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Date: 04/23/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, voyurism, male/female sex, female solo sex, female/female
sex, incest, rape, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Nicole/Stephanie/m

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Summary: After Jack and Carly take Will, Sarah and themselves to Los Angeles
to visit Sarah's father, Nicole goes to visit her mother, Stephanie, who
invites her daughter to go to an actor's party with her.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Marne Patterson, who was
born on April 26th, 1980.

Dedication: Happy 26th Birthday to Marne Patterson! -- ATK 2006

Something So Right: Party At A Penthouse
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Nicole Farrell and ever since my dad -- a teacher named Jack
Farrell -- had married a woman named Carly Davis and allowed her and her two
kids -- Will from her marriage to Dante Pacino and Sarah from her marriage
to Sheldon Kramer -- to stay with us, things had became so crazy that I was
hoping for the chance to go over to the home of my mom -- an actress named
Stephanie Farrell -- for a little visit before I really do go nuts.

And sure enough, I had gotten that chance on the 26th day of April, which was
when Sheldon had invited Carly and Sarah to visit him at his new luxury pad
in Los Angeles and they had invited Will and my dad to join them, Carly had
looked at me with a smile on her face and asked, "Don't you want to come with
us, Nicole? It just might be fun."

Of course, my answer to that question was me taking a deep breath and saying,
"I'm sorry, Carly. I really do want to do some family stuff with you guys.
It's just that I still want to do some of that stuff with my mom as well. You
understand what I'm trying to say. Do you, Dad?"

And after he had let out a small chuckle, my own dad had placed his gentle
hand on my shoulder and said, "What you're actually trying to say is that
you need to get yourself away from us or you'll go completely nuts. Am I

And it was after I had let out a sigh and nodded my head in response to that
question that both Carly and my dad had allowed me to go over to my mom's
place and stay with her until they get back from their L.A. trip.

Anyway, as soon as I had arrived at my mom's place and told her that Dad and
Carly had given me permission to stay with her for a little bit, she had
looked at me with a smile on her face, let out a scream of delight and gave
me a big loving hug just before she had allowed me to take my bags into the
guest room and get myself settled in.

Just then, on the following evening, Mom had invited me to go to a big
actor's party at a penthouse apartment of one of her friends, which was where
everyone had gotten a good look at her in a strapless ivory white dress and
me in a dark red gown with a plunging neckline.

But then, after she had introduced me to a handsome hunk with dark-brown hair
named Martin Parker and he had asked me about what my favorite movie-role
happens to be, we had heard the sound of a fork tapping against a champagin
class, which had caused us to turn towards the center of the living room and
notice that the sound had came from some Charlton Heston-type of guy, who had
also said, "And now, my friends. It's finally time for all of us to make our
usual toast!"

And then, after all of the party guests -- including myself -- had taken a
glass filled with champagin, the older gent had raised up his glass and said,
"My friends, I hereby propose a toast to the entire cast of 'The Magic Of
Camelot' on yet another successful year and many more to come!"

That was when we all had gulped down the champagin in our glasses and it had
suddenly caused my head to start spinning around-and-around and both my mom
and Martin had carried me into the bathroom, where she was hoping that a cold
shower might be able to snap me out of it.

But after they had gotten me into the shower and stripped all of my clothes
off of my body, Mom had stepped out of the bathroom to make sure that no one
else walks in on us and Martin had turned on the water and placed me inside
the shower, only to have him realize that he had made the mistake of turning
on the hot water as well as the cold water.

But just as he was about to correct his mistake, Martin had taken a really
good look at my wonderfully bare-ass naked body for a minute or two just
before he had removed all of his clothes, stepped into the same shower and
kissed me ever so passionately on the lips.

And then, after he had started licking all over my nude body -- all the way
down to my hot, wet pussy and carressing my firm breasts, I had placed my
hands on Martin's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it!
Do it, Martin! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Of course, that was before my mom had stepped back into the bathroom,
looked into the shower and noticed what we were doing with each other,
which -- normally -- would had caused her to be so enraged that she would
had barged into the shower, dragged Martin off of me and smahed the living
crap out of him.

But instead of allowing that to happen, the only thing that Mom had done --
while she was staring at Martin and me fucking each other's brains out -- was
take all of her clothes off and start pumping two of her fingers in and out
of her hot, moist snatch and carressing her own tits with the other hand.

And then, after she had stepped into the same shower and started stroking on
Martin's stiff cock and sucking on my stiff mounds, I had suddenly realized
that even though I was under the influence of alcohol for the first time, I
was experiencing something that I had never experienced with any size group
before, for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every
minute of it.

Just then, after Martin had placed his stone hard dick inside my pussy
and started licking on my mom's snatch, I had started sucking on her tits,
causing my sexually-energized mother to place her hands on my bare back and
yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, MARTIN! DO

And then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has made its final Broadway appearence, the three of us had came
and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked arms in a
lover's embrace, but that was before I had finally woken-up from my nap with
one hell of a fucking hangover and a lot of questions inside my head.

But after I had looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror and turned
myself around to spot both Martin and my own mother still sleeping in the
shower, I had started to cry and thought to myself, *HOLLY FUCKING SHIT!!

Of course, I had also realized that whatever has happened to me, it had
involved my mom and I was unable to stay with her for another day, causing
me to carefully sneak myself out of the bathroom, get myself dressed, leave
the party and quickly head back to my mom's place, where I had gotten my
stuff packed just in time to catch a cab back to the one place that I know
is truly a safe one... the home that I'm still living in with Carly, Will,
Sarah and my dad.

Speaking of which, after they had finally gotten themselves back home from
L.A. and I had ran up and gave all of them a big loving hug, my dad had
looked at me with concern in his eyes and asked, "Nicole, are you okay? What
happened to you, Sweetheart?"

That was when I had told both him and Carly about what had happened to me
at the party that Mom had taken me to, causing my enraged dad to call his
lawyer and get him to place her under arrest for child endangering and
sexual assult... and if you were to ask me, I really am glad that he had
done that, because I really don't want to go through something like that
ever again.



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