Synopsis: We experience a day in the life of Clark Kent. He is a young man
with amazing powers. The Last Son of Krypton. He is also known as Kal-El,
son of Jor-El and Lara. He is the Superman of Metropolis, the greatest hero
that ever lived. This is about a day in his life and the interesting people
that fill it. This tale also tells of his sexual escapades. It's an all new
experience. Basically, every type of sex you can envision. There's male to
female anal action (straight). There's male to male to female action
(bisexual). There's male to female to female action (lesbo/straight).
Anything that you can imagine. No holes barred. Beyond bisexual, it's all

Superman - The Animated Series: Bisexual Anal Invaders Part 1
by The Fan ([email protected])

It was just another day at the Daily planet. The most competitive newspaper
in the city of Metropolis. The city an alien superhero known as Superman
called home. The citizens of Metropolis had grown used to seeing a young man
in a blue suit and red cape flying around and rescuing people in trouble,
saving the lives of many men, women and children everyday. Everyone knows
what Superman does. He saves the world. Yet no one knows of his alter ego,
the mild-mannered, hard-hitting reporter known as Clark Kent.

Well, this is what Clark Kent does on his day off...

Clark Kent and Angela Chen worked for the same newspaper. They had been
working side by side for years. It was only recently that they began a
passionate love affair...

Clark Kent propped Angela Chen on the desk. The reported looked at him with
lustful eyes and pulled back her dress. Clark was definitely aroused. He
started to suck on her breasts and she moaned. His hand slipped between her
thighs and played with her pussy. He licked a path down to her groin and
then started to lick her wet hot pussy. The sensation of his tongue darting
inside her gentle folds drove her wild. He licked and prodded her with his
tongue and slick fingers and soon brought her to a shuddering orgasm. She
came and he drank up her girl-cum. Lapping at her pussy, he quickly cleaned
her up.

She looked at him and knew what he wanted. She knelt before him and freed his
cock from his underwear. She gasped when she saw it. The cock was not only
very long but also thick. Clark Kent was a well-endowed man. She touched the
tip of his cock and saw that he was a "natural" man. Just the way nature made
him and no alterations due to religion or medical practices. She liked men
like that. She licked his cockhead and then ran her tongue down the length of
his cock. Clark started to thrust his cock into her mouth. She was so damn
good at it. He grabbed her head and warned her that he was about to cum and
she didn't budge. She just kept sucking on his tool like there was no
tomorrow. He came, blasting hot cum down her throat and she drank it all.
Angela Chen drank his cum and Clark sighed. All that could be heard were the
slurping sounds she made... and she licked him until he was dry.

Clark Kent positioned himself behind Angela Chen. He looked at her
amazing-looking ass and longed to plunder. She rubbed her butt against him
and his cock got even harder. He grabbed ahold of her firm butt cheeks and
parted them firmly. Her gorgeous ass was spread, exposing her puckered
asshole. Clark Kent rubbed the head of his cock against her butt hole...
Angela tensed. Clark Kent pushed. He thrust his cock inside her asshole and
got it in with one firm push. Her ass automatically clenched around his
cock. He grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust mightily into her
tight anal canal. Angela Chen grimaced and gritted her teeth. Clark's huge
cock felt like a foot up her ass. He started to really give it to her,
ramming it home. She felt her sphincter dilating due to the pressure of
having a massive prick thrusting in and out of her ass. She fingered her
pussy, feeling that it was slick with her juices. Clark thrust in and out
of her ass and grunted. Angela's ass clenched around his cock and he came,
sending hot cum deep inside her ass. Angela's scream of pain and pleasure
echoed Clark Kent's victorious bellow.

A little while later, both Clark Kent and Angela Chen walked out of the mail
room where they usually enjoyed their secret tryst...both of them were happy
and satisfied.


Somewhere in the skies above Metropolis, a huge vortex of energy and light
opens... it's a Boom Tube...

Out of it come two people. A man and a woman. They are tall and attractive.
Both of them were sophisticated battle attire. They are unmistakable. Scott
Free and Big Barda. They are visiting Earth once more. Neither of them is a
stranger to this world.

Scott Free is a man with extraordinary super powers. He is one of the New
Gods of the planet Genesis. Genesis is home to a race of super-powered
humanoids collectively known as the New Gods. Big Barda is his wife. She is
a former member of the Female Furies. The Female Furies were terrifying
female warriors that served Darkseid. Darkseid is a Dark God who rules the
planet Apokolips. He wants to rule the cosmos. His enemies are the New Gods.
Big Barda once served Apokolips. She was a dangerous warrior gifted with
extraordinary super powers. But she met the wonderful and heroic Scott Free,
fell in love with him and switched sides. She joined the New Gods on Genesis.

Scott Free and Big Barda have helped Superman many times in his battle
against Darkseid and other evil forces in the cosmos. Today, they are just a
couple on vacation. The arrival of the Boom Tube did not go unnoticed by the
people of Metropolis. It was also noticed by Clark Kent. Clark Kent put on
his suit and turned into Superman. He flew into the skies of Metropolis,
wondering what just happened. As Superman, he would have to deal with any
threat faced by the city. He was the planet's most powerful defender against
evil forces. He comes close to the Boom Tube and sees that it brings friends
and not foes for once...

"Hello, Kal-El." said Scott Free, addressing Superman by his Kryptonian name.

"Scott." said Superman, smiling. The two men shook hands, then Superman
embraced Big Barda.

"How are you doing ?" she asked.

"Great." said Superman.

Scott Free kissed his beautiful wife. Big Barda smiled and kissed him back.
Superman felt like he was intruding but then Barda looked at him. She looked
at him invitingly. "Come on, join us." she asked.

Superman looked at her bodacious form. He looked at Scott Free. She was
beautiful. He was beautiful too. He found both of them erotically beautiful.
He was attracted... to the both of them. Barda gestured with her hand,
beckoning for him to join them. He came, with some hesitation. Scott and
Barda laughed and drew him down with them into the bed.

Superman hesitated, then kissed Scott Free. Scott kissed him back and started
to put gentle kisses on Superman's neck and chest. He playfully gripped
Superman's chest hairs. Barda watched them. She gently caressed Superman's
crotch. Her touch deeply aroused him. She held his erect cock in her hand and
started stroking it. Scott Free was kissing a path down to Superman's belly
while Big Barda started to suck on Superman's cock. She engulfed his thick
cock into her mouth and Superman started to thrust energetically into that
warm, wet and welcoming place. Barda sucked Superman's cock. Scott Free
joined his wife down at Superman's groin level. He licked Superman's balls
while Barda sucked on Superman's cock. Scott Free slipped a finger inside
Superman's ass and the alien grunted. Scott Free licked his balls and
fingered him at the same time. Soon, Superman's grunts of pleasure and
Barda's slurping as she sucked him off filled the room.

Superman positioned himself behind Barda. She pushed back against him and he
held her by the hips. Firmly into place. He started thrusting his cock deep
into her pussy. At the same time, Barda started sucking on Scott Free's cock.
Superman slammed his cock deep inside Barda and Scott Free rammed his cock
inside his beautiful wife's mouth. Barda sucked Scott Free's cock. He gently
caressed her hair as he fucked her. Barda kept pushing back against Superman,
driving him deeper inside her. He thrust into her, so deep that she shuddered
inwardly. He pulled out and she would have sighed in relief hadn't it been
for Scott Free's hard cock in her mouth. Scott cums in his wife's mouth and
she drinks his seed. Never-sated, he wants a piece of her.

They change positions. Scott Free lies down on the bed and Big Barda climbs
on top of him. She lowers herself onto his huge cock and he thrusts into her.
She moans as she is entered. Superman comes behind her and rubs his huge cock
against her butt. She knows what is coming and has prepared herself for it.
Lots of lube ease the penetration as Superman's cock enters Big Barda's
puckered asshole. Big Barda grunts. Both her holes are filled. She is a big,
beautiful and strong woman but being filled at both ends can be a bit much.
Superman shoves his dick into her asshole and Scott Free thrusts his cock
deep inside her pussy. She is riding Scott Free and bouncing up and down on
his cock and at the same time, Superman's prick fills her anal cavity. His
hands rest on her hips and he is thrusting hard and fast into her ass. Big
Barda is bouncing up and down on her husband's cock and she feels overwhelmed
by the sensations. She feels the men inside her tense and knows what is
coming. They erupt inside her...simultaneously. She screams as both her holes
are filled with hot cum and the men scream as well, yells of pleasure filling
the room.

Big Barda collapses in the arms of her husband. All three of them lie down on
the bed. Slowly, they pull out of her. Big Barda winces as Superman pulls his
cock out of her ass. She is sated. Her husband smiles at her. She notices
that he is looking at Superman, who is strangely silent. Barda knows what her
husband wants. He goes down on Superman, sucking his cock. He is licking
Superman's cock and caressing his balls. Not to be left out, Barda holds her
husband's buttocks and starts to lick his ass and play with it using her
sleek fingers. Scott Free is eagerly sucking Superman's cock and Superman
seems to be liking it for he grabs Scott's neck and thrusts into his mouth.
Scott Free takes as much of Superman's cock as he can. He loves the feel and
taste of a hard cock inside his mouth. Superman soon cumss and Scott Free
eagerly takes his "man juice". The two men look at each other. They are ready
for more...

Superman is thrusting his cock into Scott Free's ass. Scott grunts.
Superman's cock is huge! He pushes himself back onto Superman's cock. Big
Barda comes closer and starts to suck on Scott Free's erect cock. Scott's
handsome face is full of conflicting expressions. Pain... pleasure... joy...
fear... joy. His loving wife eagerly sucks him off. Scott is thrusting into
his wife's mouth while Superman is ramming that huge cock of his inside
Scott's rectum. Scott is so turned on that he cums all over Big Barda's face.

Barda wants in on the action. Scott is completely absorbed by what Superman
is doing to him. Big Barda knows her husband well. She knows that he loves to
get fucked up the ass by anything remotely phallic. Yet he loves to fuck a
tight hole. She props herself in position and rubs herself against him. He
doesn't notice. He is moaning as Superman is drilling into his ass. He gasps
as Superman thrusts, hard and deep. He looks down at Big Barda's smiling
face. He sees her sexy, gorgeous, round and plump ass.

Ready for the taking. Big Barda holds her butt cheeks open with her hands and
offers herself to her husband. Scott Free takes her. He slowly enters her
ass. Superman is thrusting hard and deep into him and Scott Free shoves his
dick up his wife's shithole. Big Barda grimaces. Scott's cock feels huge up
her ass. She can knew what Superman's cock is doing to him. The same thing he
was doing to her. He goes in slowly but deeply. His cock is filling up her
bowels but at a pace she can accept. Her sphincter dilates as she relaxes and
he goes deeper than ever. At first she felt some discomfort but now she feels
full... it is a curious feeling... Scott is groaning and grunting behind her
as Superman penetrates him rectally. This makes Scott thrust deeper and
harder inside his own wife's ass. The three-way ass fucking fest goes on for
a few more minutes, until Superman cums inside Scott Free's rectum and Scott
relieves his frustration inside Big Barda's asshole. She screams. He pulls
her into his arms and silences her... with a kiss.

The three lovers lie down on the bed, spent. Superman has just had a most
incredible day. Sex, just about every which way it can be had. It's a little
bit awkward for him. He takes his leave from Scott Free and Big Barda and
hastily departs. He can't believe that he really crossed the line into
bisexuality. He thought about it for a long time but never thought he would
actually do it. He smiles. Satisfied with himself.


Superman returns to the skies...

He doesn't know that he is being watched.

Watched by a slender young woman with long blond hair and pale blue eyes.
Kara Kent, also known as Supergirl watched her heroic "cousin" fly by. Kara
was an alien, just like the man of steel. She was born on the distant planet
Argos. Argos was a planet inhabited by Kryptonians that did not want to live
under the rule of the Kryptonian government for political reasons.

Argos did not explode when Krypton did. The Argosians survived. Kara was the
last of them. She had been rescued by Superman. He brought her back to Earth
and there, she realized that she had amazing powers. Flight, super strength
and invulnerability. Abilities similar to Superman's. Kara masqueraded among
the humans, posing as Clark Kent's cousin Kara Kent from Smallville. She was
NOT a relative of his. They just happened to be members of the same humanoid
species. People thought of Supergirl as Superman's cousin. She was not. In
fact, the thoughts she had about him were anything but "family-like." Kara
Kent is a model in the big city of Metropolis. Her looks enable her to make
some money. Sometimes, she does other jobs and studies at Metropolis

Kara looks at Clark Kent. He looks so damn fine she can almost feel her heart
melting in her chest. "So, where are you going ?" she asks.

He looks at her. "Don't know." he says.

He sits down on the chair. He is thinking about what he did earlier. He just
had sex with two longtime friends of his. Scott Free and Big Barda. He had
crossed a line he never thought he would cross. His mind was still processing
what he did. He enjoyed having sex with both a man and a woman. Does that
mean he was bisexual?

Clark Kent is pensive. He doesn't notice the beautiful young woman looking
at him. Kara just wants to hold him and never let go. She wonders what is
bothering him.

"What's bugging you?" she asks.

Clark Kent looks at her. Could he trust her with his secret? "It gets to me
sometimes." he says.

Kara looks at him. "What?" she asked.

Clark Kent just shrugged. "Living here among the humans. All alone. The only
one of my kind." he said quietly.

Kara looked at him. The look on his face made her just... oh. She came closer
to him. "You're not alone, Kal-El." she said. "I am here for you."

Clark Kent looked at her. He was surprised that she had addressed him by his
Kryptonian name. Kara looked at Clark Kent. She smiled. She just wanted him
to know that she was there for him. She brought her face closer to his. Clark
Kent looked at her... she leaned closer... which was when someone came into
the room. Jimmy Olsen, the red-haired kid who also worked at the Daily

"Hi, CK!" Jimmy Olsen said. He rushed into the office of Perry White.

Kara looked at the ordinary mortals around the office. "Let's get out of
here." she told Clark Kent. He nodded. In a flash, they had changed into
their costumes and taken off into the skies.

Superman and Supergirl flew around all day. They flew through the heavens and
soared on, enjoying the delectable blue skies and warm sun. Supergirl looked
at Superman and saw that he looked happy. He looked as handsome as a god.
More so because there was something quite human about him. They finally
landed in a beautiful clearing inside the Brazilian rain forest.

"What is this place?" Superman asked.

"It's my favorite place on Earth." Supergirl said.

Superman looked at the place and found it beautiful. He had been on many
worlds but this place was truly something. There was no place like Earth in
the galaxy.

"I am pleased that you would share something like this with me." he told her.

Supergirl looked at him. She simply nodded. "There are many things that I
would like to share with you." she told him.

Superman looked at her. "Like what?" he asked.

Supergirl grunted inwardly. Oh, well. He didn't get it. She was gonna have
to show it to him. She shed her costume and Superman found himself looking
not at the fabulous Supergirl but at her alter ego, Kara Kent. For some
reason, he felt compelled to shed his Superman guise and become Clark Kent.
Now, they were just a man and a woman looking at each other.

Kara Kent approached Clark. She was so close that he could smell her... and
she did smell sweet. "I would do anything for you, Clark." she said.

Clark Kent watched as she held his face in her hands, leaned over and kissed
him. He felt compelled to kiss her back. When they parted, he looked at her,
asked breathlessly. "Kara?"

Kara Kent looked at him. "I've always loved you." she said. "I don't care
if you are Clark Kent of Smallville, Superman of Metropolis or Kal-El of

She kissed him again and this time he felt her hands on him. Clark could feel
himself getting aroused. Her form looked... inviting. Still... he couldn't.

"I can't." he said.

Kara Kent looked at him. "We are the same species, my love." she said. "Two
of a kind. Meant for each other."

Clark Kent looked into her hypnotic blue eyes and felt his body reacting to
her bodacious feminine form. How could he argue with such logic?

Clark Kent kissed Kara. She kissed him back with all the passion that she
could muster and pressed her body against his. He hesitated. She looked at
him, her eyes pleading. He resumed kissing her. Kara was overcome with
desire. She practically tore the blue suit off him. Clark Kent was not
inactive. He was holding her affectionately and caressing her. Kara could
feel his hard cock press against her. She wanted to feel him inside her.
She climbed on top of him. Clark grabbed her, the dominant male once again.

Kara liked seeing him like this. She simply wanted to be his... to let him
have his way with her. He pushed her hard against the ground. She kneels
before him and takes hois erect cock into her mouth. She sucks on his cock
and he groans as he thrusts into her mouth. Kara Kent's head is bobbing up
and down on Clark Kent's cock. Kara Kent had a few lovers in her time. She
normally doesn't do this for them.

She considers such a thing degrading. But today she doesn't feel strange.
She is making love to someone she loves. She enjoys bringing pleasure to the
man she has desired since she first laid eyes on him. When he cums, erupting
like a geyser in her mouth, she drinks his precious seed... until he is dry.
Once she is done, she lies back down onto the wet grass... offering herself.
He comes to her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and begged him to
take her, her eyes letting him know how much she wanted him. He couldn't
restrain himself anymore. He wanted to take her. She wanted to be taken. His
cock entered her pussy with one firm thrust. She gasped. He started to ram
it home, shoving his cock deep inside her pussy. He fucks her, hard. She
welcomes him inside her and he goes as deep as he possibly can. Kara uses
muscles that human females don't have to tighten herself and squeeze his
cock. Clark gasps. He cums, sending his seed deep inside her. Kara screams.
Clark groans. The incredibly pleasurable sensation rocks their bodies. They
hold onto each other tightly and curl up on the soft grass. Not a word is
spoken. Perfect harmony. At last.

Clark Kent is lying on the grass, with Kara lying in his arms. She looks so
lovely. They are well-matched, he remarks. He is tall and muscular, strong
and powerful. He is also smart and mild-mannered, efficient and capable and
at the same time, decent. She is strong, capable and ruthlessly efficient
when she wants to be. She has attitude to spare and packs one hell of a
punch. Yes, they were well matched. Kara Kent is resting her head on Clark's
chest. In her life, she had never met a better individual. She knows that she
has just won the lottery, as far as men go. There weren't others like him out
there. Something about him was special and it had nothing to do with super
powers, cape and fame or glory. Clark was, well... Clark. Something she
couldn't quite put her finger on. There was something about him that she
loved... a lot. She looks at him in his sleep and smiles... the smile of a
woman in love. She doesn't know what the next day will bring but she doesn't
want to let him go. Ever.


Diana Prince paced restlessly inside the Fortress of Solitude. She had come
there to see Superman but apparently, he wasn't there. She returned to
Justice League headquarters... disappointed. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman
sat on a chair, sulking. She did not notice that someone was watching her.

That someone was none other than Big Barda. Big Barda had come to Earth on a
visit with her husband, Scott Free. Scott Free was flying around the world,
hanging out with the Martian Manhunter. Big Barda felt... abandoned. She
walked toward Wonder Woman. "Hey, Diana." she said.

Diana Prince looked at the other woman. "Hey, Barda." she said.

Barda started to gently massage Diana Prince's shoulders. She admired the
Amazon princess's well-muscled, sculpted athletic body. Barda looked at
Wonder Woman as the princess visibly relaxed. Barda got more daring with
her massages. Her hands went further than ever before. Heck, she even felt
Diana's breasts and cupped her firm buttocks. The beautiful Amazon princess
did not seem to mind. She turned and looked at Big Barda in such a way that
the former Female Fury was frozen. Diana smiled, and it seemed to Big Barda
that her face had come closer. Big Barda found herself drawn to those
gorgeous eyes that stared out of that eerily beautiful face. They kissed.
The kiss was gentle and strong and both women thought they found themselves
transported to another world created by their eroticism for each other. So
entranced were they by each other's presence that they did not notice someone
else coming onto the scene. It was none other than the Flash...

Wonder Woman put her arms around Big Barda and embraced her. Barda felt a
certain desire grow deep within her, a longing for another woman's touch.
Diana was more than happy to provide that touch. They hastily undressed
each other. Diana Prince started to kiss Barda from her head to her toes,
kissing and licking her neck, caressing her ears and licking the lobes.
Tracing a path down her chest with sleek fingers before sucking on her
voluminous breasts with an eager tongue. Diana licked a path down Barda's
belly and then started to eagerly lick at her pussy with her wet tongue.
Wonder Woman's tongue darted inside Barda's pussy, licking and exploring.
Diana liked the taste of this new female conquest of hers. Barda started
to moan and pant. She loved what Diana was doing to her. She just lay there
on the floor... at some point her eyes wandered around and she thought she
saw someone around the corner... she tensed. Diana Prince sensed her lover's
tension and followed her gaze. She saw someone standing around the corner.
A very interested spectator.

Wally West, also known as the Flash.

"Don't stop on my account." he said. He had been watching the girl on girl
action for quite some time and he liked it... a lot. Heck, he was rock hard
right now. He didn't decline when the girls invited him to join them. Wonder
Woman was munching on Big Barda's burger, so to speak. The Flash came behind
Wonder Woman and caressed her smooth bottom. It was the most delicious piece
of ass he'd ever seen.

He took his cock out of his pants. The sight of one gorgeous woman going
down on another gorgeous woman got him extra-hard immediately. He rubbed it
against Wonder Woman's butt. He caressed her smooth, round, perfectly shaped
bottom. Gently but firmly, he parted her butt cheeks. He rubbed his cock
against her puckered asshole. Wonder Woman seemed to tense but Big Barda was
going wild, moaning and begging for more tongue-in pussy. Wally West slid
his cock into Diana Prince's asshole. Her tight hole automatically clenched
around his cock. He loved the feel of a tight ass around his cock. He
practically lived for this. He grabbed ahold of her long, lustrous black
hair and started to thrust his cock deep inside her ass. She was bucking
wildly and yet was strangely silent, not really surprising considering her
face was buried in Big Barda's pussy. Wally West started to really give it
to her, ramming his huge cock deep inside Wonder Woman's asshole. He felt
her ass tighten around him and loved going against the pressure. It felt so
good... he felt on top of the world.

Wonder Woman felt some pain as the Flash thrust his seemingly giant prick
into her tight ass. She had never felt so invaded in her life... so abased.
Yet she was moving back against his flow... her body was responding to
his... proving that she liked it.That realization shocked her. She had
almost forgotten about the woman whose pussy she was eating. She licked two
fingers and thrust them deep into Big Barda's snatch. The big woman screamed
in shocked pleasure. Wonder Woman repeated what she did.

Suddenly, Wally West groaned. Diana Prince watched as Big Barda came,
erupting in a magnificent geyser that was the true female ejaculation. The
flow of Barda's cum blasted Diana Prince's face and she gasped excitedly.
She eagerly lapped at Barda's overflowing cum. She involuntarily clenched
her ass around the Flash's cock and he unleashed what he had been retaining
for quite some time. He came, sending a flood of hot cum deep inside her
ass. At last, Wonder Woman screamed in both pain and pleasure. Wally West
pulled his cock out of her cum-filled asshole. He had stretched her ass to
the limit and now it was a gaping asshole. He spat inside.

Wonder Woman and Big Barda lay on the bed, their beautiful bodies covered
with sweat. The Flash stood over them, looking masculine and fantastic as he
jerked off on their pretty faces. Both girls licked the cum that dripped off
his cock. Wally West grunted happily... being a superhero definitely had its
perks... Yeah!

The End


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