DISCLAIMER: I do not know either Debbie Ryan, Brenda Song or Ashley Tisdale. Or the characters they play. And I doubt any of the this happened. This is purely fictional have fun and enjoy!!!!

Suite Life On Deck: Maddie's Vacation (fff)
by Max Dragon ([email protected])

"We're about to make port in New York!" exclaimed Bailey.

"You don't get off the farm much do you?" London said lazily. Being London has been to almost every major city in her 17 years due to her jet that her father bought for her.

"You hush up! You haven't been to Kettle Corn! All we have is our festival. Now London, are you this mean to everyone or is it just me?"

"No, wait til she sees me..." said an unknown voice.

"Maddie!!" yelled London and Bailey as they embraced and their breasts pushed against each other. Maddie pulls away as reveals a flushed face as she clears her throat.

"London, Bailey!!! You both look great!!!" as she checks out the legs up on up on both London and Bailey and licks her lips slightly and adjusts her hair behind ear.

"What are you doing in New York, Maddie?" London asked almost unconvincingly as she slowly checked out Maddie, feeling a slight flushed and turned on by Maddie's long sleek legs as she rubbed her neck lightly to remind Bailey secretly of her favorite spot, as Bailey looks at the heiress and smiles slightly trying not let Maddie notice.

"Well, after my last visit I got transferred to the New York Mr. Williams allows me to stay in a room after I asked Mr. Tipton. plus I asked for the 4 days off....and Mr. Williams gave me a paid vacation. So lets head to my room and give each other make overs and massages, Bailey first!"

After a few minutes they walk into the Tipton as they are greeted by Mr. Williams.

"Welcome Ms. Tipton, Ms. Fitzpatrick and you must be Ms. Picket, so during your stay everything is complementary, enjoy!" Mr. Williams said warmly.

The three girls waved sweetly and continued toward the elevator tot the 17th floor, they get out and turn left and go down 9 doors.

"This is us girls, 1736," Maddie paused and slid the card key in the slot and opened her door.

"Ok, Bailey, go to my bed and strip, London and I will be there shortly."

As soon as Bailey left the room Maddie looked at London and kissed her passionately and started down her neck and lightly bites her neck. London started getting weak at the knees.

"Maddie!!!! How did you know about that spot? Is this your plan? To seduce me??" London whispered loudly.

"Your hair, you always have it up, easy access. Plus I figured you were at least bisexual by the way you and Bailey keep looking at each other. And my plan isn't to seduce just you," Maddie explained and smiled devilishly.

"I'm ready for my pampering!!!" Bailey called, as London only walked into the room and began to suck, bite and lick at Baileys breast, Bailey biting her lip to stop from moaning.

"Wait, wait, wait, London! Maddie will catch us! She be mad or disgusted!" as she pulls the sheet onto her breasts, while London pulls her underwear out from under her red short skirt and pushes Bailey back and sits on her face. Bailey begins to lap deeply into London's pussy and London throws her head back.

Suddenly Bailey feels a warm, wet object start to flick and suck on her wet pussy. In shock she realizes it is Maddie focusing on her lower region. Slowly London turns a 180 and begins to finger Bailey. Then Bailey starts to hear moaning and kissing between the blonde beauty and the gorgeous brunette heiress, and decides she wants to taste her juices on their entwining lips and tongues. Bailey lightly pushes London's leg out ward and and sides out from under her. London and Maddie slow their kissing to a halt as London lies down as Maddie positions herself above London's face. London begins to kiss Maddie's inner thigh and licks lightly on her lips and she begins to nibble on them as well. this makes Maddie shiver with excitement.

Bailey grabs Maddie's head and pulls her into a deep kiss tasting her own juices along with a hint of strawberries. They begin to kiss more passionately as both Bailey and Maddie begin to finger London fiercely causing the first orgasm of the night. Bailey starts kissing down Maddies neck and chest stopping to lightly bite Maddie's nipples causing her back to arch in ecstacy, as she continued downward to Maddie's flat stomache to her small patch of soft hair onto London's lips. As Bailey lies on top of London passionately nursing London's lips. Maddie begins to lick again at Bailey's pussy juices and begins to bite at her lips making her cum instantly.

"Wow Bailey!! You taste great!" Maddie exclaimed as Bailey lies next to London as she snuggles next to London. Maddie can see the the thin film of sweat on their tanned skins and the matted hair sticking to their foreheads, the two already asleep. Maddie smiles to herself as she decides to sleep on the couch. debating whether to put clothes on or not. Maddie turns the air conditioner on and decides against the clothes. Maddie slowly starts to drift to sleep.


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