Steve Harvey Show: The Candy Sale (Mff,inter)
by Wilcox

It was a long day at the school and an even longer week. All I wanted was to
get home and chill until it would start all over again. I knew that Cedrick
was gone for the weekend and I wouldn't be disturbed. I planned to just relax
and not do a thing but rest for two whole days. Those kids at the school were
a handful and I didn't want to have to think about them until Monday morning
when the endless hassles would start all over again. The first thing I did
when I got to my apartment was to change into my gym shorts and put on some

As I kicked back on the couch, I was just starting to find some inner peace
when my door bell rang. I got up and went to see who was bothering me now.
There was this girl from my high school dressed in a cheerleader outfit. I
recognized her right off. She was a very cute brunette with nice perky tits,
great legs and ass with a killer smile on her beautiful face. Donna had
quite a reputation around the school and I'd had more than a few fantasies
about putting the boots to her.

Now here she was on my doorstep selling candy to raise money for the school's
football team. "Oh Hi, Mr. Harvey," she said. "I didn't know you lived in
this building." I had to show school sprit of course and told her wait while
I went and got my wallet. As I handed her a bill, it slipped and fell to the

She bent down to pick up the bill and when she glanced up she could look
right up my shorts. I hadn't put on any underwear and the head of my big
black cock was just above the bottom of my shorts and clearly visible to
her now wide opened eyes.

She stared for a moment, then said, "Oh my God, it's so big. You're hung like
a horse Mr. Harvey ... just like I always imagined you were."

She reached her hand up my shorts and swirled her finger around the head
before I knew what was happening. She looked up from my dick and gave me a
seductive smile as she ran a finger up the underside. "Ohh Mr. Harvey. I've
never seen one this big before," she said as she wrapped her soft hand
around it and started to stroke me slowly.

I was getting harder by the second. My cock was now pushing the leg of my
shorts up and exposing my balls as I grew in her loving grip to my full 10"
length. I was well past the point of caring about the student/teacher
relationship crap now ... my smaller head was doing the all thinking.

"Baby, I got some of your chocolate. Would you like a taste of mine?" I asked
her. She nodded her head and smiled up at me as she moved her head towards my
erect cock. "Not in the doorway baby," I said as I gave the hallway a quick
glance. "Come in here and you can have all you want."

I helped her up to her feet, kicked the door to close it and led her to the
couch as I pulled off my shorts and tee shirt. She gave me a seductive little
smile as she checked out my hard muscular body.

Then her hands were on my dick, stroking it like she couldn't believe how
long and hard it was. "I've heard the stories about black men but I didn't
believe them ... until now, that is Mr. Harvey."

As I sat back she got on her knees between my spread opened legs, put her
lips on the tip of my cock and gave it a kiss. Her tongue slithered out
from between her full pouty lips and swirled around my cockhead, her tongue
tickling my opening. Then she opened wide and took my cock into her mouth
and clasped her sexy lips under the head. She kept it up for a while as I
laid back and watched her.

She worked on just the head. Sucking it, then withdrawing my cock from her
mouth until she was again kissing just the tip as her hands stroked my thick
shaft. After a while she began to work her sweet lips down over my dick,
working it in deeper and deeper into her fabulous mouth. I knew I wasn't
going to last long if she kept this up, so I pulled her up and exchanged
places with her.

I pushed her short skirt up, hooked the waistline of her panties and pulled
them off her. She was clean-shaven and her little quim looked so beautiful.
I pushed her legs back and open and slowly slid my hand down her left thigh
to her sweet pussy. I spread her labia open, found her clit and lightly
touched it. She hissed through clenched teeth. I kissed and licked my way up
her right thigh sucking in her labia and teasing her with my tongue.

I looked up. Her eyes were closed, head pointed towards the ceiling. My
tongue darted out and flicked her clit. I kissed it and held it in my lips
as my tongue ticked its tip. She was moaning loudly and breathing heavily.
Time to take her to a new level.

I wet my finger and slipped it into her. She gasped. I licked her clit and
pumped my finger in unison. After a few strokes, I inserted a second finger,
much to her pleasure. Within minutes, I had worked three fingers into her
and was pumping her nice and slow. She pulled off her top and her neck and
chest were bright pink from the glow of orgasm. She wasn't wearing a bra,
not that her perky full melons needed one. 'What I set of tits,' I thought
as I watched her rack rolling freely as I ate her out.

She was eating pussy material for sure, but I had enough. My throbing dick
was talking to me and I had to fuck her. I couldn't wait any longer to feel
her tight teenaged twat stretch open around my thick love muscle. I grabbed
her by the upper arms, stood her up, and sat back on the couch. She pulled
down her skirt so that she was as naked as I was and then I pulled her face
to face on to my lap. Her knees bent, and slid in on each side of my legs.
Her lush teenaged body moved closer to me. Her tight little pussy slid closer
to my huge black cock.

She straddled me and I aimed my huge erection for her tiny slice of sunshine,
and began to lower her. I continued until the head of my cock was nudged
between her tight lips. The little hardbody whimpered softly and slowly slid
down my thick 10 inches.

"AAAHHHHHHHH! GOODDDDDD!!!" she moaned as she slid all the way down my pole
and I knew it was more than she'd ever taken before. She was stretched wide
open. Her hot teenaged cunt was spread around my big black dick like a glove
a size too small. "OH GAWD!" she let out when the base of my black monster
touched her pelvis bone.

I let her sit on it to get used to the size and depth as I drank in her
beauty. Then she moved forward and massed her lips against mine. Our mouths
opened and our tongues were working hard as she rolled her hips in my lap,
milking my fully embedded black horsecock with her tight pussy.

After a few minutes we broke off our kiss and the sweet little thing leaned
backward moaning softly in her chest. "Ahhh...GODDD.
to me Mr. Harvey?" She moaned. Her heavy breathing was causing her full melon
breasts to move up and down. I looked at those beautiful titties, rising and
falling. Man, I love tits, especially big firm ones.

I pulled her to me and buried my head in her lucious mounds. I started with
the right nipple and started sucking, feeling it get longer in my mouth as
I nursed on it. Then I went over to the left tit for a similar feast. While
doing this, my hands slid from her waist down to grab her firm little ass
cheeks, taking a handful of flesh in each hand as she began to push herself
up and down my thick black root.

She moaned as she slid all the way down my pole and I knew it was more than
she'd ever taken before. I love it when a woman's on top and I continued my
assault on her clit, timing my caresses with her pumps on my cock. On the up
stroke, my sweet little cheerleader would allow the head of my cock to slip
past her labia and then she'd lower herself full tilt. It was nirvana. But
in my haste to get going with this high school honey, I had forgotten to
completely close the front door.

As I looked up I noticed another high school cheerleader staring at our
coupling. She was a longhaired blonde with nice tits, flat belly and great
legs. Her name was Christy. I recalled how she and Donna were always
together when I saw them around the school. I nudged Donna; she looked and
motioned for her friend to join us.

I was really nervous that she'd scream out and I'd be busted big time. She
looked at us a little while then smiled, stepped in and closed the door
behind her saying, "Hi Mr. Harvey. Can I play too?" My heart leaped. Man ...
I was gonna fuck two hardbody white cheerleaders. Life just couldn't get any

Christy closed the door, shed her outfit and knelt between my legs, kissing
her friends cheeks and handling my sack. On the next up stroke, I slipped my
cock out of Donna in hopes of having Christy suck it.

She got the idea and I could feel her hot breath surround my tool, her lips
finally closing around its base. She slipped her lips up over my length,
tasting her friend and fine tuning my senses. Her head bobbed up and down
my tool a couple of times and then she guided me back into Donna. I told
Christy to push her finger up her friend's ass and then push forward until
she could feel my cock.

She did and then I told her to push forward and put pressure on my cock as
it caressed the walls of her friend's pussy. That did it. Donna was over the
hump and having a powerful orgasm. Her head jerked from side to side and she
beat on my chest, pleading for me to stop.

I wanted to fuck Christy now anyway so I pulled her up and off my big dick.
Christy moved right in and started to lick her friend's juices off my dick,
then she opened wide and went down on it big time. The girl knew how to suck
cock, that was sure as she worked her sweet lips down over my thick shaft.

I let her go on her own for a while then grabbed the top of her head as she
was going down and forced her to take it into her throat. Her eyes bulged
out, but I didn't stop until she'd deepthroated every inch of my black
monster. I let her up to breath, then pushed her down again and again until
she was doing it on her own.

I knew I was close and I really wanted to fuck the shit out of this sweet
little blonde cheerleader so I pulled her off my dick and put her on her
back on the couch. I spread her legs open and hooked them over my shoulders
as I moved in for the kill. My big dick nussled in and I pushed it through
her juicy crack as she rolled her head from side to side. Man did she look
good. I had to have her. I fit it in, slammed it home and started to fuck
her brains out. I fucked her as hard as I could, repeatedly burying every
long thick 10 inch I had into her glove tight passage.

Christy screamed in delight as I pounded her pussy with my big black cock.
She went wild, thrashing under me. She was rolling her hips and throwing
them up to meet my powerful thrusts as I nailed her on my couch. My black
cock gave her one orgasm after another as I pounded her hard and deep for
another ten minutes before letting her legs down.

I had to hold on to her, as she couldn't lay still. I held her waist as I
powerfully thrusted my black meat into her faster and faster. The beautiful
high school honey was bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. I pulled out
of her and rolled her trembling body over so that her face was positioned
right on top of Donna's muff. The horny girl had been working her fingers in
and out of her sopping wet slit the whole time I'd been fucking her blonde

She rolled her sexy ass in front of me and begged me for it as I raised her
to all fours and mounted her from behind. I loved how her tight little white
body looked as I hammered away with my black heat. My massive black horsecock
glistened with her flowing juices as I watched her sweet little pussy take
it hard and deep.

Donna grabbed her friend Christy by her blonde hair and pulled her down so
that Christy's face was buried into her juicy pussy. It muffled her constant
moans as I sawed her in half and I could see that she was really into eating
her friend out. Donna's head was lying back on the arm of the couch as she
went off on a magic mystery tour of orgasmic delight from the tonguing
Christy was giving her.

I reached up under Christy and mauled her hanging tits as I ram fucked her.
After a while I lifted up and grasped her flaring hips as I rode her into
the sunset. She was incredible. Her tight little pussy felt like it had
fingers in it. This hot assed blonde cheerleader's sweet pussy was the best
I'd ever had and it was milking my big black cock for a load of heavy cream

The thing was though ... the sight of her puckered little anus twitching as
I fucked her had given me my own idea on where I wanted to cum. I pulled all
the way out and slid my rockhard cockhead over the entrance to her ass.
Realizing what was happening, she lifted off her friend's pussy and pleaded
"No, don't Mr. Harvey, please no ... I've never had it back there before!"

I pushed my cockhead between her gorgeous buns and nuzzled it in against her
tiny anus as the sweet little thing whimpered. I slid my cock down her crack
and into her cunt quickly, making her groan at the sudden massive invasion.
Her friend by then had a hold of her head and was pulling her face tightly
into her juicy cunt as I continued to fuck her.

I pumped her for a minute, then pulled out and pushed my cockhead back
between her lucious buttocks to her tight, puckered sphincter. She whimpered
again into Donna's sopping wet gash as my cockhead throbbed at her virgin
anus. It yielded under the pressure and caved inward as I flexed my buttocks
and rammed my hips forward. My cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep
up her virgin asshole as Christy's head jerked against her friend's squishy

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... " came the muffled scream as my thick black cock rammed
forward without mercy. Lucky that her mouth was tightly buried in Donna's
cunt or her screams would have been heard by my neighbor's. "OH! Uh! Oh! Uh!
Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried as I gritted my teeth, my fingers digging into
the softness of her creamy buttocks, my head flung back as I flexed my
buttocks and ground my hips forward.

My big black cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole
as I watched in horny delight. Deeper and deeper it went, and I groaned,
burying the enormity of my long thick black penis in her tiny anus, my hips
pressing tightly to her buttocks. I held it buried balls deep and let her
get used to it as marveled at the vice like grip of her tight shitter. After
a while I could feel the change flow over her as she relaxed and went back
to hungrily slurping on Donna's juicy cunt.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under me like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loudly into her friend's sweet tasting gash in out of
control passion. Her body rocked and jerked under my thrusts, her heavy
breasts jogging and bouncing, my hands on her hips, pulling her glove tight
little anus up and down the length of my big black cock.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in my crotch as I ran my
hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as I sodomized her slowly and
deeply. She was so fucking tight and I was so far along that I knew I
couldn't hold out much longer. I drilled her anus, skewering it heavily,
going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. The sweet little teenager
exploded, her fingers tightly clenching her friend's thighs. I fucked her
up the ass furiously as she whimpered and cried out in joy.

I finally lost control. With a mighty thrust, I rammed all I had inside of
her and held it buried to the hilt in her tautly stretched little asshole.
My muscular black body tensed as my testicles exploded. The heat surged
from my cock and spurted out, jetting deep up into her anal canal. I came
in copious loads till I'd emptied myself in Christy's tight little asshole.

I staggered back, groaning; only to find Donna slip out from her blonde
friend's body. She moved in on her knees before me and took my cock deep in
her mouth, sucking it rapidly, her head rocking back and forth before my
thighs. She was slurping up all the juice on it, tasting her friend's cunt
and ass and my jizz on my cock. She quickly brought it back to life and had
me rock hard and ready for action.

She spun around and positioned herself over Christy's quivering body. She
was on her hands and knees, her sweet little teenaged ass pointed at me as
she looked over her shoulder at me with a definite come and get it look in
her sultry eyes. I knew what she wanted. The same thing her blonde friend
had just had. An over the edge buttfucking from a big black dick. Now who
was I to disappoint the sweet little girl kneeling before me?

I moved up behind her and slid my dick into her juicy cunt as she moaned
loudly. I pumped her a while to get my dick coated with her juices, then I
fit my dick against her tiny asshole. My cockhead throbbed at her anus as I
pressed forward. It yielded under the pressure as I flexed my buttocks and
slid my hips forward. My cockhead popped into her rear channel. Donna's head
jerked up as I began to sodomize her just like I'd done Christy. Man her
tight little asshole was so sweet. I fucked her up the ass for another
half-hour non-stop before I deposited a heavy load of potent spunk deep up
her tight little asshole.

It took me several pumps before I could pull out and have Donna suck the
juices from me. I jerked from being overly sensitive as she sucked with the
intent of making me say "Stop." She didn't get her wish. I fucked them both
again before they left.

Man it was the best candy sale I'd ever supported.


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