Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
London Tipton, Out Of Control Lesbian Heiress! Act 1 (ff, f-solo)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Act One: Drunken Heiress in lesbian make-out scandal!

The light from the cameras flashed repeatedly as the paparazzi seemed intent
on their mission to permanently blind London Tipton. London was mostly
shielded from their constant barrage while at home in her father's hotel but
whenever she was out and about in Boston she was subject to intense scrutiny
of the reporters' invasive presence. She sometimes loved them and the
attention that they gave her. But at that moment they felt a lot more like a
suppository. They were going places that she didn't like.

She had been at a party with some of her rich friends. Well honestly
speaking, friends was a bit too strong of a word, when she reflected on it,
Maddie Fitzpatrick was her only true friend. At this party she had become a
little drunk. She was under aged but being rich meant you could pretty much
get away with anything, right? Well unfortunately for her she realized that
there were consequences even for the wealthy and privileged. In her
inebriated state she had kissed another girl at the party. Kissing had been
the start anyways. She had also slipped her hand under the other girl's
skirt and touched her pussy through the moist fabric of the girl's panties.
Naturally everyone at the party knew what she'd been up to in the record
time of 7.34 minutes. The tales of her lesbian antics spread though the
party and then the general Boston area and once it became known that London
Tipton liked tacos as much as or better than sausages, the hordes of cameras
from trashy magazines across the nation camped out in front of her friend's
home and awaited her departure.

"London is it true you are gay?"

"London are you bisexual?"

"London are there any lesbian sex tapes?" (This question had the masses
hoping for a positive answer).

London ran through the front entrance of the Tipton and left the crowd of
Paparazzi outside, starved for more dirt. Fortunately Mr. Moseby forbade
them form harassing her inside the hotel. Unfortunately he had no such rule
pertaining to himself.

"Ah, London, how was your party?" He asked as she tried to get past him

"Fine, fine. By the way, anything you might hear about what may or may not
have happened at that party isn't true." She said.

She turned from him and strode towards the elevator. Halfway there she
stopped and turned towards him.

"If there's any visual evidence, it's fake." She said as she turned once
again and fled.

"London what are you talking about? LON DOOON!" Mr. Moseby called after her
as he followed her to the elevator.

Maddie watched them disappear into the elevator and quietly wondered to
herself what trouble London could possible have gotten herself into this
time. She had her own problems though. Her father had lost his job and was
currently an unemployed drunk by trade. Her mother was working full time at
Denny's and as a maid. Her family was well on it's way to financial ruin and
she didn't know what she could do to help. She sighed as she straightened
her counter.

"What's wrong Maddie?" Asked Zack.

"Nothing." Said Maddie.

Zack knew that there was something wrong with her. This was because he was
intimately familiar with every line and expression on Maddie's beautiful
face. Hell just about every expression she had ever made was captured on
camera and then taped to the little alter he had hidden under his bed.

"Come on Maddie, I know something is wrong." Said Zack.

"I'm wouldn't understand." She said.

"Try me." He said.

"Well you see, my family is having some pretty serious money problems right
now." Maddie said.

"Wow, it's too bad that you can't get a picture of Maddie kissing another
girl." Said Zack.


"Haven't you heard? The National Tattler is offering a hundred thousand
dollars to anyone who can get a picture of London engaged in Lesbian antics
with another girl." Said Zack.

"What!? Are you serious?" Maddie asked.

"Oh yeah." Said Zack.

"Zack we have to get that picture before anyone else does." Maddie said.

"Don't worry about it baby, with the Zack man at your side we'll have that
shot in no time." Zack said confidently. "Just one problem."

"What's that?" Asked Maddie.

"Have you ever actually seen her kiss another girl?" Asked Zack.

* * *

While Maddie and Zack plotted on how to capture an image of London engaged in
lesbian antics, London herself was up in her room, laying on her bed. She'd
managed to get rid of Moseby by telling him that she had 'Girl Issues'. She'd
then removed her dress and was now wearing only her bra and panties. Thought
about what had happened. She'd kissed a girl and the more that she thought
about it the more she had to admit she enjoyed it. Really, really enjoyed it.
She just wished her first lesbian kiss had not been at a party with a room
filled with blabber mouthed witnesses. She also wished that she hadn't kissed
just any random girl. She knew other girls that she really liked better.

Carrie, Zack and Cody's mom. She was older and more mature. She was had a
pretty face. She could imagine herself kissing her. She pictured the woman
naked and submissive and crawling towards her. As shiver went up her spine
as she imagined Carrie kissing her feet and begging to eat her pussy. Her
thoughts shifted to Max. The girl was only a freshman, she was an incredible
dancer and had pretty nice figure. London imagined what it would be like to
have Max standing behind her fingering her. While her imagination was running
rampant, her hands took a stroll to her pussy and began to massage it.
London's lips trembled and her eyes cloths she could picture Max's fingers
slip smoothly in and out of her sopping wet sex even as her own fingers did
the very same in real life. She imagined Ma asking her in a sweet and
subservient voice if she was enjoying it.

"Oh yes." London moaned softly as she creamed her panties.

London lay on top of her bed panting. She suddenly became very determined to
make the whole scenario happen. London searched for her phone book and once
she found it she dialed Max's phone number.

"Hello?" Asked the voice on the other line.

"Hello Max, it's London Tipton."

"Uh...hi." Replied Max.

"Max, I need you to come over right away." London said.

"What? Why?" Asked Max.

She was very confused. London never really talked to her. She didn't even
realize London had her phone number.

London was not completely prepared for Max's question, so she improvised.

"I need you to show me some dance moves." Said London.

"Right now? I'm sort of busy." Max said.

"I'll give you three thousand dollars." London said.

"OK, I'll be right over." Said Max.

After hanging up the phone, London went to her closet and selected her
wardrobe. She was planning on seducing young Max and she needed to look good.
A white skirt, white patent leather heels, and a blue top would do the trick.
Once she was dressed she paced impatiently and awaited the arrival of her

* * *

It was around this time that Zack had finally gathered all of the necessary
equipment for helping Maddie. Maddie stood in his room, front of a large
array of gadgets that seemingly came from some sort of spy catalogue.

"Where'd you get all of this?" Asked Maddie, as she examined the large number
of electronic surveillance devices.

"Brian's Spy Shack. It came in very handy when I was looking for ways to
secretly take pictures of you when you didn't know it...Is there any way that
we can pretend that you did not just hear that?" Zack asked after realizing
that he'd just admitted to stalking Maddie.

"You know, if I didn't need the help of someone with your particular skills,
I'd be hurting you bad right now." Said Maddie.

"Well it's a good thing you aren't because soon we are going to have are
going to have visual evidence of London engaging in lesbian antics." Said

"What are you two talking about?" Asked Cody, who had just stepped into their

"Ah Cody, hey, what are you doing here?" Asked Zack.

"I live here." Cody replied.

"Well still it's none of your business." Said Zack.

"I'm going to tell Moseby you are up to something." Said Cody.

"No, please don't Cody." Maddie pleaded. Cody softened a bit but not much.
She moved in close and kissed his cheek. She then made him an offer he
couldn't refuse. "If you don't tell I'll make out with you in the closet for
three minutes."

"HEY!!!" Protested Zack.

Cody's eyes popped wide open. Best. Bribe. Ever.

"Deal." He agreed.

"HEY!!!" Zack cried. Louder this time.

Maddie took him by the hand and escorted him to the closet and they both
stepped in and closed the door behind him. Zack was thoroughly enraged. He
could not believe that the girl of his dreams was no inside of the closet
making out with his traitor of a twin brother! It was unfair, it was unjust,
it was getting very loud inside. There were loud slams and panicked cries
coming from inside which caused Zack to become even more jealous. After
several minutes Maddie exited the closet looking very disheveled. Zack
glared at her angrily with his hand on his hips.

"Oh relax will you as soon as we got inside I wrestled him, tied him up, and
gagged him that's all." Said Maddie.

Zack peaked in and saw that his brother was indeed bound and gagged.

"Of course. I mean it's not like I was jealous or anything." Zack said while
failing to act cool.

Maddie rolled her eyes.

A few minutes later they were all set up in the hall around the corner from
London's penthouse suite. A hidden Camera was positioned behind the actual
security camera's in the hall and across from London's room. They couldn't
invade London's privacy any more invasively, like a camera in her bedroom,
until she actually left her room. The plan was to get in and plant more
devices in her suite once she left. Zack had a master key to get them in.
He'd stolen it from Moseby a few weeks prior and made a copy before Moseby
knew it was missing. They decided to watch the door and wait for their
chance. It did not take very long at all before the camera picked up
something. It wasn't London leaving as they conspirators had hoped but
instead it was Zack's friend, Max arriving and knocking on the door. Once
she disappeared inside Zack and Maddie both turned to each other with
disappointed looks on their faces.

"It's just Max." Zack said.

"What is she doing here anyways?" Asked Maddie.

"Maybe London is tutoring her?" Zack suggested.

Maddie laughed out loud.

"Are you kidding me? Its way more likely that Max is tutoring London. But
that's not what's important. How are we going to catch London kissing another
girl if she's hanging out with Max?" Maddie asked angrily.

Sadly, she was totally unaware of the irony in that statement.

* * *

London's doorbell rang and she immediately went to the door. She'd been
almost like a hungry tiger ready to pounce ever since she'd made the call to
Max. She opened the door and it was indeed Max waiting for her.

"Great, you're here, come in." London said.

Max strode, London's eyes followed her nicely rounded butt as she entered.
Max was wearing jean shorts and a white t-shirt.

"So, you want me to show you some dance moves?" Max said.

"Yes I want you to show me all of your moves." London said.

Of course Max was NOT clueless to the true meaning of the moves which Max was
actually referring to. What London didn't know was that her little bit of
lesbian antics was already general knowledge in the Boston area and most of
the planet thanks to the underpaid and under appreciated paparazzi who had
been hard at work violating her privacy. Max's incite into London's apparent
interest in the fairer sex came after she had gotten London's call and then
turned on a gossip TV show that reported on London's hot kiss with another
girl at the party. Max was at first shocked but then realized that it
explained the London's sudden interest in dance lessons perfectly. Max almost
decided right then not to go over to London's suite. But the more that she
thought about it the more that she realized that she might be able to use
London's lesbian urges to her advantage. Having a rich heiress want your body
could have its privileges.

"Have a seat and I'll put some music on." Max said.

"Sure." London said.

London took a seat on her sofa while Max went to the CD player. She removed a
CD from her bag and slipped it into the player.

"I can guarantee you are going to like this."

Max gave London a smile as 'Miss Independent' began to play. London was well
aware That Max was terrific dancer but she was completely unprepared for what
she was watching her do now. Max's sweet little bottom was swinging wildly
and her sexy legs moving sensually in perfect time with the music. London
stared silently, she was fascinated with every subtle movement of Max's body.
Her focus stayed with Max's butt with its soft, gentle curvature. There was a
small level of disappointment anytime Max turned to face her so that this
adorable butt was no longer visible. But whenever that happened, London
shifted her focus to Max's boobs, which were smallish but still nice. She saw
just how nice they were when Max approached her VERY closely, put her hands
on London's shoulders and then arched back which pushed her boobs in London's
face. London reached up and put her hands on Max's ass, no longer capable of
resisting the desire to do so. Max promptly slapped her.

"Ouch, hey!" London protested.

"Your paying me for dance lessons. No touchies." Max said.

"What? Well I'll give you another ten grand if you let me do anything I want
with you." London offered.

"Tempting but, no. I'm worth at least twenty grand." Max said.

"That's extortion!" London protested.

"OK, I'll see you around." Max said as she began to gather her things so she
could leave.

"No wait!" London cried.

"Yes?" Max asked.

"Fine twenty. But you better make it worth my money." London said.

Max turned and walked back towards London. She was moving like a cat, slowly
and deliberately. Every step that she took filled London with shivers of
lust. She put her hands on London's shoulders then Straddled London's lap.
Max leaned forward and kissed London. Her sweet, warm tongue entered London's
eager mouth and mingled with hers. London's heart was pounding like crazy.
While enjoying the soft lips and sweet tongue London grabbed one of Max's
breasts with one hand while grabbing her ass with another. London massaged
each of them while continuing her extended kiss. London let go of Max's top
and bottom then broke the kiss.

"Strip." London ordered.

"No problem." Max said.

London watched as the girl removed her shirt and shorts and was left standing
in her simple white bra and panties. Under subject of London's hungry stare
she removed her bra. Her cute boobs were perky and had dark nipples that
London was dying to try to suck on. She turned her back to London then
grabbed the waistband of her panties. Max bent over and slipped the panties
over her butt and slid them down her legs to her ankles. FUCKING LITTLE
TEASE! London thought. London stood and kissed Max again. While they were
making out, London took the opportunity to feel up Max's perky bare tits. She
took a hard nipple in her mouth and sucked it like a baby with bottle. London
spun Max around and pushed her to the sofa. Max squealed as London threw her
back and gave her boob a light bite. London was hot and horny and acting on
pure instinct. Two of her fingers slipped between Max's smooth thighs and
penetrated her wet little virginal cunt.

"Mmm." Max closed her eyes and threw her head back then moaned.

This was an encouraging sign for a girl that really needed no encouragement
to begin with. London pumped her fingers in and out quickly which made Max
moan and whimper so cutely that it was almost like throwing gasoline on a
fire. London sucked on the girl's other tit and added a second third finger.

"Ohh nooo." Max squealed.

That just made London finger the girl even harder. Max was getting fucked so
hard and so well she barely noticed London's occasional nipple nibble. Max
arched her back as the power of her sexual pleasure built up and exploded of

"Mmm YES!!! LONDOOON YEEES!!!" Max cried.

Max's sweet, warm, sex juice covered London's fingers. London gave them a
lick then offered some o Max who tentatively licked them off of London's
fingers. They kissed again while London swirled a finger in her pussy so she
could feed her a little more sex juice. After Max licked London's finger
clean, London stood and stripped out of her own outfit. Max watched her
undressed and felt a pang of jealousy. London's breasts were more impressive
than her own. Once London removed her panties Max was a little surprised to
see that London's pussy was more bare than mother Hubbard's cupboard.

"OK baby, now that I've made you cum it's your turn to return the favor. But
you are going to do it a little different than the way I did. Lay down on the
floor, face up." Ordered London.

Max was surprised by this particular request but that was OK, London was
in fact a paying customer. Max got off of the sofa and did as she was
instructed. London enjoyed the sight of her laying prone and submissive so
much that she almost came right there and then. London walked over and
straddled the girl's head. Max was not completely in love with the idea of
eating pussy but she figured she had better go through with it. Max's tongue
licked the outside of London's hungry cunt.

"Ooo yes. That's it Max, eat it good." London moaned.

Max took instruction well enough. London felt a deep incredible thrill surged
through her as Max's tongue stabbed into her for the first time. Max grabbed
London's hips and started to really smack and suck the juicy wet cunt in her
mouth with serious gusto.

"Yes, fuck yes, suck that pussy good." Cried London while she grabbed Max's
tits and squeezed them a bit too hard for Max's tastes.

"Mmmrr mrrph mmmrr grr." She cried into the pussy crammed in her face.

This brought a big old smile to London's face. Max resentfully continued her
pussy eating London closed her eyes and rocked back and forth and massaged
the girls breast while the little tongue swirled and danced around in her
sex. London through her head back and cried out.


London Slumped down on top of Max and for a long while they both just lay
there in post sexual bliss.

* * *

Maddie was still down the hall growing increasingly impatient and annoyed.
After an hour and a half of just sitting around waiting for Max to leave
London's suite, Maddie threw her hands up in frustration.

"How in the hell are we going to catch London engaged in lesbian antics if
she's just going to hang out with Max all night???" She cried.

Zack shook his head and shrugged.

To be continued...


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