Suite Life Of Zach And Cody:Zach And Cody Twincest (bbF,inc,oral,anal,dp,dap,first,bukkake)
by Dr. Demented 666

So Zach and Cody, twin 12 year old boys, were at it again over dates with girls and Cody was just out of the shower and only a towel draped around his lower half covering his private area when Zach opened the door to the hall of the Tipton hotel and shoved his brother out it while yanking off the towel. Zach slammed the door shut and locked it, leaving poor Cody out in the hall naked and banging on the door.

Suddenly the bell of the elevator went off and the door opened, Cody spun around and off stepped his Mom, Carrie. She seen her son standing there totally naked with his prepubescent frame, sandy blonde hair, and a horrid look of embarrassment on his face. She knew Zach must've done something to Cody to get him in this predicament.

Carrie found herself unusually stimulated by the sight of her young son naked before her, she hasn't seen him nude in years and she bit her lower lip as a devilish grin came over her face. Carrie walked to her son and got on her knees and took his unhard cock in hand and began to stroke it playfully.

"Mom! What are you doing?" Cody said in shock.

"Shhhhhh....It's ok, you're gonna like this..." Carrie assured him as her fingers rounded the head of his cock and she ran her tongue up along the bottom of his growing shaft. Cody watched with bewilderment as his Mom inhaled his cock and sucked him to a full 5", giving him his first ever erection and a feeling he never experienced before.

Back in the apartment Zach was heading to his room when an unusual feeling came about him and a boner appeared in his pants. He rubbed it and pushed at it through his pants trying to make it go away, but it was harder than ever...

"What the heck's happening?" He said aloud.

He was having sort of a 6'th sense reaction to his brother's escapade out in the hall and what Cody was feeling he was also but didn't realize it just yet. Zach ran to the door to let Cody in and see if he had an answer to what was happening since he was the smart one. Zach opened the door and seen his brother up against the wall with their Mom on her knees and sucking his cock.

Zach couldn't believe what he saw but the answer to his previous question of what was happening just came to him. Zach suddenly wanted in on the action and went to standing just behind their Mom and unzipped his pants and yanked out his 5" cock and began to rub it through his Mom's spiked blonde hair on her head.

Each time she bobbed her head while sucking Cody off her hair tickled the underside of Zach's cock, creating great pleasure. Cody's eyes winced shut as his abs contracted, spilling his cum into his mother's mouth. Carrie pulled him out and spit his cum out, letting it slide down her neck as she jerked him off onto her face. Suddenly Zach was cumming and blowing his hot cum into his Mom's hair across her forehead and onto his brother's stomach.

"Wow! You two really make a mess!" Carrie stated as she watched Zach lean in and give his brother a wet kiss with his tongue.

Carrie stood up and led her sons back into their hotel room where she removed her tight white tank top that let her erect nipples show through, exposing her braless tits to her sons for the first time. Zach and Cody stared at their Mother's full melons with no droop to them whatsoever. Carrie took her shirt and cleaned off her face with it as she went and laid on the sofa on her back in her tight jeans.

"C'mon boys...Take the rest of my clothes off." She asked of them.

Zach went to her face and pressed his cock against her lips and wanted her to suck on it like she did Cody. Carrie was all to happy as Cody unzipped her jeans and pulled them off of her and then going to work on her pink-striped panties.

Cody grabbed at the elastic sides of his Mom's undies and tugged them down her smooth legs, watching as she opened her legs once her undies were off them and exposing a beautiful blonde tuft of puberty covering her pussy.

Cody slid his hand down the inner part of his Mom's leg and slowly petted his Mom's muff, teasing her with his fingertips and making her squirm with excitement...

"Lick me down there, Cody. Lick my wet pussy, honey." His Mom pleaded.

Cody was all too happy as he licked his way down the inside of her legs and buried his face into her pubic mound, finding her pussy slit and running his tongue up through it and into her hole. She tasted of ripe peaches and he enjoyed making her arch her back and squeal as she sucked Zach off...

"I can't take it anymore...Put it in me! Put your dick in me and fuck me, Cody!" his Mom pleaded with a high pitched voice.

Zach watched his brother get to his knees and kneel between their Mom's legs and prop his cock up against her fur mound and making her pussy lips fold around the sides of his dick. Slowly he found her entrance and eased himself into her. Carrie moaned loudly as her breasts heaved upward while her son worked his cock back and forth into her.

Zach went down on his Mom as she was getting fucked and began to lick her clit in a 69 position. Cody pulled his cock out and fed it to Zach, letting him taste their Mother's pussy on him and then putting it back into their Mom. He did this several times until Cody finally pulled out and shot his load all over his Mom's pussy and Zach's face.

Cody stood up and Zach was quick to replace him. "My turn!" He shouted as he shoved Cody out of the way.

Zach shoved himself fully into their Mom and took her as he laid across the front of her body and let her lick Cody's cum off his face. Within seconds, Zach was cumming inside their Mom and making her cum, too. Her pussy became so wet from her fluids and his cum mixing inside her as she wrapped her legs around Zach and her screams filled the room.

Finally Zach's orgasm subsided and he got off of his Mom, leaving her spent in sweat and actually wanting more.

"MORE! GIVE ME MORE!" She demanded.

Cody sat back on the sofa and Carrie climbed on him and straddled his
waist, lowering herself onto his hard shaft and started to fuck him. Zach wanted in on the action and stood behind his Mom and pressed his cock against the bottom of his brother's and worked himself into their Mother's pussy along with his brother.

Carrie couldn't believe the feeling of her twin sons filling her pussy in a way it's never been filled before, feeling their shafts working in tandem like a couple of pistons inside of her. Even Zach and Cody liked the feeling of their hard shafts rubbing against one anothers and the ridges of their cockheads plinging off one another.

Carrie furiously tongue kissed Cody as Zach collapsed forward onto her back as she felt their cocks pulsating inside of her and making her pussy throb with orgasm. Load after load filled her up as her boys finished inside of her.

Carrie tenderly kissed Cody as Zach withdrew his cock from their Mom's pussy, leaving Cody sole occupancy of their Mom's pussy. Gently Zach fingered his Mom's asshole and stretching it open with both thumbs. Zach lined the head of his cock up and inched himself into his Mom's ass until he was fully seated in her.

Carrie screamed out with teary eyes as Zach began to fuck her and her son's gave her her first ever DP.


Her orgasm flooded Cody's lower half with her first ever squirts as Zach pulled out of her ass and left it gaping as he jerked off onto her back. Carrie then got up off of Cody and spun around into a reverse cowgirl and lowered her ass down onto Cody's cock, allowing him to give her anal as well.

Carrie laid back and pressed her back against Cody's stomach and watched as Zach came over and forced himself into her ass along with his brother's cock. Carrie's ass stretched to new proportions as she breathed heavily and winced with a mix of pain and pleasure all at once.

Carrie lifted her legs and Cody pulled them back to her shoulders by cupping them behind her knees as the two twins thrusted up into her ass in tandem. Carrie could feel a hard cock throbbing inside her ass and the cum lubing up her inner walls and the boys cocks. Cody was getting off and Zach would be next as he quickly pulled out of their Mom's ass and went up to his Mom's and brother's faces, standing over them on the sofa and jerking off onto both of them.

Load after load covered their faces, splashing on their cheeks, lips, and foreheads as Carrie had her head turned to the side and flicking her tongue over Cody's in his mouth. As the boys finished and Carrie pulled herself off of Cody and collapsed onto the sofa now full satisfied, they all knew that there was no need to fight over girls anymore. The twins have one that lives with them full time and is willing to give them the attention they were sure to desire from this point forward.


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