This story is a parody of the CBBC show and book by Jacqueline Wilson. If
you are under 18, please turn back as this is unsuitable material. If you
are over 18 and not offended by this sort of material, then read on and

Story of Tracy Beaker: Payback (FF,anal,ws,scat)
by DreamTheater

"Right, that's it Tracy, Justice stop it NOW!"

The two girls clawed it each other viciously before Duke, a large black man
broke up the catfight. Dragging them kicking and screaming while they still
fought, out of the kitchen and took them to Shelley's office. Shelley spun
around from her computer as the door shut. The two girls looked at each
other and simply said.

"She did it!!"

They started fighting once again, but Duke managed to control them and they
sat down. Shelley spoke.

"Right girls, now who's been starting all these fights?"

Tracy pointed to Justine, and vice versa - they scowled at each other. "It
was Justine, Shelley, she's been stealing my stuff!" Tracy blurted out.

"Justine, is this true?" Justine looked flabbergasted and for the first
time ever, admitted her wrong doing. She still built up intense anger inside
herself and slowly nodded. "Tracy, thankyou. You can go to bed now, and you
can too Justine."

Just as they started to walk out, a note popped into Shelley's head reminding
her. "Oh, don't forget, girls...Dolly's sleeping in your room Justine,
because she loves it so much, so you two are bunking up."

They two girls groaned and remembered the fact that they would be sharing
the same room as each other. It came round to it every time Dolly wanted
Justine's room. It never occured why she liked it so much.

The two girls entered Tracy's room and brushed their teeth at the sink before
selecting their pyjamas. The two girls had a dilemma. Would they change in
front of each other?

"Tracy, we have to get into our pyjamas."

Tracy looked shocked.

"C'mon Tracy, we don't want to get in any more trouble."

Tracy nodded and the two girls grudgingly began to peel off their clothes.
Tracy was wearing a stripy black and red shirt and jeans, which she removed
so she was only in her bra and panties. Justine threw off her tight black
jeans and pink tanktop and the girls stood there looking at each other in
their underwear. They knew what was coming.

Tracy and Justine both removed their underwear, checking each other out.
Once they were naked, the two 14 year olds stood there and looked for their

"Oh, great! There's no pyjamas...looks like we're going without tonight,
Tracy." Justine smiled annoyingly at Tracy, then checked out her body in
relation to Tracy's.

"You have beautiful breasts, Tracy," Justine admired, making Tracy blush and
feel slightly wet. "And you're much hairier than me...well, down there,"
Justine said pointing at her almost hairless cunt. Tracy looked at her own
vagina and admired the thick bush of hair she had grown over the past year.

"Have you ever kissed anyone, Justine?"

Justine shook her head, surprised, but glad, this is going where Justine had
always wanted. She was an avid lesbian, and Louise, her former roommate, had
had many lesbian experiences with Justine. Justine had done most of the girls
at the dumping grounds, but not Tracy Beaker. Even though, she wouldn't admit
it, she loved Tracy very deeply and had wanted to secretly drag her into a
dark corner and make love to her. Now her pussy moistened at the thought.

" you like to kiss me?" Tracy replied shyly. Justine had lied
through her teeth, she had kissed so many girls she could not remember them,
let alone count them.

"Ok, Tracy."

Justine moved over to the nervous Tracy and began to slowly kiss her. The
window shone moonlight through and onto their pubescent bodies as their cute
lips began to lock round another and grew more fierce. Tracy was returning
Justine's kisses, and Justine was tonguing Tracy's mouth. They broke the
lesbian kiss with a loud pop and Tracy fell onto the bed (with help from
Justine). Tracy smiled, her lesbian instincts kicking in. Justine smiled and
the skinny, tiny titted hairless girl straddled Tracy, her wet cunt sliding
in between Tracy's B cup breasts and then down her body, meeting Tracy's
little cunt. The touch made Tracy gasp as her first lesbian experience began.

The two girls began to entwine in a passionate kiss, both tongues fighting
for supremacy inside their soft mouths. Justine groped Tracy's nicely
developing breasts and pinched her nipples, eliciting a gasp from Tracy.
Tracy had never felt such pleasure, and she had fucked a lot of the dumping
ground boys, from the oldest to youngest. Justine continuing pinching Tracy's
little nips, and then slowly moved into a classic 69 position with Tracy on
top as she wanted.

"Tracy, trust me, this will feel great. Just do the same to me."

Tracy nodded and smiled. Justine licked her lips hungrily as Tracy's ass
moved closer to her face. Her pussy and ass were hairy, she obviously didn't
know how to shave. Justine had always dreamed of eating Tracy's ass out, and
now was her big chance. Licking her index finger, she began to rub around
Tracy's little bumhole and lick the brown edges. Once her hole was good and
wet, Justine poked a finger into her partner's tight shitter and wriggled
around. Tracy was slowly moaning and trying her best to work Justine's pussy.
She was doing well, Justine moaned between fingering Tracy's bum. Justine had
fallen in love with Tracy's bum - it was perfect. Even though Tracy's hips
had widened, they hadn't that much, so Tracy's pert bum resembled something
of a 10yr old size ass. Justine's own hips had widened, but she was skinny
and her ass was toned and very tight. Justine probed her tongue into Tracy's
brown door and savoured the fresh taste as she wriggled around in Tracy's
anus. Tracy becoming more responsive to her tongue-fucked ass, started to
speed up her ministrations on Justine's tiny cunt. Tracy tried to penetrate
Justine's pussy - but it was too tight even for her smallest finger to enter

Justine kept working Tracy's bum, slowly but surely. After a long while
tongue fucking Tracy's ass, Justine pulled her tongue out with a pop and
spoke up.

"Tracy...You don't happen to have a dildo do you?"

Tracy knew she did. She had stolen it from Cam. She'd been sneaking around
Cam's house and stumbled across a huge array of sexual objects in Cam's
wardrobe - dildos, gay porn mags, lesbian tools, strap ons, lube - she had
it all. She'd taken the strap-on with the large cock on it. She'd found it
interesting and had once used it on one of the younger boys. She'd also
taken a large black dildo from Cam too.

Tracy nodded in recognition and got off Justine. Justine watched impatiently
as Tracy yanked out a strap-on dildo from under the bed. Justine's eyes
popped open on sight of the strap-on and she smiled devilishly. The cock
till had some leftover shit on it from the boy Tracy had fucked with it, so
Tracy got Justine on her knees and Justine's eyes lit up as she ate each
piece with glee. Justine had eaten a lot of girl crap over the past years of
lesbian experimentation, but this was her first male taste - she liked it.
Justine finished eating the shit off the dildo and bent over the side of
the bed, waiting anxiously for Tracy to penetrate her. Tracy hovered over
Justine, the big cock protuding from above her cunt not in proportion with
her little body. She spat onto Justine's dirty bumhole to lube it up and then
grabbed hold of each of Justine's latin bumcheeks and positioned the large
phallus at Justine's little butthole. It twitched with excitement and
anticipation as Tracy grabbed the cock and touched Justine's hairy puckered
backdoor and slowly eased it in. Justine's eyes popped open and she groaned
with pain at the huge cock stretching her abused bumhole.

Justine's body filled with immense pleasure and pain - she wasn't sure which
she felt, but she was liking it. Maybe she should start fucking boys again.
Tracy's adopted penis inched ever so slowly into her fuckbuddy's little bum,
accompanied with grotesque squelching sounds and moans from Justine. Once
Tracy had plunged the cock into Justine's orifice up to the balls, she
started to mimic the many boys that had fucked her in the past. She slowly
pulled the dildo out of the hole, but stopped about 3/4 of the way and then
with a loud slosh, plunged the monster dick back into her partner's bumhole.
Justine stifled a scream as a wave of pleasure hit her as never before.
Tracy began to speed up her buttfucking and grabbed her partner's bumcheeks
for leverage as she pumped quicker and faster, craving the sensation of
making Justine cum. Justine bucked her hips hard into the cock as her tiny
little breasts jiggled under the cock slamming her bum. She wrenched the
sheets of Tracy's bed tightly in her palms as she felt an orgasm washing
over her. Suddenly, she let out an intense moan, her bum clenched around
Tracy's cock, and wave after wave of girl cum spew from her undeveloped cunt
and into a glass that Tracy had just put there to catch the rain of juices.

Justine's juice sprayed everywhere, and Tracy filled up half the glass.
Tracy took the coaster to her lips and took a swig - loving the taste to
her surprise. Justine slipped off Tracy's cock and onto the bed. Tracy
flopped down next to her, the cock making her look absurd. Tracy took off
the strap-on and placed it back under her bed and kissed Justine lovingly.

"That was wicked Tracy...thankyou...oh," Justine moaned as she felt her
swollen bumcrack. "That's alright were wicked too." With that
they kissed again and felt each other's budding bodies with passion. Tracy
prodded inside Justine's reddened orifice with a finger, then took it out
and gave it to Justine to suck clean. Justine, pre-occupied with sucking
Tracy's pert tits, let her mouth open and Tracy placed her finger inside,
feeling it get sucked clean. She removed the finger and twiddled Justine's
tiny brown nipples. The two lesbian lovers hungrily explored each other's
physiques before Justine spoke up.

"Tracy...I owe you a favour for your wonderful bumsex...I'll make you cum as
hard as you ever will."

Tracy giggled, her braces and Justine's cum on her lips glistening in the
moonlight. Justine moved close to her lover's cunt and pulled a large
vibrating pen from the desk. Tracy moaned as Justine inched the object of
pleasure into her teen cunt and then slowly flicked the knob. The 7 inch
pen started to vibrate wildly in its fleshy prison, making Tracy groan
with climactic pleasure as her back arched and she fell onto the bed. The
makeshift dildo wriggled inside Tracy's twitching vagina as Justine ate
out her lover's bumhole. Justine once again thriving for the taste of that
precious little bum, took a hairbrush from the drawers and rammed the blunt
end into her partner's tiny bum with no warning. Tracy, breathless, moaning
and exhausted after all the pleasure bursting through her, collapsed and
her pussy gushed a flood of cum all over the bed.

Justine's latin face tried to catch as much girl cum as possible and she
managed to fill up her mouth. In doing this, she brushed Tracy's urethra
and let a line of piss fly into Justine's mouth. Justine liked the taste
and flicked the little object to gain more piss until there was no more.
Justine got up and left the beautiful girl on the bed covered in piss and
cum and with a broad smile on her face got dressed and left for breakfast.
She grinned at who would find her and sat down at the table for yet another



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