Something So Right (f/f/f,inc)
by Chris J

If you are under 18 or offended by such stuff please leave. F/F/F

Nicole: Oh Shawn, I'm cumm........

Shawn: Not yet, turn around.

Nicole turns around and has her tight ass, up in the air. Shawn then sticks
his 6 inch dick up her ass

Nicole: Don't.... please don........ oh my lord... I'm Cumming............

Nicole, by the force of the ass fucking cums all over the sheets. Just at
that moment, she hears her step-mother, Carly.

Carly: Nicole are you in there?

There is nothing but panting or moans coming from her room. Carly opens the
door and finds Nicole on her stomoch, with Shawn fucking Nicoles ass.

Carly: What the fuck is going on!!! Shawn its time for you to leave, and
don't ever come back.

Shawn pulls out and quickly pulls up his pants and leaves. Carly then sees a
cum stain on the sheets.

Nicole: Why the fuck did you do that. I loved him

Carly: Your only 17 years old. Your too young to have sex with a man.

Nicole: Please don't tell my dad.

Carly: Dont tell your dad that you were fucking? Why should I?

Nicole: Please!

Carly: You are putting me in a very tough predicament.

Nicole: Ill give you whatever you want.

Carly: First of all, cover yourself.

Nicole pulls the blanket over her and sees the cumstain and licks it up

Carly: Stop that. Stop licking his cum.

Nicole: That isnt his cum, thats my cum. I love my own juices.

Carly: STOP!!!! I'm going to have to tell Jack.

Nicole: Please don't do that. I'll do whatever you want.

Just then, Nicole stands up and drops her towel, showing off her 36C tits and
shaved pussy. She then goes over to Carly and gives her a kiss on the lips,
And moves her tongue into Carly's mouth and moves her hands down to Carly's
ass. Carly pushes her away.

Carly: I am you step mother, don't be gross.

Nicole: I am horny as hell, and since you sent Shawn away. I love you too
though. All the while I was fucking Shawn, I have been thinking of you
sitting on my face while I eat you out.

Nicole lunges at Carly again and this time Carly takes Nicole's advances and
returns her tongue into Nicoles mouth. Nicole roams her hands and takes
Carly's blouse off, She didnt wear any underwear so she is also buck naked,
showing off her 32B tits and black bush. Nicole grabs Carlys ass and pushes
her closer.

Nicole: Fuck me Carly

Carly breaks the kiss and kisses Nicoles neck on the way down. She then cups,
Nicoles tits and sucks on her right nipple. Then she moves on to her left
nipple and licks around the nipple.

Nicole: mmmm.......

Carly then licks her way down and sticks her tongue into her bellybutton. She
then moves down Nicole's shaved pussy. She licks around the pussy lips, but
doesnt go in. She instead licks down and back up her thighs.

Nicole: Fuck ME!! Eat me out!!

Carly could hear the frustration in Nicoles voice and decides to ends her
waiting. Carly pushes her tongue into Nicoles cunt. She then takes her
fingers and messages her own clit and with her other hand, messages Nicole's

Nicole: Oh yeam, mother of lord, I'm cuuuummmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg........

Nicole cums all over Carlys face and Carly licks up as much as she can. She
lays Nicole down and moves her cunt up to Nicoles mouth but just high enough
for Nicoles tongue to not reach. Carly instead finger fucks herself to the
point she couldnt take it anymore and cums all over Nicoles face and before
Nicole can clean her face up, Carly sits on her face.

Carly: Now its time to return the favor.

Nicole wasting no time sticks her tongue up Carly's twat. Nicole is massaging
her own tits with her left hand and fucks her own pussy with her right hand.
And she is messaging the insides of Carlys cunt with her tongue. Nicole can
only mutter since Carly's cunt is ontop of Nicols face

Carly: Oh lord. Im cumming.......... EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT ME SO

With that they both cum simaltaneously. Carly cums into Nicoles throat and
swallows everybit of it and Nicole once again cums onto the sheets.

Carly: There is one more thing, turn your ass to me.

Nicole turns onto her stomach and Carly moves her face to Nicoles ass. She
sticks her tongue in Nicoles ass.

Nicole: Argh!!!

Carly: I thought you had been fucked up the ass, you dirty slut.

Just that second, Sarah comes in and sees the festivities. She thinks "Ahh
Blackmail, that bitch is mine" Without knowing, she said that outloud and
they heard her. They motioned for Sarah to come over. Carly and Nicole lay
down on the bed and spread there legs. Sarah moves over and strips showing
her 32A tits and hairless cunt. She goes and takes a lick of Carlys cunt.

Sarah: I've always wanted to fuck you Mom.

Carly: Ohhh!!!!!!!!!!! Carly show your mother the meaning of daughterly love.

Nicole feeling left out goes to her draw and takes out a 9 inch strap on
dildo and put it on. She thinks, "How dare she leave me out that bitch I'll
show her" She moves behind Sarah and shoves it into her tight Virgin ass.


The vibration of Sarahs moan gives Carly an instant orgasm and cums all over
Sarahs face. Carly goes and licks it up. Sarah then bucks back onto Nicoles
dildo after losing her anal virginity, Carly leaves and comes back wearing
another 9 inch strap on and moves behind Sarah. Nicole pulls out her dildo
and Carly pumps hers into Sarahs ass. Nicole then moves infront of Sarah.

Sarah: Argh! Please..... dont.... you.... already..... took.... my.....
anal.... virginity.... please.... dont.....

With that Nicole sticks her didlo up Sarahs cunt, lifting Sarah a foot off
the ground as she is being fucked up her cunt and ass. She is now level with
Nicoles tits.

Nicole: Suck them bitch!

Sarah takes both of Nicoles tits, pushes them together and licks both of them

Sarah: Oh!!!!!! IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah cums and it drips down on the floor.

Nicole: My turn

Nicole takes off her dilde and hands it over to Carly and puts it away. Carly
lays on her back and Nicole lays ontop of her backwards. Carly sticks her
didlo up Nicoles ass and Sarah comes over and starts to lick Nicoles cunt.
Nicole bucks up and down as Sarah licks her cunt like a madwomen. Sarah moves
her hand down and starts to rub her cunt, as Nicole rubs her tits together.

Nicole: YOU....GUYS....ARE.....WONDERFUL....I...LOVE...YOU...GUYS!!!!!!

Sarah and Carly together: We love you too.


Nicole cums into Sarahs mouth and she swallows, Sarah moves away and Nicole
gets off Carly. They all get dressed, give each other a passionate kiss on
the lips.

Carly: So will you stop seeing Shawn now?

Nicole: Shawn who? I am from now on fucking you and Sarah.

Sarah: Sounds good to me.

Carly: Me too dear. Nicole, you can call me Mom now on.

Nicole: Ok mom... I am looking forward to fucking my step-mother and sister

Sarah: And Imlooking forward to to fucking my mother and sister again.

Carly: And I am looking to fucking my two daughters from now on.


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