Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
London Tipton, Out Of Control Lesbian Heiress! Act 2 (Fff,f-dom,spank)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Act Two: Teen Lesbian Domination Scandal!

London Tipton had recently experienced some life changing sexual exploits.
Having had sex with a younger teen had taught her that she liked having sex
with women and wanted to do it more often. It also taught her that she
proffered being in charge. Even though Max was a cute girl, she had too much
willfulness. London figured he'd by the perfect little sex toy if, if she
could get her to be more submissive. London was thinking about her freshly
realized sexual preferences when she passed Carrey in the hall. London
stopped and spun on her heels.

"Hey Carrey." London said.

Carrey turned.

"Huh? What's up London?" Asked Carrey.

"Can I see you in my suite later, like around 7?" London asked.

"Sure, is something wrong?" Carrey asked.

Nope, I just have something that I need to show you." Said London.

Carrey had no idea what London wanted, but the girl's father was her employer
and owned the hotel she lived in so it was best to hear the heiress out. Once
Carrey left London had the opportunity to call Max on her cell phone.

"Hello Max. How would you like to earn a lot of money in a very short amount
of time?" Asked London.

"I'd love to did you have something similar in mind to the little dance
lesson I gave you last time?" Asked Max.

"No, have something completely different in mind." Said London.

"Really, what?" Max asked in confusion.

"I'll give you twenty grand but I want to do what ever I say, no questions
asked." Said London.

Max was pretty certain that whatever London wanted, it would be fairly
perverted. The money however was too significant to ignore.

"OK I'll do it." Said Max.

"Great. Be at my sweet at 7 o'clock." Said London.

So meanwhile...

While London was recruiting her sex puppets, Zack had been very busy. Zack
had taken the time to get into London's suite where he'd set up his camera's
and other surveillance devices. He'd previously made a copy of Moseby's
master key, which he'd stolen. Now the place was completely covered with
cameras, London could be watched anywhere in he suite and from any angle.
London was in a vacant room that he'd unlocked so they could watch London
the monitor. Both Zack and Maddie sat down and waited for the show to start.

"Zack, I don't know if this going to do us any good. Last time all she did
was hang out with Max." Said Maddie.

"True, but even if we don't catch her having wild lesbian sex we might be
able to get pictures of her doing something that will get us money from the
tabloids. Even if it's just an unflattering picture of her leaving the
bathroom." Zack said.

Maddie grabbed him by the collar and roughly pulled his face close to her

"I NEED the money that a lesbian pic blackmail will rake in. Understand?" She

"Perfectly." He replied meekly.

"Good." She said.

"OK, but if that's really the way that you want it, you may have to help
things along a little bit." He said.

"How is that?" She asked.

"Well you could try seducing her." Said Zack.

He was really hoping she'd go that route and seduce her. Maddie blinked. She
had never thought about being with another girl, but she found that she was
not particularly averse to the idea. She began to wonder if it might actually
be enjoyable.

"Last resort." Said Maddie firmly.

Zack wasn't the praying type but he began to pray harder than anyone ever had
in their life. Please, PLEASE, let it come down to the last resort AND let me
get it on tape.

"Sure last resort, right." Zack agreed with absolutely no enthusiasm.

Soon the camera's the revealed Carrey arriving at London's suite. Zack sighed
deeply. Zack walked over and turned the monitors and recording devices off.

"What are you doing?" Asked Maddie.

"Saving recording space. It's just my mom, nothing interesting is going to
happen while she is there. We can keep monitoring the halls."

* * *

Carrie entered the room to London's suite as London checked carefully to make
sure that nobody saw her come up.

"So, what's up London?" Asked Carrie.

"Sit down, I have a business proposition for you." Said London.

Carrie took a seat on London's spacious couch. The teen had a bigger weekly
allowance than all the money Carrie had ever made in her life and it showed.
Her couch was a huge leather beauty.

"What is this business proposition that you wanted to talk to me about?"
Asked Carrie.

"Well you know all those things they have been saying about me in the
tabloids?" Asked London.

"You mean about you being an out of control lesbian slut?" Asked Carrie.

If London actually knew what the word subjective meant, she would have felt
that 'Out of control' was a very subjective term for her behavior. She did
know what 'slut' meant and felt that was way out of line.

"Well they are partly true." London said.

"What?" Carrie asked in surprise.

"I am into girls, I realize that now." London admitted.

"And you just decided to tell me why?" Carrie asked.

"Well Carrie, I know you are poor." Said London.

"Don't you think you're overstating that a bit?" Asked Carrie.

"No." Said London. "I think I can make things a whole lot more comfortable
for you and all you hsve to do is help me explore my new found desires."

Carrie stood and glared at London angrily.

"Listen here young lady, I don't know who the hell you think that you are but
there is no amount of money you can offer me that...."

"How's 50 grand grab you?" Asked London asked.

"50 works." Carrie said without even thinking.

"Outstanding." Said London but before she could continue explaining her
'business' proposal the doorbell rang.

* * *

"Who's there now?" Asked Maddie.

"Just Max again." Replied Zack.

"Well that sucks. How are we ever going to catch London doing something that
will get us serious money from the tabloid rags?" Maddie demanded.

"There's always plan B" Zack said.

Who was he kidding? Maddie knew it would just get his rocks off to see her
and London get it on. But it was still a viable plan and she wasn't gonna
make money taking pictures of London having a slumber party with Carrie and

"All right, all right fine. But there's no way to know if I'm even her type."
Said Maddie.

"Honey, you sure are MY type." Zack said.

"How many times do I have to say no before it sinks in?" Asked Maddie.

"You're gonna see there isn't a better man for you in the world, just wait."
Said Zack.

"Yeah, aren't you the one who keeps trying to hit every piece of ass you
happen across?" Asked Maddie.

"Sure, but yours is my favorite." Said Zack.

Of course she was right. If he saw a pretty girl, he wanted her. He was
hoping Maddie would enjoy seducing London. Then she could be so grateful to
him she'd sleep with him. Then if she truly enjoyed sleeping with London she
would enjoy sleeping with other girls too, and then they could double team
girls all the time! Hopefully this brilliant plan would work.

* * *

London opened the door and let Max in. Max spotted Carrie which immediately
raised an eyebrow.

"What's she doing here?" Asked Max.

"She is going to be joining in the fun." Explained London.

"Hmpf, well I don't care as long as I'm still getting paid." Said Max.

"You'll get your money you little mercenary. But you're going to have to
earn it. And you can start by giving Carrie a lap dance." Said London.

"And what are YOU going to be doing while I get this lap dance?" Asked

"Watching." London replied.

London directed Carrie to sit in the chair opposite her as she lounged on her

Max walked over to the CD player and began to play some fast paced music.
Both Carrie and London's eyes were glued to the girl as she danced her way to
the front of the couch. London was already FULLY aware of how sexy the girl
could be when she chose to. Carrie on the other hand was about to be forced
to look at her in a brand new light. Max grabbed the bottom of her shirt and
began to slowly pull it off as she swung her hips like a drunk cobra. Slipped
it off and then tossed it away. Carrie felt guilty about staring at her but
she was getting paid very well to do it and that helped. She reached behind
her back and began to unfasten her bra. Once she tossed that away, Carrie was
able to stare at her naked young tits. Max's hand went to her belt. Max
unbuckled her belt then slid it out of the loops she was about to toss it
away but she was stopped by London.

"Wait! Give it to Carrie." Ordered London.

Max blinked, she had an idea where this was going and didn't like it. But she
was getting paid a good deal to just go along with whatever London wanted. If
London wanted to pay her thousands of bucks to watch her take spanking then
that was just fine. But they were going to have to renegotiate pricing later.
Max handed the belt over to Carrie and continued to her dance. Carrie watch
intently as the teen removed her shoes and then slowly unzipped her pants.
Max seductively wiggled her ass in Carries face as she pulled her pants down
and then off. Carrie had once or twice before had an experience with a woman
that was of a sexual nature. She was a musician after all. But she'd never
ever imagined herself getting a lap dance from one of her sons' friends. The
girl was now slipping her panties off and it was pretty obvious exactly what
London wanted to see.

"All right Max stand in front of Carrie with your back to her and touch
your toes." London ordered. Max knew exactly what was coming and she braced
herself for it. "OK Carrie whack the hell out of that sweet little ass."
Ordered London.

"You got it London." Said Carrie.

Carrie pulled back and then lashed her belt across the poor girl's bare ass.

"EEP!!!" Cried Max.

"Again, harder this time." Ordered London.

Carrie was starting to enjoy herself as she pulled back and whacked Max twice
more with authority.


"EEP! EEP!" Cried Max.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she bit her lip. I hope those two bitches are
enjoying this, thought Max.

"Keep going. Max count down from 10 with each lash you get on that perky
butt." London ordered.

"You getting off on your power trip?" Demanded Max.

"Yes, thank you for asking. Go ahead Carrie, let her have it." Said London.


"EEP!!!! TEN!"


"EEP!!! NINE!"



By the time that Max had counted down to one her ass was sore and she was
feeling resentful.

"That was fun." said Carrie. Beating Max's ass had given her an electric

"Yes just fucking exhilarating." Max said sarcastically as she rubbed her
freshly paddled ass.

"Watch your language young lady." Carrie warned.

"Enough. That got me all hot and wet. It's time to really get down and dirty.
Max lay on your back, on the floor." London ordered. Max did as she was told
resentfully. "Good, now I am going to taste that pussy. Carrie, you can fuck
my pussy while I'm hitting that."

London got on her hands and knees in front of Max's cunt. She bent her head
down and ran her tongue along the outside of the girl's pussy lips. Carrie
knelt directly behind London. Carrie licked her fingers and slowly pushed
them into the teen's wet pussy. A soft moan escaped London's lips and she
dove her tongue into Max's juicy cunt. London was feeling particularly cruel
so she bit the girl's pussy lips.

"Ouch you bitch!" Max cried.

"Language!" Carrie warned in her best 'mom' voice.

Max's anger dissolved as she was orally pleasured by London. Her long
leisurely tongue strokes came in time with Carrie's finger fucking. After a
thorough and very soothing fuck session the two teen's pussys were creaming
with orgasmic fluids.

"Mmmm that was so good. I'm gonna need to do this pretty regularly." London

"As long as it doesn't involve my ass being consistently abused." Said Max.

Well where is the fun in that, Wondered London.

To be concluded....


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