Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "So Little
Time" that belongs to Duelstar Entertainment Group, LLC., and is not meant as
an infringement on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Chloe/Riley, Chloe/Riley/Teddie

Summary: Chloe and Riley take a trip to Hawaii with Teddie and become very
close to their super model friend.

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So Little Time: Chloe And Riley go to Hawaii.
by BuffyFaith19

Chloe was lying in bed thinking about the night she just spent with Riley and
the huge smile on her face was enough to show how happy she was about it.

As she looked around the room she noticed Riley was gone and that was strange
since they really did do most everything together.

She got up and had a look in the bathroom and then opened her bedroom door
and had a look in the hallway and still nothing. Without thinking she walked
downstairs to look in the kitchen and then finally down to the basement for
one last look.

In the basement she heard noises coming from the family room and she walked
slowly over to the door and saw Riley playing with the computer. This wasn't
a bit surprise or anything, but the fact she was doing it at 7:15 in the
morning was kind of odd.

Chloe walked in an looked over Riley's shoulder and saw that she had some
kind of travel agency site pulled up and was looking at the prices to Hawaii.
"What are you doing?" Chloe asked as she sat down beside Riley.

"God you scared me." Riley said as she jumped back in her chair, "Actually I
was booking us a flight to Hawaii."

"No way? Really?" Chloe's face lit up at the idea of lounging around the
beautiful beaches in her bikini with Riley. Especially with no parent's

"Yep. Well it's courtesy of Teddie. She's going on a modeling trip and asked
if we wanted to come along. I was just setting it up through her booking
agency. All's we do is pick the time and date we want to leave."

Chloe'e eye's lit up, "As soon as possible then. Like today."

Riley smiled at Chloe's enthusiasm and then pointed to the screen, "As you
can tell I'm one step ahead of you. We leave tonight at 5 PM."

"OMG. I can't believe this." Chloe could not stop smiling, "It will take us
that long to pack. I don't know what to bring. We have to go shopping though.
I only have a couple bikini's and well, I've outgrown the last few so let's
go talk to mom and dad and get one if not two credit cards to use and then we
can hit that new swim wear store at the mall."

Riley stood up and grabbed her sister by her shoulders and tried to calm her
down, "Slow down Chloe. We do need permission from mom and dad first. Then we
can start the shopping spree. Who do you think is most likely to say yes?"

Chloe didn't even hesitate, "Dad for sure. He's always more willing to let us
do new things. Mom is still way too over protective."

"You're right. So, should we work on dad together or divide and conquer just
in case mom is up for this." Riley said as she stroked her sister's curly
blonde hair.

"Hey, you better stop that or were not gonna get anything done." Chloe leaned
in and kissed her sister softly then pulled back, "Come on, we need to set
this trip up and then we'll have all the time in the world for kissing and so
much more. I can hardly wait."

Riley had to give Chloe one more kiss then they held hands and ran back
upstairs and as they got to the kitchen their dad was sitting reading the
paper so they decided there was no time like the present.

* * *

"Good morning dad. We wanted to talk to you about something." Chloe said as
she sat down beside him. "Let me guess. The trip to Hawaii that Teddie
offered you?"

The girls looked at each other then back at their dad, "How did you know?"
they said in unison.

"Teddie asked us long before she asked you two. Your mom and I talked it over
and thought it might be a good experience for you so we agreed to let you
go." he paused as his daughters began jumping up and down and screaming,
"Hey, a couple rules first. One, you call every day. Two, no boys in your
rooms at any time. Teddie will be watching you closely. Three, you will be on
a budget while your there, so don't get crazy spending."

"We agree. We agree!!! Thank you. Thank you." Riley said as she hugged her
dad and then hugged Chloe tightly.

Their dad stood up and grabbed some coffee and then looked at his two
daughters so excited and knew they needed just one more dose of reality,
"Okay girls. Take it easy. These rules are for real so if you break them you
won't be going anywhere for a very long time."

"We won't break them. We promise." Chloe said then took a step forward,
"There is one more thing we need though. We've grown out of alot of our
summer clothes and we really could use some new things for the trip."

"And just how much is this going to cost me?" he asked as he let out a big

"Oh day, it won't be much. We aren't buying designer clothes, but we will
need a couple or maybe a half dozen outfits each. Look, were both going to
be working this summer so we can pay most of it back. Pleassseeeee?" Riley
begged as she tugged on her dad's arm.

He took his time before saying anything, casually reading the paper and
pretending to ignore them as long as he could, but he finally looked up and
took out his credit card and sat in on the table.

Both girls rushed to grab it and he covered it with his hand, "Listen, I
do have a limit on this card and that's why your getting this one. I know
clothes are expensive but the limit is $500. Is that understood?"

"Yes dad." they said together.

"Okay then. Take the card and have fun. Remember, we have to leave about
3:30 so don't spend all day there." with that he handed them the card and
watched them grab it and run back upstairs.

Once inside they closed the door and hugged each other again then quickly got
dressed and were happy to be able to borrow their dad's car and took off for
the mall.

It was still fairly early and the mall wasn't that crowded so they made their
way to the far west end of the mall and entered, "Summer's Here", the fancy
new clothing store they were so anxious to try out.

They each went through the store slowly at first, looking over all the
hundreds of bikini's and other summer outfits and then they walked through it
again picking out a half dozen things to try on and went back to the changing
area and closed the door behind them.

Chloe was the first one to begin undressing and Riley was quick to follow and
Chloe flipped ugh ugh her pile of clothes and picked out a very tiny white
little bikini and slid it on over her naked body. Riley was watching her the
whole time and was very happy with how it looked on her, "That is really
sexy. Turn around."

With a big smile on her face Chloe turned around and showed off the thong she
was wearing and Riley was surprised but thrilled she picked it, "Wow, that is
something. Even if you can't wear it around the house it will be so hot in
Hawaii. It's really hard to look at you in that not reach out and kiss you
and then rip it off again."

"Oh you can do that. As soon as we get to Hawaii you can do anything you
want." Chloe smiled and shook her cute little ass at her sister.

"Let me see what I've got here. I think I picked out something very similar
to that, " Riley then looked through her stack of clothes and grabbed a red
thong and pulled it on, asking Chloe to tie her top up as she did.

Once she had it on she modeled it for Riley and turned around and showed off
her own very tight firm ass and waited for Chloe's reaction, "I like. Now I
see what you mean. I really am finding it hard to concentrate when your
looking so sexy only inches away."

"Then this is a keeper." Riley said then quickly removed it and searched for
the next one to try on. She grabbed a very sheer halter top and equally thin
little shorts and again posed for Chloe who was smiling and licking her lips
at what she saw.

Chloe took a long time looking her sister over, "That is way too sexy for
the beach. It's almost see through. Your breasts look so perfect in that
top. Just the right amount of mystery, yet the shape is oh so sexy and those
shorts, my god, they are tiny. Not quite a thong but maybe even hotter since
they show just enough of your ass to make you want to see more."

"I like it to. It feels so good on my body. The material is soft. I'm getting
this. I will only wear it for you though." Riley said as she leaned over and
kissed Chloe softly.

Chloe was ready for that and grabbed her sister and pulled her to the
bench and they fell against the wall and began kissing harder and more

The sounds of the beach music playing in the background helped muffle their
increasingly loud moans.

Riley was running her hands over her sister's soft curvy back, finally
reaching her very tight round ass and grabbing it firmly with her small

With only a couple thin pieces of clothing it was easy for Riley to slip them
off and she was naked in a flash and Chloe sat Riley up against the wall of
the change room and moved down and pur her lips around her nipples and sucked
first one, then the other into her mouth, as she slid her fingers down
Riley's stomach and began rubbing her pussy very fast right from the start.

Chloe was licking each of Riley's now hard nipples, feverishly moving back
and forth, her fingers getting wetter and wetter as she continued to rub her
sister's now dripping pussy.

Riley was smiling and moaning at the same time and was very anxious as she
saw Chloe kiss her way down her stomach and pushed her legs apart and knelt
between them.

Nothing made Chloe smile more than being so close to Riley's pussy, nothing
that is except sliding her tongue over it and watching Riley's face light up
when she did.

If there was one thing Chloe could do it was lick her sister's pussy for
hours on end. And she did so many times since they first had sex just a few
short months ago.

Chloe was spreading Riley's pussy lips with her fingers so she could really
go crazy on her clit and once she started she never let up for a second until
Riley was begging her to stop.

She wasn't there yet and grabbed both of Riley's slender legs up and pushed
them up towards Riley's shoulders and Riley grabbed her legs and then looked
down as Chloe was smiling up at her with her face so buried between her legs
she couldn't see her tongue at all.

That's because it was all the way up her pussy and Chloe was pushing it in
and out so hard and fast Riley could do nothing but hold onto her legs and
enjoy the amazing sensations this was bringing her.

Chloe was now pushing two of her fingers up her sister's dripping pussy. She
pushed them all the way inside her and leaned up and kissed her on the lips
and continued to kiss her so hard.

She was fucking her with very hard and deep thrusts of her fingers and could
feel her body responding to everything she was doing.

Then almost without warning Riley let her legs fall to the floor and held her
sister tight as her whole body was shaking from yet another orgasm from her
very sexy sister.

Riley opened her eyes and smiled at Chloe who had just removed her finger's
from her pussy and brought them to her lips and licked the one off very
slowly, her eyes looking right into Riley's as she did.

Chloe then kissed Riley who then turned Chloe around so she was against the
wall and was just beginning to kiss her way down to Chloe's perky breasts
when there was a knock on the door.

"Are you going to be any longer? The store is starting to get busy and we
really do need all these rooms." said a female voice.

"Were almost done. Sorry." Riley managed to say as they both grabbed
something to cover up with.

"Thanks then." the woman said then walked away. The two girls had a laugh at
how close they came to being caught and then looked through the rest of their
clothes and decided on what they wanted and what they could afford and got
dressed and paid for everything and headed back home.

* * *

Once home they rushed back up to their room and started the very time
consuming task of packing. This very painstaking endeavor lasted most of the
afternoon and they made it just in time as their dad called them as they
closed the last suitcase full of all the things they thought they might need
on this trip.

They each grabbed one suitcase and with a great deal of effort lugged them

Their mom was also home and saw the girls struggling with the suitcases but
actually was impressed they only had one each, "I'm proud of you two. The
last time we went on a trip you had three suitcases full. So it's good to
see your improving with age."

The girls looked at each other then gave their mom a very long look, "There's
more upstairs. We could only carry these." Riley said to her mom with a

"Dad, could you get the rest please. Thanks." Chloe said not waiting for him
to say yes.

After they loaded the 6 suitcases into the trunk all four of them got into
the car and were off to the airport.

It was still 45 minutes before they boarded so they spent some time saying
bye to their mom and dad and then waved goodbye and said they'd see them in
two weeks.

Time flew by and before they knew it they were landing in sunny Hawaii. They
were greeted by a very pretty woman who draped a wreath of flowers over them
and were taken to the hotel in a car Teddie had provided for them.

The girls took in all the scenery on the ride to the hotel, taking a very
long look at the longest beach they'd ever seen.

When they reached the hotel they checked in and found out that Teddie had
booked a suite for them that connected to hers.

Neither was expecting what they found when they opened the door to their
room. The place was huge. It was all so shiny and clean and full of silver
plated cutlery and other very expensive pieces of furniture and ornaments.

As they walked through the living room to the kitchen they noticed it had
their most favorite appliance. A microwave. The one item that allowed them
to cook most anything with the least possible effort and least likely chance
of ruining it.

Chloe thanked the busboy and watched as he stood there and Riley reached into
her wallet and handed the guy $10 and he smiled and shut the door behind him
as he left.

"What did you do that for?" Chloe asked with a puzzlook ook on her face.

"Oh Chloe, have you ever heard of tipping? Well I tipped. He left. Were
alone. Don't ya think I did good?" Riley said with a sexy smile on her face.

Chloe walked over and put her hands around Riley's waist and looked into her
eyes, "Oh yes, you did very good. Let me thank you properly." before she
finished the sentence she was kissing Riley and soon the two girls had
maneuvered themselves over to one of the many large love seats and Chloe slid
into it with Riley falling into her lap and the kiss still going strong.

That is until Teddie walked into the room. Both girls jumped off the love
seat and flew in different directions and Teddie was looking at them like
they were crazy, "Wow, that was some greeting. You look like you were just
caught with your hand in the cookie jar."

The girls looked at each other, both shrugging their shoulders and waiting
for the other to say something. "Well, we were just surprised to see you
that's all. I think you just startled us." Chloe then moved over and gave
the much taller Teddie a big hug and Riley did the same.

"Now that's better. I'm so glad you both could make it. Your gonna love it
here. The beaches are amazing and the sun is almost always out and they have
some of the best tourist sites around. Not to mention the most incredible
selon oon of food you could want." Teddie walked over and opened the big
picture window in the living room and motioned for the girls to come have a

They took a look outside and even though it was starting to get dark the sky
was still a beautiful blue and the sun was just nicely going down and they
loved everything they saw.

"So, what do we do first?" Riley asked, anxious to see what Teddie had in
store for them.

Teddie moved back over to the living room and sat down and picked up a piece
of paper and wrote some things down and in a few minutes she handed it to
Chloe. Chloe looked it over and then handed it to Riley who did the same and
they both had big smiles and again jumped on the couch to thank Teddie.

"OMG. We get to be in one of your photo shoots tomorrow? That's so amazing."
Chloe was still leaning against Teddie and her hand was touching her breast
and she was going to pull it away but Teddie didn't seem to notice so she
kept it there.

"Yes Chloe, you both get to come with me and I think you'll really enjoy it."
Teddie smiled at Chloe, while becoming aware of her hand on her breast didn't
say or do a thing, just turned to Riley, "Let me remind you though there is
alot of sitting around waiting that goes with modeling so you might get bored
there as well."

"We won't be bored. Were very good at entertaining ourselves when we need
to." Riley smiled at Chloe as she said it and they looked at each other and
both wanted to kiss to bad it hurt.

Teddie was aware of the innuendo that might come with that sentence but
wasn't sure why Riley would say it about her sister.

Chloe then made a very subtle movement of her hand upwards on the side of
Teddie's breast and was ready to pull back if she looked her way, but she was
happy and surprised she didn't do a thing.

"Well girls, I think I'm gonna take a nice cold shower and turn in early. You
two have fun, but we will be getting up at 7 AM so you better get some sleep
to." Teddie then got up and smiled at Chloe and then at Riley and walked away
in her very tight jeans that both girls couldn't help but notice.

Chloe then pulled Riley to the couch, "I love those jeans. God she is
beautiful isn't she?"

"I know, she's gorgeous." Riley agreed then switched gears, "Did I see you
touching her breast over there?"

"Yes, I couldn't help it. My hand just kind of landed there and it felt so
good I didn't want to move it. Do you think she noticed?" Chloe asked, not
sure why she was feeling so warm all of a sudden.

Riley they reached over and gently touched the side ofoe'oe's breast with her
hand, "Well, do you feel it?"

Chloe's face went red with embarrassment, "OMG. I do. You can't help but feel
it. So that means she knew what I was doing. Oh god, she must think I'm some
pervert now."

Riley ignored Chloe's hysterics, "Slow down Chloe. You know what I think?"


"I think she if she didn't want you to put your hand there she would have
stopped you. So what does that tell you?" Riley asked with a smile.

Chloe paused and began to see what her sister was saying and soon her face
turned into a smile and she looked back at Riley, "You think she liked it?
No. I mean, she's like a super model, why would she like it?"

Riley was unsure what point Chloe was trying to make, "What on earth does
that mean? Do you like it when I touch your breast? Well don't you think she
would like the same thing. I think so. I also think it's kind of sexy that
she did like it?

"I guess." Chloe said as her mind started racing again, "Okay, I just had a
very naughty idea." Riley smiled back at her sister, "Well, I like that, what
is it?"

Chloe got up and looked at the door Teddie came and left through and looked
back at Riley, "No, it's too bad."

"Come on Chloe. What is it?" Riley asked louder this time.

"God, I can't believe I'm thinking this. But, Teddie said she was going to
have a shower first, so I don't know, I thought it would be fun to see if we
could catch a glimpse of her naked. I can't believe I said it."

"Ummmm, I like it. Let's do it. I'm getting turned on just thinking about
this." Riley said as she stood up and pulled Chloe to her feet.

Chloe got up and still was uneasy about this, "Are you sure? What if she
catches us?"

Riley was rolling her eyes at Chloe's excuses, "Then we will think about that
if it happens. Look, we might never get a chance like this again. It's only
one time. Hey, you only live once. Let's go for it."

"Alright. I'm in. Let's go."

The girls then made their way to the door that connects the rood wed were
happy to find it unlocked so they peaked in and didn't see Teddie so they
stepped inside and headed towards the bedroom.

They stopped outside the door and looked at a mirror and could see Teddie
standing on the other side of the room in her bra and panties and both girls
huddled close together as they watched her remove her earrings and necklace
and then saw her reach behind and unhook her bra.

As Teddie pulled the bra off she sat it nicely on her bed and both girls were
now seeing Teddie's large full breasts for the first time and they were so
excited and scared at the same time.

Teddie them stepped out of her panties and they got a perfect view of her
very round ass. So shapely and just so kissable.

Riley had reached up and was caressing Chloe's breasts as they watched Teddie
walk past the mirror and into the bathroom.

Chloe held Riley's hand on her breast as they moved into the room and snuck
up to the bathroom door and again saw Teddie standing naked looking in the
mirror. Her long legs that went on forever. Her ass that was so round it firm
it made both girls smile and those breasts, full, firm and so ready to be
licked and sucked.

Teddie opened the shower door and stepped inside and the girls followed
throwing caution to the wind as they stared through the almost see through
doors to see the perfect silhouette of her super mode's figure.

Riley was getting very hot watching Teddie caressing her own breasts as
she washed every inch of her sexy body, unaware that she had a very happy
audience enjoying the show.

Chloe tried to put her down Riley's pants but they were so tight it wouldn't
fit, so she unzipped them and slid them to her feet and then began rubbing
her pussy as they watched Teddie bend over and move her hands up her long
legs and up and over her sexy ass.

Riley had unhooked Chloe's bra and tossed it aside and was now really
caressing her breasts roughly, letting her fingers work over her hard nipples
and moaning spontaneously as she felt Chloe's fingers on her clit.

Teddie was now washing her long dark hair and she was moving in a circle as
she did.

Riley had slid Chloe's jeans down and was rubbing her wet pussy as they both
stared at Teddie and as they got into a rhythm they both closed their eyes
and started moving their hands faster and faster over each other's soaking
wet pussies.

They were holding on to each other and leaning forward, skin on skin, chins
leaning over the other's shoulder, breasts rubbing against breasts and enough
loud moans to wake up the world.

As they continued to move faster and faster a sudden sound made them look up
and they saw Teddie standing there completely naked looking down at them,
"What in the hell are you two doing?"

The girls stumbled to their feet, both almost naked and tried to find
something to say and Chloe looked over at Riley since it was her idea and
nudged her to say something.

Riley was looking for her bra and was trying to pull up her jeans and Teddie
moved forward and took both of them into her bedroom and sat them on the bed,
"Okay, I don't know what to start with. The fact your in my room, my bathroom
watching me shower or the fact your doing what you were doing together."

Chloe stood up and walked right up to Teddie, "Okay, we were wrong to spy on
you. It's just that...Well, your so beautiful and I felt something tonight
when we were sitting together. I felt something when you looked at me as you
left. I've seen that look before. We both get it at school alot. It's very
easy to know when someone is checking you out."

Teddie looked a bit caught off guard by that and walked over to her mirror
and began brug heg her long hair before turning to face the girls again,
"That was wrong of me. I don't know what got into me. I should not have been
thinking those things about you two."

Riley got up and walked over to where the still very naked Teddie was
standing, "It's okay. We feel this for you to. Just tell me you don't enjoy
this," and with that Riley leaned up and kissed the tall model on her soft

The kiss lasted a good long time before Teddie pulled away, "It's not about
what I enjoy. It's just wrong. I can't."

Chloe then moved over and stood behind Teddie and slid her hands up and over
her large breasts and squeezed her nipples between her fingers and whispered
up to her ear, "I know you like this. I know you want this. Just let go."

Teddie was unable to speak and Riley moved in front of her and with Chloe
holding Teddie's nipple out for her she put her tongue around it and began
licking it very slowly.

There were no words spoken for the longest time, just some soft moans and the
sound of Riley's tongue licking both of Teddie's hard nipples.

Riley then put her hand down Teddie's well toned tummy and covered her pussy
with it before she began to rub it very hard and very fast, not waiting for
Teddie to say yes or no.

With the two girls working over her naked body Teddie was losing all will to
fight this and she reached out and put her hands on Riley's breasts and as
she did both girls smiled and the night was about to begin.

Teddie finally loosened up and all three girls found their way to the bed and
Chloe and Riley had Teddie lie on her back and they both moved up and took
turns kissing her, first Chloe, then Riley and then Chloe again.

They would move to her nipples as they waited their turn with her lips and
Teddie was in a state of constant arousal. So many sensations happening at
once. A tongue in her mouth and one on her nipple, then a tongue kissing her
stomach and another licking her inner thighs.

Chloe moved between Teddie's long legs and Riley knelt above Teddie's pretty
face slowly lowered her pussy to Teddie's eager mouth.

There was nothing that could describe what Teddie was feeling now. A million
emotions all at once. She looked up to see Riley smiling down at her and she
pulled her closer and let her tongue taste Riley's pussy for the first time

Teddie was loving the taste and was moving her tongue all over Riley's juicy
pussy as Riley played with her own breasts and just smiled at how good
Teddie's tongue felt.

Chloe was already sliding two fingers inside Teddie's equally moist pussy as
her tongue worked over her clit with rapier like speed.

Riley was undulating her hips in a circular motion over Teddie's very hot
tongue, grinding her pussy against her mouth and begging for more.

The sounds of tongues on pussy filled the room, the excited moans and screams
and heavy breathing was a true sign of how much fun they were all having.

Riley then lowered herself so she was inches away from Teddie's pussy and was
now able to share it with her sister.

The two girls kissed right above Teddie's warm wet pussy then both started
licking her pussy together sending Teddie to her first of many orgasms. The
idea of those two girls licking her pussy was too much for her and the
feelings it gave her sent her over the edge.

Teddie still didn't stop licking Riley's pussy ans hos holding onto her
thighs and really licking Riley like mad until Riley to had a very intense

Chloe was anxious to feel Teddie's tongue on her pussy and moved up and stood
over her face and Riley slid out of the way and watched as Chloe lowered her
pussy down to Teddie's tongue and held on as she felt her tongue slide over
her pussy lips for the first time.

Riley straddled Teddie's stomach and was now face to face with Chloe and
she leaned in and the two girls began kissing deeply, Riley's hands quickly
covered Chloe's breasts and with Teddie's tongue lapping away at Chloe's
pussy the three girls were all turned on more than they thought was humanly

Teddie was so into Chloe's pussy and the two girls were so wrapped up in
their hot kiss than none of the girls heard the door open or the voices
coming towards them.

And without any warning Chloe's mom and dad walked into Teddie's bedroom and
saw something they were not remotely prepared for.

Even as they sat there staring the girls didn't stop what they were doing and
it wasn't until their mom moved right beside the bed and screamed, "I want
this to stop right this minute!!!"

Chloe and Riley couldn't believe what they were seeing. Both their parent's
catching them kissing naked on a bed and having sex with one of their best

Teddie was hysterical and got up and ran into the bathroom and closed the

While Chloe and Riley were in shock and sat on the bed completely naked as
their parent's looked on.

The end.

What will happen next? Well who knows. Something fun will though. If you want
more let me know.


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