Suite Life Of Zack And Cody:
Elevator Trouble Part 1 (mmff,inc,oral,anal,first,slash)
by Sam

It was an extremely hot day in the city of Boston, luckily at the Tipton
Hotel the air conditioning was working fine. Zack and Cody's mom had to work
that night so she had asked Maddie to baby-sit the twins. Zack and Cody had
asked their mom if they could have their friend Max to stay the night, it was
fine by Carrie. Zack and Cody told Max to meet them in the hotel lobby at 4

At 4 o'clock, Max, Zack, Cody and Maddie proceeded to go to the boy's suite.
They called the elevator and hoped in pushing the boys' floor. Halfway up in
the elevator, the elevator shuddered to a stop.

"What's happening" cried Cody.

"I dunno, I think we're stuck in this elevator." said Maddie.

Suddenly they heard a voice speaking from the elevator intercom; it was
Arwin, the hotel handyman. "Hi guys, sorry the elevators just frozen there,
but sit tight and we should have it sorted out soon."

The air conditioning in the elevator kept the kids cool on this hot Boston
day. All of a sudden, it cut out.

"Damn, now the air conditionings gone as well," said Zack.

After about half an hour, the temperature in the elevator was starting to get
quite uncomfortable; Zack, Cody, Max and Maddie had all started to sweat,
being trapped in this metal box in temperatures above 95 degrees.

Arwin again came over the intercom, "Um, guys, while trying to fix the
elevator I think I might have broken the air conditioning, you guys could be
in there for a couple more hours before I can fix this problem."

"What are we going to do," proclaimed Max, "I'm absolutely boiling in here."

Maddie who had her Tipton uniform on had to take off her Tipton shirt and the
boots and stockings she was wearing. Zack seeing Maddie in just a small white
tank top started to get hard, and tried to hide it from the others.

"Oh, stuff this" said Max "I'm boiling, I need to take off my shirt, don't
look at me ok guys."

This didn't help Zack's problem at all and Maddie realized Zack's small bulge
in his pants. "I see you're a little aroused Zackykins," stated Maddie.

"Oh, ah, I couldn't help it you just look so good, and those perky nipples
sticking out of your shirt just made me horny."

Maddie who herself was quite horny, reached over and lightly stroked Zack's
small bulge in his pants, Zack was in heaven and lay his head back and Maddie
started to pull his pants down and reveal his 4 inch member surrounded by a
small triangle of blonde pubic hair.

This turned Max and Cody on and quickly all four teenagers were naked,
finally feeling cooler. Maddie continued to stroke Zack and slowly started
to engulf his cock in her mouth, using her hand to fondle his ball sack.
Zack was so close to coming as Maddie performed wonders with her tongue.

"Oh my god, I'm cuming" screamed Zack, as he shot 4 loads of his 13-year old
sperm down Maddie's open mouth.

"Now it's my turn" said Maddie, as she turned her body round and stuck her
dripping wet pussy in front of Zack's face.

While Zack and Maddie were fooling around, Cody had wasted no time with Max,
as they were in the sixty nine position playing with each others cock and
pussy. Max lay there licking Cody's cock, her small preteen breasts just
starting to bud, her bald pussy receiving magical treatment from Zack's
tongue and his fingers.

Zack had now proceeded to mount Maddie and she engulfed his cock in her tight
virgin pussy, with Zack's cock in two inches he met some resistance and
quickly pulled out and then ripped through Maddie's hymen. Maddie screamed in
pain and pleasure as Zack's small cock pumped in and out of her. Maddie felt
her orgasm nearing and as Zack plunged into her pussy she came, her pussy
convulsing around Zack's member causing him to shoot his sperm into her

"Oh my god Zack, that was amazing" said Maddie.

Cody and Max were still going at it as Cody convinced Max to let him fuck
her. She positioned herself over his cock and slowly lowered herself down,
his extremely wet and tight pussy struggling to take Cody's small preteen
dick. Cody quickly thrust upwards breaking her hymen, as Max wailed in pain,
after a couple more thrusts she started to feel good, really good! Cody
continued pumping Max as he shot his load into her pussy as it contracted
around Cody's dick in a moment of pure ecstasy.

Maddie then said, "Cody and Zack, I want to see you two get it on."

Cody looked at his brother, it was a look of pure lust as they grabbed each
other engaging in a passionate incestuous kiss, Cody the normally quieter
twin, grabbed Cody's small unerect dick and engulfed it in his mouth, causing
Zack's dick to spring back to life, Zack did the same with Cody's dick giving
him the blowjob of his life. Zack pulled away from Cody and told him to get
in the doggy-style position. He spread Cody's ass cheeks, he put two fingers
up Maddie's dripping wet pussy and pulled them out and lubricated Cody's
asshole. He positioned his cock at his brother's entrance and slowly pushed
his hairless 4-inch cock into his brother's ass. Maddie then got under Cody
and took his cock in her mouth. Max then began to eat out Maddie's beautiful

Cody's ass began to loosen up and Zack started thrusting in and out, his
brother's tight ass-hole stimulating his rock hard cock. Zack began to thrust
faster and faster as her shot his load deep into his brother's anus. Cody
couldn't take anymore with Maddie sucking his cock and his brother's cock and
cum in his ass, as he shot the biggest load of his life right at Maddie's
face. Max stopped licking Maddie's pussy and started to kiss Maddie and share
Cody's cum in a passionate embrace. Zack and Cody lay together absolute spent
as their body's intertwined and their small flaccid penis' rubbed together.

They had failed to notice however that the elevator had begun to move
again, and as Cody and Zack lay on the floor and Max and Maddie were kissing
profusely, and as the elevator hit ground floor the doors opened up to Mr.
Moesby, Zack and Cody's mom, Arwin, Esteban and London. The 6 on-lookers
stared at the group of 4 teenagers, as London stepped out and began to rub
Maddie's pussy, and Carrie began to suck of her two twins.

Zack, Cody, Max and Maddie lay there absolutely dumb-founded as the group of
six people stepped into the elevator and closed the doors...

To be continued...


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