This story is for those over the age of 18. "Superman - The Animated Series"
is the property of Warner Bros Inc and DC Comics. I'm just taking them for a

In case you are wondering. This is based on the most recent version of the
Animated series of the late 90's. This was perhaps the finest drawing of Lois
Lane in modern times. That and the voice talents of Dana DaLanie (I know I'm
spelling that last name wrong so don't point it out) really added a touch of
sex to the already hot character.

Comments welcome. Let me know how I did on this one and if you'd like me to
write more stories in the realm of cartoons.

Superman - The Animated Series: Lois And The Quarterback (MF)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Lois Lane was in a bad mood. Perry White had just done two of the things that
she hated most. First, he told her that her story on the new LexCorp buy-out
of a small textile company was being bumped to page three. And second, he had
bumped her for that bastard from Smallville. That prick that had blown in
from buttfuck nowhere and had taken five of the past seven front pages away
from her.

"Its not fair!!!" Lois cried as she slammed her fist into the wall of the

"I worked for three months on that story!!!" It had taken her that long to
find out, through a number of informants that LexCorp had paid a lot less
for the company then it was really worth. It turned out that LexCorp had dug
up some dirt on the CEO of the company... Complete with a video of him with
a woman who was both not his wife and young enough to be his granddaughter.

Lois soon became aware of the pain in the hand that had just hit the wall.
She went to the sink and ran it under the cold water while looking at herself
in the mirror.

"It's not the end of the world." She told herself.

"Kent is just another flash in the pan guy who'll be covering the Dog show
by Christmas." She amused herself with the thought of Clark Kent getting his
leg humped by a Great Dane and laughed.

"You'll be on top again as soon as Superman gets off his cape and saves the
city again."

'Superman...' She thought as she felt a jolt run through her body at the
thought of him. In the six months since he had turned up in Metropolis he had
saved her life about twenty times. She closed her eyes and thought of the
tall, powerfully built man from another world and felt her pussy grow warm.

'Stop it Lois!' She thought.

'Don't grow attached. That's what Daddy always said. He's just a story on
wings.' But whatever she did... She couldn't get him out of her mind. She
opened her eyes and admired herself in the mirror. Standing at about 5.6 in
high heals, with shoulder length brunette hair and full lips; she was a
beautiful, smart, and very successful 31 year-old woman. She now tried to
look at herself as if she was a man.

'Fuck she's hot.' She thought in a man's voice. The red and black business
suit she wore was very tight so as to show off her pert breasts and her skirt
showed off a lot of leg.

'I'd love to fuck that piece of ass.'

"So why is it I haven't had a fuck in a year." She said out loud.

She was just thinking about going to her bag, grabbing her very over-used
vibrator and sneaking up to the roof to give the WLEX afternoon traffic
chopper guy a thrill when…

"Lois?" It was Maggie from the newsroom.

"Mr White wants to see you."

'What now!' She thought as she walked out of the bathroom and into the noise
of the Daily Planet bullpen.

"Probably wants me to wax Kent's car.'

"You wanted to see me Chief?" She asked as she walked into Perry White's
large office.

"Ah... Lois." Perry said as he stood at the window with a young man Lois had
never seen before.

"I wanted you to meet our new summer intern. This is Max Campbell."

"Max Campbell?" That name rang a bell for her.

"The quarterback from the Sharks?"

"Yes." Max said.

"It's an honour Miss Lane." He held out his hand for Lois to shake... But
she didn't move. She just gazed at him. He stood about 6.4 with short-cropped
black hair and a smile to rival Superman's. His body was very muscular and
was shown off well in his shirt and jeans.

"I want you to give him the full tour and put him to work." Perry was saying.
But all Lois could hear was a voice in the back of her head that said.

'Bet his cock is huge.'

"I was going to be working with Clark Kent since he went to school with my
older brother Kevin…" Max was saying.

"...But Mr Kent had to go and cover a fire downtown so Mr White said I could
work with you."

"Uh huh..." Lois said weakly.

"Are you alright Lois?" Perry asked.

"Fine Chief." Lois said, getting a hold of herself.

"Good." Perry said as he moved over to the door and opened it.

"Have fun Max... And Lois... Don't break this one. I have money on this
weekends game against Gotham State."

* * *

The rest of the day passed smoothly enough. Lois showed Max the bullpen,
the printing presses in the basement and the rooftop observation deck. It
was five O'clock now and nearly all of the day crew had gone home leaving
the offices empty save for a few people in the Sports room watching the
feed of a fight in Australia. They went back down to Lois's office and sat
in two chairs on either side of the coffee table. Lois was half way through
telling him about the first time Superman saved her from a group of
terrorists when...

"How is it working with Mr Kent?" Max asked.

"Huh?" Lois asked lost in the thought of Superman holding her in his strong
arms and contemplating a quick trip to the roof.

"Mr Kent." Max said again.

"It must be cool to work with a writer as good as him."

'You little shit!' Lois thought.

'I was writing for this paper before Kent fucked his first cow back on the

"It's good to have another reporter on the City beat with me." She said
taking the diplomatic approach.

"I get a lot more time to cover stories in more detail now that he's here."

"You two are a thing aren't you?"

"What!!!" Lois said in surprise.

"Well you're always seen out together in the Star."

"That rag." Lois said with a laugh.

"I wouldn't wipe my ass with that piece of shit excuse for a paper." Max's
eyes widened at this comment.

"So... Your not?"

"No." Lois said simply.

"Oh..." Max said softly and Lois thought there was an undertone of 'good' in
the way he said it.

'Calm down Lane.' She thought as she felt her pussy grow warm again.

'No!!!' Another voice said.

'It's been so long... The kid wants it. Give him what he wants.' Lois's
heart began to race and her eyes flicked down to Max's lap as she once
again wondered about his girth down there.

"So..." She said sitting back and crossing her long legs to give him a good
look at her shapely thighs. She noticed that his eyes fixed on them as soon
as she did so and she felt a jolt of pleasure shoot up her spine.

"...Why do you want to be a writer?"

"I'm not sure." He replied still looking at Lois's legs.

"I guess because I want to make a difference. That and I'm not gonna be
able to play Ball for ever."

"You could always work as a male model with those looks." Lois said boldly.
Max blushed at this but didn't look away.

"Yeah... Good one Miss Lane."

"I'm serious." She said looking at him with an appraising eye.

"Your very cute."

"Thanks." He said looking her in the eyes.

"I hope you don't mind me saying that your very beautiful yourself."

"Thank you Max." Lois said with a sexy smile.

"I was wondering when you were going to stop looking at my legs and say
something." Max blushed again and this time turned his face away.

"Don't worry Max." Lois said.

"I've been looking at you all afternoon too."

"You have?" Said Max in surprise.

"Yeah." Lois said standing up and walking over to her desk.

"You're a handsome young man."

"Thanks." Max said watching as Lois picked up a piece of paper, sat on the
edge of her desk and crossed her legs slowly hoping that he would get a good
look up her short skirt.

"Got a girl Max?" Asked Lois absently as she red the paper.

"No." Max replied.

'Wouldn't have mattered if you had.' Lois thought.

'Just wanted to be sure.'

"You must get a lot of girls wanting to get close to you."

"Yeah." Max said standing up and walking over to the desk so he was
standing next to the sitting Lois.

"Ever taken one of them up on an offer?"

"All the time." Max said.

"Do they like to suck your cock?"

"Well… Don't know about them but I love it." Lois felt one of Max's hands
reach out and brush her bare thigh.

"Max!!!" She shouted, jumping off the desk and looking at him with a cross
look on her face.

"I'm sorry..." Max stammered.

"That is very inappropriate behavior for any office!"

"I'm so sorry Miss Lane." Max said edging for the door.

"That's okay Max." Lois said, dropping the mad act and smiling at him.

"I won't tell the Chief on one condition."

"Anything." Max said.

"You let me do what you love to get and I love to give." It took Max the
better part of five seconds to work out what she was on about but when he
did a grin spread across his face and he walked back over to Lois. He bent
down and kissed her on the mouth. Lois's small hand shot out and grabbed
the zipper of his jeans, ripped it down and reached into his boxers. His
cock was out in seconds.

"My god!" Lois said holding the penis in both hands. It was ten inches long,
as thick as her wrist and had a head that looked like a genetically enhanced

"Superman isn't the only Man of Steel around here." She said looking up at

She started to rub and massage the massive cock in her hands as the two
kissed. After a few minutes Max reached up and put his hands on Lois's
slender shoulders and gently pushed her down to her knees.

"Suck me bitch!" He ordered. Lois's tongue flicked out and ran over his
huge knob.

"I said suck it whore!!!" Max shouted. Lois opened her mouth wide and was
just about to take a few inches of the immense cock into her mouth when Max
reached down, grabbed her by the back of the head and rammed his cock right
down her throat. When the head of his cock hit the back of her throat it
set off her gag reflex.

"Choke on it slut!!!" Max said as he pushed more into her warm mouth. Lois
then relaxed her throat and the whole ten inches of his cock sank down her

"FUCK!!!" Yelled Max as Lois started to suck the length of his cock. He
grabbed a fistful of her brown hair and started to madly fuck her face while
she made loud slurping and sucking noises. This blowjob went on for about
twenty minutes. Lois's jaw was starting to get very sore from the pounding
her face was receiving when she felt Max's body tense up as he shouted.

"I'M CUMMING WHORE!!!" Lois tried to pull his cock out of her mouth but
he clamped his hands down on the back of her head and held her there as
a massive load of cum burst out of his cock. There was too much and Lois
started to gag on it.

"SWALLOW IT BITCH!!!" Lois gulped as much of the warm cum down as she could
but some dribbled out her mouth and down her chin.

"That's what I'm talkin' about slut." Max said breathlessly as he let go
of Lois's head and she fell back to sit on the floor with cum still running
down her chin.

"You can suck a cock… Wonder if you can take it too?" Lois took the hint and
got up, walked over to the desk and hitched up her skirt.

"Fuck me." She said plainly. Max moved over to her, reached down and ripped
her black panties off in one smooth motion. Lois made to sit on the desk
again but Max grabbed her and spun her around so she was facing away from

"Bend over baby." Max ordered. Lois did so, holding on to either side of the
desk and bracing herself for what was to follow. Max's strong hands grasped
her hips and lifted her off the ground and Lois felt the head of his cock
plunge deep inside her moist cunt.

"YES!!!" She shouted as he pounded his cock into her pussy.

"FUCK ME HARDER!!! HARDER!!! HARRRRRRRDER!!!" Max's balls slapped
against Lois as he fucked her faster and faster.

"READY FOR IT UP YOUR WHORE ASS BITCH?" Max shouted after a few minutes.

"OH GOD YEAH!!!" Lois replied in ecstasy. Max pulled his massive cock out
of her dripping pussy and repositioned it so it was at the entrance to her

"Scream for me slut!!!" He said before driving his tool deep into Lois's

Lois shrieked and cried out in pleasure as Max pounded her tight ass with
his huge cock again and again. The force of his thrusts was so great that the
desk moved a few inches as Lois held on for dear life.

"I'M GONNA CUM!!!" Max screamed. Lois joined him in a joint orgasm that
nearly tore the roof off the office. Lois fell to the floor again, Max's cum
seeping out of her ass and Max standing over her with his huge cock gleaming
with her juices.

"Clean it." Max said. Lois hungrily licked his cock clean.

* * *

That Sunday the Daily Planet Superbox at Metropolis Stadium was packed as
Clark, Lois, Perry and Jimmy watched the Sharks take on the Gotham Panthers
in a very exciting match. The Sharks were down a few points with seconds
to play when Max took the ball and ran 50 yards to make the touchdown that
won the match.

"YES!!!" Perry shouted.

"Five hundred bucks to me!"

"Yes..." Lois said softly remembering the bet she'd made.

"I get to fuck Max again."

There was only one person in the box who heard what she said… But Clark
Kent didn't say a word.



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