Suite Life Of Zach And Cody: Maddie's Endentured Servitude Part 2
by Hamster

Maddie made her way up to London's suite. She was basically London's slave
now and she knew that whatever was in store for her today was likely to be
very humiliating. She knocked on the door and London quickly opened.

"Quick come in, I'm glad you're here." London grabbed Maddie's wrist and
pulled her into the room. "I bought you something."

London closed the door then picked up a box and handed it to Maddie.

"Go in my room and put it on." London said excitedly.

"Uhhh ok." Said Maddie.

She went in the room to change. A few minutes later she came out red faced
and humiliated. She was now wearing mittens and slippers that resembled paws.
She also wore a hood with a pair of dog ears. Aside from that she was naked.
London seemed to gain a viscious delight from humiliating and degrading her.

"Now all that you need is a tail." London said.

London approached Maddie with a terrifying contraption. It was a dildo except
that coming out of one end was a long plush tail that matched the white and
brown-spotted patterns on her mittens and hood. The dildo had a belt that was
for holding it in place. Poor Maddie knew exactly where this was going!

"No London please!" She begged.

"Quiet. Doggies don't talk. Now I suggest you get on all fours like a good
doggie or things are going to get really ugly." She said.

Maddie got on her hand and knees silently and stared back at what her
tormentor was doing. London approached with the dildo in hand. London
carefully spread her playmate's ass cheeks and then began to push the
dildo into her ass slowly, inch by inch. Maddie whimpered as she was
penetrated by the big rubber cock. As soon as the rubber instrument of
her torture was completely in her ass London strapped it in for Maddie
and tightened the strap.

"Now stand still for a second so that I can take a picture." Maddie's face
burned scarlet as her mistress went for a camera and began to take picture
after picture of her in the humiliating pose and costume.

After taking several pictures with her digital camera London sat down on her
couch. She rolled up her skirt and then removed her panties.

"OK puppy, lick mommy and I'll give you a treat." London said.

Maddie crawled over to London on all fours. Her head hung low and she
imagined herself taking a whip to London's ass. She knew she was screwed
though and would have to do what the bitch wanted. Maddie stuck her head
between London's thighs and then began to lap at the other girl's pussy.

"Mmmm yes that's a good doggy...ohhhh yesss goood girl that's a good girl."
Said London as she scratched at Maddie's ears.

Maddie kept up the pussy licking until London went well over the edge and
practically howled in orgasm. London panted a few minutes and scratched
Maddie's head as the blonde finished lapping up her juices. Once her
composure was regained London asked Maddie to lay across her lap. Maddie
wordlessly did as she was told and London began to softly strum her fingers
across the Blonde teen's pussy. Maddie whimpered softly and closed her eyes.
In spite of herself, she was enjoying the hand job and even though she did
not want to think of herself as a lesbian she did like a few of the things
London did with her. London reached up and massaged one of Maddie's breasts
as she fingered her. Maddie began to cum and she writhed in London's grasp
as she did so.

"Good puppy." London said. "I have a present for you since you were a good

London gently pushed Maddie off of her. London then went to her dresser
drawer and returned with something in her hand. She handed the mystery object
to Maddie. It was a leather collar. On it was a tag that said "Maddie" on one
side and "Property of London Tipton" on the other.

"I want you to wear it all the time and if anyone asks you then you just tell
them it's a joke, a symbol of our friendship." Said London. "But we will both
know the truth."

'Yes,' thought Maddie bitterly as she lifted her hair so that London could
fasten the collar around her neck. The truth was she really was London's
bitch now.

To be continued...

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