The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
The Suiteness Of Maddie (ff,mf,nc-cons,reluc,first,voy)
by Brabus

A rainy day befell the big city of Boston. Taxi cabs shuttling visitors
around, the slick city streets filled with water and automobile oil. The
sound of wet footsteps pouncing through the puddles and bouncing umbrellas
was the scene of this grey afternoon. Like any other day however, work and
life at the Tipton Hotel continues as just a regular sunny day would.

As Maddie Fitzpatrick arrives at 10:55A.M. on this Monday morning she is
tired not only from not sleeping too well the prior night, but also dreading
the long week that is ahead of her. Even though her co-workers are friendly
and she learns a lot from just gazing out at the hotel lobby, it is still a
Monday morning and 7PM seems like an eternity away until she gets to clock
out and go home.

As Maddie trudges in through the revolving golden brown doors, she looks
around stomping her wet blue boots on the black rubber mat and walks through
the lobby toward the 'Employees Only' door behind the front desk. As her
soft blonde hair dangles over her shoulders, her bangs over her forehead and
eyebrows still look intact along with her blue striped headband as if it
wasn't a rainy cold day at all. After going through the door she grabs her
cardboard timecard off the shelf holder and she puts it through the big
machine which stamps 'JAN 9 10:57A.M.' She then places the card back on the
shelf holder and walks out behind her post; the candy counter.

The blonde bombshell takes her coat off and places it under the counter
revealing her hotel work uniform which consists of a blue collared long
sleeve shirt which is a little baggy covering her A cup bra, a loose green
striped tie in which the neck hangs low, a plaid skirt and her usual white
thong underwear which are practically visible if she sits or runs in that
just-so position. Starting the day she makes sure everything is where it's
supposed to be on the shelves and she takes the 'CLOSED' placard off of the
desk and also places that down below her chair along with her black jacket.

Moments later the elevator door opens and London Tipton walks out. The hotel
heiress, a la Paris Hilton, bolts over to the candy counter. "Madeline!" she
screams. "Oh bell boy put my new laptop I received today in my suite. Thanks
loser." The young Filipino whose dad owns the Tipton exclaims to a passing by
Esteban; the hotels bell hop. She stands there waiting for Maddie's answer
having her black hair up in a long black straight ponytail and wearing a
yellow tanktop which is rather tight, a black bra in which the black bra
straps show on the shoulders, and black skin tight stretchy work out material
pants which end at her calves.

"Oh God. What do you want London? If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to make
my $6.75 here," Maddie replies with her slight lisp and sarcasm.

"Oh wow is that all?" London shoots back. "Poor you. I don't know what in the
universe I would do if I only made $6.75 per second."

"Per hour sweetie," Maddie says back.

"Oh.....hour, second whatever. Listen, Maddie, I totally just had this off
the hook work out..and like water is like coming from my face but it tastes
like salt. What did I do?" London asks.

Maddie looks at her with a blank stare and a flat lipped grin. "That's called
perspiration." She replies rolling her eyes in absolute disgust.

"Ohhhh right" London repeats. Maddie looks at her not
believing that this dimwit has millions to inherit.

London then licks her lips looking at Maddie leaning on the brown counter as
they talk. "You know Maddie. I could get you sweaty too" she says beginning
to walk behind the counter.

"Umm what are you talking about LooooooOOOONDON!" Maddie says freaking out as
she feels the back of her plaid skirt being lifted up. Maddie's mouth drops
looking out towards the lobby and then swiftly behind her, seeing London
kneeling behind her glaring and almost appearing to daydream as she views
Maddie's white soft buns and the white thong string which is about an inch
and a half thick. In a loud whisper Maddie looks down at London's adoring
face. "London!! What are you doing!"

But before London can even answer she dives her face into Maddie's buns,
burying her pretty Filipino face. Maddie's jaw drops again, knowing she
should either scream or elbow London in her flat nose but from all of the
randomness and being practically in public Maddie just freezes just in
shock basically. London, as it seems she's in her own little world,
continues kneeling down in her yellow tanktop, black bra, and black work
out capris as she begins licking and kissing all around Maddie's pink
virgin pussy from underneath as well as all around her buttcrack which
begins to get wet from London's tongue as well as from Maddie's own fluids.

Maddie begins to let out little whimpers as she looks back and forth from
back and behind her to the lobby, seeing the busy people and other workers
do their daily routine as this is happening to her. "Ohh god London this is
SO bad...." Maddie says looking down at her as the back of her plaid skirt
is lifted up and the back of her white thong underwear is scooted to the

"You know you have a very cute pussy" London says taking a break from sucking
on both of Maddie's two outer labia.

"He, he, well...thanks?" Maddie replies scrunching her long pointed nose,
can't believing this is happening to her especially at work but yet it
feeling really good even though she isn't lesbian or bi sexual.

"Ok Maddie tell me when you're gonna cum because I don't wanna get pregnant."
London says looking up at Maddie, holding her smooth white buns open.

After a few whimpers Maddie looks back down at London with a face. "London.
I'm a girl and I'm not squirting sperm into you. YOU CAN'T GET PREGNANT THAT
WAY!" She replies.

"Gee you don't have to be so rude when I'm the one getting you sweaty."
London says as she slips her pointer and middle finger up Maddie's pink
vagina hole as she begins to drill her without warning.

"Ohhhh ffffffudge!!" Maddie says, feeling young girly fingers penetrate her
vagina that only she's kept to herself. Maddie begins to leak and drip her
own clear climax all over London's fingers and wrists.

"Wow Maddie you came a lot."

"Uhhhh god I cant believe I just let you lick and finger me!!" Maddie says
as she feels her thong go back between her buns and her plaid skirt dropping
into place.

"Anytime! You taste really good." London says back as she stands up and
begins to walk toward the elevator. "Oh Maddie maybe you can return the favor
later. I have to go now because my doggie Ivana needs a pedicure."

The still in shock candy girl looks at London's nonchalant attitude and
behavior as she boards the elevator back up to her suite. Maddie stands there
not believing her own vagina and butt were just licked and sucked by the
hotel owners own daughter. She adjusts her skirt and underwear properly and
paces behind the counter recapping everything that just went on. Something
that she's never done in her entire young life. Knowing on one hand that it
would be utterly disgusting to be with another female yet on the other hand,
having just experienced it firsthand excites her and she begins to smile with
a small portion of her wanting to try it again. "My God that was the orgasm
of the century" she whispers to herself as she stocks new inventory of brown
wrapped Snickers bars.

After a few hours of collecting herself and doing her various tasks behind
her desk, Lance, the pool lifeguard enters the main lobby and proceed to walk
up to the counter. "Uhh...hey. Like. What's going on?" He says. The sound of
his voice that of a surfer dude also showing lack of intelligence.

"Oh pretty well how have you been Lance? Save anyone lately or just letting
people drown?" Maddie replies teasingly with a hint of sarcasm.

"Uhhh. Yeah. Something like that" says the black curly-haired boy. Wearing
his green polo shirt with the 'T' logo on his left breast along with Khaki
knee length shorts and white Hanes briefs underwear.

"So Maddie. Like I know you're not a guy or anything. But uh. Last night,
some water came out of my manhood" He says to the blonde. Maddie looks at him
very strangely for a second before replying. Having an insane day here at
work on this rainy Monday and the clock only reaching 2:47P.M.

"Lance. Not only are you disgusting, but it's called urinating. You know.
It's something we all do as humans. And neanderthals like you even do it
too," She says smiling sarcastically while bobbing her head.

"Nah..." Lance replies as he begins walking behind the counter towards the
sweet girl. "It's like, special water. Like white water or something and it
feels like hella good" he explains. As he continues behind the counter
Maddie's eyes widen and her mouth befalls. Unbelieving that this co-worker
is talking to her like this let alone talking like a total moron. Lance
looks around the hotel lobby and begins to undo the top of his khaki shorts
button and the sound of the zipper is heard by Maddie.

"Lance!!! What are you doing!!" She says spinning around watching this unfold
before her delicate dark eyes. "I just like wanted to show you the special
white water I was telling you about. I was with this one guest out by the
pool last night giving her a good time and all of a sudden my cock felt like
really good and it just like.....happened," he says.

Maddie then sees Lance pull his growing penis out from the top of his white
underwear as they, along with his shorts reside around his thighs. At first
glance of his pubic hair, penis and testicles Maddie turns around toward the
hotel lobby where Mr. Moseby, the hotel manager looks up at her from across
the way with a friendly smile and wave. Maddie stares blankly, then manages
a quick smile and a swift wave of the hand as if nothing is going on. Lance
then begins to waddle behind Maddie's backside where he begins to lift the
back of her skirt up exposing yet again her white soft thong underwear.
"Lance!! What are you doing!! We're at work!!" She says whispering loudly.

"Uhhh I'm like hella horny and like.....I need to squirt that magic water

"You're lucky you're hot" the blonde teenager says rolling her eyes as she
grips the wooden counter for what's to come. Not believing her day so far
and in the total public after all. Lance then positions himself behind the
thin girl, moving her white strap of underwear to the side as he manages to
spread her soft milky buns open revealing her small brown butthole opening
as well as her pink, soft vagina lips. Lance then holds his penis with his
right hand only able to hold her left buttcheek open now as he begins to
push his unprotected penis between her pussy lips. "Ohhhhh GOD!!!" Maddie
says exhaling, as she feels this thick rod intruding her precious virgin

All of this commotion sends Mr. Moseby looking back up from his desk as he
looks at Madeline funny. Maddie then waves frantically again while wiping her
blonde bangs away from her eyes as she feels this foreign object enter her
from behind.

" this hole is so much tighter and wetter than the chick I had
last night" Lance says as he lets go of Maddie's buns to grip her thin hips
outside of her blue long sleeved shirt. "Wow my dick feels really good" He
says as he begins to automatically ram and pump Maddie's precious virgin
vagina rapidly with no warning at all. Sending her young hymen to snap and
break leaving a few drops of blood out of her opening. At first this is all
too much to take in. Being at work and losing her virginity to someone she
barely even knows let alone being the second actual sexual act of the day.
Having her pussy licked and kissed and fingered by London and now, only a
few hours later, bending slightly over having this dumb lifeguard pump it
frantically without even a condom! Something Maddie swore she would never
do as she doesn't even practice birth control of her own since she's not
sexually active nor have trouble with her periods.

She continues holding the counter feeling her vagina begin to feel somewhat
incredible now as her moment of pain subsides but she continues to be
somewhat quiet as she's in public in a small corner of a busy hotel lobby.
"Oh God Lance. I can't believe you're actually fucking me!" she says turning
her head to look at him as her soft buns smack slightly each time he pumps
deeply into her.

"Uhhhh yeah you're little pussy feels hella good Maddie. But there's a little
bit of blood on your underwear..." He replies, holding her soft hips through
her blue shirt as his condom less cock pumps her tiny hot hole, his testicles
slapping against the front of her white thong underwear which wraps tightly
over her pink swollen clitoris. As her body rocks back and forth she leans on
the counter on her elbows and both hands clasped as she looks around smiling
out at everyone in front of her.

"Oh God Lance. Tell me when you're gonna squirt your sperm I can't get
pregnant!" She says to him between moans and whimpers.

"Squirt what?" He says dumbfoundly between his deep breaths.

"Your.....special water Lance....tell me when you're going to squirt your
special water," She says rolling her eyes and looking down. Lifting the
front of her small short skirt to see the front of her underwear and his
long sagging balls slap against the front of her. His balls stimulating
her clit through the soft underwear as she begins to leak her own climax
fluids for her second time today, this time though the feeling so much
different from a male being inside of her. "Ohh Lance I'm cumming....Lance
I'm cummmmmming" she says, a little loudly.

Lance smiles from behind as he puts his hands up to cup and squeeze Maddie's
little breasts through her bra cups and blue shirt from behind. Feeling all
of this sends Maddie to leak all over her underwear and Lance's dick yet
again as her eyes roll back feeling all of this.

"Uhhh Maddie Maddie I'm gonna squirt I'm gonna squirt!" Lance says as he
finishes up ramming her.

As he says this Maddie's eyes open widely knowing she has to think fast as
her mouth also drops in which she is famous for (A la opening credit scene
when she's pushing the bell cart and Zack jumps off). As he says this the
thought of catching an STD sets in, recalling that Lance did this with a
guest last night and figuring he didn't use a condom nor probably not even
knowing what a condom even was. She shakes off the thought of getting an
STD knowing the main problem at this point is to get his unprotected dick
out of her once virgin pussy. She quickly pushes her butt backwards and
Lance's wet dripping cock slips out of her. Quickly and almost as if she's
done this before she quickly spins around to face him and drops to her
knees. She does this as if automatically because during her nightly routine
in the privacy of her own home she surfs for porn movie clips and this
seems to be the popular choice of what the girls and women seem to do when
the guy tells her he's going to cum. As she does this Mr. Moseby looks up
once again and see's the back of her drop down to only find Lance standing
there facing his way but looking down. Mr. Moseby does a double take and as
he see's Lance's expression and he loses his pen from his grip as he gawks
only imagining what's going on. At the very same moment that Maddie drops
to her knees Lance begins stroking his wet cock furiously as he then begins
to shoot his load. The first stream of sperm squirts out like a water gun,
streaming across Maddie's nose and into her blonde bangs and forehead.
Maddie closes her eyes and begins to giggle feeling the warm funny scented
sperm begin to squirt and dribble all over her face. Lance throws his head
back as he strokes rapidly continuing to squirt his warm white semen all
over Maddie's nose and cheeks. She feels this, still smiling as he covers
her face with this warm sticky liquid. "Mmmm sperm...." She says smiling as
she kneels down feeling this.

Reality then begins to set in as she realizes she's at work and must not be
seen by passer byers. She then takes Lances khaki pants dangling in front
of her and wipes all over her face. She then stands up and sees Mr. Moseby
across the way still staring in utter confusion and disbelief. She smiles
and blushes awkwardly and waves across the room.

"So like uh...yeah. I'll like see you later or whatever." Lance says fixing
his pants and underwear and walking away from the candy counter, the legs of
his pants dark khaki from the wiped off sperm.

"You better believe it pool boy." Maddie says with a cute girly giggle and a
scrunch of her nose along with a shrug of both of her shoulders.

Lance leaves toward the pool entrance and Maddie stands there in a daze. The
clock reading 3:02PM on the front desk wall as she recalls the events that
have happened so far in the day. From being a sweet innocent virgin the prior
day to having London and Lance violate her precious vagina seems so unreal
yet the thought of it sends Maddie in a shiver. Wanting to do again what she
was only used to seeing on her computer in the wee hours of the night. She
then begins to get back to work with a happy go lucky giggling attitude as
she begins to restock the counter making sure everything is still intact.
Occasionally patting her clit through her skirt and underwear and smiling to
herself as only she knows the secret.

From across the room on the opposite side of the front desk and candy counter
stood Esteban behind the bell desk. Esteban glares on over at Maddie and her
counter, having witnessed the whole thing from the beginning of London
telling him to put her new computer up in her room. The tall early 30's
Mexican bellperson continues to stand behind the bell desk stroking his long
penis as he continues to monitor Maddie. Seeing everything that happened from
London pushing her face into Maddie's ass through the end of Lance covering
her face with semen. "Oh boy. Little American peoples. What a day. I wonder
if I can go over dere too and get me some of dat little cute blonde poosey
too." Esteban says to himself in his Mexican/middle eastern twang...

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