Everything in this story,and it's two predecessors "Brotherly Love" and
"Taken To The Max",is completely made up. It never happened! It's a work of
fiction! Far-fetched and very, very unlikely fiction! Fiction is described as
"An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but
has been invented." I think that best sums it up.

All names,characters etc. within this story do not belong to me,they belong
to a company.

This is the final chapter in my "Suite Life Trilogy",I hope you enjoy it!
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Suite Life Of Zack And Cody: Part 3 - Zack and Cody Score Big!
by George Francis ([email protected])

The boys were at that age where their hormones were just starting to go
kerflooey, and they had had their sexual awakening far before schedule. Now
when you have two pre-teen boys recently introduced to the joys of sex,
especially two as mischievous as Zack and Cody, you're going to get problems.
And it doesn't help matters that two older, HOT!, 16 year old girls play a
predominant role in their lives.

Maddie worked at the candy counter at the Tipton, but she also doubled up
as the boys babysitter whenever they require one. She had long blonde hair,
brown eyes, was very sweet and for the most part patient... and she
frequently wore short skirts, a fact that often caught the boys attention.

Zack had always had a thing for Maddie, Cody did too but he just wasn't as
upfront about it as his brother.

London was another subject of their desires. She lived in the hotel because
she owned it, basically. Although at times she could be self-centred, most
times actually, she was a very good friend of Maddies and often joined the
boys on whatver hair-brained escapade they would go on.

Both girls were objects of the twins desires and frequently featured in the
boys fantasies.

The boys were becoming increasingly ambitious, time and experience had made
them want more then they had. And soon the Martin boys started coming up with
a plan to achieve what to them was the ultimate.

The boys arranged to meet Maddie and London in Londons suite at the hotel,
they figured it would be the best place in the hotel to not be disturbed.
This in itself was easier said then done, because it took quite some time
to convince London to let them into her suite. Once in, the boys put their
plan into effect, breaking into a routine that sounded as if it had been

Zack: Maddie, London. You are both fine, fine young women, you know that.
And don't think that Cody and I haven't noticed that. Now what you probably
don't know is that Cody and I have recently dicscovered the joys of, how
would you say it now? (Air Quotes) "Love making".

At this point London and Maddie were looking at the twins supiciously and
looking at each other to see if the other knew just what the hell was going

Cody: Yes, it is true. Now, young though we may be. We would be greatly
flattered if both of ye would allow us to, how did you put it Zack? (Air
Quotes) "Make love" to you.

London and Maddie, were a little taken aback, but started to laugh in a
"this-is-a-really-weird-joke" kind of way.

Maddie: Guys, not gonna happen. Ye're 13, ye shouldn't be thinking about
this kind of stuff. Maybe if ye were a little bit older then mayb... no
still wouldn't happen! But it wouldn't be as creepy! Sorry guys, but no!

London confidently nodded her head, showing solidarity with Maddie

Cody: Yeah. We figured that would be the answer. Oh well, can't blame a guy
for trying.

Zack: But Cody wait, what about our back-up plan.

Cody: Y'know what Zack, I totally forgot about the back-up plan!

London: Back-up plan?!?

Cody: Maddie, you've babysat us quite a few times now right?And we really
appreciate it and we really like you. But sometimes when we went to bed, we
didn't go to sleep. Sometimes we stayed up... and listened. Heard things.
Things a certain someone said on the phone to other people. Private things,
confidential things, things they want to remain secret. Sound familiar?

It did indeed sound familiar to Maddie. But she still wasn't convinced...

Maddie: I don't believe you, you're bluffing.

Zack: Oh really?!?...

Zack walked over to Maddie and cupped her ear. Whatever he whispered to her,
it made her eyes go wide and her mouth fall open.

Maddie: NO!

Zack/Cody: Yes!

Maddie couldn't believe what was happening. It was true that she had said
some things on the phone when minding Zack and Cody that she would much
rather keep a secret, and if they knew about one of them, then there was a
good chance that they knew the rest. She didn't know if they were bluffing
or not but she couldn't risk it. She looked around at the hopeless situation
and sulkily said "Fine!"

London: Well Maddie, looks like you've got your hands full here! Let me know
how it goes... when you're done remember to lock the door and... I'll see ya

Zack: Don't think that you're getting out of this.

London: What can you do to me? I never said anything in front of you guys,
so HA!

Cody: Well, yeah you never said anything, but you were way easier for us to
come up with a plan.

All we got to do is make up some bullshit story and send it to a tabloid.
Millionaire heiress scandal would probably sell big, wouldn't it Zack?

Zack: I think it would Cody. Congratulations on such a brilliantly devious

Cody: Thank you. See? It does pay to be smart!

Londons eyes were filled with shock and anger. She could tell by the tone in
their voice that the boys were serious and it seemed that she too had no
option but to join Maddie.

There was silence in the room for a couple of seconds, the girls trying to
comprehend how they had been outwitted by two horny thirteen year olds. The
silence broken by the twins breaking into yet anpther routine that without a
doubt had definitely been rehearsed...

Cody: So, Zack two inexperienced youths like us, boy I suppose we'd better
just rush into this and get it over with quickly?

Zack: You would think that, but no! Firstly I think we'd like a blowjob.
Sound good Cody?

Cody: Indeed it does, Zack! Indeed it does.

The girls knew that they had no alternative, and accepted defeat. Both of
the girls got undressed. Maddie was in her Tipton uniform, while London was
as usual in the latest top-dollar fashion. So really neither of them could
afford to get them 'stained'.

Maddie and London were quite a culture shock to Zack and Cody, they had
gotten used to Max, she was smooth and flat. But Maddie and London were fully
developed, they had curves, actual breasts(not buds), and between their
respective thighs were patches of golden blonde and dark black pubic hair.
Zack and Cody eagerly got undressed!

Maddie kneeled down in front of the boys and looked over to London...

Maddie: You gonna help out here?!?

London: Nah, I think you can handle it. I'll be over here

Maddie rolled her eyes, but didn't bother to argue, Instead she decided to
deal with the job at hand. taking Codys dick in her left hand and Zacks in
her right, and slowly starting to jack them off.

The twins couldn't believe this had worked. The plan had been thought up in a
couple of minutes, maybe they should do more things half-assed?

Maddie must have had experience with more than one guy because she wasn't
missing a beat. She would wrap her lips around one of their dicks, rolling
her tongue around it, while maintaining her hand pace on the other. She'd
then reverse the roles.

Each time she switched from twin-to-twin she went a little further down their
lengths, and always maintained eye contact with the one she wasn't sucking.

Although she didn't want to admit it, Maddie was enjoying herself. She had
never felt so dominant in her life, they thought they were controllling her,
but she had the control, and she began getting really into it.

London was sitting in front of her dresser. It had a large mirror on it and
she had a perfect view of her body. She couldn't believe how good she looked.
She admired her cute little breasts and her smiling face. Her hand moved down
to her pussy, and slowly started to rub herself.

Maddie was by now taking the boys full length in her mouth. She would rapidly
move her head back and forth, so her chin was lightly tapping against their
balls and her nose was being tickled by their blonde pubic hair. She'd spend
a few seconds with each of the twins before switching to the other one.

Zack and Cody had never felt so good. They had sucked each other off, and
they had gotten Max to do it, but Maddie was like a pro. Maddie continued for
quite some time, but then she noticed the signs that the twins wouldn't last
much longer. She placed the tips of both boys dicks in her mouth and swirled
her tongue around them.

Maddie could see Zacks face scrunching up, she took the boys cocks out of her
mouth, pointed them towards her breasts and began jacking them both hard.
Zack didn't last any longer and came all over Maddies tits. As he did so,
Maddie let out an ecstatic squeal as the warm liquid splattered across her

She wanted more, and quickened her pace on Cody, and within a matter of
seconds, he came aswell. She didn't stop untill both boys had stopped cumming
and she got every possible drop of their pre-teen semen on her tits.

The boys were breathing heavily, but they couldn't be heard because of
London. Sitting at her dresser she was in full swing, one hand moving
feverishly between her thighs while the other rubbed her breasts and ran
through her hair, all the time watching and getting off on herself in the

The three others just watched her for a minute, amazed at how self obsessed
one person could be.

Finally Maddie called over...

Maddie: Hey London, looks like the boys will need some time to recover, let's
give them something to watch.

London: NAAAAH... I don't think so I'm... ki-ki-kinda busy over he-here.

Maddie: I said get over her. NOW!!!

London immediately stopped, the boys were shocked too. Maddie never talked to
anyone like that, especially London. A little confused, London timidly walked

Maddie: It seems that these two made quite a mess of me. Clean me up!

London did as she was told, running her tongue across Maddies breasts licking
up any drop of Zack and Codys cum that she could find.

Maddie was loving it, it wasn't just the sensation of Londons pink glisteny
tongue gliding along her body, it was the power she was commanding over her.
Maddie was always taking orders, but now London was the one being bossed

Maddie was enjoying herself. She gently forced London to her knees, and then
lay down on her back. She spread her legs and gave London a look that said,
"You know what to do!"

London ran her tongue gently across Maddies stomach, then down along her
inner thigh untill finally coming to her pussy.

London gently moved her tongue along the outer edges of Maddies slit. Every
so often, she teasingly pushed her tongue in getting Maddie very excited.
Maddie had her eyes closed and had started to groan silently to herself.
London did indeed know what to do, focusing a great deal of her attention
on Maddies nub.

The boys could never have expected for their plan to go this well!

Maddie had a wide smile on her face, squirming on the ground, moaning deeply
to herself, rubbing and squeezing her breasts together.

London was bringing Maddie close to orgasm, and Maddie was determined she
did. She kept her hand on Londons head and made sure that her tongue stayed
around her clit.

Maddie: Come on!Lick me out! Lick me out you bitch!

The boys had finally recovered from Maddie's blowjob. Zack whispered
something in Codys ear. Cody raised his eyebrows and nodded to his brother.

Maddie was now screaming at London

Maddie: That's right, Make me cum, you spoiled bitch!

Maddie started bucking her hips into Londons face and had her hand in
London's dark black hair, all the while shouting orders at her.

As this was happening, Cody walked around the girls, behind London. He had a
great view of her, and he couldn't believe just how great an ass she'd had.
Cody positoned himself behind London, placed his hands on her hips and eased
his dick into Londons pussy. London was surprised to say the least, she shot
her head up in surprise, but she didn't have time to say anything because
Maddie quickly forced her head back in place between her thighs.

London was incredibly tight, but Cody's entry was an easy one as London was
still wet from her session in front of the mirror.

Zack was slowly rubbing himself. He had quite an image in front of him...
his twin brother, fucking the millionaire heiress doggy style, while she
licked out the girl of his dreams.

Suddenly Maddie's hips started shaking violently, and she began squealing in
delight. Maddie was a really good singer, so she was able to reach some very
high pitches!

She started pushing Londons face deeper into her crotch. And smiling to


When Maddie's climax finally subsided, she moved away from London, letting
her now much more glistening face to become visible.

Zack walked over to Maddie, by convincing Cody to 'entertain' London, he had
Maddie to himself for a while.

Zack: Hey, sweet thang!

Maddie seductively put her finger to her lips and shushed Zack. He didn't
have to say anything, as by now Maddie was by far in the mood.

Maddie positioned Zack for HER liking, she lay him, back-down on the ground,
so his dick was erected up. She kneeled above him and looked at him straight
on, biting her lip teasingly. Zack couldn't believe that this was finally
happening... and he wasn't dreaming!

Cody was making slow thrusts into London, who try as she might couldn't help
but enjoy herself as Cody's pre-teen dick moved back and forth inside her.
She was bobbing her head in rhythm with each plunge that Cody made. Wanting
the orgasm that she had so far cruelly been denied she turned her head back
to Cody and told him simply to "go faster".

Cody didn't argue, and began to quicken his pace, fucking London harder. This
is what London needed, and she started to squeak in joy all the while telling
Cody to go faster.

Zack and Cody had been with Max a couple of times now, and as a resultthey
had built up their stamina a good deal.

Cody wanted London, a much more experienced girl, to cum before he did. So he
didn't slow down. Codys hips were shooting back and forth and he had a look
of posessed determination in his eyes.

They rolled onto their sides. Now Cody was behind London and was thrusting up
into her. The new positioning allowed Cody to caress Londons breasts, and he
began to squeeze them greedily. London loved the combined sensations of Cody
fucking her and playing with her tits. She threw her head back towards Cody
and the two embraced in a kiss. As they kissed Cody was sure he could taste
what he believed to be hints of Maddie's, Zack's and his own cum in Londons

As Zack held her hip in his hands, Maddie was slowly riding atop Zack's
shaft. He didn't have to do any work, just lay back and let the girl of his
dreams grind up and down on his cock, he couldn't have wished this to be

Maddie had her eyes fixed onto Zack's and was smiling seductively at him.
Her hands never rested, alternating between rubbing her own body and Zack's
smooth hairless chest. Every so often she would lean forward and shove her
tongue into Zacks mouth. She was by far the most enthusiastic kisser he had
ever encountered.

Zack would feel Maddie's ass touching against his balls for a second then it
would be gone, only for it to return a second later. The feeling was driving
him crazy and Maddie could tell he was enjoying himself, not least by the
massive grin on his face.

Cody and London were still locked in a kiss and were both moaning loudly
into each others mouths.

Finally London got what she was waiting for and broke the liplock. As she
orgasmed she let out sharp little yells. As London yelped, Cody could feel
her pussy tighten around his dick. This proved enough to finally break down
his mental barrier.

Cody let out a gutteral groan and came inside London.

Cody had been holding back cumming for so long, that he had erupted in
London. As she felt the warmth shoot up into her, she smiled to herself,
proud for Cody.

She turned around to look at him. His face was scrunched, but as he opened
his eyes to look into hers, he broke into a wide, toothy smile.

Not very far away, Maddie was after working herself up into a frenzy, and was
now practically bounding upon Zacks dick. Zack wasn't sure how much longer he
could last.

She was in complete control of the speed and angle of how Zack's dick rubbed
against her clit. And was yelling loudly at Zack...


Zack just lay there smiling smugly to himself, Maddie was putting in all the
effort and he was getting the props for it! Maddie was doing a good job too.
Maddie was being driven by some crazed sexual energy and was by now had
driven herself to the very brink of orgasm. Like Cody did with London, Zack
wanted to outlast Maddie. He didn;t have to wait long.

Zack felt Maddies pussy clamp down on his cock. Maddie's body tingled with
ecstacy, and threw herself atop Zack. As Zack felt Maddie breasts push up
against his chest and heard her orgasmic squealing in his ear, Zack couldn't
hold on any longer.

As Maddie was coming down, she felt Zacks balls tense, which was soon
followed by Zack shooting spurt after spurt of cum up into her.

The feeling of Zack cumming inside her was a sensation that Maddie found
herself revelling in, shown by the long self-satisfied sigh she breathed as
he came.

Maddie looked at Zacks scrunched up face. When he opened his eyes, out of
breath, she silently whispered into Zacks' ear "Oh God, I love you!"

Zack smiled deeply to himself.

London: Nice little performance there Maddie!

Maddie: Thanks! You didn't seem to be having a bad time either.

London smiled and hugged Cody.

London: Why don't you have a go off this little stud and let me have turn
with Zack?

Zack and Cody looked at each other, throwing devilish grins between them.
They had certainly come a long way since clumsily exploring each others
bodies in their room. Much had happened between that short time. And now
here they were with the two most absolutely perfect girlsthey could imagine
They had hit the jackpot!


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