Suite Life Of Zack ANd Cody: Maddie's Indentured Servitude
by Hamster ([email protected])

It was the biggest mistake of Maddie's life and she knew it. She had needed
250 dollars to chip in so that she and her siblings could get her parents a
trip to Paris for their 25th anniversery. She borrowed it from London Tipton.
Now until she paid it back, she was a virtual slave. Maddie arrived at work
after school with an unshakable feeling of pure dread. As soon as she stepped
through the doors at work Mr. Moseby rushed to her side with unfortunate

"Oh Maddie, I'm sorry to inform you that Miss London has requested your
immediate presence in her suite. You are excused from your candy counter
duties for the rest of the evening." Mr. Moseby said.

Maddie sighed deeply. "OK Mr. Moseby."

"Oh, buck up, Maddie, I'm sure it can't be all THAT bad." Moseby said as he
annoyingly tapped her chin.

"She is the spawn of Satan." said Maddie.

"Why NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She is the spawn of this hotel's owner so do whatever
it is that you need to do in order to keep her happy." Mr. Moseby said.

Maddie slumped her shoulders and went into the elevator with her head
hanging. She knocked on London's door and waited.

"Hello." London said excitedly once she opened the door wearing a big vapid
smile. She grabbed Maddie's wrist and dragged her into the room then locked
the door.

"Maddie quick, I bought you a cute new outfit!!!" London said.

"You're kidding." Maddie said, surprised at even the smallest generosity the
self-centered heiress could manage to muster.

"No, LOOK!" London said as she suddenly held up a French-maid's outfit.

Maddie sighed deeply. More humiliation, Maddie should have known.

"Quick put it on." London said.

"Do I really have to?" Maddie asked.

"Don't you want to? For your friend, who you owe 250 dollars?" London asked.

"Fine." Maddie said.

Maddie made her way towards London's bedroom.

"No sweetie just go ahead and change out here." London said.

Maddie's humiliation seemed to know no end. Maddie unfastened her skirt
and let it fall, she then took her tie off and began to unbutton her shirt.
London was watching Maddie very intently, nobody was really aware but London
found both guys and girls attractive, she also found dominating people
exciting and right now having poor Maddie in her clutches was intoxicating.
Fortunately she'd mastered the ability of looking completely disinterested
even when she wasn't. Maddie was soon dressed in the French-maid costume and
her face burned with embarrassment. The skirt was scandalously short and
London's pulse was.

"There's a few things you can do for me around here Maddie." London said as
she lounged on the couch lazily.

Maddie had to perform various chores around London's suite including many
that required her to bend over and flash her panties at London. After a few
hours of mostly unnecessary work London commanded her to stop.

"I need a massage." London announced.

London stood and removed her shirt and bra then laid back down. Maddie
gritted her teeth then straddled London's back. She began to rub Maddie's
neck and shoulders. London's desire was rising by the second. Maddie was
the closest thing that London had to a friend and she was determined to
master her body, mind and soul. London smiled to herself as she began to
contemplate exactly how she was going to get Maddie into bed.

"Maddie you can stop now. I have a surprise for you." London said. Maddie
groaned. There was no way that this was going to be good. "Close your eyes
and hold your hands out to the side."

Maddie looked confused, but obeyed. She didn't want the money that she owed
London thrown back in her face again. London quickly slapped handcuffs on one
of Maddie's wrists then quickly locked in the other wrist. Maddie was now
securely handcuffed with her hands behind her back.

"HEY!!!!" Maddie cried.

"Like you shouldn't be talking." London said. London reached forward and
grabbed Maddie's boobs.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" Maddie demanded.

"The same thing I always do, anything I want. You owe me money, and I can
have you fired at my leisure. And then theres the fact that I can have your
mother and father's lives ruined with a single phone call. But I don't want
to do all that, I want to feel your tits." London said. Maddie could only
stare hopelessly as London fondled her. London's hand slipped underneath
Maddie's skirt and pinched her butt. "You are really cute, if you do
everything I say I will spoil you and pamper you and make you incredibly
happy. I know that your family could use some extra money, I have lots of
it. If you don't I'll destroy you and neither one of us want that."

London leaned forward and licked the now freightened Maddie's lips. London's
hand began to rub Maddie's pussy though her panties. Maddie shivered and felt
the electric stimulation course through her pussy. It felt good, London's
touch but she also felt scared, angry and shocked. But London's fingers were
working sheer magic on her and if not for the alarming circumstances Maddie
might actually be enjoying herself.

"Think about it. I can be your best friend or worst nightmare." London said.

Maddie did think about, London could make good on both her promises and her
threats. One thing she had learned from knowing London was that rich people
always got what they wanted.

"I-I'll do whatever you want." Maddie said.

"Great." London said cheerfully. "You can start by making out with me."

London pulled Maddie in tight and kissed her hard. London's tongue forced
it's way into Maddie's mouth were their tongues danced together. London's
hand traveled over Maddie's ass and began to squeeze it gently. London guided
Maddie to the couch.

"Sit down and spread your legs you are going to love this." London said.

London's blasé cheerful attitude infuriated Maddie but she did as
instructed. London spread the blondes legs and promptly began to eat the
blonde girl out. Despite her irritation and humiliation Maddie could not
help but realize that this was one of the most pleasurable things she had
ever experienced. Maddie began to moan and whimper with each gently slash
of London's tongue. London's tongue swirled and burrowed into Maddie's
sex. London was intent in overcoming Maddie with pleasure and showing her
that obedience had it's privileges. After a raging orgasm that drained
Maddie of all her energy , London rose and kissed her blonde slave.

"So it's like your turn to eat me out now." London said in her irritatingly
cheerful voice.

The girl's switched places and suddenly Maddie was staring at London's pussy.
Maddie gave London a shy tentative lick. London impatiently grabbed the back
of Maddie's head and rammed her face into her cunt. Maddie quickly gave a
muffled cry protest and the vibrations of which sent pleasure coursing
through London's body.

"Mmm lick me, deeper!!!" London demanded.

Maddie obeyed, she licked London as deep and hard as she could. Soon London
was wailing in pleasure and breathing heavily.

"Good girl," said London between heavy breaths. "This is going to be fun."

Maddie had no doubt that all the 'fun' was going to be London's.
_ _ _

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