Superman: Superman's Revenge (MF,MMF,FF,MM,ncon,drugs)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Superman sat in his Fortress of Solitude, in the Antartic he tried to
figure a way to combat the drug that Lex Luthor had made that made him a sex
addict. But what hurt the most is that Lois Lane had turned on him too. For
she had called him, that Lex had a very dangerous weapon.

What Superman didn`t know is Lex was licking her pussy, while she called for
Superman. When he arrived he was hit with some kryptonite. He laid there as
Lois took his cock in her hand and squeezed it. Then she put her spiked heel
into his nuts as Lex gave him the drug by letting Lois kiss him.

Soon Superman recoverd, his head and his nuts hurt. In the days to come it
would be pure hell for him. Back as Clark Kent at the Daily Planet Lois came
in with tip on Lex. He knew it would probably be some sort of trap. Perry
White told Clark and Lois to check it out.

Sure enough a large robot was robbing a bank, Clark found a dark alley and
turned into Superman. Flying to the bank, Superman saw a woman walk by and
his cock got so hard it hurt. Within minutes he had the woman in his grasp
flying into the air. He ripped her panties off, pulled out his hard cock and
found her pussy, as he flew he was fucking her. He held her pumping his hard
cock into her until she passed out.

Superman had let the robot get away, all because of his lust. He fixed the
woman were she wouldn't remeber. He flew back to the bank, there was Lois
interviewing people. TV people were there too, someone turned to Superman
and asked, "Did you get the robot?"

"No," he said and flew off. What had happened to him.

He heard a scream a car was hanging off a bridge. He flew down, saved the car
and a woman about forty came out of the car. Hugging him Superman's cock got
hard once again. He once again lost control and he fucked the woman in her
pussy and ass and even in her mouth until his cock was limp and the woman
laid unconscious with cum oozing out of her ass and pussy.

Superman knew he would have to find a cure. So he left for his Fortress of
Solditude. On the way there he seen a guy. He helped him and then his cock
became hard. Superman lost all control and raped the guy pumping his ass full
of cum.

The days to follow were prue hell. For his cock ached until he couldn't stand
it no more. He flew to the nearest country and raped several women and even a
few guys too. The news spread around the world "Superman A Rapist!"

Meanwhile Lex was raking in the dough.

Superman was looking at a blood sample from a month ago and compared it to
the one he just took. Superman was working on a antidote when his cock became
hard again. He took his cock in his hand and began to jack himself off. It
relieved some of the pressure, so he could continue.

Days went by until he found an antidote and now to plan his revenge.

Superman flew to the planet 989 it was ruled by women. Superman had saved it
and the ruler Queen La Traxx said if he ever needed a favor. So he sat with
the Queen while she had her subject service Superman and the antidote worked
He thought, "I have the perfect gift."

Superman flew back to Earth to confront Lex's robot as it was robbing a vault
of gold. Superman battled the robot. He destroyed it returning the gold. He
found Lex's hide out and he entered and fought off all his defences.

Lex was in a mobile suit as he fought Superman injecting him with the drug.
He watched Lois sucking Lex's cock and taking some other guy into her ass.

After Superman cleaned up Lex's hide out a strange ship apporached and took
Lois Lane away. Lois was kicking and screaming. Before the police arrived
Superman had fucked Lex's ass a few times.

Superman visited Planet 989, found Lois on her knees licking the Queen's
pussy with a large black dildo in her ass. "Thank you," the Queen said, "Its
a lovely gift."

With that Superman flew back to Earth were he found Lex Luthor had just died
of a cum overdose. Such sweet revenge.


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