This is an attempt at a Saturday Night Live story using the current female
cast as of last season (2002-2003). The story may seem to cross over into
celebrity territory, but much like a story about a newscastor or talk show
host, there isn't a fictional character to write about. So, while the story
contains characters that are parodies or likenesses of actual people, this
is a story about a television show. The theme throughout it is about SNL,
so it seems to belong in a TV Sex Story archive, not a celebrity archive.
Anyway, enough bulljive. Enjoy the story.

Saturday Night Live: The Friday Night Blues (MF,MFF,celeb)
by D.J. Salinger ([email protected])

Ricky Dawson wandered the hallways of Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center. Here
he was, knee-deep in the birthplace of some of the greatest comedy of the
last 25+ years. And while he was only a stagehand for the show "Saturday
Night Live", Ricky certainly felt the excitement eminating from the studio.
It was Friday night and writers, performers, set designers and others were
all rushing to begin the final stages of preparation for the live show that
would take place the next day. While work normally continued up until the
show began at 11:30 on Saturday, Friday was still a very busy night. Ricky
could feel the nervous excitement shared by the cast and crew. He loved
being in the midst of the action which was why he had applied for the job at
SNL at the beginning of the season. He had always been a fan of the show.
He admired all the comedy legends that had made their mark here, Farley,
Hartman, Belushi, Sandler, Akroyd, Murray, Murphy, and so many others.

And then there were the ladies of SNL. While it certainly wasn't their main
function, they did provide a pretty sight for the guys to check out in
between laughs. Ricky had admired many of the female cast members of SNL
over the years, and he was sure that the current cast of women matched up
against any other cast. He loved working so closely to such lovely ladies
all day. In fact, as he walked down the hallway, he was able to glance the
busty and energetic Rachel Dratch. The young comedienne was leaning against
a wall while her eyes focused intently on the sketch she currently held in
front of her face. She wore a simple black dress that did little to hide
her curvy body, her large breasts straining at the confines of the material.
Her twin cannons may have been the butt of a few jokes on the show, but
Ricky sure wasn't laughing them off. The double Ds looked especially
enticing on Rachel's short frame. Her shoulder-length, brown hair cascaded
down the sides of her face as she studied the script with interest.

Rachel looked up and spotted Ricky. Ricky was sure that he had busted
staring at her chest, but Rachel merely smiled at him and began to ask him a

"Hey, Ricky, the door to my dressing room is sticking, would you mind taking
a look at it?"

"Sure Rachel, that's no problem. I could get it right now."

"That's great. I need to pick up some things in there. I'll walk with you."

The pair casually strolled down the hall, making small talk along the way.
When they reached Rachel's dressing room, Rachel walked in and Ricky
followed. Rachel moved to a table in the back of the room and Ricky bent
next to the door. He slowly shut the door to test it out, but he couldn't
seem to find the problem.

"Hey, Rachel," he started, still facing the closed door, "It doesn't feel
like it's sticking to me. Do you want to try it out?"

"No, that's ok. There was never really a problem with it."

A puzzled look came over Ricky's face. He turned to question Rachel, but
when he saw her, his question stuck in his throat and he stared with a blank
expression at the view that greeted him. Rachel Dratch stood in the back of
her dressing room in nothing but a matching black bra and panties. Ricky's
eyes settled on her mountainous cleavage. He ogled her milky white cleavage
as she walked towards him. She got to him and leaned over, her breasts hung
inches from his face.

"Actually," she began, "It was me that need fixing, not the door. Now, take
out your tool and get to work!"

While she may steal dialogue from bad porno movies, Ricky wasn't about to
argue with this voluptuous woman. He got to his feet and began to quickly
plant kisses on her lips. He grasped her face and shoved his tounge into
her waiting mouth. As the two made out like teenagers, Ricky reached around
Rachel's body and felt the hook on the back of her bra. He quickly undid it
and she shook off the constraint. Rickey stood back to admire her chest.
Her breasts fell into place beautifully. The stood up with a good deal of
firmness, yet they were full and round. Ricky moved in and cupped them in
his hand. He loved how they felt as they were large enough to spill out
over his waiting hands. He squeezed them gently and Rachel let out a soft
moan. Ricky traced his tounge around the large tits in circles, squeezing
them together and licking her cleavage. He buried his face in the cavern of
her cleavage and breathed in her scent.

Eventually, Ricky worked his tounge to her now-erect nipples. They were tan
and stood out about half an inch. He brought her tits together and ran his
tounge over one nipples and then the other. He took the right in his mouth
and sucked like a baby. He repeated the process on her left. He took the
nipples between his teeth and softly bit on them while rubbing his tounge
through his teeth. While Ricky manipulated her hard, sensitive nipples,
Rachel rolled her head back and moaned. She also reached down and pulled
off her black panties, throwing them to the floor.

Ricky doubted that he could ever get enough of Rachel's impressive breasts,
but he decided to move on. He let his tounge fall down over her stomach,
licking his way past her cute belly button. His head fell between her legs.
He ran his tounge up and down her neatly-trimmed pussy. He grasped her
large, round buttocks and pulled her close to him. She responded by gripping
his head in between her thighs. Ricky spent some time diving his tounge into
Rachel's vagina, much to her delight. Eventually, he stood up and dropped
his pants and boxers. His erect 8 inch member popped into view. He positioned
himself on top of Rachel and began to thrust into her. His penis dissapeared
inside of her rather quickly he began to slam down on top of her with all of
his strength.

After several minutes of missionary-style sex, the couple switched up with
Rachel getting on all fours and Ricky fucking her doggy style. With each
thrust, he was sure to spank her large ass. He enjoyed the jiggling effect
that each swat produced. Her large rear entertained Ricky, as did the
feeling of slamming past her pussy. Soon, the sensations of being fucked
were too much for Rachel and she came, squeezing down on his dick. Ricky
knew he wouldn't last much longer. He pushed inside her one last time and
then pulled out.

Rachel lay with her back against the ground and Ricky straddled her chest.
His large member lay between her tits. Rachel gripped her boobs and pressed
them together around Ricky's cock. Ricky enjoyed the silky feeling of her
large, natural tits squeezing his missle. Slowly, he began to thrust in
between them, but he soon picked up speed. His hips blurred as he
tittie-fucked the busty girl. Soon, he pulled back and gripped his cock.
He let shot after shot of white, hot cum loose. The spunk hit Rachel's large
boobs, her face and her hair. She lay on the ground in a sticky mess for
several minutes.

Afterward, the two thanked each other. Rachel hit the showers and Ricky got
dressed. He left Rachel's dressing room and walked down the hall once again.

* * *

As Ricky continued walking the cooridor, he glanced into the open dressing
room of Maya Rudolph. Maya sat at a table running lines with fellow cast
member Amy Poehler. Maya wore a green shirt and a blue skirt. Amy was in a
simple, navy blue dress. Maya's skin was a light brown, matching her hair
and eyes. She boasted a pair of full, sexy lips. Amy was a pale, blonde
girl with cute, girl-next-door looks. Both women had thin, tight bodies
with medium sized breasts and nice, long legs. The pair spotted Ricky and
waved at him.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Ricky asked the castmates.

"Actually, we were wondering if you could help us fix this table." replied
Amy, "One of the legs is off and it wobbles a bit. Could you come in and
check it out?"

"Yeah," added Maya, "And shut the door when you come in, it's kind of chilly
in the hall."

At this suggestion, Maya and Amy both crackled small giggles and exchanged a
knowing look between each other. Ricky entered the room and shut the door
behind them. He walked to the table where both girls were sitting and got
to his knees underneath it. He began to examine the table as the girls
continued to run lines. Ricky attempted to carefully check the table without
upsetting the girls above him. It seemed odd that they asked him to look at
the table without getting up themselves, but Ricky wasn't one to question
two lovely ladies. He began to scoot under the table to get a better look at
things. He was about to begin work when he noticed the sight that greeted
him, two lovely pair of bare legs sticking out of skirts. Both women had
their legs crossed and Ricky took in their full length. As he stared, he
couldn't believe what happened next. Slowly, Maya began to uncross her legs.
He felt like he was in Basic Instinct. He assumed that Maya simply forgot he
was there, but his assumption was soon proven wrong. Maya spread her legs
wide. Ricky was treated to yet another surprised, she wasn't wearing panties.
He moved his head in closer, slowly, in order to get a better view. However,
when his head was between the girl's legs, she shut her thighs around his

Ricky took this as a sign and move in to start licking. He stuck his toung
on Maya's clit and ran it around. He ran his hands up and down her lovely
legs. After a couple of minutes of eating Maya out, he noticed something
else. Amy's legs were not spread open and she was fingering herself under the
table. Ricky reached over and began to rub her pussy. He inserted a finger
into Amy as he continued to suck on Maya's vagina. Both girls were now loudly
and noticably moaning above the table. After a while, Ricky stood up and the
girls did as well. Maya pulled off her shirt revealing a green bra which she
quickly removed. Her mocha breasts stood out impressivly and her tan nipples
were erect. Maya then dropped her skirt so that she was completely naked. Amy
followed suit, taking off her top to reveal a blue bra. She undid her bra and
dropped her skirt. Amy's smooth, white breasts were not as large as Maya's,
but they were very cute and well-shapped. Hard, pink nipples capped her

As Ricky dropped his clothes, Maya and Amy approached each other and began to
fondle each other's bodies. They passionately french kissed each other, their
tounges lapping together. The contrast of Amy's pale skin and Maya's dark
body was especially erotic for Ricky who eagerly watched the show. Amy moved
down Maya's body and played with her larger breasts. She gladly sucked on her
brown nipples. Maya moved to the floor and Amy moved between her legs, eating
her out. Ricky approached Amy from behind and began to nail her doggy style.
His big dick pounded the young girl mercilessly. The blonde moaned into the
brunette's pussy, sending pleasure through everyone. Ricky grabbed Amy's thin
hips and began to push his cock to it's limits inside of her body. The
inexperienced girl had never felt so filled up in her life. After a few more
pushes, Amy came on his cock, screaming his name the entire time.

Ricky pulled out and positioned his dick where Amy's head was, at the
entrance of Maya's pussy. While Ricky prepared to screw the tan girl, Amy sat
on Maya's face. Ricky went to town, thrusting down into Maya's tight cunt.
Meanwhile, Maya licked Amy's pussy like a pro. Amy reached down and grabbed
Maya's tits, squeezing them. While the females exchanged pleasure, Ricky
enjoyed the feeling of Maya's pussy on his penis. He reached down and rubbed
her clit as he boned her. With his other hand, he reached up and grabbed a
handful of Amy's right breast. He squeezed it, enjoying the feel of the young
girl's round tit. Soon, Maya couldn't take anymore of the sexual sensations.
She came hard on Ricky's dick, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his
body. This sent Ricky over the edge. He stood up and both girls positioned
themselves under his waiting dick. Ricky let loose with stream after stream
of sex cream over both of the girls. Jizz covered the girl's faces, breasts,
and stomachs. Maya grabbed Ricky's balls to drain any last cum out of them.
Then, the girls took turns licking the man-juice off of each other.
Afterwards, they all dressed and Ricky left the room.

* * *

Ricky reflected on the night's events as he walked the halls. He couldn't
believe that he had nailed 3 of the sexiest women in comedy all in one night.
A happy smile grew across his contented face. He noticed that almost everyone
had gone home for the night. The studio was abandonded. He decided to take
the oppotunity to fulfill another dream of his. He walked to the set and
found the Weekend Update desk. Looking around for anyone and finding no one,
he sat down behind the desk and stared out over the empty studio. He stared
straight ahead and then prepared himself. His face grew serious and he began
to speak.

"I'm Kevin Nealon, and that's news to me."

He smiled at finally devilering the line that he had heard so many times. He
decided to try out a few more.

"I am... out of here!"

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

"Welcome to the fake news."

And, of course:

"Good night, and have a pleasent tomorrow."

Just as he was revealing in being able to act out his secret fantasy of being
an Update anchor, he heard footsteps to his right. He whipped around and saw
Tina Fey watching him. Tina was the attractive co-anchor of Update. He witty
style and good looks added tremendously to the show, not to mention the
talented writing that she had contributed for years. Currently, she wore her
trademark glasses. Her long brown hair fell across her cute face. She wore a
peach-colored blouse and a knee-length black skirt. Ricky recoiled from her
in embarrassment.

"Don't be ashamed," Tina said, "You did a good job. You've obviously been
watching the show for a while."

"Yeah," he replied, "I guess I always kind of fantasized about being on
Update and I kind of wanted to act it out. Sorry about that."

"No, that's OK," came the reply, "In fact, to make the fantasy complete, how
about I join you? It'll be just like the real Update."

"Sure!" came the overly-enthusiastic reponse.

Tina stepped onto the set and sat down in her anchor chair. Ricky sat back
and took in the situation. He reveled in his good luck. He had no idea how
lucky he was. Slowly, Tina bent down in her chair, she reached down to
Ricky's pants. She slowly undid the button holding his jeans in place and
then pulled down his fly. She shucked down his pants and boxers. The sexy
brunette then grabbed his shaft and started to stroke it up and down. Ricky
could only stare at her sexy face as he felt her petite hand running up and
down his shaft. She smiled a cute, little smile at him and continued her
work. She rubbed the head of his dick with a slow motion that greatly
exicited him. She squeezed the head and then stroked cock up and down once
more. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently. Slowly, she moved
her head down under the famous desk and slipped her lips over the head of
his cock. She sucked on it forcefully as she continued to play with his
large, bouncy balls. Slowly, she moved her mouth downward, onto his shaft.
Ricky grabbed a handful of her lovely brown hair and guided her head down.
Precum leaked from his dick, lubricating the way for the lovely lips of Miss
Fey. Tina relaxed her throat and allowed the cock to enter her mouth. She
fully deeptrhoated the impressive sausage as Ricky moaned in delight. Her
angular nose was buried in Ricky's pubic hair as she slid back and forth on
the cock. The ride inside of Tina's mouth was intense for Ricky, who felt
the muscles of her throat contract on his member. Tina licked the underside
of his cock with his tounge.

Eventually, Tina stopped the oral session and sat up straight. She pulled
off her blouse to reveal a white, lacy bra that captured her handful-sized
breasts. Tina reached back and snapped off her bra. Her tits were incredibly
firm and they stayed aloft on her chest, bouncing only slightly with the
girl's movements. She then reached up into her skirt and pulled down her
white panties. Ricky moved in and began to deeply kiss Tina's neck. He
trailed down to her chest and ran his tounge across her firm tits. He
squeezed them as he worked his tounge over her delightfull jugs. He ran a
hand down under Tina's skirt and began to finger her quickly in time with
his tit-sucking. Tina moaned in delight.

Soon, Tina got up ontop of the desk and lay on her back. Ricky joined her. He
moved her skirt to the side and positioned his penis in front of her pussy.
He pushed in and felt her wonderfully tight pussy grip onto his mamoth cock.
Tina was a moaner and she yelled out as she felt the penetration occure. She
reached up and gripped his neck, bringing his head down to her chest. She
clutched him to her bossom as the fucking continued. Ricky took a torturously
long time in slowly penetrating the anchor. Tina screamed through every
second of it. Ricky grabbed her tiny waist and continued to screw her softly.
His hips picked up speed ever so slightly as his large cock dissapeared
inside her tight hole. Tina arched her back to meet the intruder and
together, they pushed him further inside her than either thought was
possible. This humping continued for minutes before Ricky pulled out of Tina.

Tina then got up and bent over the Update desk. Ricky got behind her and
pulled up her skirt. Her grasped her small butt and started to fuck her doggy
style. Tina bent her head to the desk and moaned into it as she was once
again penetrated. This time, however, Ricky used considerably more force. He
worked her with all her had, bottoming out in the girl while standing behind
her. Tina never felt so great in her life. She soon came while pressed up
against the desk. The pressure on Ricky's dick was incredible. He pulled out
and turned her around. She fell to her knees and received a large blast of
semen right on her glasses. Ricky aimed for her eyewear and was able to
mainly hit them. After expending several blasts, Ricky finished up. Tina then
took her glasses to her face and licked the sperm off of them. She swallowed
every bit of it. The two agreed that it was the best sex that they had ever
had. They both dressed and went off in seperate directions, knowing that they
would see each other many other times. Ricky reflected on how great it was to
be live in New York on this Friday night.

El Fin


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