Strange Days At Blake Holsey High: Sex Ed (f-mast,ff,oral,cons)
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Chapter 1

There had never quite been a sex education class like this at Blake Holsey
High before. Usually the class, which was a special three hour class held
quarterly, was taught by Principal Durst and the emphasis was strongly on
abstinence and the pain and dangers of pregnancy and disease, in particular
the ravages of herpes, AIDS and other STDs.

This time however, the curriculum was slightly different because the
teacher was not the stuffy Principal but Professor Noel Zachary or as he was
known to most of his students, Professor Z, It wasn't that he ignored the
health aspects of sex but that he also touched on what he called the mental
and emotional sides as well.

"Without naming names, I want you to think on how a kiss *feels*, on
what emotions come up with the touch of skin against skin." This caused
more than a little nervous laughter and more than a few sidewise glances,
some shy, some speculative, particularly between two of Professor Z's
favorite students, Josie and Vaughn.


Deep down in the basement something else took notice. It was the
reason Blake Holsey was sometimes called "Black Hole High" by the Science
Club. It wasn't exactly sentient or alive, at least not in any way humans
would understand but it did react to stimuli and had an awareness that
extended throughout the school environs. What it responded to most were
thought and desires. Desires like the ones stirring in the subconscious of
Dr. Z's Sex education class.


Josie woke from a dream of her and Vaughn. She was vague on exactly
what they had been doing in the dream but she had awoken hot, flushed and
sweaty, with dampness between her legs. Her hands had apparently been
roaming in her sleep because her pajama top was half unbuttoned and one hand
had slid inside her pajama bottoms.

At first she was embarrassed, hoping that her friend and roommate
Corinne hadn't heard any noises she was making in her sleep. Then she
realized that Corrine was making noises of her own. The petite redhead got
out of bed and moved stealthily to the side of her black friend's bed.
Corrine's eyes were squeezed closed and her nightgown up above her hips.
Her hands were rubbing furiously between her legs.


Josie had been passed from boarding school to boarding school for
years, most of them girl only. Any time you put teenagers of one sex in
constant contact with each other the was bound to be some experimentation.
Josie had never indulged but she had thought about it more than once.
Looking down at the long, shapely body of her roommate she thought about it
again and, driven by the strange forces unleashed tonight, she gave in.

When Corrine felt a hand not her own over hers her eyes flew open to
see Josie's smiling face framed by hair the color of a pumpkin leaning down
towards her.

"Josie! What are you doing?"

"Would you like some help with that?" her friend teased, looking at her
pussy. She lifted the other girl's hand, covered in cream and licked it

Corrine's parent had rather strict views on sex, less for religious
reasons that because they didn't want it interfering with her studies but as
with Josie, a force beyond her control was pushing her. She sat up and
pulled off her nightgown to Josie's appreciative stare. Josie reciprocated
by unbuttoning the rest of her pajama top and taking it off.

"Your nipples look like rosebuds," commented Corrinne making her friend

Josie joined the other girl in bed and leaned forward, taking her
breast in her mouth and giving it a thorough tongue bath. Then she took
Corrinne's dark nipple between her teeth and sucked hard.

"Mmmmmm, yes! Bite it, bite it!" Josie obliged, nibbling teasingly
and finishing with another hard suck.

"Mmmm, you taste better than chocolate." She then kissed her way down
her black friend's soft belly until she found herself between Corrinne's
legs, facing her richly furred pussy Her fingers spread her lips and she
took first a tentative lick, then a long slow one. Then she pushed her
tongue inside.

"Oh...ohyes, that's...that's *so* fine!"

Josie moved her legs so that she straddled Corrine's head. Her friend
caught on to the hint quickly, pulling the pajama bottoms down and off. She
then pulled the flame hued crotch and pale thighs toward her. Soon she was
matching Josie lick for lick and tonguethrust for tonguethrust.

"MMM...OH...ohhhhFUCKKKK!" screamed Josie as she came. She bent her
head back downward, applying both tongue and fingers to Corrine's sopping
wet cunt and was soon rewarded by Corrine's own high pitched screams of

Both girls took a few minutes to recover from the hot waves of pleasure
that had ripped through them then Josie turned herself around to snuggle her
new lover.

"That..was...," started Corrine

"Great!" finished Josie

"Yeah. But now I want..."

"A cock in you?"

"Yeah!" Corrine paused. "How are we reading each other minds like

"Well, I figure the vortex in the basement is behind this..."

"As usual."

"Hey, it's about time it made something good happen."

"True. Do you think anyone heard us? I mean we were pretty loud."

Both girls went quiet and could hear muffled moans, grunts and whimpers
of pleasure coming from the rooms on either side and from the hall outside.
It seemed the whole floor, maybe the whole school was being affected.

Wearing only their bathrobes, the girls slipped hand in hand, down the
stairs to the boys dorm level. At the bottom of the stairs, where they
stepped, smirking, over a pair of frantically coupling bodies, Josie turned
one way as Corrine turned the other.

"Where are you going?" Corrine asked her friend.

Josie blushed until her face was almost the color of her hair.
"Vaughn's room...and you?"

The blush didn't show up as clearly on Corrine's cinnamon hued skin
but it was there nonetheless. "Um...I thought I'd check on Marshall and
Lucas and...see if they were okay."

"Oh, I'm sure they'll be just fine once you show up," said Josie with a

"And then...well...," Josie couldn't quite hear what her friend said

"What? Repeat that?"

"Well, I was thinking of going to...the teacher's level."

"Professor Z?"

"Uh huh," was the mumbled reply.

"Ooh, I didn't think you had it in you Cory. Tell you what, I'll meet
you back here and we can both go."

"Okay." The girls kissed one more time and then parted.


Chapter 2

codes: mm, mmf, bi, voyeur, f-mast, m-mast, oral, first
As she walked down the corridor of the boys floor Corrine noticed that
it was a lot quieter than the girls floor had been. She guessed that a lot
of the boys had gone upstairs and hoped that neither she nor Josie would
find empty rooms.

As it turned out there was good news and bad news. The good news was
that Marshall and Lucas were there. The bad news was that they were
already "busy"...with each other.

Marshall was sitting on the edge of his bed, while the smaller boy was
on his knees in front of him, head going back and forth on his pole.

At first Corrine was both shocked and put off. She'd never guessed
that either boy was gay. Or were they? After all, until tonight she'd
never had any feelings for Josie except friendship. Not conciously anyway.
Maybe they were bi.

In any case, as she continued to watch, she started to get turned on.
Neither boy was particularly muscular but they weren't flabby either, though
Lucas was a bit on the skinny side. Marshall in particular had a nice rangy
build. Corinne's hands undid her robe's belt and soon her fingers were
rubbing away at her clit.

It was, in fact, a moan that escaped her lips and alerted Marshall that
he and Lucas had a watcher. At first, he was embarrassed at having their
tryst discovered, but the sight of one of her hands roaming over her firm,
round, if slightly under-sized, breasts and the fingers of the
other plunging in and out of her slit awoke the other side of his sexual
nature. He took one hand from Lucas' bobbing head and motioned her in.
With a sly smile she snuck up behind the intent Lucas and cupped his balls
from behind.

Startled, Lucas jerked his head off his roommates cock. When he saw
who it was behind him, and that she was stark raving nude his jaw dropped.
Getting bolder and bolder Corinne licked Marshall's pre-cum off his lips.

"Mmmm, I think I want some of that," so saying, she bent down and
started running her lips up and down Marshall's meat pole.

"Hey, what about me?" growled a frustrated Lucas.

"Oh, sorry, you too." With this the three teens arranged themselves.
Corrine sat against a wall while both boys presented their cocks to her.
She alternated between sucking one while stroking the other. Before either
could come, she stopped.

"My turn. Who wants to be my first?"

When the boys couldn't decide she picked Lucas, not saying why. In
truth it was because she was a bit afraid of Marshall's 7-inch cock. Lucas'
dick while a nice size was (although she wasn't aware of it since these were
the first male members she had ever seen "live") just about average and thus
less frightening. She got on all fours so that he could take her doggie
style while she finished off Marshall with her mouth.

Nonetheless she feared she had made a mistake when he first entered her
because he did it so fiercely. Her cry of pain was smothered by the fact
that Marshall's cock was in her mouth. After the first few thrusts however
pain gave way to pleasure and soon equally muffled moans of pleasure were
coming out of her.

Soon, thanks to the peculiar sexual telepathy created by the
singularity's influence all three were reaching their peaks simultaneously.

"Oh, God," grunted Lucas, "I'm..."

"Gonna..." said Marshall

"Cummmmmmm!" finished a ecstatic Corinne as Lucas poured his hot sperm
into her and Marshall's cum covered her face, neck, shoulders and chest.
Part of her worried about pregnancy but at the moment it was a tiny part.

As the three friends collapsed, Lucas moved forward over Corinne's body
and licked his roomie's cum off her, arousing her again. Marshall took this
opportunity to move his fingers into her moist slit. When his fingers found
her clit she let out a long moan.

"Oh yeah. Marshall, you fuck me now, NOWWWW!"
He happily obliged, pushing his cock into her, slowly at first, then
building up to ramming speed. Her legs and arms wrapped around him while
Lucas jerked off watching them, not sure which one he wanted more.

"Oh! Oh fuck yeah. So big...harder, yeah that's it.

Her fingers clawed his back as he spasmed into her.

Once she got her breath back and her eyes focused she reluctantly left
the boys room despite their protestations. After all, the night wasn't over
and she had at least one more date to keep.

Chapter 3

codes: mf, cons, oral, first

Josie headed towards Vaughn's room with her knees knocking. Unlike her
romp with Corinne or what the two of them planned with Doctor Z this was
something she'd thought seriously about even before tonight. Oh not about
actual sex, well, not *seriously* about actual sex but she'd definitely
wanted to kiss and even go a little further than that, for a long time.

Like Corinne she noticed the absence of sound from many of the room and
wondered if Vaughn was even there. But she heard noises as she approached.
The door was shut and she knocked.

"Vaughn? It's me, Josie?"

"Go away!" she heard. Vaughn's voice sounded strained, almost
strangled. Curious and worried she opened the door.

She saw her not-quite-crush quickly covering up what she saw, from the
bulge in the blanket must be a huge erection. She smiled and rolled her
eyes at his obvious embarrassment at being caught jerking off.

"Silly. What do you think I came here for?" With that she let her
robe slide off and approached the bed.

"No. My father says giving into your feelings is weakness." Still,
his staring at her slender young body belied his words.

"Oh? What would your father say to this?" She crawled up his bed on
all fours and pulled the blanket down. She then slid her hands slowly up
his legs, stroking and caressing. He had no answer to this because by the
time her hands reached his inner thighs and were rubbing his testicles he no
longer cared what his father would think. The truth was that once Josie's
lips closed over his cockhead he could barely remember his father's name.
Or his own.

At first the sweet young redhead's pink lips didn't go down his shaft
but merely covered the head while her tongue swirled first clockwise and
counter clockwise around it. Meanwhile her tiny hands were stroking up and
down it.

Josie raised her head from his dick, precum moistening her lips. She
asked in a teasing voice. "Don't you want me Vaughn?" He couldn't deny

"Yes! Oh yes, damnit!" He pulled her off his cock so his hands could
run over her budding young body. His mouth suckled at her small firm
breasts as his hand went between her legs. She moaned softly as first one
then two fingers stretched her pussy lips.

"Do it! Please, do it!" the little redhead begged.

Vaughn moved her beneath him and placed himself between her pale,
shapely legs. With his cockhead poised at her entrance it was his turn to

"Do what?" he mocked, pushing inside her pussy but not yet thrusting
into her.

"You know..." she said with a sudden unexpected attack of shyness, "Oh
please, please I want it!"

"Say it."

"Pop me! Oh pop my cherry, please!" With that he obliged, pushing in
hard provoking a cry of pain.

"Ah! Wait! Not so hard, yeah just wait. That's it. You're sooo
big! Now some more...oh yeah now harder! Faster! Yeah, fuck me! Oh
yesssss! Love you Vaughn! Love you, love your cock! Yesss!" Her nails
tore skin off his back as her teeth sunk into his shoulder provoking him
into ever more savage thrusts as both teenagers built to climax.

YESS! Cum in me Vaughn! Give your baby!" She wasn't sure if she
meant this last all she knew was that she wanted his hot cum coursing
through her body and soon it was as she bucked and heaved ecstatically
beneath him. "FUCKFUCKFUCK!" she screamed as he came and then sank down
first on, then next to her, cradling her tiny body

Chapter 4

codes: Mff, ff, cons, oral, M-mast, B&D, f-dom, anal

Josie and Corinne were both back on the girl's level after a
disappointing trip to the teacher's level. Wherever Professor. Z was it
wasn't here. What they *had* seen still had them shuddering. Principal
Durst's office had been open and she and the janitor had been on top of her
desk coupling. Not even the influence of the singularity was enough to get
them to join in.

"Where do you think he went?" asked Josie as they walked back to their

"He could be anywhere." Corinne paused. Josie have you thought

Josie stopped and put her arms around her friend's neck. "You mean
about us?"

"And Marshall and Lucas and Vaughn. But especially us. I mean, we're
still going to be roommates. Will we still be friends?"

"Josie pulled her shyer friend in for a long, sloppy kiss. At the end
she said," The singularity might be influencing us now but that doesn't
mean I won't want you as a friend and..."

"A lover?"

"Yes, a lover too. As for Vaughn, well he'll just have to learn to
share. And so will you because I want both of you." Her hands slid slowly
down her lover's back and her fingers massaged the black girls firm young

Corinne started to nibble at Josie's pale neck then, looking beyond
her lover stopped.

"Josie, didn't we close our door behind us?"

"Clarity of thought wasn't exactly the horny redhead's strong suit at
the moment but she recalled that they had. The two girls broke their clinch
and approached their dorm room cautiously. Before they could look inside
they heard loud male grunts and groans of pleasure. When they looked around
the corner they were both shocked by what they saw: Their
teacher, Proffessor Noel Zachary was lying naked on Corrine's bed
masturbating. Wrapped around his member was a pair of red panties Josie
recognized as belonging to her. Before Josie could say anything, she found
her mouth covered by her friend's hand.

"Shhh, this gives me an idea." In a quick whispered conversation,
interrupted by a muffled giggle or two, they rapidly came up with a plan.

Noel Zachary was deep in a fantasy involving his two favorite girl
students when harsh reality intruded.

"What are you doing!" He recognized Josie Trent's voice and his eyes
flew open to see both her and her roommate Corinne standing over him,
glaring furiously.

He backed up and made vague mumbles as the girls advanced on him.

"You know what would happen if we told anyone you were here don't you?"
growled Josie.

"It's the black hole. It must be... I would never."

"Quiet. Just do what we tell you and noone ever has to know."

"You might even like it," purred Corrine, playing Good Slut to Josie's
Bad Slut. She took Josie's panties from his numb grasp and rubbed them in
his face.

"Would you like a taste of the real thing, Professor?" she teased.

He nodded weakly. The girls moved swiftly before he could recover.
They used the panties as a blindfold and then tied him up with one of
Corinne's bras. Noel Zachary's bewilderment quickly turned to delight as
Corrine lowered her wet pussy onto his face. He quickly responded,
tonguefucking her enthusiastically.

"Oh! Oh good! Yessss!" Corinne cried out as she ground her twat
downwards into his face.

Their teacher soon saw the benefit of giving in to his students when he
felt Josie's tiny skilled hands stroking his testicles while her warm mouth
engulfed his cock. A few up and down motions had him exactly where the
redhead wanted him and she quickly replaced her mouth with her even hotter
and tighter vagina.

While riding Professor Z Josie leaned forward and started massaging
Corrine's tit's from behind. Corinne then switched positions so that the
two girls were facing each other. She also arranged it so that Dr. Z's
tongue was now probing her heretofore virgin ass. This and Josie's hands
and tongue roaming her chest drove her into a moaning frenzy just as her
redheaded lover started pumping on top of their love prisoner faster and

"Oh.."moaned Corrine

"Fuck!" finished Josie as, once again their strange sexual telepathy
kicked in allowing them to fell each other's arousal and oncoming orgasms.
Meanwhile, faced with Corrine's asshole, Professor Z, also caught up in the
sexual gestalt made the best of a humiliating situation and thrust
forcefully into his student's anal canal.

"YEAH!" screamed Corine, "Fuck my ass! Doit! Doit!"

"Ohhhh! Feels so goooood!" moaned Josie, feeling both tongue and cock
in her as did her partners, each feeling the sensation of both fucker and
fucked as they simultaneously exploded in a white heat of physical and
mental delight.


In the morning, Josie awoke in her bed with a pair of slender brown
arms around her and a pair of shapely brown legs tangled with her pale but
equally attractive ones. They had thrown their teacher out into the
corridor along with his clothes (and a pair of panties still on his head) as
soon as any of them had regained the ability to walk and then fallen asleep
together. She thanked God that this was a Saturday and so neither of them
had to worry about class.

On the other hand she suspected that even if it were a school day
classes would have been canceled as the school recovered from th chaos of
the previous night. She also suspected that there would be a long line of
girls in front of the school nurses office as they tried to find out about
any consequences of last night.

Josie also wondered what she would do if she *did* turn out to be
pregnant. She knew she wasn't ready for a baby but if it was Vaughn's...she
would worry about that when and if it happened.

She started to kiss her new lover awake and wondered what kind of
arrangement the three of them would come to. What if Corinne wanted to take
up with Marshall and/or Lucas. Or if the boys wanted each other instead.

She felt Corinne stir and her hands to wander and decided that even
without the singularity's influence she was glad this had happened and that
this moment was enough for now.

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