WARNING: This story contains sexually explicit lesbian material between
adults and teenagers which may offend some. Also, if you are under 18 and
are reading this, leave now, as I take no responsibility for your actions
and you may be breaking a law by doing so.

Some insight - This story is based on the UK program for teenagers, "The
Story of Tracy Beaker," adapted from a book series written by Jacqueline
Wilson. It is a story about an orphanage and all the children that live
there, seen through the eyes of Tracy Beaker, a rebellious, tantrum-rife
teen, played by Dani Harmer.

Story Of Tracy Beaker: Cam And Tracy (Ff,fist,oral,anal,scat,cons)
by DreamTheater

Cam flopped down on the bed. She'd been writing some books for a while now,
and she'd been in close negotiations with various publishers to try and nail
a deal on one of her stories. Being an unknown author was tough, especially
when you had no way to promote your ideas. Cam had also broken up from a long
term relationship with a guy, whom she had loved very much but his parents
had not approved. She was beginning to feel very much unattractive - she
wasn't picking up any more random men in bars, she wasn't having any sex...
sometimes she believed that it wasn't all worth it for a couple of minutes
pleasure or the age old wish of 'life long happiness'. She laughed under her
breath as she got up and stood in front of the mirror. She stripped off her
clothes and checked herself out, turning this way and that, trying to find
everything bad about her body. She stopped 'modelling' and faced the mirror
once more.

"Well, my tits look alright," she announced softly as she cupped her breasts
and let go. She skipped on the spot, watching her firm breasts jump with each
upward movement, and decided that with her 34D tits that were in no need of a
bra to keep them aloft were perfectly fine...she remebered all the lovers who
had admired her almost perfect tits, but that was the past, she wasn't
getting any younger. She checked out her vagina, it was bald and tight,
certainly in good 'working order'. She spun round, her back to the mirror as
she checked out her bum in the mirror, craning her head backward to get a
better look at her butt. It was nice and cushioned, certainly not fat, but it
wasn't exactly supermodel quality...but then again, some guys liked that in a
girl, so she wasn't giving up hope yet.

"Maybe it's girls I should be focusing on?" she said warily.

She had had previous lesbian experiences, most of them during early teenage
years fooling around at slumber parties - but she had done some pretty wild
stuff. She'd drunk her best friend's piss, licked her pussy and ass out,
sucked her tits...she'd had a group come round her house and they'd had a
lesbian orgy, Cam had her fair share of cunt that day, she'd also been
dildoed several times in all her holes and she'd also strap on screwed her
best friend. She remebered all those times, but she'd dismissed them as
experimenting, and just a muck around with friends...but she had enjoyed
them, and most of all, her friends had enjoyed her...especially her best
friend Angela.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Cam jumped, waking up from her daze
and she looked down at her pussy which was now dripping wet. There was a
small patch of juice forming on her carpet, but she had no time to clear it
up now. She looked out of the window and she saw Tracy at the door. She
panicked, she threw on a towel as she had no time as the knocking got louder.
Her pussy was still dripping very slowly so she closed her legs and hurried
downstairs. She opened the door to Tracy, who looked at her with teary
eyes...the first time Cam had ever seen her like this. She ushered her
upstairs to her bedroom. She followed the raven haired teen into her most
private area, watching her perfect, tiny bum sway ever so sexily in her
figure hugging jeans. Cam looked more as she slowed slightly so she could see
the underside of Tracy's bum, but then hurried up and looked away. Cam's mind
was flooded with thoughts. Am I a lesbian for admiring Tracy's arse? Am I a
lesbian? What is Tracy doing here? Is my pussy still wet? She looked down to
see that her closed legs now had a small line of juice forming on them. She
followed Tracy into her bedroom, wiping the girl cream off her tanned thighs.
They got into her room and Cam locked the door.

Tracy had entered Cam's life a short time ago. Cam had visited the orphanage
(aptly named the 'Dumping Grounds') some time back and had met the black,
frizzy haired girl called Tracy Beaker and was struck by her firm attitudes
and her perfect body. They'd become friends, had some fallouts, but were now
good mates and were always hanging out. Tracy had begun opening up to Cam,
telling her darkest secrets to her...but it was evident that Cam did not know
everything about the adorable teenager.

Now that teenager was sitting on her bed holding her face in her hands and
sobbing softly. Cam had always felt like a mother figure to Tracy, although
she didn't really know why. She sat on her double bed and put her arm around

"Oh, Tracy, what ever's the matter?" asked Cam reassuringly.

"If I tell can't tell you promise?" replied Tracy
through sniffles.

"Of course I do, Tracy, anything you say is kept with me. You know I won't
tell anyone! Now tell me what's wrong," said Cam softly in her most motherly
tone. She'd never seen Tracy like this. She'd always thought of Tracy as a
very tough girl, she'd always taken things in her stride. She listened
attentively to the girl's voice as she spoke.

"I've never told you this before, Cam," said Tracy staring into her friend's
eyes, "but I'm a..a..well, let's just say I prefer girls..." said Tracy
innocently, almost like a little girl asking for directions.

Cam's eyes blinked again just to make sure she'd just seen her friend say
that. She'd just admitted to being a lesbian? Cam's mind flooded with
thoughts again. Her best friend was a lesbian and she was only 15. Boy, she
was starting about the same age Cam had (although Cam had lost her virginity
to her brother when she was 11). Cam suddenly snapped out of her daze, saw
Tracy crying again, and spoke up.

"Well, I became a lesbian when I slept over with Justine," Tracy said softly.
Cam couldn't believe this, Justine and her were lovers. She'd always thought
of Justine being a bit of a dyke..but this was too good, "and we became
lovers that night. Every night she'd sneak into my room and we'd have hot
sex until dawn. We had done everything we could think of, until one night.
Justine was licking out my bumhole, and I could feel myself about to take a
crap...but I couldn't on my bed, and we'd never done it I grabbed
her head and forced her mouth round my bumhole as I let my shit go, and it
filled her mouth, until she swallowed. She obviously loved the taste, she
couldn't stop gulping it down and she licked my little hole clean afterwards.
Then she wiped her mouth, went up to me, kissed me and sat by me. She stroked
my hair as she said...that she was..that," Tracy broke down, "that she didn't
want to see me anymore!" Tracy blubbered uncontrollably in a fit of tears and
Cam comforted her.

Her mind lit up with thoughts...this little girl was a hardcore, kinky,
slutty, dirty lesbo not afraid to try anything new. Cam knew that Tracy'd
been with boys for a long time now, they'd done everything with her, but she
knew that being with a girl was so much more different than a guy. They knew
where to hit and when. Cam spoke again.

"Oh, Tracy, don't worry. There's plenty of girls at the grounds!" said Cam

"But I don't want any of them, Cam! Justine was my first and I'll never
forget her. Besides, most of the other girls are immature, or the younger
ones have tiny pussies that can't possibly take anything me and Justine
did. And the older ones all like guys anyway. Once I caught Duke fucking
Elaine and Shelley, the bosses, in the kitchen. They were begging for his
cock, and boy was it huge! I saw his 18inch penis ram into Elaine's black
bum, I heard her scream, I don't think she could take it all in. Shelley
was busy licking Elaine's pussy, while Elaine screamed into Shelley's
blonde cunt. It got me fucking hot, Cam. In fact...I'm fucking hot now,

Cam broke out of her imagining the scene of the huge black cock ramming the
woman's hole and before she could speak, Tracy straddled her chest and french
kissed her. Cam put up no resistance. She was now going to accept her lesbian
feelings. Tracy broke the kiss, smiling. She undid Cam's towel, revealing her
naked body. Tracy got off her friend's stomach and furiously removed her
clothes, revealing her totally perfect nude underage body. Cam gazed at the
young girl's awesome physique. Her tits were a large B, perky and pert, her
pussy was fairly hairy and extremely tight, her ass was as tight as a 10yr
old, and her face was cute and very lovable. Tracy smiled. She struck a pose,
cupped her breasts, licking the left, and then moved her hands slowly down to
her pussy.

Cam smiled at the girl's striptease and grabbed her, forcing her into a
french kiss up against the mirror. The two lovers kissed passionately for a
minute or so then collapsed onto the bed, still kissing each other. Tracy
being much smaller than Cam only reached up to about Cam's belly when
standing up. This made the whole sapphic scene seem quite strange as Tracy
moved down to Cam's pussy and began to lick around the edges of her labia.
Cam writhed around in the bed as the little teen pleasured her in a way she
hadn't felt for a long long time. Tracy's soft little tongue licked Cam's
thick tanned thighs as she moved up to the prize, Cam's bald 30yr old cunt.
Tracy's little hands were now firmly on her lover's large thighs as her
tongue escaped and started to lick the wet pussy in front of it. Cam moaned,
squirming as Tracy brought her to a large orgasm. Tracy licked the swollen
lips as she inserted two of her fingers into Cam's pussy. Tracy realised
that her hand, being so small, could fit into Cam's pussy. She'd done this
before with Justine's arse, and Justine had had a massive orgasm. Tracy
began to slowly put her plan, into action, inserting a third, fourth finger,
then finally, when Cam's pussy became completely slick, she forced her thumb
in and pumped her hand into the older woman's pussy. Cam's back arched as
she let out a scream, never having felt such pleasure, her vagina stretching
round the new object invading her hole. Tracy eventually managed to slide
her whole hand into her friend's cunt up to almost her elbow. Suddenly, Cam
let out a scream and a low moan as her pussy exploded, squirting girl cream
all over Tracy. Tracy looked Cam in the eyes and smiled, moving back down to
the woman's pussy and licking away at her now slickened cunt, occasionally
nibbling her mature clit on long licks. The two lovers kissed again and lay
back down. This was only the beginning.

Cam got up, blowing a kiss to the laying Tracy as she opened her wardrobe.
Tracy's eyes popped open as she saw the contents. In Cam's wardrobe was every
kind of sexual object ever imaginable - lube, mags, dildos, toys, videos,
camera, bondage equipment, dishes, cups, funnels - everything a girl needs.
Cam pulled out some lube and a strap on dildo.

"Ok Tracy, this may look like an ordinary Strap on, which I'm sure you've
used, but it isn't. You see," Cam pointed at a large plug on the inside that
was curling down, "this bit goes in my pussy, while I fuck you. Also, the
whole front vibrates, so we're gunna have a great time with this." Cam smiled
at Tracy. She opened the belt and slid the plug into her cunt, clipping the
belt back up. Cam smiled. Tracy bent over the bed, knowing what was coming,
airing her tiny ass upwards. Cam pulled out the lube and read the label.

"Chocolate flavour, how appropriate," Cam said as she gazed at Tracy's dirty
bumhole waving around in her view. "You obviously like your bum dirty, don't

Tracy nodded.

"Justine liked me that way, and I always had a fetish for shit. Ever since I
tasted Justine's..." and she broke off, remembering her past lover. "But this
is you want to taste my shit, Cam?" Cam smiled. "When it's time, I
will, honey."

Tracy giggled as Cam lubed up her hole and the large phallus, ready to
penetrate Tracy's young anal passage.

Cam guided the phallus to the hole and slowly slipped in, making squeaking
and popping noises as the tight hole was widened by the dildo. Finally, Cam
got the dildo fully in her lover's anus and then grabbed Tracy's arms.

"Ok, Tracy, I'm gunna lift you up and fuck you, you ready?"

Tracy nodded, bracing her rectum. Cam suddenly wrenched Tracy up so she was
being supported by the dildo in her bum. Tracy groaned as the cock pushed
further into her bum. Suddenly, Cam switched the vibration to full and
Tracy's butt was rocked by a violent wave of pleasure. Cam was moaning too
as the plug in her pussy was vibrating wildly. The two rested against the
mirror as the dildo pleasured them both. The fake penis was drilling Tracy
stupid as she jerked around in relaxed pleasure as her orgasm hit her,
sending girl juice all over Cam's floor. Cam herself was getting close to
an orgasm, but decided there was a better way. She switched off the vibration
and pulled the dildo very slowly out of Tracy's bum, loving the sounds it
made, squelching.

The dildo was covered in Tracy's brown stuff, so Tracy got on her knees.

"You know this has cum action too? You want to try it, slut?"

Tracy, loving the names she was being called, nodded.

"Ok, take this in your mouth and clean it up. When you're done, keep it in
your mouth and tap my right thigh twice."

Tracy nodded, taking the large penis into her young mouth. Tracy looked into
Cam's eyes as she deepthroated 10" of plastic joy, her eyes going bloodshot
and her mouth stretching as it invaded her throat. She made slurping noises
as her tongue worked away at the penis. She tasted her own crap on the
phallus, and swallowed it hungrily. She'd soon cleaned the penis, so she
tapped Cam's right thigh twice. Cam smiled, winked, cranked the vibration
full as she pumped into Tracy's mouth. Tracy's head rocked violently as the
cock probed her throat more, and Cam grabbed her lover's head to make sure
she didn't slip. Soon, Tracy was losing air, so Cam let go and kept pumping
as she pulled out a pump and pumped it furiously, ejecting sweet tasting
liquid into Tracy's mouth. Tracy gulped it down, then extracted the penis
from her throat like a tube and fell back, spluttering.

"Thanks...*cough*, Cam, that was great. That 'cum' tasted like your pussy!"
Tracy smiled at Cam, sticking out her tongue, showing the brown streaks now
on it.

"Wow, you really like shit don't you, you dirty cunt?"

Tracy nodded, licking her lips, which were also brown. Cam went up to her and
kissed her, tasting her lover's crap which could still be tasted strongly.

"Mmm, Tracy, your shit tastes great. Now you can taste mine..." Cam smiled
and left Tracy on the bed as she went into her bathroom. She came out a
minute later with a small white packet.

"These should do the trick," Cam said, opening the box and throwing two
tablets into her mouth, swallowing them.

"Ok, lick my cunt until I say stop."

Tracy got on her knees and pleasured her friend. Tracy's finger occasionally
slipped into her lover's arsehole, coming out again to taste her shit.

Suddenly, Cam's bowels clenched on Tracy's finger and Cam shouted, "NOW!
Cover my bumhole with your mouth!" Tracy rushed round, making a V shaped
mouth around Cam's hairy bumhole, as Cam's bowels let go and a flood of
diahorrea sprayed into Tracy's mouth. Tracy had made an almost perfect
seal around her friend's anus so no shit was flying out, it was being
contained in the little teen's mouth. Soon, Cam had stopped and Tracy's
mouth was full of excrement. Cam slowly got off her lover's mouth,
shutting it quickly to avoid spilling.

"Swallow it."

Tracy gulped, the large amount of brown runny faeces sliding down her throat
with ease. She licked her lips and smiled, she'd taken it all down.

Cam kissed Tracy and they lay there until dawn, when Tracy left.

"Thanks, Cam, I love you. Can I come back whenever?

"Sure, lover. Maybe I'll pay you a visit, and we can have a huge gangbang? You'd like that wouldn't you?"
Tracy smiled.

"I'd love it, I can't wait to see you again. Bye!"

"Wait, Tracy, one condition, you've got to go back naked."

Tracy grinned, she'd flashed a lot of times. She nodded, stripped and skipped
away, her tight ass jiggling behind her as she shut the door.

Cam lay back on her bed and opened her address book. There, under A, was
the name Angela, scribbled next to a phone number. Cam picked up the phone,
loving her new found sapphic sexuality and dialed her friend's number. The
phone rang.


"Hello...Angie, it's me, Cam."

"Cam?? No way! I haven't seen you in ages. You fancy meeting up?"

"Um yeh, but first, are you still a lesbian?"

"Um....yes, since that day -"

"I know, well I've just had hot lesbian sex with a dirty little 14 yr old
orphan. You wanna come round and do the same?"

"Oh my god, my pussy is so wet, of course I'll come. I never knew you were a
lesbian! After all this time, too! I'll be right over!"

The phone hung up and Cam smiled, laying back down. Here we go again, she

* * *


Tracy skipped along the street, her tits jumping wildly. There were shocked
people all around, men were wolf-wistling, some touched her smooth skin as
she walked past. She got back to the dumping grounds, completely naked and
strolled right into the kitchen. Being about breakfast time, the room was
full with every child. She strolled in, spread her legs, and stated simply,
"Anyone wanna fuck?"

And with that, the room was alight with lust, and the orgy began....


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