do! He grabbed her hips and
heaved her around onto her back .........

....... and she woke ........ and looked up at him with wide eyes ........
and screamed.

The high pitched scream startled O'Brien. He'd been about to lower himself
onto her and give her a good fucking. When his wife screamed he had pulled
back, and combined with the fact that his mind had begun to clear from the
effects of the Romulan ale, he got the shock of his life. Lying on the couch
before him, her legs pinned by his weight, her mini-skirt bunched up at her
waist and her halter top falling off her chest, revealing a small breast as
she desperately attempted to cover herself with her hands, was a young girl
who up to a minute ago he had thought was his wife!

Duana had been having an erotic dream. A man had been rubbing her back and
touching her between her legs. She hadn't wanted it to stop and she was so
aroused that her pussy had gotten all wet. Suddenly she found herself wide
awake and her dream hadn't been a dream after all. There was Mr O'Brien
holding her down and his ... oh my god ... his penis ... his very thick
penis ... was hanging straight out and actually touching her thigh. Her
halter top was slipping off and she used both her hands to cover her breasts
without noticing that she was exposed to his view from the waist down.

"What are you doing?" she told him having finally found her voice.

"I ... I ..." he mumbled, "I thought ... you were my wife," knowing how
silly the excuse would sound.

"But your wife is on Bajor," she said, "she asked me to babysit Molly while
she was away."

"Oh," Miles said, "I had a bit too much to drink tonight and I just wasn't
seeing straight. When I saw you lying there I thought you were Keiko and you
looked ...." he stopped blushing a bright red.

Still holding her arms around her chest, Duana asked, "Continue. What were
you going to say?"

"Well, you looked so ... so sexy," he grinned at her embarrassed at having
to say this to a girl that was young enough to be his daughter.

Duana was still in a state of shock but when she heard that she grinned,
"Thank's for the compliment. Lots of boys tell me that but very few have
even seen me like this," and she looked down at her partially nude body.

"I'm really sorry that this happened. I don't know what came over me," Miles
told her about to pull up his trousers to cover himself.

Duana didn't know why she did what she did. Maybe because she was so tired
that her mind wasn't thinking properly, or because she had become so aroused
when she was dreaming. She reached out and grabbed O'Brien's wrist with one
hand stopping him from pulling up his pants. Without her hand holding it up,
her halter dropped to the floor fully revealing her small young breasts. She
pulled O'Brien's hand towards her and placed it against her chest between
her breasts. "Mr O'Brien, I want you to continue what you were doing to me
while I was asleep," she said quickly before her fear would stop her.

Miles gasped. He had sobered up pretty quickly when he had realized what a
bad situation he was in. If this girl reported his attempt to, inadvertently,
rape her to his wife or worse to Station Security, he'd be thrown in the brig
to await trial. Now instead of threatening to report him she was actually
offering herself to him. He didn't know what to do. Was it a trick? Was he
hallucinating from the aftereffects of Romulan ale? As the seconds passed and
he didn't do anything, Duana decided for him. She placed both legs around his
thigh and began to rub herself provocatively against him while pushing her
small breasts against the hand that was still against her chest. Miles' dick
had shriveled with fear, but now as this sexy fifteen year old slut humped
his leg, it grew visibly till it was sticking straight out with a drop of
pre-cum oozing out of the head.

Miles could feel a wet spot growing on his thigh as she rubbed her cunt
against him like a bitch in heat. He could stand it no longer. He pulled her
legs apart and guided his wide cock to her young pussy. It was so soft and
smooth, the skin so silky and wet he thought as he pressed his dick's head
against her slit. Duana felt his large member pressing against her and though
she was very excited she was afraid that he'd hurt her. She was still a
virgin, though she'd had lots of petting sessions, none of the other boys her
age had ever tried to actually fuck her. O'Brien seemed to realize her
situation and he was being very gentle, pushing his tool in as slowly as
possible ready to pull it out if he hurt her in any way. Duana lay as still
as possible, wriggling her hips slightly as he forced himself inside her. Her
pussy was so very tight and wet that Miles was in ecstasy. He'd never had
such a young cunt before. It was lubricating heavily as he finally reached a
barrier which he realized was her hymen. I'm fucking a virgin he thought then
aloud he said, "This may hurt a little," and pushed himself deep into her
with a smooth jerk, tearing through her virginity. She gasped at the sudden
sensation, then moaned as for the first time in her life her love canal was
completely filled up with a male organ.

Miles began to thrust at her slowly, moving in and out a couple of inches so
as not to hurt her. She was so tight that even that small movement was enough
to get him off. Duana's eyes had rolled up into her head as she moaned with
each thrust. Her small tongue darted between her lips and Miles bent over to
kiss her square on the mouth. Their tongues dueled for a few seconds before

"Oh Miles," she moaned, "fuck me deep. I'm all yours."

"Yes, baby. Yes, I'm fucking you hard," he grunted, "my beautiful, sexy,
young slut." Miles was finding it very arousing to talk this way to Duana.
He'd never done it when making love to his wife. Duana seemed to be actually
enjoying it however, as she began to respond to his thrusts by pushing her
pelvis against him. With her hands she was cupping her small breasts and
pinching her nipples.

"Suck them," she told him, "suck my little nipples."

Miles bent over and took a hard nipple into his mouth, pulling at the pink
flesh and wetting it with his tongue. Duana moaned loudly as he did this and
began to hump at him wildly. She was on the verge of coming and so was Miles.
He moved his mouth to her other breast and playfully bit at the nipple with
his teeth. This was enough to set her off. She began to orgasm, her vagina
pulsating, the walls of her fuck tunnel drumming on Miles' cock. She came
once, twice, then Miles lost count. His cock was deep inside her, the
sensations it felt as she came were incredible. It was impossible for Miles
to resist. He couldn't even pull it out before he too came spurting a large
volume of semen into her hole. As Miles and Duana came simultaneously they
hugged each other tightly, joined as one at their genitals, and remained like
that for several long minutes. Miles finally withdrew his slowly shrinking
member from her sopping wet cunt. When he pulled it out completely with a
popping sound, his cum dripped out of her pink hole and flowed down her
thighs. Duana reached down between her legs with her hand and wet her fingers
with their juices. She brought her fingers to her lips tasting his jism
intermingled with her love juice. Very nice, she thought, suddenly wishing
that she'd accepted to suck off one of the boys at school when he'd asked her
to, but she'd refused thinking it was a disgusting idea at the time.

She sat up on the couch and Miles sat next to her with one arm around her
shoulders and with a hand rubbing one of her tits.

"Thank you for everything, Mr O'Brien," Duana said, looking up at him with
her large eyes.

"I have to thank you, Duana," Miles told her, "I haven't had such good sex
with such a pretty woman for ages."

Duana blushed and then smiled. He had considered her a woman she thought, not
a fifteen year old teenage girl. She reached up and kissed him on his mouth,
then before he could do anything else she got up, dressed quickly and left.
O'Brien kept staring at the door for a while after she had left. He hoped
that he'd meet her again, especially when Keiko was on one of her field


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