Superman - The Animate Series: Madness (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Metropolis. It is a bustling city worthy of its name. A big North American
city that is home to millions. It is also the home of Superman.

Superman flew into the scene four years ago. A strange being. He had the
appearance of a six-foot-three, black-haired, blue-eyed caucasian male in
his mid to late twenties. He wore a bright blue bodysuit, red boots and a
red cape. His chest was emblazoned in a red S shield. He had changed the
world since then. He had many powers. He could fly. He had an amazing
strength. His body was impervious to anything from fire, bullets, blades
or even explosions due to a micro-thin force field. He could shoot
Pyrokinetic blasts out of his eyes and also see through anything except
Lead (X-ray vision).

Superman was a hero. He helped people. He stopped disasters and fought crime.
He was the greatest hero the world had ever seen. He won the trust of the
American people. And the entire world. Everyone wanted to know who Superman
was. He claimed to be the last survivor of the planet Krypton, a dead world
once inhabited by humanoids. This technologically advanced society was gone.
He came to earth and vowed to help humanity. Many people opposed Superman.
Politicians. Theorists. Military people. But he won their trust. He was
always fighting to help people. He stopped terrorists. He foiled many
sinister plots. The president of the United States nominated Superman an
international hero. The United Nations made him one of its "nominee" people.

The world knew of Superman. No one seemed to know of Clark Kent. Clark Kent
had been raised by a couple of farmers in Kansas. He developed his powers
and found out he was not exactly human. He began helping people and in the
process became the icon known as Superman. He went to college and became a
reporter. He came to Metropolis and found work at the Daily Planet. He met
Lois Lane, a tall, beautiful young woman with dark hair and eyes. She was
one of the DP's best reporters. A gutsy lady who went after every story with
a vengeance. Clark Kent became friends with Lois Lane. He had a thing for
her. He was also friends with Perry White, the editor in chief on the Daily
Planet and James "Jimmy" Olsen, a young photographer.

Clark Kent had to hide who he really was. He couldn't let anyone know he was
really Superman. He did not know how people would react. He knew that human
beings could accept Superman the hero but not the hero-slash-regular-joe, he
had seen it happening to athletes, actors and artists. All kinds of famous
men and women whom the media did not let have a decent private life. So,
Clark Kent hid his powers most of the time and walked around in disguise. He
longed to have a normal life. He wanted to have what every man or woman
wanted to have. He wanted to have someone to love, and to be accepted for who
he was. He knew those things were impossible for him. He could not have a
normal life. He couldn't tell anyone his secret, for fear that they might
reveal it. The only people he ever told he was Superman were Pete Ross and
Lana Lang, his childhood friends from Smallville, Kansas. They accepted it,
after awhile.

Now, he was an adult in the big city. He felt lonely, and not simply because
he was an alien. Clark Kent had a secret. He was still, you know, um, let's
just say he was still "pure". He did not let anyone know that. He dated girls
in high school and through college. He also dated girls while in the city but
he let no one get close to him. He let no one touch him. He simply couldn't
deal with it.

Clark Kent sat behind his desk, reading a newspaper. He did not know he was
being watched. He was being watched by Mister Magick, a being from another
world. Mister Magick wanted dominion of the Earth but his fellow Magic
Wielders forbade him to come to the normal world. He would break the rules
and come there, but first he needed to get rid of the champion of this world.
Superman. He had been watching Superman for a long time. As far as he knew,
the alien had one weakness and it wasn't Kryptonite.

It was the simple fact that he was the loneliest being planet Earth had ever
seen. He did a lot of good things and helped people yet still denied himself
any chances at love and happiness. Mister Magick decided to kill two birds
with one stone : make Clark Kent happy and get rid of Superman. So, he worked
his magic. He blurred the personality of Clark Kent and Superman. He dulled
the goody two shoes and morality and all that jazz that filled Clark's alien
brain but enhanced the emotions and the cravings. Love. Hate. Jealousy. Fear.
Anger. Loneliness. Apathy. Greed. Corruption. And most importantly Lust. He
watched Clark, and grinning rubbed his hands together.


Clark Kent suddenly felt weird. He felt...strange. He looked around, and
saw...what? People all over the city. Men and women. Doing their thing. It
filled him with curiosity and he flew away. He flew above the city, looking
around with his X-ray vision. He saw humanity in a way he had never seen it
before. Men and women. They became suddenly more interesting to behold. With
great care, he scanned. He saw into their lives. He focused. He saw Adam
Smith of Valentine Street. A 27-year old lawyer. Married to Jennifer Nancy
and father to twin girls Anne and Jody. Adam had a big secret he kept from
his family. In the eyes of the world, he was a happily married successful
man. His wife was pleased because he treated her good and always made sure
stuff was ok. She did not know he had a lover named John Grey. A flamboyant
club performer and drag queen. Adam Smith was bi-sexual.

Clark Kent laughed. He flew down and took pictures of Adam while he was
fucking John. He sent them to Adam's wife. The reception Adam got at home
was chilling. His wife threw herself out of a window. She died. She simply
"couldn't go on" knowing her picture perfect hubby preferred boys to her,
the pathetic homemaker. Clark laughed his head off.

He flew around and saw Mrs. Darlene Noel. She was the wife of a preacher.
She was mother to six kids. She had the perfect life. Too bad she had a
thing for young girls, real young ones at that. She went to a club in
chinatown where she could satisfy her lusts. Clark Kent videotaped the
whole thing: the wife of a prominent televangelistic preacher doing it
with underage girls from China. He sent her husband a copy and one to
their church. He also put one on the Internet. He sold it for $20,000.
The newspapers had a field day with this one. Clark grinned at what he did.

He flew around and saw a bank robbery on the making. He saw a lady calling
it in. He melted the cellphone in her hand and she screamed, dropping it. He
also melted her ridiculous Payless shoes. Cheapskates always offended Clark.
He flew around and around, watching what the humans did. He put a banana in
the tailpipe of the limo of a ditzy broadway babe...causing her to be late
and losing an audition.

Laughing, he flew around. He stole clothes from the locker rooms of a bunch
of jocks. They were stuck naked in the showers. He flew to a state prison and
broke the men free, flying too fast to be seen. He also went to the Statue of
Liberty and did a nice job ripping off the boobs. He went to the tower of
Pisa and melted it with his Heat Vision before remaking it into a
Phallus-like monument. He went to Mount Rushmore, and remade the faces of the
presidents into the faces of Hitler and his associates. He grinned at what he

As time went by, he did more and more. He caused the collapse of the Golden
Gate Bridge (after picking all the cars off, of course). He destroyed the
great Wall of China. He melted the highway. He deflected the course of the
Mississipi river. He carried huge rocks from all over and filled the Grand
Canyon with them. He flattened the Eiffel tower. He carried off the Lincoln
monument. The world was terrified. So far, no one had been killed. The world
was terrified of Superman's madness. There was nothing anyone could do.
France launched a nuclear bomb at him and Superman carried the bomb off into
space where it detonated harmlessly. The weeks went by. The armies of the
world sent helicopters, airplanes and pretty much everything they had at
Superman. Nothing worked.

He grew tired of being chased by the planes and destroyed them. He did not
kill anyone, but gave severe beatings to the men and women who dared to defy
him. He came back to Metropolis, and destroyed all the automobiles, trapping
the people inside the city.

He went to New York and took away all the guns. He was mad at the world. Why
should they be allowed to continue with their lives when he could not?


Lois Lane could not believe her eyes. What was Superman doing? He was mad!
She could not believe it was really him causing all that trouble all over
the world. He used his powers for good, or used to. She heard reports of
entire armies being defeated by him. The US army had lost all its weapons.
Naval ships had been destroyed. Airplanes and Helicopters were useless. The
totality of the world's nuclear arsenal vanished overnight. Around her,
everyone was scared. Worse, terrified. And they were calling the man she
loved "Monster". And Clark Kent was missing. She was scared for him.

Mister Magick grinned. Superman had begun to turn to darkness. He increased
the pressure to the alien's mind. Superman became more violent. He went to
Russia and demanded the country's surrender. They opposed him. He flew into
the skies and unleashed the full wrath of his Heat Vision on the city,
reducing it to a pile of ash in a matter of minutes. He flame-broiled the
humans inside their homes. Men, women and children. Law abiding citizens and
criminals alike. He went all over Europe, destroying cities from high above.
No one could stop him. He went to Africa and the people surrendered. So did
most of Asia, after Superman destroyed Tokyo. He went back to Metropolis.
His "home".

Naturally, he demanded their surrender and they refused. He was about to
flame-broil the whole lot of them when he saw someone. Lois Lane. She was
there. Among them. The woman he loved. He felt conflicting emotions. Humans
were inferior and were meant to be ruled or destroyed. He knew that for a
fact. Yet, part of him cared for this woman, this Lois Lane.

"Superman, don't be a bad guy," said a kid.

Clark Kent looked at the kid. Not long ago, kids looked up to him. The kid's
frightened mother came to him.

"Don't kill my child," she said with terror in her eyes.

Clark Kent, clad in the Superman costume looked at her. "Of course not," he

He felt warring emotions. Something was telling him that humans were meant
to be killed. He saw Lois come to him. She was looking at him with a mixture
of fear and wonder.

"What have you done?" she said.

"I don't know," he said, confused.

He looked at the crowd of people from Metropolis who looked at him with fear.
Once, those people loved him. "I--I don't know," he said.

He looked at his feet, confused. Lois saw him let his guard down and took the
thing she had been hiding in her pocket. A piece of Kryptonite. She steeled
herself to use it, telling herself she was doing this to save the world.
Then, she recalled all the times Superman had saved her. The time she had
fallen in love with him and he fell in love with her. She couldn't kill him,
not even to save the world.

"What's happening to me, Lois?" Clark asked with tears in his eyes.

Lois wanted to go to him and hold him. She did, shocking everyone in
Metropolis. "I don't know what came over you, Superman. I don't know."

He looked at her, suddenly the magical influence in his head was gone and he
was himself again. He recalled all that he had done. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
he screamed.

Superman's cry of anguish and pain could be heard across the globe. He saw
everything he had done. Mass destruction. The deaths of millions of people.
He had become worse than any criminal in history, worse than the men and
women he fought. He was a danger to the world, someone guilty of crimes
against Humanity. He looked into Lois's beautiful face.

"I'll make things right," he said. He walked over to her and tenderly kissed
her. Then, he flew away.

Clark Kent knew of one way to reverse all that he had done. The Earth
revolved around the sun. As did the other planets. So, he flew. He flew
around the Earth at amazing speeds. Faster than he's ever flown in his
existence. As he flew, time slowed down. He began to see the events of
the past days. The past weeks. The past year.

He saw the exact moment where it began. When he was sitting in the chair,
reading. Something happened there that set him on the wrong path. He did
not sit there. He stopped the whole chain of events. He never went mad and
threatened the world. Instead, he went back to Smallville.


He flew to the home of Lana Lang. She had become a teacher at Smallville High
school. An Art teacher. He saw her. A slender, beautiful woman with short
black hair and brown eyes. He just had to see her. They had known each other
for years. Since they were kids. He had a crush on her, once. She was one of
the first people he told his secret to. They were best friends in high
school. The female buddy who covered for him when he was out using his powers
to help people.

"Hello, Lana," he said.

Lana smiled. "Hi, Clark." she invited him to come in.

They sat and she said, "What's wrong, Clark?"

He looked at her and hesitated. Should he tell her he feared he might someday
become a danger to society. She took his hand and he told her his troubles.
He told her of feeling lonely in the big city and getting bitter and hating
humanity for having the thing he could not have, love. That was at the core
of his resentment with the human race. He could never have someone in his
life to love, and they were wasting their time, treating the most precious
gift of all like it was nothing. "What do you think?" he asked. "Am I going
to be a danger to makind?"

Lana looked at him. "Clark, what you are feeling is normal. I feel left out
sometimes," she said.

Clark couldn't believe it. Lana Lang was a beautiful, healthy young woman.
She could have anyone she wanted.

"You're surprised I can relate?" she asked.

Clark nodded. "Yeah."

Lana hesitated. Should she tell him? "Clark, sometimes, you can want
something quite badly and not be able to have it," she said.

"I hear ya," said Clark. "I just want to be normal, I guess." he said.

Lana looked at him. Ever since they were kids, she wondered what it would be
like to be out of the ordinary. To be special. Ironically, her best friend
was a special guy who wanted to be ordinary and she was an ordinary gal who
wanted to be special. "Clark, I envy you," she admitted.

Clark gasped. "You what?"

She told him how she envied him his powers. Since they were kids. Of course,
it took her awhile to admit it. "It took me awhile to admit what I wanted,"
she said.

Clark looked at her. "What is that?" he asked.

"You," she said.

Clark couldn't believe his ears. Lana Lang wanted him. "I don't know what to
say," he said.

Lana shrugged. "Don't say anything." She looked at him. He had that
uncertain, almost frightened look she loved to see on him. Clearly he hadn't
been expecting this. Slowly, she came closer to him. She watched Clark,
knowing he could go anywhere in the blink of an eye but couldn't make himself
go away.

He wanted to be here, with her. She kissed him. Clark kissed her back, after
a slight hesitation. She caressed him and he shuddered under her touch. She
took this as a good sign and soon had Clark Kent out of his clothes. He took
off his street clothes then the Superman uniform he always wore underneath.

"Nice," she said, looking at his lean, muscular body.

The kiss deepened and she had him naked. Then, she stripped. Clark Kent
smiled at her.

"Just wait for me, boy," she said.

Soon, she was naked and pressed her body against his. Clark caressed her
supple body. God, she was gorgeous. He kissed her face, neck and chest. He
caressed her firm buttocks. She reached between their bodies and touched
his cock. Clark gasped when she did this and she smiled. The boy was as
beautiful as Adonis and as eager as any when it came to sex. She had him
sit down on a couch and was busy pumping his cock and getting him hard.
She took him in her mouth. Clark enjoys this. She sucked him, sending waves
of pleasure through his supersensitive body. She lay on the couch, welcoming
him to take her. He entered her gently. She gasped when Clark's cock entered
her pussy. He was big and strangely warm. They fucked each other senseless,
with Lana gyrating her hips as Clark plowed into her. Finally, he came. An
incredible orgasm rocked their entwined bodies.

The two best friends lay in each other's arms. Clark held her gently in his
strong arms and kissed her forehead. A minute later, he was asleep. She lay
there, watching him. She had just slept with her best friend. The one she'd
been in love with since she was a young girl. She had been wanting to fuck
Clark since the Ninth grade. Too bad it took an anxiety attack to bring him
to her. Lana Lang had many lovers in her life, but never anyone like Clark
Kent. He was the perfect guy. Really out of this world.

Now, how was she gonna keep him ? She'd think of something. She took one
last look at her new lover, kissed him softly on the lips and went to sleep.

The End


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