Disclaimer: Superman belongs to DC Comics,and Warner Brothers. I am just
having fun with him.

Rating: NC-17 (FF,MFF,FDom)

Superman - The Animated Series: The Revenge Of Maxima
by Robbins ([email protected])

Maxima sits In her bathtub being served by her female servants. She keeps
thinking about Superman. She was crazy to let him go,at least until after
she had fucked him.

Maxima gets out of the tub. "Be gone. I have no use for you" she
tells her servants.

They run out. She picks up a towel for her nude body.

* * *

Back In Metropolis Maxima returns. She sees Superman flying with Lois Lane.
She becomes Jealous.

"How could he!" she says.

She vows revenge.

* * *

Lois walks Into her apartment. She still can't believe Superman always wants
to run off after saving her all the time. She could thank him very well if
he would let her.

Lois sees Maxima.

"Who are you?" Lois asks.

Maxima knocks her out. "You bitch!" Maxima says.

* * *

Lois wakes up In the bedroom tied to the bed nude. She sees Maxima.

"What's going on?" Lois asks. "Since you tried to come between me, and
Superman you will have to provide me with pleasure to pay for it" she tells

Lois Is stunned. Maxima undresses. She spreads Lois' legs,and puts her face
into Lois' cunt.

"Please don't!" Lois begs.

Maxima Ignores her and begins to lick her cunt with her tongue. Lois stops
her pleads to stop as she begins to enjoy the licking Maxima Is doing to her

Maxima realizes noone else has done this to her. She had done this plenty of
time to her servants.

Lois is in heaven as Maxima continues to lick her out.

"I'm Cuming! I'm Cuming!" Lois moans.

Maxima swallowes Lois' exploding juices.

* * *

Clark Kent Is at the Daily Planet. He thinks to himself if only Lois would
show Interest in him as Clark, and not as Superman. God he would love to
have sex with her.

The phone rings. He answers It. "Hello?" he says.

"Clark, I need to find Superman" he hears.

"Lois?" he asks. He hears nothing.

He knows what he has to do now. He stands up.

* * *

Superman flies into Lois' apartment. It is dark. He is attacked from behind.
He is knocked out.

* * *

Superman wakes up tied to the ceiling. He sees Maxima.

"What's going on here?" he asks. "You have been bad to us" she tells him.

He sees Lois. "What happened Lois?" he asks her.

"You have rejected us for too long" Lois says.

She goes up to him. Maxima removes his tights. "What are you doing!" he says.

Lois kneels before him,and grabs his balls. "You should have let me do this
before" she says.

He likes her touching them but knew this was wrong. Lois grabs a hold of his

"Lois,you don't want to do this" he says. Lois puts his dick into his mouth,
and begins to blow it. He likes it even though he knows it is wrong.

Maxima takes a super powered whip, and hits his back as Lois continues to
blow his dick.

* * *

Lois swallows his juices, and stands up. Maxima goes in front of him. She
kneels down. She grabs his dick.

"From now on this will be how It will be" Maxima tells him.

"You can save whoever you want. But,when you are done you are ours." Lois
tells him.

He didn't think that was so bad. Maxima puts his dick into his mouth. She
begins to blow it. He enjoys this.

The End


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