Suite Life Of Zach And Cody: Zack And Cody's Birthday Adventure In The Bathroom (bbF,inc,oral,anal,first,cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Zach and Cody's 12'th birthday and Cody was in the bathroom and had just gotten out of the shower and dried off when his Mom, Carrie, came in. She didn't know he was in there and came through the door in just her panties and they both got the shock of their lives as they stared at each others naked, or in Carrie's case-semi naked, frames.

"MOM! JEEZ! Some privacy!" Cody exclaimed...

"Oh please...It's nothing I haven't seen before. Besides, I just came in here to shave, maybe you can help." His Mom replied.

Cody wondered what she meant as she grabbed her pink lady razor and some shaving gel and handed it to him with her plump breasts and erect nipples at eye level with him.

"Just lather up my legs with the gel and gently take the razor and shave them for me." She instructed.

Cody sprayed some gel into his hands and as his mom rested her hands against the sink and spread her legs in a standing position, Cody rubbed the gel into her legs; making it turn to a creamy white substance as he coated both her legs from ankles up to her crotch. Kneeling behind her he slowly shaved her legs to a clean, wet sheen.

Carrie smiled and as she stared down at her young son and watched his dick get hard before her eyes. She knew he was getting excited and horny from touching his mother in a sensual way...

"Good job. Now there's one way to see if you got them smooth enough. Take your thing and rub the underside of it against them to see if you missed anything." His Mom said.

Cody stood and slowly began to rub his well-formed erection, something he's never had before, against his Mom's legs; feeling their silky smoothness and warmth for the first time in a manner he's never felt or admired before. Even Carrie was turned on by her son's horny nature and his prepubescent frame rubbing against her...

"Looks like you did a good job, hmmmm?" She asked...Cody shrugged his shoulders in an 'I guess' fashion and watched as his mother removed her panties, exposing her blonde bush to him and making his eyes open wide with surprise and delight...

"There's one more place you need to shave yet, right here..." His Mom said as she caressed her fluffy blonde mound and folded her clit up between her index and middle fingers.

"Really? Why Mom? It looks great down there." Cody exclaimed.

Carrie smiled as she laid back on the floor on her back and opened her legs, keeping them bent at the knees in an upright position. "I know, but wait till you see what it looks like bare..." She replied.

Cody coyly smiled and knelt between her legs and lathered up his Mom's bush, feeling her pubes glide between his fingertips. He wiped off his hand on a towel and began to slowly shave his mother's pussy, watching as it became smooth with a shimmering shine in the room light.

"There, now check to see how smooth it is with your thing..." She said.

Cody got close to his Mom and rested his hard shaft against her smooth crotch and softly slid it back and forth in a humping action against her, feeling her pussy's smoothness and the warmth it emitted as her vaginal juices leaked from her slit with horny desire.

"That feels awesome, Mom." Cody stated.

"Wanna feel something better? Put it in me." She told her son.

Cody grinned with his jaw dropped open with delight as he lined up his shaft and slowly inched his cock head into his Mom. Suddenly his 5" length sunk fully in to her and she arched her back and moaned loudly with delight as her son began to take her on the floor. She pulled him down onto her and whispered into his ear, "That's it...Just like that...Back and forth in me, Cody...Back and forth...Take me, honey..."

"Mom...Are we having sex?" Cody asked with curiosity.

"Mmmmm Hmmmm...We are...We really are...We're making love!" His Mom replied.

Cody felt uneasy and went to get up off of her when she quickly wrapped her legs around him and keeping him inside her..."NO! STAY! FINISH IN ME, CODY!" His Mom begged as she bucked her hips upward and fucked him until she felt the throb of his cock in her pussy and the wet coating of his cum spurting into her. Carrie's eyes rolled back and turned white as she convulsed and squirted all over her son's private area, letting her legs fall to either side of him as she and he finished. Cody panted heavily as he asked with dizziness, "What just happened, Mom?"

"We had an orgasm together. Wanna see what an orgasm is? Feeling is one thing but seeing is another." She proclaimed. Cody shook his head 'YES' as his Mom pushed him out of her and pulled him up to her face where she put his cock into her mouth and began to suck it.

Cody couldn't believe the feeling of his Mom's mouth wrapped around his dick and sucking it, her lips stretched and her cheeks pulling inward with her short spiked blonde hair teasing him. Cody felt the dizzy feeling he felt before coming on and he gazed down at his Mom as he felt his dick begin to throb. Carrie pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off onto her face...

Load after load began to stream and glaze her pretty face and Cody relished in the picture below him of his Mom gobbling his stuff up and licking the trickles that hung from the tip of his cock. Suddenly they both heard: "This is what you two do when I'm not around!"

It was Cody's twin brother, Zach, standing in the doorway of the bathroom and watching his brother drop his cum onto their Mother's face. Zach entered the room as his brother got off of their Mom in a fashion to let him know she was all his now. Zach took the hint and took his clothes off, getting between his Mom's legs and rubbing his hard shaft against her wet pussy, now oozing Cody's cream pie...

"Looks like you've been busy down here, Cody...Guess I'll have to give Mom a try back here." Zach said as he shoved his dick up is Mom's ass. Carrie screamed and winced as her boy ass fucked her, making her tits sway as his humping action rocked her body.

Zach laid down on his Mom and began to kiss her as he fucked her in the ass. Carrie was taken aback by her son's horny and naughty nature. Of course, Zach was always the naughty one; she just never thought in this way before.

Carrie returned the sentiment with a tongue lashing of her own, smearing Cody's cum from her face onto Zach's and letting him taste his brother's cum. Zach began to grunt and moan with a boyish tone as he came in his Mom's ass, filling it with his semen as he felt her vaginal juice flow from her womb and coat his cock with their warm feeling.

"Happy birthday, boys!" Their Mom stated...There was no better gift they could receive than a Mothers love-in more ways than one.


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