This story is fiction and not to be taken seriously. This is an adult story,
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She-ra - Princess Of Power: Hordak's Whore
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

In the land of Etheria an evil dictatorship known as the Horde rules the
land. Hordak is the warlord who sits on the throne in this land. Those who
defy him die, many times they die by painful torture until they beg to be
killed. Only a small band of rebels were willing to stand up to the Horde.
They were led by Adora a beautiful blonde princess.

The rebels only had a limited amount of success against the evil Horde. So
many people in the country were so scared of the Horde, that they lived their
lives in fear. But the Horde's army had become less feared in recent months,
ever since a new rebel had joined the fight. A new power had emerged on the
side of justice. Her name was She-ra a drop dead gorgeous woman with dirty
blonde hair and a perfect figure with large breasts and a luscious round ass.
Her costume only flaunted that body more. It was a strapless white top with
gold trim, her short white skirt was also trimmed in gold. Topping it off
was brown high heeled boots and a short red cape.

Unknown to everyone though, She-ra was actually princess Adora. Her twin
brother prince Adam (who was really He-man) passed on a sword that she was
meant to have years ago before Hordak and the Horde kidnapped her as a
child. This sword gave her great power when held up high and the words "for
the honor of Greyskull" was spoken. She became the most powerful woman in
Etheria, She-ra! Not even Adora's boyfriend Sea Hawk knew this secret. Adora
knew that it was best he didn't know her secret, for his safety.

In the village of Columbiad, Princess Adora was joining her boyfriend Sea
Hawk in the hut they sometimes share together. The stunning rebel leader
wore a red leather lest over a white blouse, tight white and red pants and
red calf-high 'buccaneer' boots.

"Well, things are quiet around here for a change, and I like the sound of
silence." Smiled the sultry blonde.

"Yes, it is great, we really shouldn't waste this opportunity, so why don't
you come over here and give me a kiss."

The blonde straddled her boyfriends lap and they started kissing. His hands
ran up and down her incredible body from her thighs to her broad shoulders.
Her hands made their way over his uncovered muscular chest, as their kissing
grew more intense. Their tongues continued to explore each others mouths.
Adora slid her hand under his furry underwear to find his already hard cock
and she began stroking it in her hand. Sea Hawk unbuttoned her red vest and
looked in lust at her huge knockers with nipples poking through the white
blouse. He slid his hands under the blouse and felt up the sexy blonde's
awesome rack. He pulled on her huge red nipples as he continued kissing her
on the mouth and all over her sensitive neck.

Sea Hawk could wait no longer, he lifted up her white blouse to free her
tits. The two perfect melons bounced as they were unleashed. He immediately
took a big boob in his mouth while he felt up the other tit with his hand.
He went back and forth between the two perfect round orbs sucking one and
squeezing the other. Adora moaned and jerked him off harder, her legs
straddled his leg and he felt the warmth of her pussy through her tight
pants. He was about to ask her to please get her pants off when she suddenly
stood up.

Her huge tits were still exposed with her white blouse pulled above them, as
she slid down the tight pants exposing a pussy with thick blonde pubic hair.
Adora slid back down on top of him to kiss him passionately. She kissed down
his chest and past his stomach to his pulsating hardon. Her lips wrapped
around his helmet and she started to suck his member that was standing
straight up. Her hand cupped his balls as she bobbed her head up and down
on his 8 incher. He ran his fingers through her blonde hair as her mouth
engulfed all of his cock. She looked him straight in the face as the blonde
of incredible beauty gave him head like a pro. Her mouth was amazing, so
warm, as her lips wrapped around his shaft like a second skin.

As much as he hated stopping her, he did, after all this free time they had
could be used for better things than a blowjob. So he pulled Adora up to him
and started to put her up on him. He kissed her neck as his rod pressed
against her crotch, feeling her warm pubic hair. This was too hot to pass up
so he slid inside of her. His cock thrust into her tight box as her ass
slapped against his balls. He squeezed on Adora's big bouncing tits as the
blonde princess rode him.

Adora was sure the others in the village could hear their loud moans, but she
didn't care, she was so hot she didn't want it to end. Then Sea Hawk pushed
her down on her back. He spread her athletic legs wide and entered her again.
She loved this position it made her pussy vulnerable and easy to fuck. He
fucked her hard driving every inch of his cock into her awaiting pussy. He
sucked on her tits nibbling on the hard nipples as they breathed and panted
heavily in sexual passion. After a while of going at it, it finally became
too much and they both came at the same time. He shot his load deep in
Adora's pussy as her cum coated his shaft. The two lovers held each other
tight, thankful for these few moments of sexual bliss.

* * *

Meanwhile back at the Horde's castle Hordak was anything but happy at She-ra
destroying his latest plan. Hordak was a scary looking creature with gray
skin and a hideous face. At the castle with him was his top associates.
Scorpia a witch who were a purple robe that covered all of her including her
face. All that could be made out of her face was her red glowing eyes.
Scorpia raised Adora as a child, but after Adora found out who she really
was, and that the Horde had kidnapped her as a baby, she decided to join the
rebels who fought against the Horde. Catra, a beautiful but evil woman with
an athletic body a small but nice chest, and dark hair past her shoulders
flowing out of her purple cat mask. Kane wore a black and red outfit he was
a big man, almost monster like. He wore a black mask over his face for
reasons that no one knew, he was Hordak's top henchman.

"This woman She-ra is countering our every move uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!" Screamed
Hordak as he pushed over the weapon's rack in frustration.

"I didn't become the overlord of this land just be overthrown by a bimbo with
big breasts!"

"Let us take care of her, we won't fail this time." Insisted Catra.

"Yes, we'll tear her apart, this time." Added Kane.

"No, all she's done is make fools of you since she arrived, we need something
more than brute strength this time. That sword of hers is magical, it only
makes sense that we fight her with black magic."

"Yes, and I believe I finally have something that we can use." Exclaimed
Scorpia in her usual raspy voice.

"Sorceress, you've failed me countless times before what could you possibly
have this time?"

"Well, this potion, will turn her own sword powers against her, all she needs
is a sprinkle, and when she uses her power sword it will ignited the spell."

"What will it do?"

"Simply put, it will make her horny Hordak."

"What good will that do?" He snarled.

"Don't you see she will be uncontrollably horny, so much so that she won't be
good for anything. All she'll live and breath for is sex, and while she's in
that state we can easily conquer the rest of the rebels."

"So someone has to get close enough to sprinkle this stuff on her, her own
sword ignites the potion, then she becomes the biggest whore in Etheria?"

"Yes, its that simple."

"Hmmmmm getting close to her will be anything but simple, I think we'll need
all of the men we have, maybe even split up in groups of three, with every
group having the a bottle of the potion."

"Yes, it doesn't matter who gives the potion to her as long as she uses her

"What about a cure, all spells have cures!" Said Hordak his voice level
suddenly rising.

"Yes, there's a cure, but nothing to be concerned about, She-ra would have to
make love to the first man she ever slept with. A woman with her looks, she
was likely a young woman when she had her first time. So who knows where her
first time lover is now, hee hee hee hee!"

"I must admit, the plan is as close to full prove as there is, soon She-ra
and the word whore will be synonyms in this land." Hordak let out a sinister

Several hours later Hordak had his men attacking the three villages, Kane led
the charge on one, Catra the other, while Hordak and Scorpia led attack on
the other one. It didn't take long for the word to get out.

* * *

Adora and Sea Hawk were cuddling naked in their cozy tent when Glitter a
blue haired girl busted in. She hesitated before speaking realizing the
nudity of her friend Adora and her boyfriend. They both covered up quickly.

"Sorry to interrupt, but the Horde is attacking three of the surrounding
villages. We need you to find She-ra or they will all be burned to the

Adora and Sea Hawk quickly got up and got dressed. They made there way
outside and could see the fire in the distance. Adora jumped on her horse
'Spirit' and rode off to where she was alone. When she was alone she held
her sword high and said the words "for the honor of Greyskull!"

With that she became the beautiful warrior goddess She-ra. Spirit became the
winged horse 'Swiftwind'

She jumped on top of Swiftwind and immediately went to the first village.
Kane was leading an army there. She-ra met the first few soldiers with a
quick kick. Swords were drawn as other soldiers joined the fight. She-ra
was more than a match for all of them! Soon it was only a few soldiers
along with Kane. She-ra swung her power sword at them taking them out
quickly, along with the stupid thug Kane.

Seeing that the village was safe, She-ra didn't hesitate and made her way
to the second village. This proved to be a much bigger chore as Catra led a
much bigger army into this small village. She-ra took on any and all of the
soldiers that came her way. Before long though, they had started to form a
circle around her. She-ra saw that she was surrounded by the soldiers. So
she fought valiantly to get free, but even with her power it was as simple
as physics, they all weighed more than her and the combination of all of
them had her pinned.

Catra came towards She-ra with a powder in a bag. Catra's evil laugh was
proof that whatever was in there, wasn't anything good. She-ra knew she had
to escape. She gave a swift kick to one soldier and punched two others that
were holding her down. She then kicked the bag before Catra could get out
the powder. She used her sword to finally take out the rest. One again the
beautiful princess looked and saw soldiers all laying on the ground dead or
dying in a pool of blood. She smiled as all the villagers, who were safe at
last, thanked her over and over. She-ra wiped off a trail of blood from a
cut below her eyebrow. Then she looked in the distance at the final village.

The princess mounted aboard Swiftwind and made her way there quickly. Upon
arriving she saw that this was another case of being severely outnumbered.
It was a huge army and the leaders of this battled seemed to be out of sight.
Which could easily mean that they were lurking somewhere waiting to jump her.
The Horde doesn't usually attack 3 villages at once like this, so this could
all have some other purpose, a trap maybe.

The matter at hand now was to stop the foot soldiers from completely
destroying the villages. This time She-ra stayed in the air above them
riding Swiftwind and used her power sword to take them out. Finally the
soldiers were down to only a few, which meant she could easily take out
the rest. Before she could land though she saw Hordak and Scorpia both
fire a gun with powder bags at her. Both bags hit her and they
disintegrated covering her with the powder. The powder strangely seemed
to do nothing to her though so she landed Swiftwind, and went to battle
the rest of the enemy.

They all surrounded her quickly, but she knew what to do, she used her power
sword to take them all out. This time something went wrong, it was like the
power in her sword ricocheted back onto her. She-ra fell to her knees, and
looked up to see the men coming closer. Suddenly her instincts changed she
didn't wanna fight these men anymore. She began to eye these men, especially
they're crotches. She suddenly realized that her hand was under her white
skirt and under her panties playing with her pussy.

"God what's wrong with me?"

She-ra's hand tore into her thin panties, tearing at her pussy. Soon the men
surrounding her were only a foot from her. She-ra made no effort to fight the
feelings she was having now, she couldn't fight them! She had two fingers
driving in and out of her pussy, her skirt hiked up and now was rubbing the
crotch of a soldier in front of her. This soldier gladly got his pants off
so that this blonde goddess could get a better view of his cock that was
standing at attention.

Hordak looked on with an evil smirk seeing She-ra now sucking off a soldier
in front of her. Her free hand was under her panties and three fingers were
now buried roughly into her tight box. She-ra's hands reached out and grabbed
another soldier's cock and stroked it in her hand She saw all the soldiers
that were still alive were pulling out their cocks, so she took another one
in her hand. She-ra was now handling three cocks, two with each of her hands
and another one with her mouth. All the while hands made there way under for
top and pulled it down displaying the two most perfect tits in all the land.
The pink nipples were fully erect and seemed to be longing for lips to be
around them.

Two soldiers that were getting impatient at fucking She-ra's mouth decided
that sucking on her tits would do for now. They both took a big boob in their
mouth's trying their best to swallow the huge tit. It proved to be quite a
task considering the size of her tits, but they were more than happy to have
the job! Other soldiers lifted She-ra's skirt and yanked away her panties.
Now She-ra had fingers probing her lovely pussy and even her virgin ass as
she didn't miss a beat sucking off the man in front of her and stroking off
the other two. The man who had the privilege of getting head from She-ra soon
couldn't take the pleasure anymore and he began to cum. Much to his delight
he saw the princess of power swallow all of his jism like a slut.

She-ra didn't even blink, she went on to the next soldier whose cock was in
her right hand. Another soldier went to her right side and gladly let the
blonde goddess stroke him off. A soldier even got below She-ra and decided
he wanted to feel this blonde's pussy around his cock. She-ra helped him and
slid onto him easily, despite the thickness of his cock (almost three inches)
he slid into her easily because of how wet she was. The soldier yelled in
pleasure at how good the princess's tight pussy felt. He grabbed her ass and
started thrusting up into her hard. Her seemingly expert cock sucking, (or
was it incredible enthusiasm)? caused another man to unload and she made sure
it was once again down her cum loving throat!

Hordak and Scorpia laughed evilly at this sight, She-ra was gonna be much to
busy fucking anyone that moved to ever stop their plans again. With that they
proceeded to lewd the village, stealing any supplies, and taking the women as
slaves while slaughtering the children and men of the village.

Meanwhile She-ra was taking her fifth load of cum down her throat, and showed
no signed of letting up as she was now taking a third load of cum into her
formerly under used pussy. She-ra was coming down to the last few soldiers
when one of them started to push his cock at the entrance of her ass. She-ra
did her best to spread her ass up for him and give him the best access, she
thought nothing of this, after all her mouth and pussy were already full of
cock, and she didn't care how she got it, she just wanted to be full of cock,
even if it was in all three holes.

Hordak had finished lewding the village, so now he stopped and eyed his handy
work, the beautiful She-ra taking a cock in her ass, pussy, and mouth. It was
a sight to see the blonde's tight round ass moving up and down as a cock
filled her ass and her pussy. It was amazing She-ra could even breath during
all this, as a cock was also deep down her throat.

She-ra planted her high heeled boots and rode the man inside of her pussy
hard, as the man behind her thrust ever so deep into her asshole. All the
while She-ra was not missing a beat at doing her best to get the guy in her
mouth off eager to taste a man cum in her mouth for at least the tenth time
so far. The soldiers all had good stamina and amazing good recovering time.
Which was good because She-ra wanted each and everyone one of them in every
one of her holes. Before long the last of soldiers were shooting their loads
into all of her holes. Then she felt the tenth load of cum in her mouth,
which she swallowed liked the cum guzzling whore she was quickly becoming.
Then came the tenth load in her ass, followed by her pussy.

The soldiers all got dressed, and they were lifting the momentarily satisfied
She-ra into the jail cart. With that, the Horde and his men made their way
back with She-ra their prisoner. They were only halfway back when She-ra was
horny again. She-ra, now topless had her skirt lifted and was once again
rubbing on her pantyless crotch in the jail cart. This was so humiliating for
her, but she couldn't help herself she was horny and it consumed her. In fact
she was so horny she started hollering out for one of the men, somebody, to
help her cum. Ultimately Hordak grew tired of this and told Catra to go
silence the 'She-whore!'

Catra made her way back and got in the cell with her. Once in there She-ra
grabbed her feet and said "OH please make me cum, I need to cum, I need it
so bad ohhhh please, I'll do anything to cum!"

"Really? Anything?" Smiled Catra.

"Yes, Anything."

Catra unzipped her purple top and displayed her lovely smaller breasts to
She-ra. Then came her high heeled boots follow by her tight purple pants,
leaving the villainess naked as well. She-ra leaned back and masturbated
while eyes the evil raven haired beauty's nakedness. She grabbed She-ra
and forced her into a long wet french kiss. Catra even got rough with her
biting She-ra's tongue and digging her claw-fingered gloves into She-ra's
back. She-ra did nothing to stop it, kissing turned her on and that was a
state she felt she had to be in. Then Catra leaned back, and spoke to her.

"I can make you cum She-ra, but you said you'd do anything to cum, so I'm
gonna hold you to that. So before you cum, get over here and lick my kitty,
and get me to cum first, then I'll decide if you get to cum as well."

She-ra was disappointed but quickly dove into the dark haired woman's snatch.
Her kitty was quite hair and she had to get past the hair before she could
get to the target. When she did though she pushed two fingers inside her, and
quickly found Catra's clit. Catra purred in pleasure as she loved the sight
of her nemesis on the floor of the jail and giving her pleasure. Catra
fondled her own small breasts and roughly pulled on her nipples with her
claw-fingered gloves.

She-ra was doing an incredible job, and was caressing Catra's sexy athletic
ass while fingering her and sucking so nicely on her aroused clit. Catra felt
her orgasm on the way and ordered She-ra to lick and suck her faster. She-ra
did so making Catra do the splits to give She-ra best access to her pussy.
Catra switched positions and started to ride She-ra face all the while
playing with She-ra tits. Being ever so rough as she squeezed the nipples
between her fingers....Catra couldn't tell if She-ra was moaning in pain or
pleasure! She-ra gave her clit one more hard sucking and sent Catra over the

"AAahhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah mmmmmmmmmm... you are one hot little whore She-ra!"

With that Catra got up and started to get dressed.

"Wait, I thought you were gonna help me cum, I need to cum please!"

"Ha Ha, sorry bitch you fucked what 10, or 15 soldiers earlier? I wouldn't
dare touch that pussy of yours! Here!"

Catra handed She-ra a broken metal piece of the cage.

"Here, jam that up your cunt, it will get you by for a while, Ha Ha!"

She-ra was hurt that she wasn't gonna get her pussy licked, and she didn't
wanna use this metal bar to get off, but she needed to cum. Even though the
soldiers along with Hordak and Catra laughed at her, and it was humiliating,
she rode the bar until she came. Luckily it got her by until they reached
Hordak's castle.

Hordak ordered his men out to get the rest of the rebel leaders with She-ra
out of the way now. There was still Glitter, Sea Hawk and Adora left to
capture. Horak and the soldiers enjoyed humiliating their new prisoner
She-ra. They all watched as the soldiers formed a circle around her and
She-ra started sucking their cocks. They also took turns fucking her pussy
and her ass. Hordak laughed outloud saying look at the woman who caused us
problems now. They drank and had a feast in celebration of their victory
over the rebels. Hordak made Scorpia his number 2 in charge in recognition
of her helping end She-ra's meddling for good.

Hordak then heard that his men were returning with Sea Hawk and Glitter. He
was disappointed to hear that there was no Adora, but figured what could that
one woman do? So he snagged She-ra and pull her over to him at his throne.
Then he ordered the cock hungry She-ra to give him head. He smiled, imagining
the look in the eyes of She-ra friends when they would arrive seeing this.
Hordak pulled out his gray cock and then slapped She-ra's pretty face with
it. Then he grabbed her by the golden headdress and started fucking her
mouth. He added to her humiliation, by having her white dress raised to show
all the men her ass and pussy lips that were now very loose with the fucking
she had received in the last 24 hours.

He shot his load down her throat, but told her to keep sucking him off and
get him hard again. She kept sucking his gray 10 inch monster until it was
fully erected again. He reached down and played with her lovely dangling
tits while she sucked him off. Just as Hordak reached hardness again, in
came the new prisoners Glitter and Sea Hawk.

"Well, just in time you two." Laughed Hordak evilly.

They both stood there, their eyes as big as saucers at the sight of She-ra
sucking Hordak's cock.

"Surprised? Ha Ha! Well, She-ra as it turns out found a better calling, she
likes being a whore much better than fighting, isn't that right bitch?"

"Yes, Hordak." She responded, then went back to sucking his cock.

"So glad you could be here to see this incredible moment in Etheria history.
Now She-ra get on all fours with that whore ass of yours in the
know the position!"

"Yes Hordak."

Hordak got behind She-ra and entered her pussy. It was easily the biggest
cock she had taken so far, so even with her pussy stretched she could really
feel it inside her. That was apparent by the way she screamed in pleasure.
Hordak roughly shoved his cock into the warm abyss of She-ra pussy. He
gripped her hips and rammed all 10 inches into her. They made sure that
Glitter and Sea Hawk watched as Hordak fucked She-ra doggystyle. She-ra
rubbed on her clit wanting to get off for the...who knows what...time today.
She-ra jumped and yelped as Hordak spanked her derriere leaving behind bright
red handprints.

She-ra then was rolled over and told to ride Hordak. Glitter and Sea Hawk
watched, they were so sorrowful to see the might She-ra reduced to nothing
more than Hordak's whore. Her beautiful ass went up and down with Hordak's
gray cock buried in her. Her big bouncy tits were flying up and down with
each thrust. She-ra came and came hard, but it hardly slowed her down as
she longed to get her lover off and get herself off yet again. Hordak
grabbed and squeezed her jiggling jugs as his balls started to feel like
they would burst.

When he was finally read to cum he shot it deep into her pussy. After that
he led Glitter and Sea Hawk to the executioner. He would enjoy finally
seeing theses rebels put to death. They were both tied and had there heads
placed on the chopping block. The executioners raised the ax...then Hordak
stopped them.

"Wait! We're still missing Adora. They should all be executed together! Tell
my men to find Adora, wherever she is hiding. In the meantime Hee Hee Hee we
can have some fun with these two."

Hordak made his way back to his chamber, there he found She-ra where he left
her. This time though she was on her knees under Scorpia's robe and licking
her pussy. Scorpia was hissing and moaning in her raspy voice as she seemed
to loved the feeling She-ra was giving her with her tongue that was nothing
short of magic.

Hordak let his second in charge cum before finally pulling She-ra away. They
placed the blue haired Glitter on the floor and stripped her of her clothes.
Hordak then ordered She-ra to eat Glitter's pussy. Glitter squirmed, and
tried to reason with She-ra to snap out of this but She-ra had only one
desire on her mind. She-ra had euphoric gaze in her eyes that showed she was
not herself. She-ra knelt down and began licking up her dark thighs before
reaching her crotch. She-ra forced open her legs and dove her tongue into
Glitter's cunt. Glitter tried to kick free but it was no use. She-ra licked
up and down her pussy, then shoved two fingers in her. She kissed her crotch,
then slipped her tongue inside of her.

Hordak watched in awe at this hot girl on girl sight. She-ra buried her
tongue deep inside of Glitter. Hordak felt his cock getting hard again as
She-ra's pussy lips were teasingly revealing under her white skirt with her
ass arched high in the air. This was too good for the dark overlord to
resist. He pulled out his cock and made his way to She-ra. He lifted her
skirt and view her luscious ass. He was sure this was a sight that he
wouldn't tire off anytime soon. He decided to try her ass this time. He
pushed his hard member against her ass and pushed into her. She-ra only
moaned in pleasure into Glitter's pussy as she got a hard ass-fucking from
Hordak and his thick prick.

"Ohhh Ahhh mmmppppphhhhhh" She-ra moaned as she sucked on Glitter's pussy
and started pushing her ass back to meet Hordak's thrusts. Hordak reached
down and fondled She-ra's huge knockers as he mounted the beautiful princess
of power and drove his cock up her ass like a jackhammer. Glitter tried to
held back but she couldn't She-ra's tongue felt so good it was making her
cum. She came and came over and over all over She-ra's face like a gusher.
Hordak was also cumming right along with She-ra as he shot his load deep
into the blonde's bowels.

Hordak sat back then motioned to his guards that Sea Hawk could have a turn.
They put him down on the floor and She-ra crawled to him. Sea Hawk always had
a crush on She-ra, mainly because she looked amazingly like his girlfriend
Adora. This was not the way he wanted to have She-ra though. Not in front of
an audience of Hordak and his guards. Still as She-ra's mouth engulfed his
cock he couldn't help but moan in pleasure as her warm mouth got him hard
quickly. He suddenly found himself not worrying about Adora and if she was
safe. He was so very hard and looking down at the angelic face of She-ra as
she gave him a blowjob that rivaled anyone he ever had before.

He felt he might cum in her mouth, but she suddenly stopped and he saw that
she was ready for more. She stood over him then slowly squatted. His cock
slid easily into her pussy and she started to ride him. The sound of her ass
slapping against his balls echoed in Hordak's chambers. Hordak watched in
delight as his whore worked over yet another man. He just wished he had word
that Adora had been caught, then he could have the finale of the rebels

She-ra moaned and cooed as her uncovered tits bounced up and down. She-ra
pushed her tits down at Sea Hawk's face allowing him to suck on her tits as
she rode him hard. Sea Hawk wished his hands weren't bound he wanted so
badly to squeeze her luscious tits. Instead he loved watching them bounce
as her riding was becoming too much pleasure for him to stand. Soon he was
cumming and cumming deep into She-ra's pussy. He felt his orgasm subsiding
and looked up at She-ra. Suddenly that eurphoric glaze was gone from She-ra's
eyes. Before Sea Hawk could say a word She-ra sprang off of him, she dived
for and reached her power sword being held by a soldier.

She decapitated the soldier and started swinging her sword at every soldier
that came her way. Hordak was stunned, the spell had been broken.

"NNNNNNNNNNoooooooooooooooo" He screamed in anger.

She-ra's power sword took out three four men at a time. As she swung it like
the warrior she was. She was curious why she was topless as she fought, her
huge boobs bouncing sexily as she took out soldier after soldier. She freed
Glitter and Sea Hawk and they went to free the other rebels as She-ra took
out every man that came her way. Before long the soldiers were getting to be
even too much for her, so She-ra and all the rebels retreated. She-ra used
her power sword to take out the bridge to the castle and let the rebels
escape successfully.

They made there way back to the camp. She-ra was curious as to what had
happened, she remembered nothing and was very interested in knowing why she
was topless. They gave her a story that she was under a spell that left her
frozen and that she suddenly came out of it. She didn't quite believe it,
but part of her didn't wanna know why she was topless or fucking Sea Hawk
for that matter. She-ra told the rebels she would return again when needed
as always, she just wished she understood why Glitter and Sea Hawk looked
at her in a way she had never seen before.

Back at Hordak's castle Hordak was enraged at how he had lost his power over
She-ra, he had no idea that Sea Hawk was Adora/She-ra's first lover. Hordak
assumed that the spell had lost its effectiveness. So Hordak had Scorpia
beheaded. He would find a way to deal with She-ra, although he got hard
remembering her, and her body, he definitely was gonna miss She-ra being
Hordak's whore.


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